On Economy (past current future)

I really dont want to be pessimistic thus predominantly in the case with svb see eventual plot from other interests than rigged economic collapse altho one cant avoid the notion that smells on cbdc building up pressure for acceptance [1] yet if svb ceo was on the local fed board but also it was known that the bank will have issue with the [2][2][2] so obviously it was logical to be secured svb by whatever mechanism and practically this with the default is another one in a way so the software startups potentially would get another breeze!?, as I am speculating maybe so usaf would restart the valley!?, altho one thing that stands out is that the bubbling inertia for bank bets popped up in '80s [3][3] exactly when popped up also the reminder for “their” phoenix as one’world’currency [’4][5] and if it was announced but also prepared and tried few times [6][6][6] why exactly now that is not used every opportunity for introduction of rigged economic collapse [6][6][’6] so it has logic this year to be rocked the boat while the next to be ripped “their” digital euroatlantic currency!?, if not even this year if it has some truth the gideon alarming [7][7] altho as could be seen from the second 6th footnote “they” have left room for complete reset till '32 i.e. agenda’21 postponed to agenda’32 but hm all that depends from various factors and factions that are ready or not for this or that, and to me now the svb crash looks obviously like intentional push over the edge ~ but hm is it with other motives than general’domino’wedge ~ hm again to me smells like pentagon psyop coz steady focusing of the usaf’tech’hub, tho I could be as well wrong coz simply I am speculating with hope that we are not trapped in “their” skim but “they” got trapped in “theirs” thus now chasing ordo’ab’chao scenario tho which is even worst case than rigged’economic’collapse for which tho not sure whether was easier to be pulled with the plandemix lockstep or the intentional ukrainian’crisis’boomerang or will be by fed’high’rates (practically I am not economist so its hard to predict what “they” want mids what “they” have) [8] if so coz what “they” need to get all brains focused on what its needed coz stockpiling new operative tech in usaf!?, still for that “they” need time thus we can say if so we have another decade free of charge global peace, altho looks more than disturbing how Turkey is pushed on submission [9][9][9] and is it possible to be avoided “their” scenarios hm this with Turkey shows how adamant “they” are as euroatlantic determinists to close the space for final confrontation with the eastern empires on what additionally adds up the recent preparedness in Georgia!, almost as if need to secure from “their” anaconda doctrine what it can be secured [10][10] normally so would have (“they” hope) wider space for maneuvering mids hot ww3 clash, hm who knows maybe “they” bluf that the otan stockpiles are off or cant be replenished quickly and now just need to secure the “loosen chain” of geostrategic spots!?, tho I can just Hope that “they” will calm down!, altho having in mind “their” wrong stamina ambitions and fallacies and how the same were stormed around the world whole past century hm I really cant say that I can rest assure that “they” will not ignite geopolitical cataclysm!, hm if “they” were doing whatever “they” like with the banking realm [11] what is the assurance that will not with the geopolitical!?, and even when cant are fiercely trying to rig what can be rigged till hot ww3, wasnt that case with the lust after no’fly’zone in Syria, or the phosphor false flags trap so DonaldT would take the bate and engage in “their” chaining yet luckily he was not fooled completely as with warpspeeding later [10][10]

Can Someone point to similar interesting informative docus like this series of The Trust Game by the unique demystificators Truthstream Media, strangely but think Minds Of Man should be also part of TTG puzzle in context of “their” chipping hiving ubi system as control mechanism so “they” would do whatever “they” want as long “they” want mids all realms under “their” boot [11]

  1. Is f’e’d and its private lusts the root of the problems that crunch our reality?
  2. Will full’digital’economy bring stabile future even was embraced by all as total solution?
  3. How Christians would give consent to “secular” tho defacto neopagan elites?

~ 3./1. (to experiment with us humanistically as “they” are pleased just like till now!)
~ 2. (how “they” would pardon our debt and we “their” pharaonic exploitation?)
~ 3./1. (who has still stomach to embrace whatever comes from “them” as normal?)

These rhetoric questions need just some more appealing videoart acclamation marks so would be even more juicy for chewing of the Ideas of the Dilemmas of the Uncertainty whats next on “their” menu, or what we can do so would cushion the logical dead end of “their” casino, for what can come as good videoart proposition whatever clip of TM [1] but I am afraid that how more and more people are reluctant to grasp that Yes there is way out of the current traps through which we are played towards “their” solutions!, if that wasnt case we would had have seen enmasse eforum debate among all knowledgeable that would lead as to amortization of any eventual risks from this or that scenario so as to calming that its not “their” fault that “they” fell in “their” own traps that as projected to all willing to follow entrapped many other to take part in “their” system and now waiting on “them” for solutions, and yes “they” offered one known by the n’w’o euphemism great’reset yet altho the same is not the wanted answer for many still not even respectful some among those many opposing that skim (with all do respect to all that are mobilized as opposition in one or another way) found will to debate publicly 24/7 as experts so would clear the fog around what if scenarios ahead and logical Christian response to it!, tho I do Hope we still have time but somehow experts are afraid to step in public and gather on constant open debate either on party or ngo eforums!, even analyzing what lead to the current mess of casino euroatlantic economy!

Now, let me reassert the RQs again but with kind of metaphysical explanation how came to the current system of wrong interconnected vessels!, and think till that wrong basis is not acknowledged and resolved its hard even to grasp what kind of cushioning will be needed so we would reach balance realist win-win circumstances!, and Hm again and again I’ll throw the finger on humanism, and particularly in case of economy not so much to empiricism but nominalism per’se when banking is in question, those who are not familiar with the epistemological genesis of that neopagan vibe check the next point [2][2][2] tho see in context also the later footnotes in the post!, practically the wrong standards were seeded by nominalism altho think were upgraded in various other alchemic ways which actually with deism reached ultra exceptionalism which now is threatening to tear apart this World by various ways from economy through biology till politics and sociology almost all realms of existence here are at crunch coz the very neopagan lusts but also fears of the exceptional euroatlantic determinists!, tho I really dont get how “they” think to provoke hot ww3 without functional hypersonic missiles!?, hm maybe rely on haarp alike manipulation and weather weapons tho always forget that coz not compact as western empire will never score just by good psyop!

With Nominalism, moreover, there is a formal division in the representation of social uniqueness. Society is analyzed according to differentiated categories in a more marked way but still always mutually necessary and interdependent. The doctrine of Ockham (1285-1347) breaks, therefore, the traditional banks: the community is no longer an organic entity tending to a single goal, but a polymorphous set of individuals gathered in their actions by a common will, namely, the administration of public affairs” (Dupuy 1989, p. 35). Man, his personal behavior, and his inter-individual conduct become the new object of the social sciences. A passage of time occurs in the very content of social research: from the general definition of ethical standards to the description of concrete phenomena, their causes, and their consequent influences. The reflection becomes more intensified and subtle; the cases multiply, and the analyses are meticulously detailed with pragmatic examples12.
Another consequence, shortly thereafter, is the creation of the Mounts of Piety (charitable pawnbrokers) – by Barnabas of Terni (d. 1474 or 1477) and according to the juridical systematization of Fortunato Coppoli (1430-1477) – to provide loans of limited size at favourable conditions and moderate interest in exchange of a pledge. All this hermeneutical richness evolves in the European universities, where the tensions and demands of the international commercial and financial companies were gradually transforming the cultural substratum.
In such an interconnected world of travels, discoveries and business, an integrated system of banks – with a dense network of agencies and branches in Europe and the Near East – not only arise and expands but also emits promissory notes, leading to a new form of financial transactions. In this framework the abacus schools are fundamental in the formation of new commercial techniques and in the development of double entry bookkeeping as well as a modern accounting method, which would be later systematized by Luca Pacioli (1447-1517) in his Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportioni et proportionalita (1494).
The authority of these scholars – with their interpretations of the common good as well as of public and individual utility – remains for centuries at the center of academic courses and is the basis of national legal and administrative structures, where the interconnection between Roman law, customary law and Canon law still plays a predominant role. This approach of analyzing, propagating, and implementing general codes of conduct was extremely significant in the Ibero-American colonies, where the presence of a normative literature – the so-called Pragmatici – is particularly widespread through small compendia for confessors, catechisms, and popular summaries of greater moral theological works with specific juridical argumentations18. Their legacy is undoubtedly an important step towards modern political and economic theories.
Giovanni Patriarca ~ Introductory Reflections on Scholastic Economic Thought. From the Thomistic Approach to the Franciscans
Iberian Journal of the History of Economic Thought - ISSN-e: 2386-5768 - Reflexiones introductorias sobre el pensamiento económico escolástico | Iberian Journal of the History of Economic Thought

And hm hm hm knowing that power principle is by default connected to military might in the past few centuries logically “those” who got grip on the vaults logically conspired towards absolute power&might!, thus indeed nominalism is interconnected in case of euroatlantic imperialism among economy and geopolitics [3][3] and how came to all this its not so difficult to be sensed altho I am far from expert so would neatly connect the dots i.e. were towards this mess more contributing venetians and scholasticism or alchemists and ochkamism [4][5] maybe both little by little how secured divorcing metaphysics from all aspects of our lives and leaving it solely to theological but philosophical analysis instead to be Prime motor in all motion on this World where indeed the basis for it is the spiritual one … hm probably the unam’sanctam’bull pushed motion so ockhamists and alike to chase excuse for divorcing vatican from the royals coz whatever reasons, but defacto what took the opportunity from that secular spin is alchemy!, stirring further inertia towards various isms on the european universities that too late or coz backing by the aristocracy were not resolved promptly but till removed as wrong proneopagan theological interpretations till rooted out already the damage was done and more and more alchemists popping around!

Anyway nominalism secularism deism (behaviorism atheism eugenics) as solution to the piled ballooned or implanted economic traps are offering an simple solution in form of homo’silicone and/or homo’chimera future as neatly hived for common good in some of “theirs” holodeck (metaverse) economy that now once is mastered the radiated (beamed) brainwashing (tho not something new by the older claim from the next first 6th footnote) [6][6][6] eg. brainwashing through 5g while as some say kill-switch through 6g, yeah So why You would object at all “they” will say, after all for “them” we are just statistics of human resources that need to be managed by some a.i. of “theirs” coz as elite “they” were chosen by lucifer-anathema-to-him to lead as “his” devotees!, eh deist are “you” so blind to grasp that “you” are in huge error, or till dont get undersverse cant calm “your” urge to deceive all enough disoriented how “you” are bringing heaven’on’earth!?, I mean whats the point of acting exceptional if defacto “you” are just fist of neopagan shadow elites, hidden behind facade of plutocratic puppets that need to rig for “you” what “you’ve” decided its necessary till astray again on the path till “your” utopia!?

I really cant say what moved the tide behind the svb sg ftx etc. recent crashes simply there are too many variables [1][1] among which not rarely neat agitprop thus its difficult to grasp what exactly is happening!, especially difficult when the theories are not debated as thematic concentrated demystification on e’forums but pushed by the current trend of ultra’fragmented’socnets!. altho the experience I have is that if want “they” can rig whatever “they” want [2][2][2] simply its “their” casino and “their” lead without any fears from auditors thus I am aware that if wanted f’e’d&co could had have intervene to stabilize certain recent failures in the bank’corp’realm!, I can imagine have on alert firefigting a.i. brigade that is pointing where what is getting out of place in “their” casino, tho the problem is that various factions have various ideas or needs thus not always can be balanced “their” ego and sometimes guess things are left to roll coz at risk are even greater things coz whatever wrong earlier inertia pulled by “someone” eg. how bitcoin became certain fix for laundering of the blackmarket money and now that becoming obvious so more and more are exposed the crosslink banks what creates panic and as consequence that crypto skim by itself collapsing from its weight!?, **but who can tell for sure whats really the trigger behind some boom&bust!, hm the speculations tho will not bring clarity about the true reasons unless some insider dont reveal who will profit in the end from such momentum!, or who knows maybe it was intentional sabotage coz maybe f’e’d were trying to stabilize the repo by gold [3][3] while others didnt have that in mind i.e. dont want the financial realm to be stabilized!, normally probably all kind of adjustments by various power elites and interest groups or agencies and states are going behind the scenes!, yet this last gold’gag’guess is pure spin just so would share the shortselling video points and its far from any potentially understandable logic (practically must accent this coz sense many dont even bother to differ what from my logic is true and what imagined projection!, altho in every case far from dangerous in comparison to those on the soc.nets which how 24/7 are poured towards specific market players can trigger indeed tsunami I mean in nuclear’power’plants disaster can happen even everything is extra secured and constantly monitored what about in banking exposed on fintech risks which even if wanted to cant manage it with ease how deregulation became the aim of the game [4][4][4] now if this is problem for pre and post detection of risks and reasons mids regular go then compare it to the gray or black market push-pull so trying to grasp whats happening is not from extra importance (eg. mainstream vs teuton’julian’theory) coz again even when “officially” we will learn still will not be sure coz the forest of intentional or unintentional agitprop eg. I would fell in the later category as momentum of wonnabe demystification of what is happening with our current reality and how the same aligns to Christian Eschatology in context of “their” neopgan elitist lust to hive us all in full’digital’economy altho the same is not fully safe as from hacking so as from emf havoc hm probably soviets werent so stupid when decided that networking is not ultimate card for “their” utopia [5][5][5]-[5][5]-[5][5] but the greed of euroatlantic determinists as faction of bank’corp’elites probably didnt had time to contemplate such risks [6][6][6] just not sure whether the digi’money’hype even earlier was envisioned as good knot to push’of’button conditioning [6][6][6] but only lusted for ultimate control!?, Hm, I’ll not act somehow certain but can just assume and I’ll be wrong coz simply not expert nor devoted on this topic, tho I really hope independent experts will get together on thematic e’forums where will stir insightful debate through which potentially will be reached true solutions whats logical as cushioning and/or direction ahead on everything economy!, I know just that we have systemic problem how neoliberal tho neoimperial or neocon tho neoglobalist or neopagan tho universalist euroatalntic determinists are trying to reach crescendo of “their” lust for ultimate power through some kind of “own” wrong utopian antichristian new’world’order!

