AUSTRALIA: An Aboriginal leader speaks up: "They are killing us"

AUSTRALIA: An Aboriginal leader speaks up: “They are killing us”
Here is the video:

They started resisting the vax after one of their leaders was killed by it:

how brave r the soldiers of this new world? and they want this all over the world

I don’t doubt it. As soon as “they” get as many voluntarily to take the jab, force will be used.
The “ramifications” mentioned are usually against family members; the same pattern throughout world history and 90+% go for it every time.
“Those who CANNNOT remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
We’re a sad bunch, we really are…

Their mission is to exterminate the lost tribes, the chosen people. They will fail. But not after great tribulation. It’s all part of the script. We must endure.



and the 20 characters…

I am no Biblical scholar, but am somewhat familiar with Revelations.
If this is following the script, should we be considering where are we now, how we got here, the timing of the tribulation / antichrist prophecy, (and among other possible nefarious global candidates for the AC), make note of who’s pondering a run for POTUS in the next general US election?

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here’s the video

who? trump? the 20 characters?