Abortion Prosperity Abortion Tyranny Horror Years (humanists apathy)

it became progressive mob mentality to seek Decadence to be legalized without any true as constant debate but only through media bickering pushed by humanist propaganda, what by all means is pagan epicureanism on steroids how decadence became globalized by various standardization from consumerism till art which seemingly liberal strive is crowned by Abortion as modern day sacrifice of souls but coz trivial promiscuous and sexploitation reasons yet in favor of boosting the evil, almost there is no big city in the world where such blood libel isnt happening every week if not every day, and isnt that indeed offering for the fallen-angels-anathema-to-them when Innocent Soul is murdered coz whatever reason!? аnd finally became utmost wrong as now is done foremost coz praise of decadence i.e. killing trend so would stay sexy and careerist fit or keep away from responsibility so would grab promiscuity in fullness etc. decadent worshiping of true horror vibe, on top all steamed by idolatry for money an mammonistic cult for which altho wars are ultimate sacrifice for “its” demons-anathema-to-them still think killing unborn Soul is delicacy beyond comprehension coz think its like drinking oysters vs galloning watter however incomparable with anything coz destroying life if not coz/for fun from carelessness is most vicious act not comparable even to the nazi eugenic lust nor the ancient savage sacrificing [1][1] altho from strange aetheral perspective its not so difficult to assume that if freemasons as luciferians are prime euroatlantic motor behind the scenes that as such laid firm path for concealed child sacrifice through promoting of abortionism as feministic meme that like trend or hype got inertia that after 50 years sexual revolution now became like something normal altho possible and acceptable reckless pro choice think only logical for people with atheist mindset or none at all which usually are motivated coz became sex broilers due to conditioning for and embracing of hedonism as most rewarding modern epicurean gift in this world i.e. that see this life as heaven’on’earth or only chance to indulge in bit more fun&carelessness till they die!

and arent we all at constant programing attack by “their” entertainment industry to follow that pattern, something that cant be anyhow excused yet by liberalistic sway embedded lawfully on all western Christendom without any excessive explanation but only coercion through equality spin, but what is more equal sexual minority rights or ethnic one yet for the later altho is word for huge bulk of any western state yet are ignored as if dont exist eg. in usA on level of language proliferation in the school system while in eU even till lobotomy of nonexistance [2][2][2] and lets say its word for “their” free will altho by evasion of citizens will for such crucial question to Christians and at least elites to ask for opinion through referendum (altho we are now aware that coz preffered plutocratic crew or for important issues its not problem even in usA voting to be skewed by euroatlantic determinists) but even the majority was after abortionism can be anyhow the same understood as positive ideal hek we cant recognize nor any ethical even less bioethical argument except if reason through malthusian overpopulation prism or eventually by lucrative liberal capitalist equality, but if someone think anyhow this can be defended by humanism and its wrong deterministic reductionism [3][3][3] then he is reasoning in luciferian terms coz humanism is standardized in the enlightenment era and the same an freemasonic ideal while freemasonry luciferianism [3][3][3] that as deistic paradox is fruit of wrongly flirted neoplatonism in vatican [3][3][3] furthermore this kind of indifference towards Life brought us till transhumanism as humanistic inertia that in effect is extended sacrificing of our reality coz the freemasonic standardization of liberalism which brought all the evils in this world to level of normal acceptance name it abortions as livability wars as geopolitics lobotomy as unburdening drugging as beautifying etc. etc. paradoxes not just for Christians but the common sense, and its one question when we are individually slipping in sins but to be pushed in through legal standardization that is debacle towards oblivions on many levels, hm even when exist ultra healing substance like CBD thus logically Cannabis Sativa to be legalized still it should be left on the Free Will of particular community by direct democratic means like referendums to accept or refuse it as legal norm coz higher cause, but to be more ridiculous such healing is widely forbidden or corporatized while abortion is widely promoted by intimidation through mass propaganda aside already legalized as widely as possible, at least to be stopped the intimidation but no its even enforced as choice by education brainwashing, So dont tell me that we are not witnessing behind the scenes agenda coz whatever means, and to some I’ve already pointed like esotericism malthusianism corporatism etc. hm for this last example even I was never aware as big’pharma’possibility but in the last David Knight Show [4][4] seeing arguable logic!