And maybe I am not economic expert but what I can anticipate is that many among the experts for sure are not aware about the metaphysical risks (piled as by causality so as debt by sins) but make assessment only on the visible indicators, thus think they cant give ultimately correct anamnesis whats happening now even less what awaits us ahead of if dont take in account also such variables!, hm but how by reductionist mindset to calculate even black market or black nobility interests, what about metaphysical variables to be somehow anticipated like that!?, So maybe its not so effective by anyone to projected what will happen to the current system, but foremost to give effort will and ideas how the same to be tweaked so would bring stable global economy and cushion of particular dread economic near future eg. coz particular natural risks!, for what as we know “they” envisioned total’remote’control by transhumanist biotech that should plug us in panopticon full’digital’economy which so would be more effective need to be secured by urban ghettoization and automatization of all processes exactly like in broiler farms [7][7]-[7][7]-[7][7]-[7][7][7] aside all wrong side effects of such even now robbed from empathy concrete jungles, altho per’se “they” are maybe not all after commie marxism yet planned economy sooner or later will centralize such elitist hype!, till some extent “they” as euroatlantic determinists are after socialism but in essence is chase after ultimate control above all - usually through mammonism - whether by capitalist or by socialist means, hek what is pushed and achieved by more and more greater centralization and federalism practically the very idea for democracy was never true issue with platos republic and as city state think was lack of honest inheritance by worthy rulers like kings as divine authority (not that all republics nor all kingdoms were ideal rule by worthiness or not but defacto in city’states the proclamation for equality was more than rarely fallacy thus trickery and centralization became logical consequence as in antiquity so as nowadays) hm probably as more I contemplate this issue the more will be obvious that the treasury of the king could be also heavy but at least You know who is the king and on what is spent that taxed money, while mids republicanism supposedly the sovereign are the citizens yet they dont have own bank but “someone” elses central bank!, thus the fallacy of equality and democracy!, so when afraid from monarchy and royal vault dont forget at least You know who is to be judged if things went wrong [8][8][8] while in case of republicanism not even ceo’s will be judged what about the “true owners” of the euroatlantic’central’banks which as city’state’elite exercise rule above all by trickery!, in essence the very ancient difference is kingdom vs city’state’tyranny something as contrast that emerged as reality in antiquity [9][9][9] reemerged later in the enlightenment era as republicanism with awakening of the neoplatonic neopagan utopian ideals - something what in various forms whether through capitalism or socialism was striving for utmost centralization and rule by neopagan’philosopher’king - now adored by euroatlantic globalists socialists marxists mids usA and eU (waiting to become usE) [9][9][9][9][9] obviously as pharaonic top to bottom rule, and to be even more sad by atheist neopagans gnostics elites above Christians!, and unlike the majority I’ll say this is per’se freemasonic rosicrucian utopian spill!, altho something that to the rest would look like zionist spin coz rosicrucianism heavily borrowed esoterical flow from kabbalism thus logically it was case for ashkenazi kabbalist elites which stirred this inertia [9][9][9] as some zionist conspy’global’elite that was doing their best to kneel all - yet that is far from the truth (check the 11th footnotes below) simply as rosicrucianism so its religious standardisation freemasonry were syncretism from various pagan traditions!, thus apotheosis was reached as result more to gnosticism than kabbalism yet through kabbalism i.e. indirectly through ashkenazi communes (read ghettos) was copied the ideal for ideal pharaoh-slave hierarchy where the commoners jews were just fine smooth resources for the zionist elite!, exactly the very same mirror with the platos philosopher’kings as city’state’elite!, hm I havent neatly studied this relation what when through whom among the alchemists entered mids the european neopagan isms … anyway this point as centralization and marxism can be indeed seen through the existence of central bank (f’e’d would be just spin so the centralization point would be camouflaged mids usA) [9][9][9] tho marx is just left mirror to the very same enlightenment spin of utopianism [9] practically the need for fed oligopoly was logical knowing that city’of’london longed for quite long to secure it as necessity for control over the american resources and after few failed attempts to stay above all finally succeeded in 1913 [10][10]-[10][10]-[10][10]-[10][10] and seen as agenda its not at all naive to debate how predetermined was the same as hijack of the euroatlanic realm!, the question is who are “they” > an ashkenazi pharaohs [11][11][11] or as such > puppets of vatican [11][11][11]-[11][11][11] or coz vatican was infiltrated > an puppets of teutons [11][11][11]

So we are witnessing neopagan utopian strive for system that by “their” terms should reach equilibrium, and per’se through automation, So ask Yourself from Christian perspective what can go wrong when eugenic mammonistic deists neopagans are pharaohs!?, and indeed now “their” biggest problem is how to convince the western masses to embrace “their” projections as “you’ll own nothing and still be happy” or “lets bug the burger” or “worm the hotdog”!, probably along hackable’animal’meme of “theirs” announced those loudly those ideas coz need to stir some malthusian spin thus “their” obedient slaves would not object how were not informed i.e. the consent is more easily reached when is beforehand massaged!, its like projecting coz psyop acceptance once the skim is rolled out!, the problem is that that is done first by trickery and not honestly then enmasse and not experimentally with some volunteers but whole world became suddenly “their” experiment through “their” plandemix as needed spin for mass sharing of “their” m’rna biotech jabs which would be coz full’digital’economy necessary hiving catalogization!, on top all that above Christians by neopagans plus without anyhow true consent resting on full disclosure but by fear and blackmail coercion for as JoeB was assuring “you all must take’d’jab” with his fracking creepy deceiving whispering voice [12][12] to be honest I cant say “they” need to be hanged’high on the pillars of shame as plutocrats normally AdolfH released ww2 horror yet the same was boiled by househofer&eckhart “they” friedby teutons and all finaced by fed&wall’street, so its same now with JoeB&co aside that DonalT was framed for warpspeedin’ so who is to blame first, aside that big’pharma by law is exempt from liability, dod even dont exist anyhow as culprit, thus it will be waste of time now to be chased witches’ but all energy need to be focused how and what is alternative to “their” wrong deus’ex’machina homo’silicone utopianism, per’se how we can survive “their” spins&skims for eventual ordo’ab’chao or controlled’economic’collapse!, altho if “they” push till extremes (think still havent completely) by itself such momentum will fireback to “them” by causality, the problem is are we aware that now its not so important who how will survive but that its Salvation Time Announced how the geopolitical risks pilled till milliseconds since ww2!, normally we need to focus also on better tomorrow but go tell “them” to chill out and “they” to accept that greeting, hm possible but if we Do That Through Grace … but are we!?

Maybe many are aware for the paradox of centralization as for good or evil i.e. how the same as inertia is actually ideal for reaching zenith in particular field realm emergence eg. in Christianity also Christocentrism is imperative for all as Ekonomia of Koinonia [1][1][1] yet as with everything in this World (coz its in the middle between the heights and the abyss) eg. as with the nuclear energy it could serve any particular centralization of power for Good or evil, so is with banking i.e. if the same is in hands of neopagans it will be for usury gambling or enslaving exploitation simply coz “their” ideal is not empathy but deist perfectionism till anthropocentric apotheosis probably till become some pharaonic earthly’delusional’gods above all the rest, altho there is even worst i.e. when vatican got in the trap to burst in unam’sanctum’apostasy probably so would say to “them” pontifs could get even worst than “them” as neopagans!, what in my opinion now became such obstacle that as such papal supremacy is extra real problem for any eventual reconciliation between vatican and Orthodoxy, something how now is centralized vatican as hierarchy through unam’sanctam’bull is utmost problem [2][2][2] interestingly as could be seen even in Christianity we can seek Christocentrism through Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ as Head of The Church, but not we cant seek patriarchal exceptionalism coz all Episcopes are Equal in Sinodikon [3] … so ideally union or confederation taken politically would be solution if want secured but with chance for independence system units, so it would be economically if is reached consensus for one global currency, yet euroatlantic determinists are afraid “their” current exceptionalism not to evaporate anyhow like that so obviously full of fears or prejudice are pushing till debacle “their” dollar supremacy!

Another problem that is becoming more and more apparent is how to be reached stable future ahead if mids all mindboggling vibe of wrong ecological footprint (coz we are chasing exponential economic growth on planet with finite resources) to be achieved balance and equality, especially when now the third world by capitalistic measure is catching even surpassing the western standards of quality of life!, what coz those are tied to consumerism and planned obsolescence thus trashing’rat’race vibe simply will make sooner than later from out planet dumpster, So we need not “their” green’deal so the global system would survive i.e. broilered egenic scarcity of automatization and ghetoization to be our goal for survival (as is “theirs” great’reset’projection) but we need to focus how through Agrarianism to reach selfsufficiency!, at least the same to be kind of socialist norm for the basic level of needs on the maslows pyramid as communal farming for all that had end up in out or in despair mids the concrete jungle while still not ready for independent rural selfsufficiency!, what should and can be balanced if are introduced proactive rural reemigration programs like municipal machinery rings at least so all moving in Agriculture to be helped till get on foot for own independent rural efficiency!, lets be honest what even now is important issue for many that are lost mids the current system what about when the global economy will reach the risks of natural or political sidekicks!, altho Survival Lifestyle even now is norm for many eg. Africa!, what about later!, tho with Africa the issue is in this context around and about water, so maybe people will get sober and start investing in Aqueducts that as sea water pipelines should allocate enough desalinized water for irrigation of whole Africa, but who to put in motion such programs when its more easily to manipulate african nations if dependent indebted poor instead free selfsufficient!?, surely we have Hope through Russia how is standing tall against “their” wrong’neopagan’utopianism but are we supporting that stance or we are ignorant that need to stand up in line against the euroatlantic determinists and “their” ultra’wrong’exceptionalism and to point that we need to strive for realist balanced consensual multipolar World where Mankind (instead neopagan humanism and its transhumanism) will have advantage [4][4][4] to be even greater paradox while in same time Russia woke up from the marxist utopianism the euroatlantic realm is getting ready to drown down in it, hm is it such zionist spin possible without nazism!?, but yep both are united in one fine neopagan band by the teuton’julian’theory!

Till some extent capitalism is logical to thrive, even more knowing how those who have earned some capital through the past its illogical like as is w’e’f stating that will be nationalized and it will be like “you’ll own nothing but will be happy” socialism, and what is logical is kind of amalgam among socialism and capitalism kind of centrist balance among the left and right mammonism, what per’se it would be kind of the aristotles golden mean i.e. to be found agreement for all among all (by majority principle coz totality will never come to fruition except maybe in certain cataclysmic circumstances), simply an Third Way of socio-economic golden mean [4][4][4] or better said as Jesus reminded us that the middle way is royal one when we should Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s [5][5] altho as JayD claims that those euroatlantic determinists long also for some of “theirs” own “third way” approach too [5][5] on what hm I’ll say far from similar to the Christian Middle Way coz per’se the same is envisioned as centralized federalized dictatorship of technocratic elite whether packaged in neomarxist or neoliberal cellophane [6][6][6] while I am suggesting eg. libertarian decentralization if it could be labeled like that at all [7][7][7]-[7][7] hm even Confucius had have it as logical mean [8][8][8] hm I would like to see and learn what people think what is logical way out of “their” current casino economy!?, hm will at least economyst mobilize on party eforums with such thematic debates, or will brag again and again through soc.nets as if there are not certain risks on the horizon!?

