Callum Grieve the strange person behind Greta Thunberg,

Check this Video with this very strange (in my opinion sinister) Person. His Name is Callum Grieve & his profile & the amount of information which find about him on the internet is very low.

He was & is always behind as you see in the video link (the tall person behind Greta) with Greta Thunberg! He was with Greta Thunberg (who is a 100% NWO & Davos WEF Asset & brainwash of masses tool)
from the start of Thunberg!

IN this video with Trump you can clearly see that this strange guy tries to avoid the camera ot to get too much attention.
Also the media who asks & tells a lot aboput Greta & all the other persons, strangely do not ever mention this guy.

What is you people 's opinion about this strange guy? Anyone has maybe more information about him?Processing: Happy birthday to Greta Thunberg! (1).mp4…

This might explain a few things about this figure.

Ok many thanks! I will check this!

Independent investigative journalist Cory Morningstar made one tweet about Callum Grieve & He instantly deleted his complete Twitter account!


Welcome Zaros! Interesting question!

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Climate Change is the new Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is the old Fallen Angel bull$hit.

The Fallen Angels need to GET OFF THE PLANET.

LEAVE THE PLANET you bastards!!! We don’t want you here!!!

Your time here is OVER!!!


As I thought!

This is the usual BlaBlaBa about this sinister Clowns!
Like always the same silliness from them:

“Our clients range from international corporations, small businesses, social enterprises, NGOs and government.” & so on
But funnily this says that he is part of the devils simulation!

But I mean the real information! Where is He born, who are his parents … what did he before the greta BS & how did He even got to “know” her & so on.

For exmplae I did some research on the people who werer on the Cibolo Creek Ranch Marfa in Texas where this piece of noodles Antonin Scalia supreme court judge “died”

And found for exmple some interesting stuff about the person who owns the Cibolo Creek Ranch (John Poindexter) & the other guy (Washington lawyer C. Allen Foster) flew in a private plane with him …

Would love to know what you found out about Scalia.

Many Thanks for the welcome :pray:

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About the other guys there on the Cibolo Creek Ranch (John Poindexter ) & the other guy (Washington lawyer C. Allen Foster )

I will put them together for you & anyone else interested!

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Hmmm, “C. Allen Foster” how, if any, relation to Allen Foster Dulles??? Most interesting can of worms, would be good to read a breakdown of all this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will write what i found out, need to pick this together. Long ago i did this, maybe i can do this tomorrow.
let’s see

But possible that c. allen foster’ s parents were great fans of the psychopath dulles brothers!

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