as could be see my prejudice towards abortionism is not so from legalistic perspective but Christian theological one as apophatic opposition [5] so as cataphatic one when trying to explain why we are blinded and as such indifferent [5] simply its word for Soteriological point of view, but go balance this with secular humanistic elites and “their” neoplatonic republicanism, thus its almost futile to chase easily any legalistic flow mids “their” neopagan system in the euroatlantic realm, altho its our duty as Christians to warn all that going by “their” mindset we will provoke utmost wrong causality [6] yet we can oppose “their” skims even legally if evade centralized inertia but push for decentralized prochoice so as local communities would oppose the enforced abortionism and we have that right if call upon referendums that tho can be relativized by the rigged federal justice, yet persistance and patience should be our virtue as Christians mids current neopagan ideals disguised in and through secularism till depop agendas [6] O Blindness Why Art Thou So Present mids the fakebook broilers played by a.i.bots to support and vote abortionists and like that taking part in the luciferian skims for reaching freemasonic utopianism as new’world’order through ordo’ab’chao scenario, and indeed if we reach geopolitical cataclysm that will be provoked like this among other wrong transhumanist agenda for hackable animals, and euroatlantic determinists would love it coz believe that through chaos “their” phoenix will rise, what a stupid neopagan delusion, altho on misfortune of all!

I’ll suggest one metaphysical axiom as causality reflex to economy from embracing abortionism, altho even simple physical parallel as white death and capitalism is enough convincing to point to the disastrous effects from acceptance of this kind of humanist ideal [1] normally what will be cushioned immediately by “prochoicers” with globalist ropes like dont worry migrants will fill the gap yeah even chinese cant embrace such excuse [2] the balance hm who and how to balance when abortionism became trend now!?

and lets say it is as it, but was that avoidable or could it be avoided further misery due to abortionism, think for that we can be motivated by the next metaphysics i.e. as I can see there is strange correlation between the inertia for sex revolution in '60s in usA and its embodiment in '70s with the influx of economic crisis which exploded perpetually as possibility per’se by the fiat standard as chance for indebting ballooning yet think that with the legalization of abortions in '70s immediately economic risks started to pile probably indirectly as result of greater spilloff Grace due to abortionist hype, altho what began in '60s as momentum that laid ground in my opinion for certain graceless path forward, but how to explain or grasp this than maybe by the effects of that inertia [3][3] and as result more and more northamericans started to live as slaves [3][3][3] yep think somehow the sex revolution got its toll altho its vague to claim that its the only spike in the foot, but how unravels further as legalization of kgbt hype and normalizing debauchery it looka likw as if someone wants to makes us more animal alike so would be ideally hackable as by humanists so as by demons-anathema-to-them!?

