Catherine Ausin Fitts on the Pandemic


Wow extra informative interview!, also good contribution in context world’war’financiers thread [1] so as for the plandemix points in the transhumanism thread [2] maybe one of the most important overview for eventual future n’w’o thread ~ like explanation how are poured globalist money towards great’reset through bis ~ in this context whole interview is extra informative but from 40th min. onward is neatly explained the black budged funding, on what I’ll add that eg. through bitcoin is transferred the black market capital to overflow in the real economy, altho some will say actually by collapsing ftx (as intentional licence push-pull till collapse) in essence is stopped that overflow, maybe by some good hand behind the scenes, Or it was secured path towards more stiff regulation so the debt derivatives would not cross in ultravolatile crypto realm i.e. would be allowed only one way capital flow from the current crypto in the rest of markets, practically bitcoin is ideal for laundering of all black market assets that need to be cleared till introduction of “their” cbdc!

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Thanks for this!! She tells it like it is!!! :boom:

Excellent as always…

Thankk you so much, Ms. Fitts is always a gift when she speaks. It´s very interesting to note that the BIS is above the laws of every single country in the world, what i didn´t knew, so is some kind of Higher State to wich all the others are subject.

What is of great interest is that she mentions that the BIS is NOT the only international isntitution with this power? What are the others?
Those are the perfect place to find the ones who really rules this planet, and i never tought about that.
Who controls the BIS?
And who controls the other institutions that are above sovereign states, like it?

Its web of interconnected regulatory and gambling fiat bodies imf wb col and fed coz the dollar printer is there, altho some say indirectly there were other printers too [1][1] hm, what I see troubling from this kind of skim is that the currency derivative market is maybe used as blackmail so all western states would follow “their” great’reset’blueprint till full’digital’economy along ultra’panopticon’reality > (when the bank’corp liquidity can be skewed by push’of’button through any fintech Or biotech asset eg. metaverse show’games’simulations Or cyborg plugs or patches [1][1]), at least looks like the recent b’i’s alarm about missing billions (or promising bit’llions [1][1]) is kind of warning that “someone” can crash the “their’derivative’game” if the plutocratic vassals are not ready further to push “their” great’reset’blueprint!?, and indeed the bubble is announced [2][2][2] but isnt this looking like with the libor scandal i.e. once city’of’london was threatened that need to be audited and further regulated the warning was released, or maybe even then at stake was the bis casino while libor was greeting so all would keep calm [3][3] hm are the british royals onboard coz affiliation or coz blackmailed!?, how to be explained the preannouncement for great’reset by CharlesW [4][5][6] so how who conspired for what when the plandemix was rolled out obviously as mandatory part of “their” great’reset [7] I mean how to be explained on small door pushed bionic&genetic revolution by executive order than coz full’digital’economy (if not along coz hived’panopticon’gulag) on top how to be explained the further exec expanding [8][8][9][9][9] luckily such exec.acts are reversible tho go survive till the next usA elections Or werent all euroatlantic plutocrats conditioned to follow even earlier!?, while those that defy “their” gravity are promptly reminded that need to align!?, even by monstrous means like the plandemix in whole World or the last catastrophe in Turkey!?, how else to be explained the earlier u.n. a’21 or a’30 and/or bilderborgs w’e’f great’reset as must do homework that cant be stalled [10][10] yeah we can act blind&stupid but that will not change the fact that “they” are pushing particular utopian agenda by various scenarios till execution!, tho I really Hope “they” will see the utmost huge risks from ordo’ab’chao scenario and will find will not to escalate the current geopolitical clash till fallout!, altho the risks actually recently were expanded further by JoeB execs [11] So How Else Now We Would Act As Pushback Than Through Grace … LORD HAVE MERCY ON MANKIND …

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That angle about the currency derivative market being used as a weapon to exert blackmails was genius brother. Those sources in the number [1] are really hot too. Didn´t knew that the Eurodollar market was purely a bankster invention.

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I assume that such submission scenario is possible, hm paradox actually like follow or I will shoot in my foot if not head is the blackmail greeting by bank’corp’cabal to the ea-plutocrats!, tho wonder why couldnt play DonaldT with the same card, maybe he didnt care, on contrary saw opportunity like JFK finally to evade “their” grip logically by patriotic deal with the eastern empires!?, hm, tho got him for the warpspeedin along the death’fear’psyop that was threath to his rating, but why and how he gave consent for dod’s jabs that is still mistery to me, hm maybe by patriotic line was peddled that is needed coz some alien detection and monitoring, hm he will need to be honest if want to keep MAGA tough ahead!

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This is one of the Big Questions that i also ask myself about Donald Trump, why in the end he betrayed everyone who believed in him, by authorizing Warp Speed and the medico-pharmeceutical genocide of the American people?
What kind of leverage that had about him?

And this angle that you point is really powerful, there are quadrillions of derivatives floating out there, some $14 Quadrillions, as i just read in a Professor Farrel post here. The damage that a concerted attack using this kind of financial power can do is almost limitless. They could have used something like this against him.

Perhaps is the samekind kind of leverage they are using against the president of my country, Brazil, in order for him to implement mandatory Covid Extermination Weapon Vaccines for children, or their mothers dont get government money.

Hm, probably those in the euroatlantic realm are blackmailed (or targeted) by economic means (Greece 2008 and Turkey 2018 comes to mind) while the rest are threatened by bioweapon or haarp alike attack eg. zica’virus earlier [1-3] or hatay’earthquakes recently [1-5] and if this is case we can assume that such practice will continue LORD FORBID …

The problem is how who to expose “them” if eg. usaf or dia are silenced by the usA plutocrats coz particular economic blackmail!?, or even potential’nuclear’havoc like in ussR or Japan [2][2][2] tho one way to be reached disclosure and exposure is by wide eTOS momentum [3] to be opened room for more and more whistlers to pop up in public and unravel the extent of hijack and/or blackmail!, actually by eTOS circumstances citizens could get means for fast recovery even “they” released global’economic’meltdown, when only card that will left for “them” is ordo’ab’chao by some false’flag’plot LORD FORBID …

Also I will not exclude another but superplandemix scenario how un’who’blueprint is imposed as obligatory for all u’n’o members [4][4][4][5]~[5][6][6][6] what hm give some relief that now we will not see ordo’ab’chao scenario as hot ww3 with the ukrainian crisis but the same will be used for further compacting of the western realm till usA Canada usE superstate for what “they” need wide chipping except federalization of eU which I assume will be pushed probably by controlled’economic’collapse of euro due to the current piled risks coz the complete divorce from the russian market!, tho as well it could be used new plandemix so will be imposed another attempt for health passport coercion through vaxing, or eventually the same will be imposed by food’coupons and ubi mark under or on the skin!?, LORD FORBID … and whats the odds that the Warning from The Revelation can be postponed, hm it really depends from the geopolitical circumstances, but defacto even now who dont have social number cant function in the system if dont have cash!, but once the same will be full’digital’currency plus tied to biometric account go sell or buy something as untouchable (unregistered) tho how “they” would leave someone unmarked if we know that are pushing rigged manufactured reality coz particular “fears’of’theirs” [7] surely will push as wide as “they” can hiving of all at least western citizens so by drones will keep the third world masses (“they” hope) from occupying “their” empire!?