Best recording/performance of Wurttemberg Sonatas?

Listening to Bruno Procopio’s recording, and it feels like he can tell me what great pieces of music CPE Bach had written but can’t actually show me – his technical expertise notwithstanding. Any pointers to better or more inspiring performances appreciated.
The more I listen to CPE Bach, the more I realize he wrote with performance in mind.

Sorry JL I did not see your post until now… as I recall, there are performances of the Wurtemberg sonatas on the BIS label, but unfortunately I forget who performed them. I believe, however, it was Miklos Spanyi…

And PIerre Hantai performing the harpsichord concerto version of the opening sinfonia here (another fine performance - particularly of the final movement).,…I know I’ve posted it before but just thought people might like a comparison:


Thank you Joseph. Just bought the Spanyi performances here:

Definitely more expressive than Procopio.

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