I can see similar pattern eg. earlier in Yugoslavia which altho socialistic federation plus backed by west thus with secured rise back then yet couldnt bounce further its economic growth once embraced sexual revolution starting shamefully in '70s and exploding in '80s, even less later when its leftovers of republics after '90s dissolution started to implode economically among other when abortionism was embraced as new normal coz transitional lust towards capitalism when altho the logic says that as independent could gain wealth easier defacto happened the opposite, yes we can found many other valid reasons why ex-Yu republics bump in dead end but I cant exclude also this kind of metaphysics i.e. lost excessive amount of Grace coz abortionism what reflected day after on all fields, and if indeed we are talking for sacrifice to the demons-anathema-to-them then this kind of misfortune variable cant be excluded as possibility, go now compare other states but dont forget that to the measure should be added how tempted is some society by other variables like corruption or impunity inequality negligence for the poor etc. societal vices in these by neopaganism splashed times! plus regarding policy making the problem is that this kind of variable cant be accounted coz the anthropocentric fixation of the neopagan republicanism thus any empirical measure brings failure to curb with the economic traps in this context, not that my claim will be understood easily and convince the authorities around the world that legalized abortion is tantalus trap for their systems, but it could help them to contemplate how some policy leads to losing Grace and by domino effect all system to suffer i.e. per’se secularism is not at fault as are all compromises towards embracing hidden neopagan traps hm sometimes even seemingly insignificant societal trends like turbofolk [4][5] and how children are unnoticeably seduced with such genre sexploitation, not that it need to sanction or forbid turbofolk but not to balance it with investment in normal cultural trends will leave space the cult of the body to pump up and as consequence and even from small legs citizens to be conditioned towards graceless lifestyle what in the end will choke the community in one or another way, and isnt now pornhub becoming the most important secondary thing in the world what once was sport, even more now is not expected sport stars to burst on playboy pages but on pornhub, add to this the next inline deepfake trends and we will see good tool for occupying citizens minds so would be defocused from politics and keep calm but in same time will feed their demons-anathema-to-them what in effect will trigger greater promiscuity and lesser Grace and basically that is path to system stall if not collapse, am I right ask atlanteans or every earlier civilization that collapsed whether didnt have embraced the sex occultism altho I’ll point again per’se their fall wasnt primary due to worshiping lusts but its path towards mammonism in one or another form (earlier exploitation) and that to imperialism i.e. in such circumstances are popping up ultra possessed elites which ego is reaching god complex and that normally throws everybody in abyss! its close cycle of decadence where lusts lead to corruption and that to pride for which again the reward is harem (haram) or nowadays pornhub hollywood!

actually masses are splashed by pornhub hollywood while elites are indulged in far greater debauchery that stretches till pedophilia [1][1] which even stars cant hide it from the podium [2][2][2] and knowing how paganism is “their” causality [3][3][3] its understandable what are becoming as neopagans, abortionism is just sad reflex to it as one in line to “their” modern sacrificial elitist practices [4][5] the mindbogling thing is that while acting atheists in public behind the veils luciferian freemasonic worshiping is norm for many around “their” top [6] useful as obedience grip too, dont wonder why there are very little whistlers in the bank’corp elite!

Abortion On Demand - Does abortion count as human sacrifice in satan’s eyes? America Has Now Murdered 50 Million Babies Through Abortion! “Satanists view aborted babies as THE most powerful human sacrifice possible.”


“At some point during the past two years the United States experienced its 50 millionth legal abortion, the overwhelming majority of which were conducted for reasons of convenience. The tragic statistic – which spans the 37 years since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide in 1973 – is based on data compiled by the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute and tallied by the National Right to Life Committee. The mark of 50 million was passed in 2008 and likely approached or reached 52 million in 2009…”

my legal objection would be was ever offered anywhere referendum for legalization of abortion, also was considered anyhow like important social question ever or always narrowed to personal choice (the only argument that goes in favor coz the Free Will) but that means the aborter can always go elsewhere where abortion is normal murdering trend and the community or the state to be spared from such wrong personal decision, aside that there where this horror is allowed also is promoted constantly as “freedom thing” even subsidized indirectly by funding ontopic ngo’s, and isnt that hypocrisy when liberty is equaled with murder!? to be worst some are trying indirectly to make complicit even those who oppose this kind of murdering [1][1]’[2][2][2]’[3][3] and its somehow strange isnt case for sacrificing coz profit coz if they’ve need stem cells could had have invested in research for less invasive lab culturing of such instead to be obtained from fetuses but even possibility of this is instantly dismissed by the “science community” [4] at least now dont need to wonder why ~ but lets say grownups can make decision for themselves but then is it anyhow ethical (for morality not to speak) this kind of vaxing to be regular for newborn (or anyone accordingly coz it saves lives altho even that is questionable) if so then why not to harvest organs legally hm if that wasnt envisioned as “bionic” corporatism in the last repo’man’projections [5][5] which necro conditioning now after the m’rna jab tsunami is even more plausible as wide spread new normal ahead, yeah luciferian eugenics and everything is possible! whats next feeding the “hungry” with fetal stew!? hm if federal money need to payback somehow to freemasons that is real possibility [6][6][6] and enough with usA coz in eU this got eurobolshevik stamp too! so dont wonder why we are on brink of total collapse as civilization!

