Can we download the audio on a vid chat?

Sorry, but couldn’t find this mentioned anywhere. Want to copy audio of vid-chat to a flashdrive to listen to on a trip. Can I do that?

I don’t believe so but there are websites that allow you to rip audio from a YouTube video. Good luck.

You can.
Copy the link, paste it here, choose the bitrate for conversion to mp3 and download.

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Thank you Ellie, but it didn’t work for me.

Oh i see. I tried it as well. There seems to be a limit. There are other ways to do it I have no time to find them at the moment.
I have done it before download something from youtube convert it to mp3 so i could listen to it while on the road.

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I think if you search for “youtube downloader” you’ll find several options. I do this often and save the audio files to a sony voice recorder. I then use it as a mp3 player in my pocket. This allows me to listen on the go w/out the dreaded smart phone.

Another tactic is to just stream the vids on my mobile device while listening on the go. If I find something that I think needs “backed up”, I have a friend who pays for YT premium, which allows you to download the content. He saves it onto a flash drive for me which I then back up on a hard drive. I’m also told that this subscription allows you to listen with the screen off on your phone. I don’t want to feed the beast anymore than I have to, so I refuse to pay. There is a “hack” you can do if you’re wanting to listen on your mobile device with the screen off. You can open the video via web browser on your device and in settings it will allow you to continue to play w/screen off. This is what I do if I’m at work during a live vidchat.

Not the direct answer(s) you wanted, but hope it helps.

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