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… and speaking of collapsing narratives of “substantial equivalence,” remember the one about experimental mRNA injections being “substantially the same thing” as a typical vaccine? Remember how they actually went into dictionaries and changed and modified the definition of a vaccine so that the mRNA injections would indeed be qualified as “substantially equivalent” as an…


When enforcing the narrative includes demonizing challenging inquiries and threatening the existence of inquisitive intelligent people, I am thankful to know that there is some remaining refuge, like this community.

When I quiet my mind and try to figure out the motives of the people who are seeking to implement the authoritarian health policies and control energy use, my mind settles on the principle that the kingpins are rationalizing their actions by believing they are saving the world and that human freedom is destructive.

Obviously there are lower level social levers that are used to make the control structures by incentivizing via greed and fear.

The vaccine passport failed, but that choice seems to focus on identification and movement. The adverse events were mostly collateral damage. So one would expect continued efforts along the lines of ID and resource access controls.

My instincts tell me that immigration problems and vote count accuracy may be leveraged to bring in digital ID. There will be less pushback than injecting poison.


The army begging? Need more people to pay up, if true this is insane!

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And around we go!

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