Think as Parable this Point is more toward the Message of Love as Evangelion so Christians would not follow zealous blind lifestyle mids the World, altho defacto this dont applies to Theology Soteriology Ecclesiology i.e. where cant be made compromise with the Dogmas Law Tradition!, simply Absolute Truth that Arose directly from Our Almighty Lord cant be balanced with any halftruth what about opposite like lies!, so dont confuse this anyhow as kind of ultimate allround projection simply its Advice for reaching by meekness and piety an balance through Love in this World where many are indifferent for the chance for Salvation thus we need to be forgiving as Christians [1][1][1] still when The Truth is in question as we all know Jesus Christ cast the merchants from The Temple thus there is no compromise with the evil ways of man in all instances!, as St. Mark of Ephesus said in the letter to St. Gennadius Scholarius ~ Never, O man, is that which relates to the Church corrected through compromises: there is no middle way between the Truth and the lie… and although one can say that there is a mean between light and darkness which is called the morning and evening twilight, nevertheless between the Truth and the lie, however hard you try, you will never find a mean! [1] ~ So we need to be watchful not fell eg. on wrong ecumenist what about universalist hug coz mildness what would be utmost WRONG [1][1] so practically even as earthly compromise is not always useful the royal middle path eg. how western Christendom theologically was juggling between aristotelianism and platonism!, what sounds as chasing eudamonia through some dualistic balance between the good and evil, what think is not the point i.e. there is no space to contemplate how sins or evil can be balanced with Salvation!, simply if Our Almighty Lord is Absolute thus Life in Feat is norm towards Salvation, yet coz the abundance of the Free Will in this World that as such not rarely is misused but also coz the weakness for Life in Feats and Virtues we are not rarely falling as individually so as collectively thus having in mind that Our Almighty Lord is Love except Law and Order then we are constantly on Mercy and as consequence His Patience brings That Balance until someone or some community Repent, or in our modern case till is not reached graceless state that will provoke by itself misery coz ultrawrong global liberalism and per’se ultrawrong gambling capitalist economic trends!, in my opinion we’ve reached almost to the edge coz abortionism and selfishess [2][2][2] on top all with icing of idolatry how decadence is glorified as normal doing business hype [2][2][2] when going by euroatlnatic’neopagan’deterministic blueprint (yeah coz cocacola colonialism) many are ready to join if not else in the nato’agitprop how the same is done in the name of “their” deist antichristian luciferian utopianism forced coz “their” lust for n’w’o and transhumanism!, So dont wonder that as consequence when almost rarely someone among the western plutocrats is getting sober and standing tall against such idolatry (except Erdogan and Milanovich what was in monstrous way reseted [3][3]) respect to them for the bravery and Condolence for the Victims That Earned Martyrs Fate and Glory) but the rest with and coz their cowardness of “independence” of nato’poltroons will provoke on us all misery as was never unleashed on this World!, What to say about and how to explain such (even in this century) an medieval reasoning like “theirs”!?, released by the “western champions of democracy” hidden deceitfully behind the luciferian’lady’liberty what actually is just a “fallacy of western imperialism” that probably after few centuries neopagan momentum its difficult now for the neopagan’euroatlantic’determinists to revert it back as strive for own n’w’o!?, yet Christians and Muslims need to know that if want to save own Souls cant give nor consent nor help to “those” monsters while now “they” want to pull the World in hot nuclear ww3 supposedly coz “they” care for ukrainians that are now using it as cannon fodder by nazi’komintern’blueprint so would secure “their” anaconda’doctrine!,

Hm, its almost unbelievable but think “they” are rushing to throw all World in abyss simply coz afraid that anyway later “their” casino could burst as soap bubble, when will not have the means to blackmail or stack up obedience, plus will for meat grinding, as would dream out another chance for some “own” new’world’order!, in same time how falsified the us’elections defacto are lost in space how till yesterday acted “champions’of’democracy” while now exercised utmost wrong totalitarian spin for securing dominionist zionist freemasonic globalist puppet like JoeB which burden is already so bloody heavy that even his p’chair cant hold it while trying to prepare the stage for hot ww3 and even greater bloodshed!, hm its not time for joking but in all “their” madness what else to say than ~ Can someone hijack his strawberries so we would not all choke in “their” fields [4][2] ~ and think Yes that is doable through Invoking extra Grace upon this World thus get Inchurched instead to wait to see what will happen, if not else like that at least You will fence Yourself with Grace so when the time will come to endure all the misfortune that will fell on our civilization!, altho some will say its not only one now, yet how we are all tied more or less in secularism consumerism and hedonism as driving force of the global economic trends then defacto is somehow still one and the same civilization - for now still per’se neopagan liberal as molded like the current republicanism beautified by stars (as sabeanistic mark of the beast) what tho maybe is not perceived and have such effect upon all still points that in question is specific utopian tradition (of which an freemasonic promethean liberty is the torch since the enlightenment era onwards), but also civilization that now is waiting to become again as last chance for survival an Traditional Orthodox Christian Civilization at least in its center that if evade the turanic logic of AlexD it will become as Slavic central one [5][5][5][5][5] yet unlike me with his turanic thesis he is trying to make bridge to the eastern civilization while in same time he has some strange deconstruction&synthesis of pagan’traditionalism through his more recent ap’di’ci noomahia as attempt to appeal also to the western civilization [6][6][6] at least its my strong impression that as philosopher got too distracted maybe by noosphere inheritance or the russian enlightenment but also the pre and postsoviet cosmism maybe thus now bringing some strange thesis of geopolitical balance on top juiced by Orthodox Christianity as totality of russian philosophical elitists smoothie!?, tho what matters now is that Russia havent embraced transhumanism [7] as eg. did the left and right empires from it, and as long Orthodox Christianity is standing alive it will not for sure!, and it will be like that till the very end!, yet who cant say with certainty how future system under the burden of mass continental migrations coz fallout circumstances whether will not release covertly various transhumanist tech!?, hek if “they’ve” dont that now through fear plandemix coercion then what kind of mindboggling ideas have in case of collapse of “their” system!?

… the last sentence typo has neat point in context of this post western’casino’economy erected on magical base with superstitious pillars and esoterical roof!, yeah neopagans what else to say!

Yep, “they” didnt done that now!, it was in 2020/21, tho with intention to last for another whole decade, yet “their” biotech proved faulty thus postponed the chipping/hiving skim, hm, looks like the coercion for vaxing is solely coz we should sign a consent to be vaxed with “their” jab!, coz if “they” want have the means to stuff us with whatever biotech in whatever way “they” want, name it, biotech shared by chemtrails, spamcans, bottled liquids, even through quakcines!, but as if for “them” what matters is the signature!?, as we need officially to surrender our Soul to the pharmakists!?


Anyway, that typo come as good suggestion how “they” are seeing Life and everything in it from science till ideals, in essence as neopagans for “them” magic is something exceptional wonderful worthy to be chased followed and praised!, and isnt astrology such thing, what mids “their” realm of power was and still is trend among the wrong “noble” by alchemy choked elites!?, I mean in whole midmodern and modern history we will find such examples [1][1] (and this is just one superstitious system of rule through demonology if we know that through such esoteria “they” are exposing “themselves” to demons-anathema-to-them) So go someone refute the notion that on such neopagan base werent thrown superstitious alchemic pillars of “economic science” - (tho alchemic vibe in all of “their” dark empiricism [2][2][2]) - which how reached level of financial gambling coz securing smooth solvency of “their” vaults and tables is nothing else than reinvention of the aristocratic gambling games but on modern green’felt’cloth now reaching an esoterical roof of financial thrive&survival of the western economy but on expense on all the rest, hm, and how the gold’standard was removed and substituted with fictive’fiat’one I can freely say “they” secured way how to stretch “their” mammonistic magic for fake-rule over all by debt&gambling when and where dont prosper and grow those who will bring extra quality or surplus but those who are obedient players on “their” table in “their” casino, what it could be said was kind of skim some say since renaissance [3][3] tho I’ll say even earlier [3][3][3] yep it really sounds catchy the line from the second 3rd footnote as neat similarity between casino and stock exchange capital flow “theoretically, the casino was accessible to all segments of the population, but in practice, it could only be visited by wealthy people – games for big money and adherence to an elegant dress code could not afford everyone” and when since medieval times liquidity was managed by high stakes bets and swaps then how much more nowadays, and the esotery can go even further (if already dont) as gambling possibility Lord Forbid!, [4][5][6] yep one dont need to be Archimed to count the odds that the current western economy is managed exactly through casino skims and rigged statistics [5] fraud became the prime survival game of euroatlantic determinists now lusting to upgrade that fraudalism of exceptionalism on lelvel of cyborg bet so the servitude of the awakening masses would be secured by push’of’button!, I mean are we or “they” idiots!?, probably “they” say to “themselves” what could go wrong if “they” make from every ID gambling chip and throw on all or nothing in “their” neopagan utopian roulette!?, as possessed elites probably see us just like resource on “their” gambling tables where what matters is the survivability of “their” game and positions!?, arent!?, how to be explained all “their” lunatic behavior in whole past millennia!?, which reached crescendo in the enlightenment era with the mass slave trade and revolutions coz blood lust [6][6][6]-[6][6][6] finally upgraded with the past century two’world’wars sacrificial slaughtering to “their” demons-anathema-to-them (and if it is hard to be cleaned from mammonistic lusts surely its even harder to be redeemed from molochian) now longing to be rolled till utmost extremes but what cant be done like earlier through swift colonial conquest but now is pushed by specific trickery till fallout i.e. how we are all pulled on graceless selfish decadent cohabitation as World wrapped in “their” luciferian’liberalist’globalsm potentially (if not certainly) is traced path towards indifference (if not support) for “their” utopian’neopagan’agendas!, alone how the economy as science is spinned in such neoliberal gambling manner says everything for itself i.e. that now coz the numbers cant be secured by “their” equations and the belief in “their” extorted financial might is getting more and more tin SO now in panic “they” are pushing great’malthusian’reset in one or another way (plandemix or ordo’ab’chao scenario), I really Hope I am wrong!, and thats why I am on eforum so would ask for others perspectives of observations, (need to point over and over again) simply I am nor expert nor some insightful on this topic thus cant say my reasoning is utmost correct!, just know that its really mindboggling how we are all part of “their” wrong casino economy!, by which on top half produced food in the world is trashed while third of the world population struggle with malnutrition if not famine, while two thirds if not all of world population is choking in pesticides and artificially powdered food, while we are waiting all that to be upgraded by bionic’worm’proteins as main shelf luxury!, isnt all this debauchery of deist apotheosis idealism!?, and not that its solely “their” fault now like modern euroatlantic determinists but to be left “their” inherited demonology to loom over us as Mankind that is too much to handle for this century of ultrawide literacy!

So can we say we are played by magnitude mids “their” global’financial’casino!?, Think Yes!, for what simple explanation is how derivatives are hidden clearing value in “their” casino, and to this witness how not fully disclosed are those chips, and whether are not kind of esoterical empirical mammonistic system of shared faction control over the euroatlantic realm and global by contracts shared resources since the enlightenment era and beic as corporation’zero mids the commodity markets!, maybe the trick is how “they’ve” made from stocks assets and from them precious swaps what on top got upgrade by gambling boosters like futures and options!, simply “they” introduced mechanism for easy bonus or smooth cheating that rigged by unaudited offshore funds and shadow banking graying made from the global financial markets (read states) an obedient players which servitude will be managed by push’of’button!, skim that now is projected for upgrade till chipping whole world population in full’digital’economy (making from the current for “them” human resources an cyborg’eugenic’assets) where and when only way to keep independence would be Cave Life, tho its question even there whether we will be at Peace simply coz for “them” any free variable is risks for “their” utopia not to survive, hm am I too paranoid, hm hope at least stil not android!, is for “them” all this just from fun game, even “their” neopagan’utopian’ideals pure from boredom&gluttony trial&error gambling with whatever have at hand!?, simply siezed the momentum of secured by trickery euroatlantic stage so now even dont want to are pulled to play “their” wrongly rigged game!?

Hm, on all this many (as in the past so as now) will say lets burn down “their” f’e’d eg. George Edward Griffin [7][7][7] and even if that was real possibility whats the odds that “they” will keep calm on that and step back with smile!?, altho what we can do is to question “their” skims&spins till expose all “their” trickery what most effectively could be done by eTOS circumstances and like that securing momentum for introduction of Direct Participatory Democracy in place of “their” current euroatlantic plutocracy thats rushing to become technocracy so would suspend all current citizens rights mids the western realm if not further, hm some say that till there are nations actually there will be independence which once the national is suspended and pure citizenship declared supposedly we are becoming ownership of united’nations’org but hm I am not expert in international law so would not judge how substantial is this claim [8] i.e. that once we surender our nationhood and accept formaly globalist federalist citizenship that as citizen-democracy instead national-democracy as broilers we are nomore sovereign, hm I’ll say it depends on the preamble and on the interpretation of the accepted signed contract and how obligatory is as local regional or global constitution, simply different things are differently interpreted by different interest groups [9][9][9] tho euroatlantic determinists as wonnabe monopolar globalist through u’n’o are trying to suspend from any sovereignty probably by federalist recipe [10][10]-[10][10][10] hm on this I need to consult medieval legalists i.e. whether on some territory can be applied the past charters and constitutions eg. in eastern european realm the edicts of byzantine Tsars!?, simply who is the prime authority over some land how!?

Does the idea that citizens are not the sovereign mids republicanism sounds strange, hm probably looks too if republic or union of such is substituted by federation when intranational becomes supranational, plus when even dont have the right on secession, altho the dismantle of ex-Yugoslavia proves that when want euroatlantic determinists can suspend the international law and impose “own” will upon all deemed by “them” as obsolete!, but more and more I am getting amazed by the fact how neopagan mindset “they” have as euroatlantic determinists So dont wonder at all that “they” believe in such by trickery rigged causality that it is given right to “them” to do whatever “they” like with us as “their” ownership by debt!, usually derived by elitist consent of the local regional or global’quinsling’plutocrats!, also I do find troubling the notion that the stability of the real economy along the stability of the dollar as world currency is pumped afloat and liquified by mathematical poetry resting on financial magical algebra or I’ll guess with derivatives even magical geometry!?, I mean if indeed the euroatlantic determinists are neopagans I’ll not be surprised if “they’ve” reached such level of bogus calculations that actually serve solely so “they” would stay in control nomatter who will enter in “their” game how (check the 2nd
footnotes in this post)!, simply now like this “they” always have upper hand in “their” financial casino coz “they” are as the owners of “their” theories’of’games so as croupiers!, thus why not to assume that from start all skims as fiat standard so as the later alike derivatives along western currencies and cryptocurrencies are not indeed kind of modern hocus’pocus’deception for control&manipulation!?, tho I will round this assumption with the fact that the real economy is hostage to such financial machinations of “theirs”!, give a gambler a fish and he will make neckless from it, teach him how to fish and he will prefer jewelry instead food as occupation!

