AutoGPT - an AGI( a.i.) built on top of ChatGPT - running( away) NOW!


It absolutely bowls me over that people still fall for these kinds of stories that this is supposed to be something new . This tech has existed since( at least) the '60s, and was on the web more or less since its inception. These AGIs were/are needed to help find, and if necessary crunch, numbers( if one , fx , “counts” ASCII code as such…) . A perhaps new development is that ordinary folk now, with the help of Python, may be allowed to try this. Of course, the LISP language was allowing us to do this decades ago.

Sully on Twitter:

“By 2025 Autonomous AI Agents will be in every aspect of life. They’ve been out for a week - and already the possibilities are mind-blowing. But what are they? How did we just figure them out and whats next for us? I’ll try my best to explain. Buckle up, its gonna be a douzey”" / Twitter

GitHub - Torantulino/Auto-GPT: An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous:

And, some of these inceptional agis have been “loose” on the interweb, doing their own( non-malign or malevolent) thing as so-called Rogue AIs ever since…

A fresh and sober look at AI applications with some wild speculation about our shared futures.

For a laugh, the comments section is also pretty good.

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Time to find a new hobby!

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Even SnapChat has become infected —— it now costs( apparently) $3.00 a month to opt your child out of it[ you hope]. Children are being scared by the AI conversations.

I had to look up what SnapChat is. If I understand correctly, to not have a feature SnapChat has implemented, you have to pay to opt out due to your children being scared!

I wonder how long our children will have that “natural defence” of being scared!

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And moving on…

“The AI boom and hype is strong. So strong that without the AI-popular stocks, S&P 500 would be down 2% this year. Not +8%.”
– SocGen –
Investment Watch