Australia’s COVID Tragedy: America is Next

Dr. Peter Breggin: Australia is slipping toward becoming a province of China. Augusto Zimmermann LLB, LLM, PhD is a profound legal historian and commentator on human liberty and its ongoing devastation in Australia and the Western world.


We, the US, will only succumb if the majority of the populous will aquiese to fear by way of ignorance… Many do not ask basic questions of reason based on the ever changing narrative, let alone do any critical analysis of FACTS easily found. But waking them cannot be done by reasoned argument…something has to break their entrainment…Australia fell to totalitarian forces because the many had no thought for the rights of the All over the long run, instead they bought the narrative of THEIR FREEDOM by COMPLIANCE and the loss of freedom of others, whom they deemed less. Now they have no freedom of press, movement, religion, or over their bodies…

The multiplier affect is now in play…if we aquesse then the inhumane elite will have their way… on the other hand if we, the great unwashed, without malice, concentrate our intent on the TRUTH coming to the be known by the masses, perhaps we have a chance.

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It is not just this or that country. I would say all countries. The rate that unvacinated are demonised is astounding. I almost got assaulted yesterday for having a different opinion. I have no TV but my guess, not being jabbed is promoted as the reason society is still in a mess.

Problem - reaction - solution. Get those pesky vermin vaccinated = problem solved. Those programmed simply don’t see there is no end in sight with rulles and regulations with those psychopaths.


I know they’re going to push America hard, because if America succumbs, it will feel like there’s no hope for anyone, anywhere. It would be a great blow to the morale of freedom-loving people all over the world. Thus, in my opinion, Americans have a particular responsibility to push back against this insanity. I don’t believe all of America is going to just accept this. The U.S. isn’t Australia, and it’s not Europe. And there is still a significant minority of the population that is deeply attached to civil liberties.

I support protests, but I’d urge people not to count on them to change any government’s policy. I can’t see a solution besides a simple refusal to comply. If they’re going to have to arrest the uninjected, or use force to inject them, make them use force. Make them put a few million people in “quarantine facilities” for the world to see. If you’re lucky enough to have politicians or businesses in your area that will stand up for individuals’ right to choose what goes in their bodies, then for heaven’s sake, support them any way you can.

As for those who support the injection tyranny, why try to reason or argue with the brainwashed? Only their own experience will convince them, if anything ever does.


American’s have many odds stacked against them on the resistance front.

  1. Debt. Most people I know are in a debt trap. They simply cant afford to be out of work even if it is for standing up for what they believe in. A tragic mindset, IMO
  2. Health Problems/Obesity. You can have all the guns and ammo, but without a base line fitness level, you’re a walking cardiac arrest on the field of battle, should things heat up. Imagine trying to drag a 280lb fallen comrade to safety under duress. Most adults would see stars if they sprinted 100m, let alone bound on an objective.
  3. Healthcare. See above. From the conversations I’ve had with like minded individuals, the biggest fear of standing up for what they believe in, is not loosing their job/income, it’s loosing the healthcare benefits. I’m not sure why this is exactly, my family isn’t on any prescribed meds or anything like that, so perhaps we’re different?
  4. We live to well. I know my Sheriff, he’s a good dude. But if the state turns up the heat on him and his family by say, flipping off the power to his house in the winter time, he’s likely going to fold and do what he’s told. This is also likely the case for the majority of law enforcement. It’s a sad thought, but I’ve seen these tactics play out over seas hundreds of times in areas of the world where the people are WAY more self reliant that your average American. I read somewhere that most people in the US don’t even own a spade shovel, how are they going to feed themselves?

The reality is, it’s likely to get WAY worse before it gets any better. I expect very hard times to be around the corner. Hopefully I’m wrong, but famine is a favorite method of TPTB to get people to toe the line. So far our fight has been pretty easy. So easy that really all we’ve had to do is simply say no, or go shop elsewhere. They’ll have to turn the heat up sooner or later.

Don’t give them an inch.


I have to agree on all counts.
In some ways, Americans have had it too good.
We’re going to have to do this the hard way.

Ronin - I agree on all counts… Although even if everybody were in great physical shape, I don’t believe kinetic resistance would be the winning strategy. When I say “simply say no,” it probably comes off wrong. I’m under no illusions about what refusal to comply might entail: bankruptcy, imprisonment, starvation, or worse. I don’t fault anyone who decides that’s all too high a price to pay, especially if they have people dependent on them. Not everybody is in a position to say no, lose their job, etc.

All I would say is, all those who can say no, and would like to, must do so now. Either that or reconcile yourself to living in a completely surveilled, totally controlled, social-credit-based dsytopia where you (and future generations) will be unable to travel far from your home, have your food and energy strictly rationed, have no individual liberties, own little or nothing, and not be very happy.


Fiat, well said I completely agree.

One of my favorite sayings to those brandishing any of the covid cult signs like offering the closed fist hand bump instead of the traditional handshake is “ No I don’t do that but I’ll shake your hand.” Usually we shake hands.