In context here are few quote that give some ontopic notion that we are witnessing wrong neopagan scientificism which as neoliberalism is also applied in economy!, hm whats “next” in the name of alchemy and deist apotheosis an wending’machine’citizens!?, maybe with optional hydrant extensions so if too much exploited could easily wake up from “their” aroras [11][11][11] or hororas [11][11][11]

the entropy economics has accelerated the emergence of modern econophysics and complexity economics. These new directions of research have led to many interesting discoveries that usually contradict the claims of conventional economics. Econophysics has questioned the efficient market hypothesis, while complexity economics has shown that markets and economies function best near the edge of chaos. Quantum economics has already appeared on the horizon, which recognizes money as a fundamental measurement device in the economy. The development of these sciences may indicate the need to reformulate all mainstream economics from its foundations.
~ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7516932/

Neoliberalism was thus born out of a collision between the controversial importation of the methods and authority of the experimental sciences into politics on the one hand, and the acknowledgement
of the social and political conditions for the discovery and justification of knowledge on the other. It made the pursuit of knowledge
and truth a political question, and gave the question of social order
an epistemological answer: what we can do depends ultimately on
what we can know. Nevertheless, this proclivity for epistemological
investigations did not imply a unity of views among neoliberals, nor
that their conclusions were devoid of political motivations. Moreover,
in their contention to reclaiming the mantle of science, neoliberals
shared many premises with progressive scientists regarding the position and “function” of science in society. This apparent paradox
explains both the fluidity of neoliberal thinking and the inspiration
it has drawn from its detractors at a sociological and organizational
level, two dimensions still relevant today in accounting for the steadiness of neoliberalism and its success in cannibalizing competing
~ https://www.econstor.eu/bitstream/10419/215796/1/Full-text-book-Plehwe-et-al-Nine-lives-of-neoliberalism.pdf

Machine Dreams explores the historical influences of the military and the cyborg sciences on neoclassical economics. The neglected influence of John von Neumann and his theory of automata are key themes throughout the book. Mirowski claims that many of the developments in neoclassical economics in the 20th century, from game theory to computational economics, are the unacknowledged result of von Neumann’s plans for economics. The work expands Mirowski’s vision for a computational economics, one in which various market types are constructed in a similar fashion to Noam Chomsky’s generative grammar. The role of economics is to explore how various market types perform in measures of complexity and efficiency, with more complicated markets being able to incorporate the effects of the less complex. By complexity Mirowski means something analogous to computational complexity theory in computer science.
~ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Mirowski

How was influenced PhillipM by JohnM mirrors an spirit of automation that possessed all back in the past century, for what good notion could be catched by technoutopian vibe of rosicrucians which in one or another way was splashing the humanistic academy tho the artistic too and even the western masses were consumed by spiritism!, simply all got consumed by the wrong neopagan hype [12][12] So it came how it came to “their” neopaganism and lust for heaven’on’earth and superhumanity, but what makes link between “such” golem goal [12][12] and economy is exactly JohnM who not that just was contemplating automata golem and logically from and to it cyborg superhuman [13] but also laid ground for chaos theory for theory’of’games etc. etc. scientific alchemy resting on the alchemic humanist vibe that became direction in “their” epistemiological and eschatological system of wrong physics and even wronger metaphysics [14][15][16] and as could be learnt from the last video (strangely also as Nash) he got madly possessed in the end!, what says all how by what kind of energy was fueled the main economic trend upon which later is revolving modern euroatlantic casino economics!, not at all strange also how causally even having ultralarge amount of wealth (financial per’se) how stil selfishness possessivity and exploitation is norm without boundaries hek even its praised the greed as normal virtue coz success (making from capitalism exactly enlightened liberal idol that will stack up as trophies skulls of all killed or exploited coz “their” ubermeshc exceptional colonialism!), simply as “humanistic” system produced such deist apotheosis that empathy is seen as weakness and vice, that either will eat or will be eaten, that positive emotions are obstacle to success, what from Christian aspect is utmost opposite [16] yet for “their” neopagan mindset the same are only logical if exist as lusts that need to service “their” demons-anathema-to-them!, tho how pushed further and further in “their” wrong system came even till such wrong reductionist mindset that simply equal animals with us (thus chimera hype also logical for “them”) or level us to mechanic sum of circumstantial biochemical processes (thus not anyhow wrong for “them” to chase homo’silicone’singularity) again check the past 15th footnote video and compare that logic to the next one when he simply in the name of success as with the manhattan project so as with the philadelphia project didnt care for the consequences coz what was important to him the score by any means, compare it to NikolaT who aware for the risks simply refused to follow such emptyhearted agenda [17][17][17] normally such figure and his good will will be removed from “their” math even tho he became gnostic an even diving astral [18] coz for “them” what counts is not wellbeing of the World but the safety of “their” rule and wrong’utopian’ideals, so its logical why and how is more acceptable for “them” as deist neopagans to see us as statistic of disposable resource!, almost supradisposable in context on neumanns quantum fallacy [19][19][19] hm what good can come out from exceptionally wrong humanistic neopaganism!?

Simply We Are Victims of Wrong Econometrics that see us as mere bones thrown by fortunetellers mercy!


Normally deprived from any emotion but lust for success or status and comfort without merit!

In the nineteen-thirties, von Neumann more or less single-handedly invented game theory, an attempt to describe human motives and behaviors in
mathematical and logical terms. He was driven to the discipline out of
frustration at the success of (Kurt) Gödel’s Theorem, which demolished the
ideal of a consistent and complete set theory towards which von Neumann
had been working with fellow mathematicians at Göttingen.
Gödel’s Theorem represented another telling defeat for strict determinism. Even when humans were involved, as in game theory applied to economic strategies, Neumann treated all the elements of the system as if they could be described by pure logic. For von Neumann, the human brain was the source of most of the irrationality in the world, or to put it in simulation terms, the human brain is stochastic in two senses: it is the physical incarnation – the source – of the uncertainty brought with the human observer’s role in modern physics, and it is the source of human behavior, that most mystifying and irrational phenomenon. Von Neumann preferred to believe that the human was simply an automaton. In fact, one of the major failures of early game theory derived from von Neumann’s insistence on the strict rationalization of all elements
~ https://www.erudit.org/en/journals/surfaces/1994-v4-surfaces04902/1064963ar.pdf

Maybe the past post examination of the modern economy (as abomination of gamblers, or by gambling secured “virtues” of survival) looks grim as certain (sooner or later) perdition for all tied to it, Yet we should always remind ourselves that there cant be reached heaven’on’earth ~ and altho we need to strive for worthiness through righteousness ~ still knowing that this realm is the place of our banishment from Heaven thus in it coz the vast amount of free will that knowingly or not is employed for Eternal Reward or Punishment it is as it is and we are suffering coz awakening simply by causality, So if per’se this realm is opportunity to reach Redemption and Reentry again back to our previous state then once we’ve astray that by itself is pulling misfortune so we would stand again on the path of Salvation (altho as causality this is consequence usually coz our wrong distancing from Grace or choosing to thrive through vices) and ontologically think we’ve survived the wrong’elitist’inertia solely coz rest our Hope on Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ so as masses we were spared from evil causality but how now many are tempting enmasse the Youngest through the vortex of soc.nets and poured there lusty hype on maximum then defacto we are nearing the end!, in same time chilling our hearths how by minute margin following there war or psyop narrative, what overall cant bring Salvation but indifference for!, yet how we would know that we have such opportunity if we could not taste the fall in all its misery of false joy ~ or better said wrong temporal life by lusts greed and pride which nowadays became norm for by debt arisen survival ~ how we are exercising our free will as individually so as collectively!, thus as the fear so as all the rest emotions are for our awakening for the chance to reach Salvation i.e. to grasp our position that Its Given To Us Second (or after the great deluge third) Chance To Us As Mankind To Repent To Be Redeemed To Be Saved … now defacto the metaphysics how why or where is given to someone to become temptation or through him or by his deeds to come temptations in this World hm that think is too unknown for us in context of causality solely for or till Soteriology even when to neopagans is given to rule over us as Christians what in essence is punishment provoked eg. coz the misdeeds of our ancestors which till are not undone (causality that cant be reverted only by Our Almighty Lord through our Metanoia as societies that will revert at least the antichristian trends of abortionism [1][1] of kgbt wokeness [1][1] of transhumanism [1][1] of adoring luciferian’lady’liberty [1][1] of praising pharmakia [1][1] as norm for happiness) till then simply there will be burden over our heads even till our perdition, and simply coz not willing to oppose the wrong neopagan euroatlantic determinists and “their” ideals it will as it will be!, start interest about The Revelation and other Orthodox Christian Prophecies so would grasp in what time You live and what is now more important (altho it was always) Salvation of Your Soul or your bank accounts!?, and indeed how we are unselfsufficient and dependent on industrialization and by such reflex how we are not focused on Salvation but on securing comfort (through balancing inflation by debt credit and usury mids gambling economy) for sure that will provoke what will provoke as indifference!, at least there should be wide Agrarian eTOS Lifebuoy if not by party then by ngo eforums where will be concentrate Orthodox Christian knowhow regards “their” current wrong financial casino global economy and what is logical amortization and/or substitution to it, before “they” dont make from us cyborgs what is more convenient or effective so “they” would secure “their” position now when “they” will be more and more exposed as deists (as some earthly human gods of modern pharaohs) actually luciferian’demonized’monsters ready to throw in abyss as much as possible souls once rig secure circumstances for that eg. the trickery of plandemix and by bionic&chimeric jabs to be attacked in such manner many!, Hm are we certain that that plandemix skim was such skim!?, hm maybe released first as experimental phase and attempt to borg us all, but it needed to be tied to full’digital’economy so we would say its exactly that phase Prophesized in The Bible Revelation that it will be coz catalogization till apostasy!, Hm, looks as if “they” were following JohnM blueprint for “selfreplicating machines” seeing us on microcosmic scale like experimental hosts coz achieving x’man’utopianism (instead planets for colonizing) [2][2][2] but made in lab and spread to our bodies coz long lasting full’digital’economy the problem is whether now already there was such nanobot tech in the jabs hm and if “they” easily gamble with/by wrong economic theories why not also with eugenic’biotech’xman hype coz superhumanity for “their” heaven’on’earth!?, (too good to be true, or [2][2][2] or it will be introduced later such xenobot phase additionally pushed by specific wrong tagging [2][2][2]) speculation for which are afraid to speculate as possibility even scientists what about plutocrats, simply for all of them is unbelievable that there could be such covert skim rolled out (or that can be pushed further [2][2][2]) in background even experimentally even not evenly as batch from batch where it could pass without too much hype if some wrong side effects popup!, I mean if dulles&co nazi’clippers end up not just in cia but also usaf then how and why at all not to assume that such agenda is already in motion on various levels [3][3] and actually what was paused with the failure of ww2 (as plain nazi chase towards “their” heaven’on’earth) [3][3][3] now to be finally rerolled as reinvented and repackaged noi’atlantean’utopianism!?, hm what sounds strangely comparable to the annunaki strory and the great’deluge’punishment but now in new attempt and by bionic means [3][3][3] so are “they” just supposedly successors of that atlantean vibe or indeed by wet’dreaming’about became successors [3][3][3] how much some projection psyop or belief evolve in reality if enough is secured by the wrongly employed free will by many!?, can it be that its enough to embrace wrong will so through some time as such to become imbued in the same!?, by simple logic example Aristotle says yes [4] and if Faith is our Destiny as Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ have Said unto us It Will Be By Your Faith then indeed it is i.e. if with Christ all have chance to become part of Israel [4][4] then what are the chances “they” by chasing some neopagan rosicrucian atlantean blueprint not to become sons of anathemago!?, and if we are aware about particular links [7][6][5] then why would act naive that “they” are solely secular ambiguous euroatlatic elites who yeah never in the past half millennia were driven by monstrous lusts and vibe, we need as StanleyK messaged us just to follow with wide’eyes’shut and everything will be ok!, So Chose Wise … hm, can we!?, think Yes, but that means to rest Your Faith In Christ so would not fell in despair once “things” start happening!

And lets assume this logic is correct then what is solution end secure exit from “their” homo’silicon homo’chimeric full’digital’economy traps!?, hm I really dont see how else we can bring stable future ahead except by Agrarianism in all cases i.e. in all scenarios knowing that “their” skims are wrong defacto those who are aware that cant depend on “their” system need to focus on Selfsufficient Agrarian Mindset, what for many is simply fable if contemplate it from the current mass concrete jungle industrialized ghettoization and all laziness habits that are trend as consequence!, hm indeed one need sportsman condition and organic idyll will so would endure any eventual shift from urban in rural lifestyle and especially if dont have funds tools or means how to arrange investment in small 5ha farm example so would say it can survive and enjoy such shift, and when this will be mirrored as needed for whole societies so would amortize any eventual global economic depression ahead (or even worst fallout) then we indeed need to start debating immediately about Agrarianism!, foremost how to explain why is Christian Virtue to Live Life by the Fruits from Your own hands [8][8]~[8][8]~[8][8] utmost important motivation coz rural survival is only insurance for evading any ill fate or fears as consequence of euroatlantic lust for hived transhumanist full’digital’economy and all the risks that go with it [9][9][9] yet its really questionable whether we have enough time so we would see introduction on local municipal level an will for securing eventual means for eventual fast later agrarian shift coz eventual risks from deteriorating quality of life eg. by stacking if not else of municipal machinery rings [10] still how Christians to grasp that we cant allow ourselves further to tilt in gambling neoliberal exploitation as like there is no alternative to it, isnt!?, and I consider the underlined motivation point of the first 8th footnote extra important in this context … here is also as tagged link the first part of that Agrarian reasoning by dr. MatthewRJ … hm, my experience is that if You do move rural stand in purity of Christian Faith so would evade any eventual wrong local vibe!, simply the spiritual world is basis for this one thus its wrong to expect that in nature idyll comes by default!, also respect the locals as hosts always more worthy of that place as born there i.e. as indigenous their word should always be respected simply it takes time to prove that You belong somewhere and to earn belongingness, this is important going rural and not helping eachother is like driving in city and not respecting street rules, altho urban life is what You want what You demand while rural by default should be exempt of individualism especially if the place is scarcely inhabited, tho that dont means that You should follow the rule my house your house yet asks for cooperation and respect as simple Christian Ethos … tho be patient and evade drunk socializing so would evade instant shareware that can prove unhealthy coz eventual envy of high expectations or cheap contempt, simply on The Country what matters is Survival but so would survive You will need balancing instead loosening will, altho here I am projecting philosophy of fast rural adaptation among strong egos or larger communities, hm I’ve never read some psychological study on the matter how to adapt with smile in every rural circumstance tho what I sense is that alone the very chance to escape the concrete jungle and have organic way of life gives enough will to accommodate on whatever harsh soil or surrounding!, tho tools can be issue!

