Аbout the desperation of electricity supply in Europe!

The Globalist folks can see their plans aren’t working so they think, “what part of our plan wasn’t properly executed”, not what part of our plan was wrong or what did we misunderstand. Looked at from their point of view things have been tougher than they expected ever since they didn’t get the Morgenthau Plan accepted after WWII.

So, they’re now basically implementing the Morgenthau Plan for the entire EU as if it’s a Greater Germany that they have to impoverish and reduce to serfdom in order to be properly recognized as the noble beings they believe they are

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As numerous planes, trains and automobiles are self-driving;
you may have a point - an autonomous submarine?
This submarines then wouldn’t need to support a crew.
How small could they become?

If they’re parasites; they’ll find a way.
However; since they’re not “true” parasites; they’ll be NO balance.
In other words; they’ll consume the host.
All the BRICKS have to do;
is let the elitist parasites destroy their respective nation states.
And, of course, hope like hell; their nations, don’t go the financial capitalists[parasitic way].
In other words, stay in the industrial capitalistic lane.
Is China’s letting AI get out of balance?
Looks like progress, ain’t what it used to be?
Or, maybe; an out-of-balance technology, has always been the problem?
Especially, since man himself, has a hell of a time finding his own balance?
Checks & Balances in governance rarely go the distance.
Maybe AI is right?
The weak link in the kill-chain is human?
Or, those that dreamed-up the kill-chain, were the problem?

Oh, what a Shakespearean tangled web this “natural deceit” has woven.
Was self-deceit then, the cause of the fall?

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With today’s level of technology, they can become very small. At the same time, they can pack enormous amounts of energy, or very small but at the same time very deadly weapons according to the needs of the one who uses them. It depends on their purpose.

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How many “wake-up calls” does the public need? We’ve had years of them.

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A better question could be, why are some people more immune to weapons grade entrainment?

If I had to mention two books that made my hair stand up straight in fear it would be; Elana Freeland trilogy with the last one being “under an ionized sky” and Malachi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil.

One is about Ahriman and his shenanigans and the other Lucifer, I’ll leave it up to you which is which.


That is a great response. I’ve meant to get around to reading Elana Freeland’s books, today seems like a good day for it.

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Could it be that they are not human?

Who know maybe non-humans are resilient but I find amongst humans there is a difference in resilience.

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Well I do not know.
But once an ordinary physical worker, my co-worker Muslim by religion, after a long debate about the Islamic and Christian religions between us, told me the following:

  1. In this world there are humans and non-humans.
  2. In the midst,in between humans there are non-humans.
  3. And in the midst, in between non-humans there are humans.
  4. If you understand me it’s ok, if you don’t understand me it is ok all the same.And that’s all he said.
    Despite my insistence, we never spoke about the subject again.
    Nor did he say more on this subject on his own initiative.
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