Black Friday "Frequencies" Spark Male Aggression in SoCal

Every year, we have a tradition to go and have lunch at an outdoor restaurant (in the 78 degree, sunny weather) in Southern California. While we were dining, I noticed that my husband seemed agitated, which is NOT usual. The meal was great, the weather beautiful…and there was nothing (on the surface) to make him out of sorts. Following lunch, we head across the parking lot to the Home Depot to get our Christmas Tree, wreath and garland…per tradition. We get the items and head out to put the tree on the top of the car. I enlisted one of the Home Depot workers, Joey, to help get the tree on the top of the car and tie down the tree. Joey seemed to be in a trance…and was physically there…but very robotic. He gets done on my side of the car and then just wanders into the parking lot. A co-worker yells after him but it is like he can’t hear anything. I go to check to see what my husband is doing, and he is tying the excess string around the roof rack - but the tree is super loose and it is not secured properly. I am looking at him like, “What are you doing? This isn’t right…and not how we would do it.” I go to get more string and start tying the tree on from the passenger side of the car. A male customer walks behind our car and starts yelling at my husband that he is blocking traffic. My husband starts yelling back at him and they have a volley of insults - which is REALLY out of character for my husband. I then look over to see my husband in this guy’s face and they are yelling at each other. I called my husband’s name, which seemed to break the trance - and he goes to the other side of the car. The tree is now on - and we are heading out of the parking lot. At a four way stop in the parking lot, we are waiting our turn to go left, and a male driver in the car behind us is on the horn and yelling out of the window to just “Go, pull into the intersection” and other rude things. (This was a different person than the other guy that was yelling at my husband.)

My husband drove home and was quietly reflecting on what the heck just happened, as this was horribly out of character for him. We got the tree unloaded, and then discussed what happened.

Obviously, there were nefarious frequencies being transmitted at that outdoor shopping center that was targeted to trigger male aggression, as well as “zombie” behavior - as witnessed in Joey the HD worker.

Were these malevolent energies meant to lower the joyous, thankful frequencies from Thanksgiving? It reminded me of the church scene in the movie “The Kingsmen,” but thank goodness that it didn’t reach those levels.

I would caution that being anywhere on “Black Friday” could be potentially harmful in the future, and we are changing our annual tradition to another day! It would be prudent to be aware of how you are feeling out in public, and to leave immediately if you feel “out of character or out of sorts” to prevent getting entangled in a situation that could be harmful.

It feels like the “baddies” are ramping up their arsenal of mayhem and we need to be extra vigilant when out and about. It’s a spiritual battle, for sure.


I have this same zombie feeling at my school. Its located next to a university.

Hi -
They installed 5G in all schools during the “fakedemic,” which may be why you are feeling zombie-like at school.

You may want to look into getting a 5G personal protection device that can shield you from the frequencies. We have a portable one from It’s not cheap, but it’s effective. We didn’t have it with us when we went to lunch/Home Depot on Friday because my husband misplaced it and the new one came in the mail on Friday afternoon. We also have a larger one for our entire house - which can also combat the incessant frequencies from all of our neighbor’s houses.

I dont live in the States but i do believe the scheme is same in Europe nonetheless.