… just small tools if You have enough effective agrarian knowhow how to rip huge with less effort, even by no-til approach to reach extra harvest!, altho intensive agriculture is way out of collective misfortune if and when the current economic order brake down coz whatever reason when actually due to fear panic migrations etc. alike pressure it would be wise all to have per’se own survival agrarian know how so would be evaded risks like in the past great depression in usA especially knowing that we are not even near to the patriarchal togetherness and communion will of those time [1][1][1] and not that we will not adapt but prepping is always wise thing as I am suggesting at least with agrarian knowhow!, especially problem will be urban areas so its smart people to have will to move as fast as possible rural yep chasing mushrooms and having hunting skills could prove important, but again gardening knowhow will become crucial for feeding larger amount of people eg. with quinoa or spelt even on high altitude would get good nutri flour [2][2]-[2][2]-[2][2] also using one spoon vinegar in the dough You’ll get more fluffy results [2][2][2][2] plus chance for longer hang in the fridge [2] tho whole wheat flour is not easy bake [2][2] but do try altitude baking too [2][2][2] what in the right environment is always appealing thing [2] what is interesting tho is once using Grace as regular companion not just that the taste will be outstanding but also You will be satiated even with little food for what instead inner dialog practice simply Prayerful chanting!, and think that to all this tho what counts most is fresh water for drinking and irrigation [3] and if this is secured all the rest would be reached more easily as roots and fruits!, for what some kind of instant collective risk management is immediately every municipality (if not state) to acquire enough drilling pumps for aquifers [4][4] so with ease would move people on country so if want would selfsustain themselves on small farms than to wait on someones mercy in the concrete jungle!, also other good prep logic is having reserve of seed banks eg. stocks of Kenaf alike seeds if we know that the same grows invasively thus effective substitute as forage for livestock food in emergency [5] yep corn will become issue!, alone just the fertilizer to get bumpy ride mids global recession what about depression and it will be huge problem to balance out the food needs [6]

So do anyone has alike risk management in mind mids their survival projections around the spatial planing!?, hm I am not aware off!, tho what I see is that exist is the need for lowering the current wrong chemiculture trends that on long run are depleting the top fertile soil!, in this context one balancing example is China [7][7][7] but think we are stil far from paradigm shift that first of all will address the wrong focus on plant physiology as correlation of NPK and photosynthesis till high yields!, for what from start will point to one interesting assertion by Fukuoka [8][8] hm hm hm I know many will jump and scream how so we will survive without trashing huge amounts of fertilizers - on what simple answer will be - the current humanistic science sadly but still relay on wrong methods of chasing growth - what is case in various fields tho [9][9]-[9][9]-[9][9] and as “modern” actually stupidly stubborn while claiming that its humanist “alchemic” knowhow is ultimate knowledge in all scientific fields with such wrong mainstream arrogance that even NikolaT was ridiculed as junk scientist once dont fit “their” bill!, what in essence was and is mirrored still across all scientific realms!, eg. in Agriculture in case of plants stil biochemistry is not aware for bioresonance [10][10][10] nor botanics about thermodynamics [11][11] so potentially would offer if not else less invasive extensive agriculture, (but if so like that till dont bring technocracy risks “their” current exceptionalism to be questioned and that is indeed risk for “their” cult of humanistic science and scientific dictatorship of alchemic technocracy in birth), hm in the last case indeed what counts is that per’se the trench is done in such way so even with passive cooling could result with more effective growth, what think also is case with aquaponics somehow at least the next footnoted method as combo of aquaponic and raised bad give in similar manner extra yields [12][12][12][12] altho here in 12 its obvious that nutrients indeed make difference!, on what I’ll say probably it would be ideal combination of the 11+12 method along magnetized water [13] that would bring huge yield, tho this is only assumption but worthy for all even mids the urban jungle that later would stuck with food shortages, hm for what sometimes is enough good condominium will among the tenants and all to get together even mids economic depression!, thinking at least about joint pizza dining [14][14]-[14][14][14] for which You’ll need shrooms at least [15][15] logically some essential survival food [16][16]-[16][19] but per’se info about medicinal plants is must have [17][17][17] etc. etc. ideas how to survive any eventual long food crisis ahead or worst “someones” malthusian eugenic reasoning coz indeed “they” see us as useless eaters that pollute the cult of “their” planet [18] that as a fact “they” are destroying it in various g’m’o ways [18] yeah after “they” introduced debt economy along metered energy and planned obsolescence but also humanists chemical’balance’theory that as euroatlantic’industrial’revolution ecofootprinting actually brought us till ecoethical and bioethical verge of collapse Yeah now we are those that are the burden for disposing in “their” math!, thus dont expect that “they” will give You hand maybe chop off finger but be creative and by Grace take “their” sticks&carrots and turn it on “them” [19] till we secure way out as CAF contemplates like passive resistance till Independence [20][20] from “their” skims’spins’traps and elitism > which for now dont have any will for compromise but only exceptional’great’reset and worm’can’idyll as means how “they” would preserve “their” rule&control without any risks “their” castles and bunkers would not be nationalized if anyhow “their” casino rust away!, what as existential elitist fear bent the academia to follow “their” pattern of utopian’eugenic’neoplatonism helping “their” fake exceptionalism of system to thrive even by wrong math!, thus we have strangely ridiculous survival reflex of kind bullying machoman on steroids that once some cliff will pop up ahead its too heavy to climb it and to slow to surround it!, yet saying it can brake free from its stamina is also questionable up until is not brought the right knowhow will and restructuring!, what tho “someone” sees it obviously as threat to “its” current plutocratic order waiting to shift in technocratic superorder tweaked for cyborgs and cylons as slaves and pharaohs, but lets say “their” nightmare of wrong’utopian’vision will evaporate, so then what we can make so would cushion the hardships due to the need for change ahead and how the same would get more easily evaded!?

Practically if “they” want “they” can spin “their” casino indefinitely how fraudalism is the name of the game, from rigging the stats that moves the balancing decisions through reinventing the gambling wheel in various ways eg. earlier derivatives for stocks now cbdc so from all could be made derivative!, etc. etc. skims that are per’se now rushed coz projected risks from new global deluge due to “their” exceptional fracking solvency [21][21][21] and defacto now in panic except cbdc and full’digital’economy trying to place cyborg panopticon environment also like that potentially chasing eugenic agenda except malthusian one, altho in my humble understanding of “their” fears its not per’se hype coz fear what will happen with us as Mankind but whether “they” will lose chance for “their” implanted utopian ideal for neopagan heaven’on’earth in form of n’w’o and x-man superhumanity!, and actually what now euroatlantic determinists had have done with the ukrainian quarrel is pumping momentum for glacier free World coz now rushing eU to get tied to the fracked methane from usA which surely will pump up the global warming as main culprit for it [22] so Be Wise and in time prep shelter and agrarian knowhow for Your Nephews if not Yourself!, simply coz “they” dont really care about us anyhow!, after all waiting on corrupt elites to have compassion mids grave times arranged as such by “them” its really hilarious!, ideally if eTOS vibe [23] becomes at least ngo trend and experts mobilize so would offer at least workable agrarian survival knowhow for all things to get smoothed somehow, but as I see such momentum still is not rolled out!. Hope that will Change …

… maybe the 22nd and the 23rd footnotes above sound like “proglobalist” club’of’rome reasoning, but its my sincere observation that we indeed have problem with the clime!, altho per’se coz the fracking and thawing methane ~ and not just permafrost but clathrate methane too, so on one hand we are indeed at no’return feedback’loop edge towards glacier’free’world!, but on other that is not coz co2 but ch4!, and even all to stop emitting co2 in the atmosphere that will not have any significant impact on eventual reverting of the global warming!, Eh, potentially if fracking wasnt invented and now that trend didnt got extra widespread hype any eventual stabilizing would be possible, but as we see not just that there is no alarming academician debate about the fracked ch4 emissions but also are silent the eco ngo’ers, hm wonder why!?, hm maybe in question is mainstream’media’blackout about their activities on the issue!?, or maybe cant grasp that for such alarming they will not get paid by their favorite euroatlantic malthusians!?

Anyway, how is shared and sized the global economy, and how resources are constant issue, on top how half of the world population is located 200km from shores (free estimate), then surely whatever risks of global deluge exists (coz free’glacier’world) its surely utmost scary projection for “their” humanist’utopian’neoplatonism!, yeah “their” heaven’on’earth will be atlantean underwater’bleached’coral!, So I Guess thats why we are seeing panic now once “their” earlier globalist phases of “their” A’21 like ttip got stuck, now also “their” plandemix failed to pass smooth, so whats left next than ordo’ab’chao as attempt for reaching utopia!?, Hope I am wrong!, but how things are boiled towards certain geopolitical escalation by monstrous and meatgrinding means defacto we are pushed towards such scenario by euroatlantic determinists, tho it depends solely from us how we will respond to that blackmail!, whether leave to “them” to spin “their” skims or we will spin-off the same!?, possible if try to mobilize and debate 24/7 so would be deconstructed all “their” wrongness and like that exposing all “their” wrong ideals agendas and stamina!, altho per’se its just humanist idea fueled by “wrong” energy behind the scenes and once that energy is repelled then “their” will in the same gets loosen or even faints!, So Get Inchurched If Claim That You Are Truly Opposing “their” wrong n’w’o inertia!, Hm maybe the same looks to many just as kind of benign utopian projections that only belong in the realm of good’will’planing what per’se it should be that but knowing that in same time “their” power principle even now is chasing exceptionalism above all then how much more if “they” are enslaved as euroatlantic determinists by particular’dystopian’fears!?, surely “they” will lust to secure some kind of “own” imperialism except survival!, and I really dont want to exist in “their” projecting wrong futuristic transhumanistic variables [1][1] but hek the same were very real even earlier as technate will [1][1] or plain technocracy [1][1] but all of “them” as academy building firmly upon the earlier neopagan alchemic [1][1] or their complementary humanist darwinian fallacies [1]][1] - or resting nowadays upon the later deus’ex’machina hype [1][1] then what can go wrong once “they’ve” decided that the time has come for “their” utopia to see the day!?, what is enough cyborg threshold so we would say now we need to pushback!?, or when we need to step away, or now its the time to focus on Agrarianism … Dont Wait on humanistic neopagan futurists to share their wrong projections and equations as solution supposedly to poverty inequality or food security, simply “they” are after automation on all levels even when “their” spins&skims proved wrong!, simply “their” modeling and math are wrong and obsolete yet sadly sold and bought as ultimate!

In environmental futurism, extrapolation is usually a sinister rather than a benevolent force. After Limits to Growth, the 1972 report to the Club of Rome, many extrapolationists (usually on the political left) viewed the unchecked growth of population and the spread of industrialization as preludes to famine and ecological catastrophe. Fortunately, the report was wrong. Despite an expanding global population, food produc tion per capita has been increasing rather than dropping. Where hunger exists today, it is more likely to be caused by inequities of distribution than by shortfalls of production. Most demographers now predict that the world’s population will peak in the middle of this century, then decline. But the good news for humanity does not necessarily extend to many other creatures, environmental advocates reply. The world’s bounty has been paid for by dangerous levels of nitrogen in fertilizer, leading to perilous runoff into natural waters and a different food crisis: the impending collapse of many fisheries.
The principal battles being fought these days between compensationists and extrapolationists are about energy and, especially, climate change. Countering the positive extrapolationism of John von Neumann is the argument of some geologists, such as Princeton University’s Kenneth S. Deffeyes, that we have already reached a global peak of oil production. This analysis, first advanced by M. King Hubbert in 1974, may be wrong, but it’s consistent with recent production trends and with the doubts of some specialists that the proved reserves of the major oil companies are as big as advertised. Its defenders also note that, in 1956, Hubbert correctly predicted the 1970 peak of U.S. domestic petroleum production. Although many earth scientists are (negative) extrapolationists, most economists seem to have remained compensationists. Human ingenuity is “the ultimate resource,” argued the late Julian Simon in a book of the same title. Economists can point to improved exploration techniques, new ways to recover previously uneconomical reserves, and, above all, a range of other energy sources (coal, biomass, natural gas, safer nuclear plants, solar power, and so forth). In addition, there are moreenergy-efficient technologies, such as hybrid automobiles, that can be tapped if Hubbert was right. So the exponential development of technology will offset the gradual decline of petroleum production—if decline is indeed inevitable. Global warming is the great battleground between extrapolationism and compensationism. Whatever the role of human activity in increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases over the past two centuries, a significant increase in global temperatures appears inevitable in this century. At least until the 1980s, as the historian of science Spencer Weart observed in the journal Physics Today, climatologists doubted the very possibility of rapid change: “The experts held a traditional belief that the natural world is selfregulating: If anything started to perturb a grand planetary system like the atmosphere, natural forces would automatically compensate. Scientists came up with various plausible self-regulating mechanisms. . . . Stability was guaranteed, if not by Divine Providence, then by the suprahuman power of a benevolent ‘balance of nature.’ ” [1][1]

