I swear, it has happened again; I went to sleep, and woke up in a dream world, and discovered something almost as odd and strange as scientismists wanting to solve global warming by refreezing Poles, or as unique and unprecedented as Germany wanting to solve its energy woes by seizing Russian assets. This time, however,…


All my Canadian friends are stigmatized by the oil and gas situation which rendered the nation a “Saudi” type socialism disaster. Each individual either directly like shale field workers or indirectly like my dmv gf, depend upon free energy. It’s a good day anytime it’s above zero right, otherwise it’s “bitter cold” and I’m certain the kook aid has overflowed the punch bowl. One only need visit Victoria and compare it with the US equivelant across the sound like Everett or such lol lol. The contrast is bold. The $$$ invested out of balance. Canada is quite rich, Washington state is not. Every time I discuss the US with my Canadian friends a few points emerge. US is a third world nation, and this after Canadians visiting Cuba, thru Miami lol lol let me know how disgusting we are, entitled attitude prevails, in Canada you will never convince us Tim Hortons is as good as Starbucks ain’t gona happen and the loyalty as if a boycott of US coffee is a national goal. Experts argue that Canada won the war of 1812 !! Lol lol and this fact alone represents the foundation that supports all Canadian petulance self centered self absorbed arrogance lol lol from midwestern cheeseheads eh? Lol lol the US northern border gained acres, the US permanently ended the native threat, the territories went coast to coast, Impressment ended lol lol if being a British territory was your goal, they succeeded, however becoming a part of the US would have been a better option. US citizens see monarchy as indentured servitude. Canada lost, they remained British slaves, lost territory, their southern neighbor took over the world, leaft them at the alter, now a nation that could never defend itself without US military, what are we looking at in Canada? Saudi with women doing the mullah job. Nanny state inslaved population living off oil revenue…delusional about their strength and their history.

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Hi All,

I’m one of the people who voted to make PP (Pierre’s nickname) the leader of the Loyal Opposition. I am getting more and more involved and interested in Canadian politics. There are several points here that are overlooked.

Canada is finally dropping the CoVidiot travel restrictions. North Korea has already done it just not us. Why are we dropping it now? You can say it was the threat of uniting the electorate under PP and this was taking away fuel from him. Either way the timing of the ‘science’ up here is curious.

WE didn’t have a Loyal Opposition since the last election to now. We had the NDP (New Democrat Party. Think Bernie Sanders and AOC) led by Jagmeet Singh. Singh is a member of the WEF and aligned himself almost instantaneously with the Libtards and Maddog Turdeau the Younger. He is a paid shil for the WEF and a documented traitor in a different time. But this is 2022. The previous snap election bankrupted the NDP and this was the only way they could stay in the game. They claim to be the Loyal Opposition AND always vote with the Libtards.

Take a look at PPs wife. Up here we’re kinda big on bilingualism. She’s from Venezuela. You want to see an amazing victory speak introduction. She knocked it out of the park in THREE languages. She will be a powerhouse for PP and any election.

My personal thoughts? Two possible futures. The next virus will coincide with the election down south. There have been major flu epidemics every two years that coincide with the US Federal elections. Monkey Pox was supposed to be the killer but abstinence from gay anal sex will prevent it’s spreading. (OK, Not a problem.) Instead they will do a bait and switch with Nipah. It’s been worked up at Wu Han to have about a 25% lethality. Maddog Trudeau the Younger takes away all firearms, (Ask me about that issue….) and we turn into North Korea.
We dodge that bullet in a few months and Maddog Trudeau the Younger continues to ruin Canada. Then there’s the election in 2025 just after yours. (Read THE FOURTH TURNING now!) The backlash will be legendary unless the Clinton Global Initiative can teach the Libtards how to steal the election by then. If the country is ruined, all bets are off if PP isn’t turned by the WEF by then. Either way Canada may be done. Stick a fork in us. Or PP does save us. I’m not holding my breath though. I’m still buying ammo, not guns. Think about it.

Good news is we have oil. Send your Marines to liberate your oil from our oil sands and bring us democracy.


ps I posted this on the other forum site. I’m a Luddite and don’t completely understand how all this fancy stuff works. My computer is still steam driven.


Not quite sure what your overall point is. I live in Victoria, BC, which you referenced. We have bamboo and palm trees and little of your bitter cold. It is a West Coast Orographic climate. Canada, under Maddog Trudeau the Younger and WEF is rapidly becoming a Third World Nation. We’re losing our Rights faster than we can sue for them. We were never slaves of the Crown. Subjects, yes. Slaves, that was your issue. We are not living off our oil revenue. That’s Norway. Our oil revenue props up your petro dallar through the disastrous NAFTA agreement.
And there are a few other inconsistencies in your post that I’m not going to address due to space and time.



Dr. Joseph P. Farrel, love this line of yours… [quote=“vardas3, post:1, topic:7849”]…
"…it is not about the individual politician, be it Trump, Poilievre, or whomever. It is really about the rejection of technocratic globaloney in all its Hochklaus von Blohenschwab-Baal Gates-George “the Morose” Soros guises.

Made my day. Thanks for all that you do to teach me more than I could ever imagine. God’s blessings to you.