And about them UAP's

UAP ≈ Urban Air-Port(s):

Yes, this is real, and happening NOW, folks( and this is only what’s going on in the UK*). Plus, an added bonus, once you have( maybe) recovered from the dystopian Judge Dredd( the Sly version, that is)-cum-PKD implicationary night/daymares, please do read the “comments” section for a bit of righteous( ≡ well-earned) hilarity.

World’s First Vertiport For Flying Taxis Opens In UK | ZeroHedge World's First Vertiport For Flying Taxis Opens In UK  | ZeroHedge
Note: and also and even especially drones…

[ local space( X)]

*: Yes, it’s THE U.K., like it’s THE Lebanon, &c.; that’s 'cause we are thusly describing REGIONS or UNincorporated territories, as in, “with unfixed boundaries”; that is why The Ukraine is not a Nation —— it has no recognized boundaries.


Thanks for your analysis about the borderless territories, didn’t really click before. Seems like The comments section must be hitting some nerves, got the msg that they were unable to load.

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Good point! I guess the planned swarms of urban surveillance drones need somewhere to land for repairs. Same for the drones needed for delivering all the stuff we’re going to have to rent once we own nothing – you know, in 2030 when we’re all happy.


An “age of zero emission”?
Goodbye oil.
Is the trickle of Breakaway technology, going to suddenly flood the *market$?

  • “Market”[translation: Wall Street central planning.]
    Is Sandhu a walking next-generation AI algorithm? [programmed by… ?]

By the way I like these “new corporate-speak”[translation: future abbreviations]
eVTOL[electric vehicle take off and landing]
Maybe these are coming: UTC - United Terran Confederation; PNIU - Personal Network Interface Unit; TPST - Tactical Police Special Team; ID - an Intelligence Directorate agent; CID Criminal Investigative Directorate. All sorts of goodies, more than the covid1984 digital playbook?
Remember the start of that article’s first paragraph description begins: This is the starting gun.

Really Orwellian corporate speak. Quite wickedly delicious, "will improve connectivity across ‘our’ cities, boost[corporate-speak, rocket term] productivity[electric production?] and help the U.K.[royal families] take the lead in a whole new clean global economy[new forms of energy tied-in w/digital world governance currencies?]

Thanks for the future-is-here link.
[You can bet the future Will NOT be evenly distributed!]
But it will be forced![IMO]

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The question of course is, now where is the SmartDust AirHub???


They may all soon be upstaged, though:

“Field Propulsion, Explained with Working Proof” on YouTube

I was asked, christ I’m not Mark Twain get a life, about how much longer would people pay attention to baseball? Not much. In todays childrens’ lifetime baseball will be a non event like golf and tennis, a country club sport only millionaire gamblers pay attention to, oh and their daily sucka’s. College soccer could soon disappear along with most track n field. Little league is clinging to existence as older leaguers like babe Ruth American legion disappeared. It’s tough to say how much longer corPirate billionaires can hide the brain damage to nfl mma etc athletes and still remain relevant. Not long in my estimation the fans will soon respond to how the veteran athletes look as they age, and it won’t look good. We’re seeing the pace of change take off exponentially but from inside the bubble we don’t get it. How long would Russia last, if I announce I have a device that can replace oil. And it’s free, it’s technology with little input??? Oil no longer valuable, overnight!! Imagine the power!! Enough to cause a rash reaction in the “oil producers”!! And I ask you all, are we not seeing that now? Is that what this is really all about always been about JfK the struggle for control of this tech…….in my hand lol the power!!!rasputin looks like just knowin I got it, is killing him unwinding him self destructing him…and Saudi the deer in the headlights like the coach of the usmnt, approaching a World Cup guillotine career about to be severed, rasputin already dead, I really now feel convinced we live in a universe that was turned off, akin to Trafalmador, some fool flipped the switch, we’re off, trying to rehabilitate the timeline got us this, a mere projection hollow a holographic unrealism of life, a really messed up devil of an existence, on this new alternate timeline of a restoration, of a prior vintage universe, we got shortchanged to say the least!! Smothering in soot on planet murderer! Eating each other illusion of a better world we can imagine we can even write it down, but unable to recreate it…,am I the only one dreaming of a better universe?! Come on folks I’m about to lose my biocentric positivity

Ran across this drone story this morning.


Are we looking forward to the next Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun II, where he plays a drone pilot working from home?