Now Just Imagine How All Their Neopagan Humanist Wrongness Now Is Boosted On Steroids with the lust for a.i. and quantum’trooper’computers that need to spew simulacrum specification for bloody’joy’division!, oh dont worry “their” medicine also now is boosted for chasing by a.i. pharmakia so just stand in the line for new “better” or “damn’better’versions” of medicare pathaces to Your problems as “their” chemical’balance’solutions!, hm maybe You will have the opportunity as consumer to play with own a.i. derived formulas of radiated gene therapies, You need just to be politely’conforming’broiler so would enter “their” euroatlantic’utopian’simulacrum of bilderborg’wef’matrix [1][1] with potential for universal’transnational’upgrade through unesco [1][1] Dont Worry Be Happy klaus&yuval been in time updated by herman&joseph probably mengele coz biden looks just like bid-bot-en tho in every bot can be inserted wrong tape So Be Wise Focus On Rewriting and Remastering of all sticked in or around him [1][1]

A key member of the early RAND staff was Herman Kahn, a man whose enormous intellect was nearly matched by his impressive physical proportions. Kahn stressed the need to bring together multiple disciplines to examine the future, a process he dubbed “interactive speculation.” In his work exploring the possibilities of the use of fusion-based superweapons such as the hydrogen bomb, famously summarized in his 1962 book On Thermonuclear War, Kahn developed and applied “scenarios”—plausible stories of the future designed to tease out the assumptions of military planners and confront them with the possible outcomes of their decisions. (Kahn is often said to have been one of the models for director Stanley Kubrick’s alarming Dr. Strangelove.) A new methodology was born, the first of many to emerge from RAND. In 1964, RAND researchers Theodore Gordon and Olaf Helmer introduced a second methodology, called the Delphi technique, with the publication of a study of the future based on the carefully assembled conclusions of more than 100 experts in areas such as space exploration, scientific breakthroughs, and weapons technology. RAND continued to shape futures research when key staff members, believing that their methods could be more broadly applied for the good of society as a whole, left to form other organizations—the Institute for the Future, in San Francisco; the Futures Group, in Connecticut; and Kahn’s own Hudson Institute, in the suburbs of New York City. These and other groups brought new techniques to bear on problems of increasing technological and managerial complexity. I n retrospect, we can see that there was a certain amount of arrogance and overselling of these approaches in the early days—as, for example, when a small group of RAND “whiz kids” migrated to Washington to work for Robert McNamara in the Department of Defense during the early 1960s. They wove together a number of systems-analysis and cost-benefit techniques to create the Pentagon’s short-lived planning-programming-budgeting system and gave us the Vietnam War’s obsession with “body counts.” The limitations of these quantitative methods became even more obvious when they were applied to messy social problems. [1][1]

Hm, having in mind that “they” are depending on such wrong’modeling and consequently wrong’solutions then I’ll not be surprised that as euroatlantic determinists are indeed acting from particular fears!, on which as response what is real possibility is that - coz “they” were afraid from new’glaciation that “they” introduced intentional global warming burst with the fracking ch4 method - so in fast pace would reach hysteria and as solution to impose the co2 hype, which as we know is ideal so states would be easily kept stagnant and like that more easily bought off eg. Africa, and hm this projection maybe wrong on first hand yet coz based on glaciation assumption in the teuton’julian’theory [2][2][2] then defacto sounds compelling as around those fears of “theirs” so as to it “their” more than stupid “atlantean’risk’management” - an problem solution projecting that still looks to the naive eye as something impossible to be rigged, but dont forget that “they” as long’neopagan’planners will do whatever are coerced by “their” evil’puppet’masters [2][2][2] usually the very same inertia for luciferian “apotheosis” [2][2][2] are You aware that “they” cant reject “their” puppeteers!?, how if as apostates will resist if dont fence with Grace, or live on by and for fraud!?, and as departed from The Truth many among “them” cant even recognize that are in error!, simply as elites just seek to survive the day while constantly tormented by “their” puppeteers!, and its not hard to be demystified how such summoning is possible i.e. those who are aware that the spiritual world is basis for this one but also that at stake is struggle for every Soul among the Angels simply those know that when as graceless and possessed by all lusts not just elites but whole societies can astray and fell in oblivion even in this life!, sodom&gomorrah fate is simple reminder that such vibe was as always present in this world, yet on mass scale that was somehow present eg. in ancient’roman’empire as last pagan stronghold - in which very same core later after millennia reemerged neopagan awakening in the renaissance - which as vibe reached completion (as european’neopagan’apostasy) in the enlightenment romanticism!, when looks like that by standardizing atheism through “the enlightened” anathemago indeed done “its” best to convince the naive masses that dont exist or that cant rig even regular’geopolitical’plots what about such utopian’global’agendas, fooled many on mass eyes’wide’shut about the global turmoils which now predominantly are seen like regular just’doing’business bickering or clash coz resources, and almost all forget that by “their” free will humanist’neopagan’deists as euroatlantic elites surely when making fornication with neopagan teachings are blaspheming against Our Almighty Lord by seeing “themselves” as earthly gods when actually like that are becoming earthly’evil’servants which succeed to stay in power by trickery first by acting christians while after the enlightenment era by indebting skims, altho even then didnt openly admitted that are neopagans but covertly claiming how “their” belief in some idols is the very same as belief in Christ what became case with freemasonry as “their” enlightenment era religion while day after in modern times not rarely publicly denounce Jesus Christ even avoiding to be mentioned any historical connection of Christianity to europeans [2][2][2] so defacto little bit coz illiteracy little coz indebting and bit more trendy alchemic or tarot or astrological hype since romanticism [2][2][2] thus even the european masses got carried in graceless submission to accept at least secularism and humanist’academic’exeptionalism!, what had have consequences like open path so “they” would project continual dreaming for “their” utopian’neoplatonic’society!, and even nowadays its hard for many to grasp how so such huge plot can be possible even less not to be exposed if exist!, yet “they” dont hide it altho its concealed by euphemisms and maybe one of the rare examples of honesty comes by pikes letters plus minus similar later public bursts for reaching “their” n’w’o ideal [2][2][2] I mean knowing what kind of deist’alchemic’elitist stamina “they” have it sounds more than probable that “they” were trying to rig skim for easy colonization of the earlier decolonized southern hemisphere!?, hm are “they” still choked by nihilism as pivot in “their” futurism hm think yes, why else by trickery would instigate covert transhumanist agenda with the m’rna jabs!?, yet for many even that is still conspy idea what about that club’of’rome projected coz malthusian needs an wrong green’revolution’agenda [3][3][3] on what bilderborgs forced manufactured real global warming (by fracking) ~ and all of that coz “their” stupid euroatlantic’elitist’fears due to wrong new’ice’age projections by “their” driven by money’lust’academia!, which projections even were real still as result its wrong by trickery some bunch of deist neopagans to peddle Christians to accept transhumanism or “their” worm eating solution!, - exactly everything that is forbidden in The Bible!, hm maybe like that “they” hope we will more quickly lose Grace and kneel with ease!?, how else to be explained such solution as ultimate if we know that with little agrarian knowhow there will be food for all, some will say nah the previous post suggestions for extra yield are not proven, on what I’ll say no “someone” dont have profit if You are free, it was same with the suppression of teslas’zero’energy’will that till now surely is reality yet kept in bunker coz its not effective for controlling masses till submission and servitude!, Anyway having these risks in mind (as “their” skims&spins so as “their” worm’can’survival) defacto its not left other room for preparedness but we all to focus on Agrarianism so we would thrive&survive as natural Mankind!, what is doable coz for granted “they” will not succeed in making from all cyborgs!, simply even now “they” have issue how to peddle all on submission for homo’silicone and/or homo’chimera acceptance (coz chasing “their” x-man hype as complementary attribute to “their” lust for n’w’o heaven’on’earth) what about if “their” system crumbles, the problem is what will happen if we dont get mobilized to respond with Agrarian cushioning, hm surely “they” count on that and preparing to share “their” humanitarian’worm’cans!?, maybe I am wrong but there is some logic that if we are not ready to accept “their” utopianism on front the same to be pushed on back door!?, wild guess would be that even by textile can be shared “their” jabs!, name it!?, hm, not sure how thin is the border between paranoia and real possibilities in hands of neopagan deists that already started to employ dirty means on “their” road till utopia (read “their” new’alantis’dystopia) and I find really useful as additional hook to “their” x-man lusts the next explanation of technocratic economic inertia making from us worms that should make the manure for “their” n’w’o!

I am throwing emphasis on these assertions first coz point to particular skim, then in context of continuity, and finally that is kind of wrong force behind all of “them” i.e. altho those (and similar elites of) actors were not joined in one and the same crew thus envisioning or repackaging same ordo’ab’chao idea (even all of them were freemasons still didnt belong on same lodge or had have same nihilist will) yet again the utopian neoplatonic ideal is the very same glue that is holding together all of “them” as euroatlantic neopagans (freemasons fascists - zionists marxists - atheists transhumanists etc. more or less similar complementary or upgrading ists)!, also logically if "they’ were sponsored for “their” political academic or cultural bursts by the bank’corp’elites then “those” are also aligned thus in question is the very same ultra’evil’energy that is holding “them” enslaved to follow without rest, actually if and when someone among “them” will try to escape that is almost impossible if dont turn to Orthodox Christianity in fullness tho first of all to realize that the Feat for standing up in Truth against the evil is Martyrs Feat for Redemption and Eternal Life through Christ … tho have in mind that not all people are fearless and adored with understanding that in this temporal life have chance for earning Eternal One even more that the merit for that per’se is Life in Christian Truth and Feat [1][1][1] what means Salvation rests as on Law so as on Love and the balance between (nor blind law nor blind love) is secure path ahead!, in same time be Fearless but also Merciful having understanding that the evil is cast out by Grace foremost!, so fence Yourself with Prayers and once certain that temptations are mounting high accept that everything is Our Almighty Lord Providence thus dont despair but focus we are not coz utopian comfort in this World but through Life in Feat to reach Salvation and sometimes its enough not to Judge so would not be Judged what is possible if You are certain that we are at war with evil powers&principalities that can hijack anyone so would throw as much Souls in oblivion by whatever means ways emergence eg. in context of this thread through economy resting on mammonism as debt greed and ultraliberal’centralized’banks what as dynamics is bleaching many to lose by selfishness otherwise secured Salvation eg. if by any chance someone is farmer instead office’r surely will have always surplus for sharing not just with his neighbors and relatives but strangers too, tho officers maybe dont have extra but sharing even as little they have can be soteriological feat yet living mids the concrete jungle as alienated coz disrupted traditionalism almost exponentially our compassion coz various circumstances is getting cold usually coz we need to service all the modern toys&joy that is draining every cent from our pockets aside that coz constant inflationary rollercoster even had have some savings the same for many are just forgotten buried asset that is touched only when investing in business or house So and if now is burden people to be help eachother then how much more mids economic depression!?, except if You move on country and have means how to survive as farmer!, tho one thing is will other knowledge and totally different thing experience, aside that You will need to join forces in co-op’s for easier share of the pains the gains and reserves …

Probably its wrong to generalize that all of “their” euroatlantic elitistwill is per’se evil, simply not all in the euroatlantic realm as elites are neopagan greedy or decadent, yet when expansionist geopolitics is pushed as defensive strategy then something stinks!, and its relevant question How why and through what we can assume that “their” utopia will end up in dystopia!? Hm, first of all when “they” project unilaterally particular future as imminent (what about when covertly are employing the same in form of great’reset mids supposedly democratic realm) coz that very same indicators till now it should be obvious to everyone (even the birds on the trees) that something very wrong is happening in the “lands of d free”, in my opinion alchemic neopagan wrongness that is upgrading on the ancient platonic sabean and akkadian system of pagan esotery which obviously sees perfection in darkness!, and what can be recognized by various scientific hype of “their” humanist academia, but also evident by the obsession with “their” trend for chasing order through “chaos theory” the infamous neopagan motto “ordo’ab’chao” which actually is alchemic recidive - altho even alchemists were preceded by scholasticists with “their” neoplatonism [2][2][2] eg. Thierry of Chartres "From the platonic ideas (ydeas) and from prime matter (ylen), the seeds infused into primitive chaos (primevo globo) engender the world (parturientia mundum semina), and little by little ordain it to
submit to the laws of measure, number, and weight (mensura, numero, pondere). " [2][2][2] where obviously the knowledge rests on the “dualistic” cosmogonic interpretations what by all means is wrong from Monotheist perspective!, and essentially all alchemists drawn “their” later theories on that dualistic basis [2][2][2] on which actually later emerged humanism through alchemic empiricism, and I’ll freely say eventually as seeded rooted and raised on wrong pagan and gnostic vibe simply its logical that humanists will reach to fascination with the chaos - with the darkness - with the dragons - with the evil (seen as creativity) - with the ultimately’wrong’pride of deists!, to which eg. chaos willingly or not as in case with every other of “their” doors’of’perception also to “it” too was given pedestal of mathematical exaltation mids all “their” wrong system of theories [3][3] hm and how this to be overlooked that “they” as ancestors of alchemists humanists deists and alike ists are consumed by that wrong’scientific’spirit and wrong’empirical’solutions which in context of finance some say werent applied [4] yet knowing that in economics the chaos theory got its place [5][5][5] then also its logical that some of “their” predictive programing also end up in central bank context [6] I can just assume (coz this topic is not some speciality of mine) that “their” chaotic dark obsession as naturalist humanism is not just some surficial rebellious avantgarde coincidence of modern western trend but indeed imbued alchemic vibe energy flow (as “their” virtue from vice) that when even dotted shallowly like this its obvious that as scientific exceptionalism is resting not just on wrong but also fake truth as basis for “their” utopia!, as JayD correctly points when someone through pride and with despise of Christianity is searching for truth it will rightfully get rewarded with deception [7] simply as causality chased from scientific sloth its logical that it will fireback with delusion!, yet many (especially broilered on “their” alma’matter’universities) are blinded whether by psyop trickery or bribe to accept that “their” scientificism is utmost exceptional correct and epitome of truth altho defacto only mirage of truth success and happiness!, lets be fair its not “their” fault that some vatican elites astrayed since late antiquity by embracing neoplatonism, what somehow is obvious even to catholics one by one trying to find excuse what was wheat what chaff in scholasticism as merger of Christian and natural theology [8](1h35m)[9] tho here I’ll need to chill coz not so insightfully around apologetics thus will just say again that that flirting of vatican universities with neoplatonism costed us all revival of paganism in form of alchemy and neopagan luciferianism in face of rosicrucian freemasonry and all its later new’age’denominations!, Hm are “their” modern econometrics and economists an kind of modern deist sect of “theirs”, some mammonistic banksters caste of utopian priests that currently are “the philosopher kings” waiting to pass the baton to the olympian x-man!, not that I have something against the trends that became norm from perspective of Free Will if and when such will be acepted by the masses but the problem arose when the same are imposed by the elites so “they” will sustain “their” elitism!, and maybe as modeling is not some crucial problem but how the same became cult of idolizing wrong predictive programing so would be found excuses for costly reforms or unnecesary steps eg. in geopolitics etc. etc. ilogical predispositions of wonnabe excellence in our modern societies!

