Biden Family case - translation subtitles setting

I watched the whole video and I wanted to say “Happy Birthday”:grin:

I got the gist and realy liked the pics she used👍

I don’t have the translation subtitles option.

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@Sal2lee Hover the cursor over the video to see the options, Choose the subtitles to on, then auto-generate under the Japanese language option, and then choose English. It is available on all of the Japanese YouTubes I post.

Got it now, thanks @bluefalken :+1:

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People in other countries know what is happening with the corruption and the influence from the CCP in America. Here a large portion of the population is hypnotized by the propaganda, the propatainment as Dr. Farrell so often says, that they are blind to the truth. Look how many fell for the “Pandemic” narrative and gave in to the fear of “Covid” wearing their “Fauci nose bags”, and racing to get their jabs. It makes you wonder… I just hope there are enough of us to win the day.


s”, and racing to get their jabs.

I think a lot of us were coerced in keeping our livelihood.
The whole world was coerced.

There’s a lot of people waking up traumatized but at least waking up. There still are people that will never admit to the truth and I guess it’s just their character.

Thanks for the vid and the assistance for the subtitles.


Of course you are right. I have some old “friends” going back to the 60s that are Democrats and they are as totally brainwashed as can be. I avoid discussing anything political with them because I don’t want to waste my precious time doing so. But it is a shame because I think they might be permanently lost.


There’s going to be a lot of people like that; friends and relatives. Doesn’t seem to be anything you can do right now. Unfortunately, if they wake up at all, it will be at the last minute when it’s too late. It’s tragic and criminal.

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I’m from that era and experienced the same with most of my peers. When the plandemic hit, I was flabbergasted how easy they all bought in and failed to even doubt anything about it and the clot shot. They all tuned into their television and absorbed the “gamma rays”, and are still tuned into the greatest mind control device ever produced. But they say “I only watch the History Channel and PBS.”