Canada declares bank holiday on Sept. 30 - connected with potential US default?

After centuries of persecuting indigenous peoples, the Canadian regime has now declared “Reconciliation Day”, and “coincidentally” banks are closing, the virtue signalling looks like a pretext. Of course “reconciling” is also an accounting term.
Thanks to Janine (from Tarot by Janine) for pointing this out.

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I have already noticed Bank of America locations in my area CLOSED. These are full physical branches in decent suburban neighborhoods with CLOSED signs on the doors. Landscaping out of order. Weeds and grass overgrown. They are killing people with the vaxxx. They certainly intend on shutting down their bankrupt system. Good luck everybody.

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Are the ATMs working?

ATMs are operational (for now). However, they are the centralized (kiosk ATM)- call the poor person in Central Arizona, only if you have account/card can u do business at the kiosk ATMs. Creating barriers for cash depositors. They don;t want the cash… they know it’s fake.

I mean. cash is king. and cash Friday is great. But they are going to turn off cash soon. The banks and many stores are already making it difficult.

Cash is worthless. However, its fungibility gives value to the people transacting without lizards in the loop.


BofA barely survived 08’ financial coup d’état. This time may be a first one to fall. Lets not forget this is originally first Italian bank in America.


The Bank of America feels like the den of Baal in my local area. On a recent visit, very creepy feeling of corporate sadomasochism. The poor employees made to wear the face mask in deference to their god.

I pray those employees have the courage to leave their positions and not take the corporate fluids. I feel for all of the tellers and bank managers, one of the many front-lines in this TERRIBLE WAR.


I had to drive three towns over for actual OPEN location with humans.

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Their derivative exposure is probably the highest of all the TBTF banks. I have an account because they have credit cards but I try too keep little to no money in it. The end is near for these banks so “buyer beware”.