Economic models are like maps. Maps provide us with an insight into
aspects of the truth, but they do not in themselves capture the whole
tnith. A map of London can tell us how to get from Heathrow to
Westminster. It cannot, however, encapsulate the whole reality of the
city such as the crowds, the smog and its inhabitants’ everyday joys
and disappointments. Economic models are similar. They do not attempt
to encapsulate a holistic vision of the world. But they can tell us with
a high degree of accuracy how to get from point A to point B if we
want to attain certain material objectives, even though they only equate
to an approximation of the reality that they depict. Christian thinkers
should therefore be careful before accusing economists of excessive
abstractness. (hahaha Dali comes to mind) Abstractness is often necessary if we are to reach any conclusions about how certain material and economic objectives might be attained. As Buchanan and Brennan point out, abstraction is a way
‘of allowing economists to impose intellectual order on the observed
chaos of human interaction, without excessive distracting detail in
dimensions of the analysis that are not centrally relevant’ (Buchanan
and Brennan 1987: 53-54).
By the same token, economists should acknowledge that economic
models are only useful for certain purposes and do not and cannot
embrace the whole of reality. A London street directory will not show
11s the distance between New York and London. Nor does it tell us that
we should travel from Heathrow to Westminster. It merely provides us
with some of the information that we may need ifwe choose to go
about attaining that goal. [11]

Anyway, by every economic logic we will need to grasp that the problem are not “their” theories nor “their” exceptionalism, “they” are as “they” are, but is our will to wait on “them” for solutions, what mids closed system like the current plutocratic of “theirs” it should clear that is norm after few centuries humanistic “scientific” establishment however neopaganly wrong it was fermenting!, simply we need to start pushing opening of the system so as Christians would start (ideally through eTOS environment) questioning “their” wrong exceptionalism what think will lead to deconstruction of all “their” wrongness and it will be easily seen what from “their” projections is acceptable and what not eg. little’ice’age can be issue but what if that issue is determined by wrong c14 methods!?, hm issue for questioning is not just climate but every science yet when any eventual alternative theory is suppressed then how to expect that we can reach anyhow stable future ahead from politics through economy till culture!?, how to expect masses to embrace “their” technocracy when from start the same as expert rule is not transparent and meritocratic process but per’se an rigged by humanist worthiness plutocratic deep’state’diligence!, and isnt as idea technocracy not seeded by wrong modeling of utopianism!?, hm just when I see its dualistic logo stamped in gray and red I am instantly repelled even to contemplate that as society ruled by experts will end up far from the neoplatonists dualist vibe!, yeah rulers and slaves for “them” as elitist fabian reinventing of socialism probably sounds normal end of the enlightenment progression!?

some less important tho useful technical clarification

… reminder follow the end links in the footnotes!, and dont mind my alopoetic juggling inbetween, its just kind of spacing among info points places planets or however You like to see it!, also dont search any numerological superstitious meaning in the numbering of the footnotes - altho indeed I have some past flashback for ridiculing through labeling six with sex like kind of reminder that everything pagan or neopagan is seen by “them” as ideal of lusts!, tho I am not using such label in some magic way on contrary aware about as ultra’wrong’mancy [12][12] yet again maybe wrong coz in some artistic way like this trying to mock “them” and “their” ideals along also all “their” wonnabe order resting on fallen joy - now waiting to be upgraded by even greater fakery of joy in form of most unnatural existence - and not just unnatural in context of tech&economy, but Mankind per’se tweaked as tech&economy coz some rush of “their” own fears&ideals i.e. while “they” are trying to reach “their” utopia are ready to sacrifice all of us even till fallout!, is it just so would find some peace of mind around “their” ice’age’phobia!?, or there is “something” more inbetween as hidden’fallen’agenda!?, I mean we have indeed problem with superstitiously’wrongly’tweaked humanist academia that had have feeding “their” heads visions and projections what will be and need to be done so “their” enlightened’alchemic’exceptionalism would survive and thrive for “their” eternity, and just like in wrong scenario from lovely fantasy ferrytail we are pushed in horror scifi serial!, the problem is that we are the celluloid for that shoot so unaware about that “they” fooled “themselves” that we are just some lines in “their” story where “they” are the storyteller, yet constantly having trouble to reach postproduction stage what about premiere of “their” utopia!, and while again and again pushing further with “their” exceptional selfdelusion of deist projection ~ surely we will be again and again reminded: Focus On Salvation coz You Are In This World With Purpose what would be Returning To Your Previous Position In Heaven with Chance Now To Reach Through The Sacrifice Of Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ Redemption Worthy For Life In Eternal Bliss In The Heavenly Kingdom … thus You have also responsibility to remind neopagans especially “those” who want all of us to be thrown in apostasy and oblivion either Repent or will be Punished till noreturn even in this Life!, practically if hot nuclear ww3 happens it will be punishment from Above and not so neopagan ordo’ab’chao will altho “they” think its up to “them”, surely there are such monstrums among “them” that in “their” lost souls lust for oblivion as ultimate achievement or purpose in “their” life, but defacto not all in “their” neopagan cauldron have such mindset but just longing for some unreachable earthly heaven’on’earth!, and those need to wake up and Repent before “their” war-dogs dont provoke Our Almighty Lord Wrath to fell on all of us coz “their” wrong humanist neopagan deist phantasmagorias now rushing to be upgraded on level of ultrawide molesting by nanobots and emf frying!, practically I can witness that like that “they” are indeed summoning demons-anathema-to-them!, and what do You think how that will end up causally or where You should stand as individually so as collectively when its obvious “they” as euroatlantic determinists simply are blinded to follow till noreturn an wrong geopolitical doctrines which actually are blindly ecured by the wrong utopian neopagan academic selfprograming through the past few centuries!, so potentially this kind of mirroring of “their” true stamina can wake up and move on pushback “their” lower echelons that are not so eager to end up in instant oblivion coz “their” wrong’systemic’programing of Wrong’Euro’Atlantis exceptionalism&utopianism!, as could be seen from the quotes in the past post its obvious in various periods “they” were establishing or removing different patterns for “survival” So probably now came the time to be requestioned also “their” humanistic’alchemic’exceptionalism of humanism and like that calmed down the wrong’neopagan’utopianism which as neoplatonic and deistic defacto it will end up just in the abyss of torment till Final Judgement …

Having some problems with Estulin’s interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouch. Don’t really agree with her. Sounds like repackaged OWO propaganda…

Old World Order, hm in same time she says “there will be new world order” [1] also “we must act as whole” “either we will act as one humanity or we will destroy each other” “national interests are legitimate but it needs to be in cohesion with one humanity” [1] in a way think she is pointing that we need to reinvent the old world order, what in respect of economic policies would be balance between capitalism and socialism, the problem is whether the current democratic meritocracy will be substituted by elitist technocracy, and above all whether “secular” humanists will grasp that Christianity cant be treated like museum relic!, if this is not achieved as balance then euroatlantic determinists will provoke escalation till global hot ww3!, practically she is trying to point that kind of joint multipolar world should be common aim [1] if we want to keep the Peace, but is this possible with the euroatlantic determinists on the stage!?, how to expect any agreement when since the fall of the iron curtain everything “they’ve” oblige promise or sign was broken!, and probably thats why we need eTOS momentum on west till ea-determinists didnt rolled out technocracy as “scientific dictatorship” so we as freethinking independent nonutopianists will be pushed out from the scene!

Seen historically west was acting democracy so would bring new order of reshaped bankcorp feudalism earlier, but now need to suspend democracy so would become western empire or even better reach till new’world’order of “own” utopian neopagan humanist phantasmagoria!, and speaking from eschatological perspective yes we can reach balance on this World - but to expect all to get molded in one globalist transnational trancultural tranfuturist stew sincerly think that such fantasy is really wrong in this World, simply in dimension where we are in middle between the Heights and the abysses defacto cant be reached ultimate absolute eternal perfection!, not that we cant and/or dont need to strive for ideals, but to expect that till those can be reached by trickery or force its really wrong exceptional path to oblivion!, coz defacto it cant be reached mix between sheeps and goats!, yet altho we are warned about this still “someone” is trying to convince us that that is doable, hm as is doable to cohabitate with nephilims too, so either “they” will calm down or it will be as it will be and Glory To Our Almighty Lord For Everything simply coz we’ve earned all rightfully how stubbornly dont want to repent from our evil ways as civilization choked by decadence mammonism and exceptionalism, practically once Christianity was push off by secularism we traced path to certain by causality need for rebalancing so this World will serve its soterioilogical purpose after our banishment from Higher Realm, hm and knowing this probably “they” will do “their” best to push for final trickery by nanobots xenobots or whatever tech so would lobotomize all after “their” ww3 debacle, but whoever emerged as victorious “they” will surely reattempt comeback simply for a long time were infiltrating on various sides thus will not give up even fell, altho it will how now are eager to push “their” cyborg’great’reset by all means, and in context of victory it will be given the eastern empires coz the western as neopagan defacto became graceless!, yet even then there will be attempt by ea-determinists to reemerge i.e. even as fallen to hijack Christianity and fool Christians to embrace the fallen’prophet as mesiah altho antichrist, what points that now we are on the edge of noreturn how people are not interested in debating realistically but cheering polarized, what will have own consequences by itself!, somehow nowadays balancing became acrobatic feat, yet still doable, the question is till when!?

