Animals and Humans Sharing a Deep Connection


I hope these people don’t become part of the ‘normalizing bestiality’ movement allegedly taking place in parts of Europe. While this video is heartwarming, they (Kinder World) also state, in the description of another video:
“The Coronavirus Pandemic: Could how we treat animals be getting back at us?”
“The Coronavirus is the latest pandemic in a deadly history of exploiting animals for human pleasure. Here are some of the other infectious and deadly viruses that were transmitted to us through farming, killing or eating animals.”
The ‘other’ video:

A little more on Kinderworld. Their main page:

From the bottom of their main page: “Kinder World is an educational initiative, working to raise compassion for farmed animals across the world.”
This website and the initiative of "Kinder World are operated by SHEVI (A.L.I) - ANIMAL LIBERATION ISRAEL, registered nonprofit organization no. 580450542, Israel.

Thanks, BlueNose, for noticing that KW promotes the “pandemic” narrative. A number of not-for-profit groups have jumped on board with virus and climate and other official stories, and we wonder whether any of this may be connected with trying to please their donor funding sources? What do you think?

Ironically, many justice groups’ movements (whether they be for human, animal, spiritual, or environmental causes) seem to have become incoherent and weakened with infighting about official propaganda. It is perplexing, almost as if there’s some infiltration mechanism operating that is designed to take them all down. I wish some (or all!) would read Dr. Farrell’s books, as they could learn the mechanics of how we are all being manipulated by globalist forces.

May I share what I appreciated about that particular video?

I am fascinated with interspecies communication and bonding. My interest in that video has to do with exploring the communication mechanism that allows different species to develop deep and lasting friendships. We’ve seen this when visiting local farm sanctuaries, similar to some of those depicted in that KW video clip (or in documentaries and books) – where different animals of different species bond deeply with one another and develop lifelong friendships, despite that they don’t share a common language of the tongue.

We are “told” that we have 5 senses. I think we have way more senses than that. Only, I think they’ve been dulled by our cultural programming. Many of us never learn to develop those other senses, because we simply don’t know about them, or how to tune into them. Some highly advanced yogis seem to have learned to tune into other sense perceptions.

I think that one of those senses has to do with how we “read” other species body language and the language in their eyes, and then how we communicate with them with capacities other than oral language to build trust, and the friendship that follows. This goes beyond any human language, but gets into a deeper consciousness realm altogether.

I wonder if those who script and control our culture know about our other sense capacities, and have worked hard to suppress them through their media and education systems? I’m interested in developing some of my other senses, and I look to our amazing animal (and plant!) world for guidance.

Anyways, I thought that short video conveyed something profound, as each of the different people seems to have developed some kind of loving trust relationship with an individual of another species, over a period of time. Geoffroy Delorme’s book “Deer Man”, about a young man who lived with wild deer for 7 years delves into this theme, which resonates with us, as we, too, have befriended wild deer and other animals. We’re really awed by the sense perceptions of other animals, and they inspire us to work more deeply to develop our own sense perceptions that have gone quiescent in our culture.

What do you think? Maybe you picked up something entirely different from that video than what we saw in it, maybe some other unique perspective?


Deer are great, always glad to see them waltz through my back yard and feast on the shrubs.


Just for you sunnyboy …



What an incredible Penguin photo! What is more beautiful, or brings more joy, than friendship within or across species!

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