...and speaking of the jfk assassination

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Yesterday I brushed up against the JFK assassination in my blog about the FDA’s decision to try to withhold Pfizer’s…

From the article:

“There is another puzzler: Photos commissioned by researcher Murr show the inside breast pocket of John Connally’s Oxxford Clothes-brand jacket as having been pierced by the same bullet that passed through him.”
Correct me if I’m mistaken, but this bullet passed through the INSIDE of the breast-pocket, meaning not also through the outside? This means that the bullet STOPPED( perhaps meeting a wallet with military metal access cards?), and thus MUST have been deposited IN that pocket. Thus the bullet would have simply been lying in that pocket, neatly ready for forensics. Now that is a real puzzler. Just goes to show, if you’re going to wear a piece of metal over your heart for protection, don’t get shot in the back.:grin:

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My FIL was a medical resident (jr, doctor) under one of the guys that did the autopsy on Kennedy and the man told him flat out that what they saw during the autopsy was NOT what was in the public report. He said the bullets came in from the other direction and I think he said there was more than one but I’m not sure. In any case, the doctors all knew the official report was fiction and even told the student doctors about not long afterward.

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