Beware voices from the void

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Holy Spirit Board - Christian Ouija Promises NO DEMONS While Talking to Jesus - YouTube

Clearly there are exceptions…but one might ask why it’s Christianity that is so relentlessly targeted…Jewish belief is largely protected by anti-semitic hate laws…Muslims are rarely targeted as demonstrated by the lack of such attacks (can you imagine such a game centered around Allah and Mohammed)…and even the Buddhist and Hindu faiths appear to be mostly left along…

One might be tempted to think there’s a concerted effort underway…

As Alinsky’s rule #13 states:
“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” (I might add…and mock it)

But then again…this has been the play since the garden…


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since Christ is the REAL great radical. and he is winning the pri’z’e, which is the human being.


Indeed…his fate is sealed and it can’t come soon enough!

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What is a void? Is it something similar to the abyss? Or maybe it’s the same or similar to the space between the stars in the sky unlit by the Sun or the Moon, or even the smallest stars? I’m just asking. I don’t require an answer.

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I use it primarily as it applies to the unseen realm as understood from a Christian perspective …but it certainly could include the concept of another dimension from a more secular perspective … either way… Whether they are fallen angels or they are inter or ultra dimensional beings of a malevolent nature at least the immediate outcomes would be the same…

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I appreciate that you answered my questions even though you didn’t have to. Substantive answers. Concise and precise. Thank you. Although I think void is a matter of perception. The Christian one is just one of them. Quite informative, but still incomplete. Maybe it would help one to broaden your horizons if you see the heat waves in the summer in the air, or as air moving shadows on the white walls in the winter while the air is warming above or on the stove, of course under an appropriate lighting angle.

Personally, I do agree with your comment that these beings also inhabit the space between the planets and stars as you mention…

The underworld is a complex topic when it comes to Christianity and the Bible as you probably well know… I have found this chart helpful to my own understanding


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Interesting. It looks like a complex system of drainage and intake. I’m just kidding. But I recommend if you are allowing and if you want to rotate this image in all 4 directions according to the 4 sided system of dimensions, proposed by Rene Descartes If you are able, copy this image on a transparent base. Play light through it to be reflected on a white base, for example on the white wall from all those possible angles. See what you will get, that is, what you will see. I believe it will be an interesting realization for you, what you will see in the shadows of the white wall, i.e. base.

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I definitely agree with the drainage in intake perspective :joy:… as far as the René Descartes issue… Are you by chance alluding to philosophical perceptions of the human mind and how it informs one’s perspective of reality or something else?

Well, yes, but also no. I was thinking more about the angles of perception now and here in our reality. Rotating the light source, for starters, by roughly 90 degrees. And then all possible other variations.
I mean circular linear variations of rotation, and all possible spherical variations of rotation, 360 degrees on a linear basis, and 360 degrees on a spherical basis.

I would counter that there is objective and immutable truth and/or truths that supersede the ebb and flow of human reasoning and perception and that the key to existence is wading through that ebb and flow to discover those objective and immutable truth and/or truths…and for the Christian that discovery comes through revelation… Colossians 2:8

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I agree with some of this. But revelation is not a passive thing that will happen over time. On the contrary, it is active, and we participate in it daily. The example I gave is plain and simple, but it captures what I am saying. Namely it is we humans who will carry out the revelation, perhaps with the help of other higher powers, but most likely not,or just with a little touch of the divine.But that will be all.

Understood and thanks for sharing your perspective

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Thanks. I appreciate this exchange of views.

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