Book Review: "Food for Freedom"

For anyone interested in the human slavery question that is affecting all of us, I offer a short review about an insightful new book, Food for Freedom, that has just been released by Will Tuttle PhD.

This book makes a case on how animal management and confinement operations closely mirror the systems used to enslave and control humanity, including also ideas of spooking, deceiving, tracking, controlling and culling the herd, which we have seen unfolding with the push for microchipping and contrived wars and global pharmaceutical injection programs.

Over several years, we (as long-time vegans), have noticed a perplexing polarity that has developed between animal freedom advocates and human freedom advocates, almost as if there is some hidden force that hijacks and then tightly binds and manages the narratives coming out of these movements (especially from groups that accept funding by various “Foundations” or “Not for Profit” entities). The two camps seem to (deliberately) exclude, if not completely deprecate, each other, almost as if they’ve been programmed in a binary way: this versus that, thereby losing the essence of the deep complexity of what’s been going on for thousands of years towards this culmination in global human slavery. We’ve heard narratives within animal freedom advocacy groups that seem not to care about human freedom; and conversely, we’ve also heard narratives within human freedom advocacy groups that seem not to care about animal freedom. None of the books that we’ve read about the globalist covid operation over the last couple of years made any mention of the intricately-bound animal slavery question lurking in the background. Dr. Tuttle’s powerful book refreshingly pierces through the controlled (and somewhat deceptive) narratives of different (human vs animal) freedom groups, and focuses on the big picture interconnection of what is going on, and offers insights into how to break ourselves free from the mindset that binds us to these systems.

I have often found books about animal and human slavery themes to be depressing and difficult to read. I don’t feel that way about Dr. Tuttle’s books, as he has a way of conveying his ideas in a way that is compassionate towards everyone; he loves people and recognizes that all of us are trapped and struggling within the same powerful dystopic system created by a group of people whom none of us knows.

His new book inspired me to contemplate two things. One is “The Golden Rule” – not doing to others what I wouldn’t want done to me. And the other gets me thinking about that adage: “As Above, so Below”, and how that can be turned on its head: “As Below, so Above”. What happens to the power of a slavery system when met with peaceful and firm non-cooperation from the ground level? Would slavery even be possible in a world where people learn to love themselves and others (regardless of species) to the extent that they would not be able to cooperate in their own slavery and in the slavery of others?


I’m convinced that’s what happens to nearly every advocacy movement that gains much traction – regardless of what it’s advocating for or against.


I concur with your conclusion. Most advocacy movements are subject to being steered, regardless of their advocacy. Especially ones that accept charitable or any other kind of funding.

Will gets into this phenomenon in his book, describing how faux environmental, faux vegan, and other co-opted faux movements have neutered the original movements, so that they no longer even address the justice issues that they were once set up to advocate. He gives several examples, including this one on page 244: “This faux environmentalism, centered around climate change, is not only protecting the polluting corporations and covering up their rampant poisoning and destruction of ecosystems, but is also being used as a tool to tyrannize all of us into allowing our basic freedoms and personal and cultural health to be sacrificed. The defining characteristic of slavery is restricting and controlling movement. When we look at animal agriculture, the animals are confined, and it is this confinement that destroys their freedom, steals their purposes, and enslaves them. The same is true with us. With the faux climate crisis, the cabal is vigorously attempting to manufacture our consent for our own enslavement and impoverishment.”

A gay friend recently remarked how she and some others from a local gay community used to fly rainbow pride flags, thinking they were doing so in solidarity of a justice issue. They discovered that that pride flag was a kind of scam and that globalists are behind this worldwide, where they use that flag to lump the gay community in with child pornographic predators (as a kind of protective umbrella for the child predators), so that these child predators can then be accepted in the schools. The gay community felt like they are being used to spread the rainbow propaganda (like people were similarly used to wear the covid masks as a kind of “uniform” in order to spread covid fear through the fake pandemic). She told me that several of her friends from the gay community are refusing to have anything to do with these rainbows, which they feel draw allegiance to some nefarious globalist operation that is targetting kids.

I was never comfortable with the aggressive feminist movement (even though I’m female). It seemed to me to be completely contrived and phoney, and not much to do with any real justice issue. And, no matter what advocacy movement, I have found a lot of activists to be aggressive, even ones which have been standing up for issues I care about. Even though I care about the issue, when I see these kinds of people, I run in the other direction. I find many to be thoroughly unpleasant people, and often don’t even get to the heart of the issue – it’s like they’ve been given scripts from some unseen entity, and they just repeat slogans. It’s almost like the globalists know how to train certain personalities to become activitists and set them loose on all of the movements, to take each and every justice movement down, and then steer the narratives into perverse directions according to the desired agenda.


I think there’s a lot of truth in what you’re saying, and much to unpack. I’ll pick just two points.

Bingo. While the narrative spinners have everybody obsessing on carbon-emissions nonsense, we’ve got fish polluted with mercury, soil being depleted by corporate agriculture (“to feed the world”), factory farming of animals in deplorable conditions, increasing illness among populations being fed the toxic products of modern farming, and God knows what being sprayed in the skies and inhaled by everything that breathes. Not a word about any of that in all the hype about the environment . . .

My guess is that the globalists, “trans” activists, and woke people co-opted the rainbow flag (which keeps getting bizarre new colors and symbols added to it). It’s clear the globalists will co-opt literally anything they think they can use to push their agenda. They don’t care about anybody’s rights any more than they care about cleaning up our polluted environment; they just care about power and, apparently, about backing anything that might reduce the human population.

Many gay people, the woke, antifa, BLM, etc., have been turned into the useful idiots of Mr. Globaloney. Fortunately, there are indeed homosexual men and women who find pedophilia and mutilation of children’s bodies – so-called “gender-affirming care” – repugnant. Unfortunately, when the backlash against these things occurs, gays and lesbians will be lumped together in the public mind with the people currently doing unconscionable physical harm to children.


Thank you for your (always!) thoughtful points. I enjoy reading your posts (also on other threads, even when I lack time to respond to ones that interest me, as there is a lot of action on this forum).

One thing I’ve been thinking/wondering about recently, because of the co-opting and steering of different advocacy groups into bizarre directions that serve the globalists, is to try to be very careful about lumping (in my mind) people belonging to different communities together with the aggressive activists running around on their behalf. You so aptly touch on that point. It is really a “Tower of Babel Moment” happening!

And, since we’ve lost trust in what organized advocacy groups are up to, we try to avoid donating to any cause run by a well-funded Not-for-Profit-Organization. Nowadays when we donate, it’s mostly to individuals, like doctors facing huge legal fees to fight the removal of their medical licenses for speaking out against vaccines, or people like musicians who bring beautiful music to our communities, or even to animal sanctuaries that provide loving home and space for animals.


Has anyone found a reasonably priced copy of Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creature mentioned on the vidchat?

Perhaps Lulu?


“Gays against groomers” comes to mind.
They’re doing a superb job on social media, really do.


Thank you. I’m from SE Oklahoma where caves are such a part of local mythology. The Ouachita Mountains are a strange group of mountains, with complicated connections to Appalachia and the Ozarks.