its interesting that the info in the 2nd footnotes as fetal line in food is addressed actually by Scott Johnson one decade ago [1][1] and dont know what to say knowing something about his earlier claims [2] i.e. was his alarming genuine hm when its admitted that in the jabs there are fetal cells and those part of particular plandemix agenda then why not to assume that the food chain is part of it too!? luciferianism no just enlightenment era recidivism, hm can You afford now to ignore The Bible Revelation that whole world will kneel to the false prophet, yet for that we need first to see ecumenism followed by universalism that will come after disastrous wars, and how much time we have probably little, act as we dont, coz many cant grasp that getting back as Christian in fullness is not instant thing but asks for continual will for life in feat, altho as Orthodox Christian chances for secure Graceful Life are more than greater [3] from this aspect also pardoned will be aborterers if Repent with Penance worthy for Redemption eg. fostering for homeless Child etc. and along good point would be that not just the woman who aborted sinned but also her man who incited or ignored that act! in a way we are at fault all how we are silent and indifferent as Christians for still prevailing abortionism as trend, at least to put some Stop Abortion sticker from time to time on some administration vehicle if not on Your own home or soc.nets walls, ideally get Inchurched and Share Some Prayer as for the murdered so as for the murder moms in Your community, generalize if havent heard for any particular example altho defacto abortion nowadays is like yearly vacation for many and especially how contraception is norm weakly vacation for sure, altho I am not theologian so would claim with certainty that using contraception is sin, stil indulging in hedonistic sex trans as way of life indeed is and contraception stimulate such trap for decadent lifestyle, but the irony is that even that cant fulfill the heart with joy but is predominantly molding sex addiction, and addicts hm whatever type they are surely will dont hesitate to shut their eyes in front of abortion, thus Dont Judge but patiently help with Prayers and articulate debate, is this such one hm think not coz its more stuffed with fear and fear is not effective towards spiritually blind on contrary they are even more disoriented like that!

it would be best maybe to be debated overall about the wrong nuseffects of the imposed sexual revolution feminism kgbt and alike s.rev. trends mostly flushed coz easier control of the population that when is detraditionalized as amorphous is more easily controlled and manipulated calmed or incited, yeah after all behaviorists as successors of eugenicists are behind this skim [2] the difference is that now is not pushed forced sterilization but voluntary [2] altho I can see even as such in eU is still alive practice [2] supposedly in usA ended [2] So dont forget its “their” humanistic spin of fear from overpopulation while in same time chase for superhumanity, as we never have escaped the mengelian nightmare now just living it in beautified form normally till the next global war when all kind of evils will again see the day! So at least to pause if eventually if we cant stop such misfortune thus focus how to curb with the abortionism but as I’ve argued maybe better through emphasis on the sex revolution foremost, what would mean promoting traditional vs globalist depop values!

