Are Covid1984 Critics Being Targeted?

Every time a covid1984 critic gets into the public eye;
he or she, either ends-up in the covid1984 hospital or grave.
The odds are: it’s not by chance.


I wouldn’t be surprised. Glad to see the son realizes this and will hopefully carry the flame his father started.

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In Vermont, 99 percent of seniors are fully vaccinated, and 62 percent have had a booster shot. Yet the state is experiencing record hospitalizations (the orange line shows vaccination rate and the blue line tracks the percentage with boosters):

source: Whatever you do, do not look at this chart, citizen

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I think a few are being targeted and others, who just happen to die, are being labeled CV1984 deaths. In either case, the media will scream about it from the rooftops and self-righteous covidian cultists will gloat in satisfaction.

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It’s the mass formation at work.