Anyone know if there is any legit 5g/emf blockers?

Since the rollout of the 5g towers the internet has been filled by various types of devices that is supposed to “Shield” you from the harmful effects of radiation from 5g and other frequencies.

Most seem to be pure bunk and usually very expensive.
My friend bought some weird pyramid for over 500 dollars and another one makes his own orgon energy thingies.

Usually these products are hyped up with various scientific mumbo jumbo that usually is just various catch frases to fool people who know nothing about science lol.

But does anyone actually know if there is any legit tech that is somewhat proven to reduce or convert potential harm from not just 5g, but other electronic polution that we are being drowned by?


Hi @Soupcommie
I don’t know of any legit either. Sorry…

Absolutely. Dr. Farrell himself has offered that an insect-net( mesh wire, such as you would put on your front door) with millimeter-spacing will block millimeter waves. Of course you would need total coverage, that is, of all walls. Or, one might, as some indeed have, wrap one’s house in a Faraday blanket( “cage”). This naturally also stops your wifi, cellphone/mobile devices from functioning at all.
No other solutions seem to work for this, though pyramids and Tesla coil drums do apparently seem to be able to mitigate some of the nasty somatic effects of these waves. The following site by mr. T. Pantalleresco offers some possible remedative solution templates in this vein:

We are, however, faced with other problems here, as 6G is already up and running. God knows how much success they have had with 7G yet.
Otherwise, there are more psycho-spiritual solutions, such as, certain crystals, and of course tracing a circle and four corners with( real) holy-water.
Wishing-well for your quest.


There are a few companies like LessEMF and some other established vendors selling materials that can reduce millimetre wave penetrations. Lead really is the king of barriers but obviously impractical unless you want to live like a hermit.

Unfortunately at the more severe end of the spectrum my understanding is that a different type of wave is being used in certain applications, possibly scalar and this can’t really be adequately blocked using conventional materials.

That is my general understanding, of course only those that are putting this more aggressive transmission out there really know how it all works.

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if u put urself in a Faraday cage, u cut urself from the vitalizing aether streams as well. slow, but quite sure atrophy of the body-mind.
the best thing u can do is to bring up spiritual barriers, prayers and exercising mantras and chants, drawn up by ur spirit in certain geometrics. these work, i can tell u from experience.
crystals r good too, and look after shungite as well.


I have an EMF meter and although not the answer you are looking for or of any real help, the best thing I have found is distance from source. Even a few feet can mean a significant drop in measurable RF (mW/m2) / EF (V/m) or EMF (mG). This can be as simple as standing back from your microwave while it is operation, placing your wireless router as far as is practicable away from you. I have a ceiling mounted Hue light that produces 56 V/m at 1 foot distance, at head height it is 14 V/m, at sitting height it is 2 V/m. My central heating boiler can produce 300+ mG at a foot distance which at that level is recommended to avoid long term stay in the area. The constant “pinging” of wireless devices i.e. door/window sensors, wireless thermometers, smart meters, smart TV’s etc is also a concern. I recently moved all the devices in my home office from wireless to ethernet to cut down on some of the emissions.I suppose the point of my ramble is that there is already so much EMF radiation around us it is almost impossible to counter. Hence being aware of what and where emissions may come from and putting distance between yourself and the source is the easiest way forward. I am finding that trying to measure 5g signals is somewhat more difficult although I am still working on it. Disclaimer: My comments are totally unscientific and I am no expert.