~ The Sexual Revolution as Primal Cause - Econlib

altho I despise humanism from many aspects, still it could be found useful thoughts among scientists as applicable in the current reality, thus in context of the notion for positive antiabortion opposition here is one idea that should be promoted constantly in context of the fears that hug woman mids far from abundant times [1] i.e. that dont need to worry if cant or dont want to keep the Baby coz scarcity of money or support by the family what surely for many is prime issue in these selfish times, tho other are grab by careerism while there are such which are afraid from judgement as runnaway mothers … worries that can be relativized with assurance that they can be and will be helped through their pregnancy and after the newborn fostered righteously with chance to see it again later as biological mothers, simply I sense that the prime fear of females is mostly from existential nature i.e. how to curb with the burden of new child or will indeed be the same process smooth, maybe on first hand seems happily easy to become Mother or enlarge the Family but for woman caught unprepared normally is overwhelming issue especially if its case for singles ~ what think is not enough addressed on the soteriological level by us as Christians like dont worry You will be not forgotten just ask The Church for help, while the atheists are rushing to bombard the society with adds and campaigns like go abort its a freedom thing coz most pf them are payed to do the same! and maybe by fear can be scared those that have contemplated in their life Our Almighty Lord Commandments but who from us can number Them with closed eyes frankly we are so brainwashed by tv or internet rush of overinformations that simply forgetfulness is our middle name, cant imagine those that havent ever took any Christian Book in their hands how quickly jump to the clinics thus scarring them will only push them more quickly to get “the job” done, but again its not so their vice coz were raised in secular freemasonic republicanism thus Dont Judge them coz like that will not gain their trust, I am certain religious fanaticism is not effective even mids wars from aspect of Christianity, hm lets see maybe I am wrong and evangelicals in usA can bring down with ease the current prevailing atheists and luciferians, tho I am convinced one cant fight evil with evil coz in the end it risks to be consumed by it and to pop up even worst end effect ~ look the past vatican mirror! i.e. striving as they are in dominionistic heresy dreaming about heaven’on’earth by all means is making them just mirror to the prevailing neopagans, and probably ideally will be to push for secured decentralization and by referendums to be heard the Free Will of the majority thus like that securing respect for the Christian Tradition!

probably the last spin that humanists will use is the fear of overpopulation, in context today was born the 8th billionth live Person [2] and think this ask for constant profound debate why “their” fears and projections are wrong, first of all pointing that the problem is the capitalism overexploitation on top through planned obsolescence [3][3] what can be easily avoided if at least the poor citizens or poor countries are stimulated towards Agrarianism and rural selfsustainability what would be possible if there wasnt aggressive banc’corp exploitation that is projecting mostly projecting urban hype coz more easily exploiting “its” human resources [4][4][4] and as could be seen now “they” are shifting to cyborg service economy to which so would survive many either in time will shift in more selfsufficeint lifestyle as fast as possible what eventually will be to their benefit once the global economy hit dead end coz whatever reason political social or natural, yet euroatlantic determinists are dreaming for quite long about own utopianism that now is getting greater momentum through “their” great’reset agenda [5][6] and its question whether at all are willing on whatever compromise for multipolar world coz still tilt in exceptional geopolitical matrix of “their” own that waits “its” utopian’new’atlantis [6][6][6]

cant understand why people are not aware that we live in the last times thus need to focus on Salvation per’se and that those who are willing to abort need to be reminded about this but in same time educated that any eventual future risks should be seen as bearable if start to think if not else in back’up agrarian option at least harnessing know’how for rural life so tomorrow would Survive easier, what should also be logical warning for any future Mother except current Families [7] simply we behave almost recklessly as societies expecting that the system will find way to cushion any risks ahead but that is selfdelusion if we know what kind of ideas have euroatlantic determinists for our global future! having at least shed outside the concrete jungles its some kind of preparedness than nothing and at least that is doable for many yet at the moment most are closing the eyes for whatever personal risk management and keep going with the trendy flow. usually waiting for the final hour so would act but then is almost unbearable feat to reach secured refuge, especially problematic for all that have elderly or sick members in the Family …

one of the most dubious fears that can splash the female population and push it towards abortionism is eventual zombie hype [1][1] altho even without it already have issue with miscarriages due to the m’rna jabs [2][2][2][3] and if someone think this is not risk compare the zika fear and abortions [3][3] hm we live in really tempting times, where sanity is tied to evading the systemic risks!

one good demystification of abortionism is exposing the feminist movement as indistinguishable from eugenics for what think the next work has good pivot as northeuropean feminism and eugenics, and altho by all logic any sterilization or selection is per’se antifeminist yet european feminists got along eugenics, valid question would be why, or better ask whether nowadays isnt the same movement also tied to the depop agenda of euroatlantic determinists!? causality is a challenge in context of their emergence mids the eugenics era and its further rise, but also it cant be avoided the notion that nowadays through abortionism as feminist hype we can see again alignment with the neo-malthusians!

