Ayahuasca, Demons, and Cosmic DNA

Ayahuasca, Demons, and Cosmic DNA. - by Cernovich (substack.com)


I read somewhere that the real and ancient use of ayahuasca was medicinal. It was ingested to remove parasites from the GI tract via an evacuation of the tract by vomiting and diarrhea. The other worldly/consciousness thing was a side effect via hallucinations.
Some history of why the cia wanted to exploit it: The true history of ayahuasca, including MKULTRA revealed.


Aya can do a lot more medicinal aid than just remove parasites!

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@Bahri such as? I’d like to know.

It takes a minimum of ten years to train to be a practioner, healing work is mainly done through channeling songs.

Do your research…I spent time in Peru amongst the Shiphibo people…