C.S. Lewis on Christianity

Hillsdale is offering a no cost course covering C.S. Lewis on Christianity.

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I read mere Christianity. This is something left out by catholic hierarchy, material atheism and the Eastern religions like Buddhism. Two things can be the same at once. Like the elites with their Jedi contract. They ARE RIGHT. THERE IS A COLLECTIVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. But they are wrong also. The collective human law of nature is pretty easy. You can find it in isolated tribes along the Amazon. Are they underdeveloped in their laws anymore than us in the West cuz they fear influence, paranormal or otherwise? There was an old Chinese aggregation of data where they measured the happiness of humanity vs. the wealth. Think Alexander the great among the grandeur of his empire feeling unfulfilled in the World tarot card. Me, quality is much more than quantity. I’d rather eat one wagyu ribeye than ten big macs. And that isn’t just me. If transhumanism as done anything wrong, they’re going the way of Huxley with the fee fees. Balance is an art, not a skill. The fact that anything wants to evolve humanity should be at first, alarming and terrifying. I have yet to walk up to a frog and demand it becomes a prince. The results never end up in a man, but a fairytale. There are laws in the cosmos that can and won’t be violated under any circumstance, within the whimsical realm of philosophy or the application of science.


And this is what terrifies ‘them’ the most.

In the many millennia (I suspect) ‘they’ have repeatedly attempted to overtake Gods universal laws, they keep making the continued mistake of thinking it can be overcome (in the first place). With each attempt, convincing themselves they have the answer this time.

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