An Unholy Union? Eugenic Feminism in the Nordic Countries

Christina Cogdell argues, in her discussion about the influence of eugenic ideology on architecture and design in 1930s America, that eugenics was a defining ideology and a central pillar of modernism. She continues that eugenic ideology can be found in many debates of the interwar period such as birth control, prohibition, antiimmigration, feminism, maternalism, the relation of the individual to the state, or nationalism.137 According to Cogdell, eugenicists were obsessed with increasing efficiency and hygiene, not only in the context of the human body, but of the whole society. The aim was to achieve a civilized utopia/ [1]
Eugenic feminism as an independent phenomenon describes the interest of first-wave feminists in eugenic ideas and the use of eugenic rhetoric in argumentation for the enhancement of women’s rights in the early twentieth century. The term eugenic feminist was not a self-declaration but was introduced by Angelique Richardson in her book about eugenic feminism in Great Britain in 2003 and further developed by Mary Ziegler in 2008. Richardson argues that the maternal agenda of middle class feminists in the late nineteenth century in Great Britain, in the context of the fear of racial decline and imperial losses, resulted in the development of eugenic feminism.146 Then Ziegler shows, in the context of US feminists and eugenics movements between the 1890s and 1930s, that feminists redefined eugenic ideas differently from other eugenicists and thus created a special form of eugenic feminism. Though eugenic feminists were not united as such, according to Ziegler, they had in common the idea that the decrease in racial quality could be prevented through greater political, social, sexual and economic equality between men and women.147/ [1]
Since eugenics is understood as an episode of women’s oppression through patriarchal structures and feminism as form of liberation for women, the involvement of feminists with eugenic ideas is often perceived as contradictory, or as an unholy union. However, contemporaries in the early twentieth century did not find this connection surprising or disturbing at all and acknowledged the formative role of eugenics in the feminist movement. 995 [1]

thus if try to narrow the guilt for abortionism it cant be taken as prime the frantic liberalism of feminism, but the neopagan roots of humanism and its anthropocentric esoteria which brought on scene false or better said spinned individualism with aim for deconstructing of Christian Tradition through individualism which as if measure now is globalism and the next phase of deconstruction of nationalism after served its purpose for dismantling ethnicism So as we will see soon dismantling of feminism for the sake of “their” new’atlantis’utopianism!

its paradoxical how naive are all supporters now of globalism among which feminism too that actually are supporting the their own dismissal altho still believe that humanist are humane, yeah as crow to the worm!

Humanists have also been strong advocates of sex education as well as the liberalization of euthanasia, abortion, and divorce laws, all issues, they claim, that give individuals greater freedom to control their own lives. An overall assessment of the ideological stance of late-twentieth-century humanism would probably categorize it as a form of liberal individualism, a significant change from its generally socialist leaningsof the 1930s. Yet, inasmuch as humanism is a worldview espoused by liberal intellectuals, it follows closely the values and political leanings of the intelligentsia, so the shift is not surprising. [1]

just need to be patient so would see the trends ahead! directly or indirectly woman will be coerced on abortion alone just by genetic screening what about if have negative ubi score!? hm will be that delivered via 6g/7g and nanobots in the brain or will be executed by satelite hypnosis, maybe both simultaneously!?

Genetic counselors have told interviewers they encourage poor women and women of color to abort if, for example, the fetus tests positively for sickle cell anemia, a disease that is not life-threatening. [25] As genetic tests become part of routine care, some fear that abortion and/or sterilization will be the only options for poor women (Mahowald 1996). [1]