An idea for anybody interested

Is anybody interested in posting photos of their bookshelves so other members can have a snoop and see if they can find interesting stuff to read?


I like the idea, but you’d have to buy me a drink first if you want to see my bookshelves.

All jokes aside it might be a cool idea. Maybe I’ll post one of mine. I’ll check to see which one is the least strange.

I have many more books than I have time to read. It’s a sad state.


There are several lists of titles in the books section that might be of interest to you. Hope you find a title or two of interest.



I got two really good book suggestions from a member here. My books are packed up in boxes cuz I’m moving shortly. If I had one, Mario Puzzos the family, Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov, lots of Stephen King’s old stuff, Carrie, Pet Cemetary, and I love VC Andrew’s as cheesy as it can be. Anything Orson Scott Card. And of course The Holy Bible. I plan to buy Nazi International on suggestion as I’ve never read anything Ferrell but that will be my first forray into his works. Oh, and I just read a book about Catherine Howard by Garreth Russell I love books about the Tudors, read plethora of them, I recommend the contemporary author Claire Ridgeway. They are two great Tudor contemporary authors who provide new insights historically without the neo Marxist attitudes contaminating the historical fields like contemporary authors do now.

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