I was really avoiding reading DavidI earlier (altho had have listened for some videos in the past) simply he is newager and foremost coz from Christian perspective its far from appealing to me his understanding for lizard people which as newage reasoning (unlike mine as Orthodox Christian [1][1][1]) is relativizing the Salvation and further throwing people in indifference altho I cant say that he is wrong in his ea-determinists anamnesis coz not certain is it word for controlled opposition or true resistance ~ simply havent paid attention far than the meme The Lion Sleeps Nomore that surely unconsciously reawaken marleys resistance vibe in many hearts if not else, yet once You’ll here him that sticks as awaken to the speed’of’light then its becoming obvious he hasnt awaken too I’ll suggest him try Orthodox Christian Life in Feat so would grasp easily what time it is and where You are at, tho he has right for the fact that as World this one is indeed arrangement But With Purpose where we are coz Salvation as Reward if endure while living in Truth!, otherwise You are ending up in fear and disbelief trying to brake free through panicking than with calm heart (drowning or live’sand comes to mind) simply it is given to us Salvation through Christ but if You are trying to employ it by error there is no certain escape!, as he is trying!, and even You are on the correct path through Orthodox Christianity if dont lower Yourself and understand that You are ashes&dust then You’ll have difficulty to awake what about get Saved above all we are not alone in this World so those who will rush to Help others will earn Salvation thus dont be afraid from “them” but do try to give a hand by Prayers instead hate by cursing, simply its simulation based on causality which causality can be broken only from Above through Jesus Christ!, but not through the demons-anathema-to-them that rule in the astral realm in the lucid dreams or through the psyhics spiritists shabans sorcerers!, to be even more fact we are all at attack in till some level possessed having individually one Guardian Angel and one tempting angel, and as higher we are rising on the ladder of this world like authorities so as we have greater responsibility and if by any chance we get corrupted then we are falling and being overpowered what surely brings misery as effect once as fallen trying to pull others in fall!, yet trying to level all religions like DavidI like evil plot is per’se wrong and it could be said he is at best halfliterate!, altho correct when saying that there is virus in our World altho I’ll say with purpose so we would recognize the need for Salvation otherwise we would had have chasing heaven’on’earth [2][2][2]-[2][2] (hm how are disappearing footnotes a!, the 9th in the last 2nd) yet must say more and more starting to see similar observations to my purely logical from perspective of accidental wandering antineopagan antiglobalist eg. that euroatlantic determinists prefer to act and gain position by subversion fear intimidation chaos etc. alike what think is correct logic of his too!, yet if we see more closely how he is attacking even Orthodox Christianity but also embracing archons theory that is theosophical story [3][3] then defacto he is kind of british rosicrucian alike RudolfS [4] not sure just how refurbished is his “esotery” maybe just dualist new’age’vibe coz seeing the evil like equal to Lord and isnt that the very same gnostic platonic neoplatonic neopagan spin yet in his case peddled in form of spiritual anarchism coz mirroring the gnostic archons or buddhist devas [5] or as many new’agers is freelance rebel that serves good as attempt for conditioning of the masses to keep away from Orthodox Christianity, I mean cant claim he is someones invention or infiltration (if so its logical an tavistock pawn coz directly or indirectly the new’age’hype and the hippie counterculture were “their” behaviorist skim so would be leveled Christian Tradition to dust) eventually how was already shaped by antichristian freemasonic flow the british intellectual elites subcultures and neopagans it could be as well case stirred by “selfdelusion” antielitist guru that was accidentally promoted on bbc prime time and maybe left so would serve the purpose for fooling Christians how ultradeism hit him in the forehead [6] yet how is promoting kind of kali’yuga’shift defacto looks like refurbished mi5 spin as once were beatles with their hinduism hype [7][7][7][7][7][7][7] something that as counterculture was real agenda [8][8] that actually didnt rest as potential if not else as induction for promiscuity and through it by abortionism population control [9][9][9][9] yet I am not familiar with his works some say he was ironing tavistokeans too [10] so as genuine neopagan gnostic or agnostic he became good ace to be played as by the zionists so as by the freemasons as kind of controlled opposition altho how was bashing “them” with “their” paedorama probably became uncontrolled problem if not else for the “black nobility”!, hm coz anglicanism many would astray to gnosticism surely (even earlier was infested by freemasonry [11][11][11] what maybe till now wasnt exploited extra but how now culminated with “wokism” surely will [11]) anyway everything points that on eschatological level DavidI as potential antivirus got bugged while awakening lets say towards spiritual anarchism what eventually can bring only strive towards another kind of utopian chase but surely not Path towards Salvation so his will to me at best looks like tanking revolution fuel that in vendeta case need to flame up the masses so would bring what!?, maybe gaia paganism!?, hm magna’matter pacha’mama cybelle isis whats difference!?, if he goes on that line then he is again just another rosicrucian repackaging that unlike theosophy or antroposophy should apeall more to the modern anarachist thought that is amorphously revolutionary ready to be carried by whatever consensus it will be reached by its band!?, and isnt that already seen, yet from aspect of antiglobalist libertarianism if someone wants to follow him its his Free Will you just need to be aware that gurus especially infogurus cant slay dragons on contrary while attacking “them” are becoming alike simply fenceless of Grace sooner or later anyone will got pulled when diving in “their” caves mud and essence!, thats why I am not rarely suggesting be cautious when You are interesting for “their” wrong knowhow even when You are doing that informatively!, be aware sometimes its enough to start from fun to share demystifying spears and like that to provoke on Yourself attack what about if get focused and start not just hitting the “dragons” between “their” horns but slaying “them” on the go when You will need definitely to stand in Truth as Orthodox Christian so would be effective even like this without any special effort investigation or demystification!, hm I’ll say to him ask Yourself how were possible miracles like fall of napoleonic of lenins of hitlers of neocons rush against Russia and everytime to withstand if Orthodox Christianity was mere illusion!?, yes if and when its leaders astray punishment will follow by default but never fell apart as many times did the western empires!, still I’ll understand his disappointment either from westminster either from vatican but to say that Christian Theology is fake hm indeed You are blinded Man!, its like saying this World was circumstantial emergence but it will take more than Orthodox Christian Theology so would grasp this i.e. need also Orthodox Christian Praxis simply You will never reach Metanoia just by brain but need to plug Your Hearth too, and when Your Noetic Eye is secured by Grace then You will see The Truth when You will see that without Christ we are doomed while with Him Saved …

Obviously Icke has no problem plagiarising Schumpeter’s concept of “creative destruction” and then misrepresenting it. Creative Destruction describes the change in markets brought about by new technologies as old businesses that are unable to adapt go out of business and as whole market sectors become redundant as innovations appear. To use the great Milton Friedman’s example, the mass producer of buggy whips is probably not going to survive the transport revolution brought about by the internal combustion engine. Those factors of production will be better used elsewhere than in the continued production of buggy whips, and the market price of buggy whips and the market price of shares in the business are the means by which this information is communicated.
He does the same thing with scientific terms of course, using them in order to obtain some unearned credibility and then using them in some gobbledygook word-salad to entrance the fools who hang on his every word. [12]

I’ve used DavidI unintentionally as example how as Christians we need to be cautious what we supping served by whom!, not that I am saying he is completily wrong but for me as I’ve said his explanations are more revolutionary alike and that hm goes in “their” favor in my opinion (except if Patriots as Military and Police along Party Leaders dont stand up and push for massive status quo and like that pressuring on compromise euroatlantic determinists) [1][1][1] practically DavidI looks like such stir (knowingly or not) as antiglobalist agent provocateur hype in eU ~ that would serve for peddling globalist change on small door i.e. ordo’ab’chao spin so through controlled chaos would bring even greater totalitarian reality for which supposedly we would had have asked for eg. after 9/11 coz risks from terrorists an patriotic act in usA among other!, AND DONT BE NAIVE consumer BUT DEBATE or ask for debate BEFORE JUMP UP usually in fire [2][2][2] Simply if we allow ourselves as Christians to push change by revolutions like that we are risking to fell in trap of chasing heaven’on’earth instead through suffering to reach Salvation, hm but for who what is suffering!?, even more simpler ~ it is given by Our Almighty Lord particular order in particular time to some authorities (usually coz our own wrong causality and no willingness to Repent from viceful habits i.e. altho we are all called to strive for Perfection yet not all can or will reach it thus by the Gift of Free Will not all can reach Theosis [3] thus its illogical to expect that can be achieved by force Perfection on this World!) So almost as if I am trying here to point dont judge neopagans especially problem if You are indeed Christians and have understanding that coz the abundance of Free Will in this World be thankful if Balance is reached! i.e. its not useful to shout that “they” as elites are the only beam that is holding alive the current abomination of global’economic’casino but our laziness for Feat and through it wrong zealotry against (or wrong comprises with) “their” wrong trends of growth progress and happiness, defacto Agrarianism is answer to the current neoliberal mess in our civilization (and all the risks that are bursting in or from it) where we have extra but feels like we have none!, at least half of the population need to be selfsufficient so we would see balance as probable to last, yet how many from You are now ready to abandon “their” urban’jungle’ghetoization industrialization automatization comfort leisure and move back to Your ancestors rural cradle!?, how many are willing to grasp that how indifferent we are and waiting others to debate out the solutions and bring harmony that actually like that only helping to sustain the path towards technocracy which sooner or late will introduce transhumanism!, so either start as intellectuals to employ eTOS means for 24/7 constant polishing of the solutions options and probabilities [4] or dont whine how so “they” push what “they” push as agenda!, “they” are what “they” are but obviously You are not what You think You are when waiting on “their” system and “their” academia to bring eTOS vibe!, is it so hard to grasp that eforums if and when managed like compact but precisely branched etool can bring indeed clarity far greater than the current cacaphonic lobotomy on soc.nets where even if something is said after while is lost and go upgrade or expand some thought idea solution concept project law or deconstruct it in different topics but stil tied by similarity coz easier navigation, simply You dont have other tool to reach secure exit from the current wrong exceptionalism of ea-determinists by some balanced form of direct Participatory democracy [5][5] yet You are not employing it anyhow as if already gave up from TIP TOP (True Independent Power To Oldskul People) or whatever articulate zoonpolitikon meme, and instead on eforums to be criteria ultra’literate on contrary half’literate like me are becoming factor coz the previous are too buzy memeing on soc.nets hire’me’up’scotty exceptionalism so would debate or call me when others will get onboard lazy exuses, but then again dont whine when You will end up cyborg! indeed this is hilarious how someone vaste time to read me ~ simply I am nor expert nor even graduated highschool with average grades (absent most of the time) good that my grammar is abstract so indirectly can give emphasis that my classroom was the ghetto, So imagine how potent vibe can come out if educated are constantly debating in public!, sadly we still havent seen even similar to polish ideas what about to witness 24/7 opposite but expert ngo or party eforum debate!, while those like me can freely reexpert the experts on public eforums!, but without the experts on the podium even ultra effective debate etool like eforums cant bring any useful solution that will reach any useful implementation!, evaluation now is the label of the plutocratic game behind closed doors and polished by bought media, so be thankful that we havent reached already oblivion how corruption is logical to thrive in full closed systems where public auditing and inspections exist as effective only in movies!, so either the euroatlantic system will meet opening or it will become some futurist neobolshevik collateral of wrong utopian blueprints!, waiting the same to be opened by the very corrupt elites which are now servicing it its like waiting on burglar to let You in his depo, So Dont Wait And Start Any Opening However You Can by ngo or party eforums!, more You wait more distant will be any potentially normal cushioning of the current global casino economy!

Hm as if intentionally is messed up the current e’society i.e. instead to be norm correct useful trend of e’tools for public interaction on contrary we are seeing some kind of chaotic disarray of social e’cohabitation [6] which as such is useful only for agitprop means by the current plutocratic corrupt elitist flow coz on the soc.nets every demystification is easily buried by whatever sensationalism aside that all are thrown in one huge centrifuge literate halfliterate and illiterates what is bringing only hood share of boring recycling who is guilty for what as if enough times some issue would be shared it will be resolved as copy paste info, simply there we re all lost in space how trying to debate per’se On by triviality and voyeurisms splashed soc.nets!

maybe there was some eugenically behaviorist social darwinian plan in pentagon when '90s eforum hype was chilled down while stirred in '00s mirtz on steroids in form of fakebook alike nets!?

also Go Check Your Heads maybe You have nanobots running around Your brains that are clouding Your judgement thus easily getting lost on soc.nets and trying there to reach anyeffective change, yeah not even for the birds in the opium forest where voyeurisms rulz and triviality is norm, how else to be seen Your socializing as experts there!?, Dont Forget You Are Also Giving Consent To All Molesting Of The Innocent Youth how You are part of the ultra neoliberal soc.nets where even dont want to idiocracy is taking its toll bit by bit, aside that that can fireback coz tempted are as I’ve said Innocent Souls what from soteriological aspect is certain path towards debacle, hm imagine some alien a.i. has hijacked those current centralized e’centrifuges of soc.nets!, will it “then” stay someone sober!?, hm after such penetration even by white noise what about link through braingates coz everything is stacked on few global soc septic tanks (usually of lusts and pride along greed) indeed after who will stay real with will to keep up The Tradition of Orthodox Christian Truth, hm what good can come from such momentum even now but full’digital’economy and transhumanism in form at least like catalogized chipping coz cyborgization!, hm hm hm as not soafraid from technology I’ll say it had have been ideal if that stayed on level of 2fa eventually 3fa biometric logins!, but someone is in rush to reach x-man reality, thus dont care even if in front You’ve been expanded on far greater level up untill hiving!, Eh I still dont want to accept that such modern mengele alike monstrums are regular thing, maybe he got cloned and employed for good in fed’cdc’dia!?, how else to be explained the recent coerced plandemix biotech like some “new’normal’evil” that can and should be even boosted!?

Its really interesting how system theories became shaped from idea through concept till thesis, what in different era got different problem for examination, in enlightenment era more philosophically and esoterically while later more abstract and mathematically altho always as kind of humanist poetry that is trying to project apotheological scientific truth that will serve as excuse how and why would “they” chase utopia even by evil means!, practically in romanticism was rush for removing Christian Theology by neopagan fakery, while once humanism was established as guidance on “their” universities the chase got more practical forms of experimenting with all isms that could had have been envisioned as possible!, I’ll kindly say “deception&selfdelusion” became favorite icecream for the “wise” euroatlantic determinists!, it had became trend per’se coz flowing slowly thus got wider penetration, and as unchallenged (mids secular republicanism) that humanistic neopagan scientificism got established in “their” academia as absolute truth for following and funding, altho think that the most crucial discoveries were achieved far aside from “their” mainstream vibe eg. teslas inventions!, hm wonder why patents were enacted, one logic it would be so elites would control what by whom will be released how and why and like that having always control whether some tech can disrupt “their” control!?, maybe I am wrong with this hunch but imagine if MarcoP or ChristopherC were the main trade authorities with China or America if so we would had have icecream machines even earlier [7][7][7]

And now when we are confronted by one such cryonic globalist centrifuge I’ll try to examine why “their” icecream is not at all not tasty but debacle!, yet its sold as most unique for this World or even worst by take-it-cant-leave-it coercion [8][8][8] that was nothing else but preprogramed function in “their” neopagan utopian humanism of current scientific dictatorship waiting to be upgraded till homo’silicon’singularity [9][9][9] what even seen through “their” math its simply debacle of wrong reductionist globalism of socio’economic’stew that is mixing even incompatible traditions in one universal scream of wrongness [10] and knowing “their” kitchen is nihilist then defacto the served if sometime see the day surely it will be horror and as experiment already did in leninist and maoist experiments of chasing systemic perfection or perpetuum’mobile’system where we as Mankind would exist solely coz servicing such utopias deprived from any chance of Free Will except “their” free will to deconstruct our normal soulful traditions by wrong soulless ideologies of bunch of demonized elites thinking that “they” are some earthly gods for which we are just from fun or boredom played chips in “their” casino, I mean what can come from deist cookbook than misery!?, especially when “they” are selling “their” ultra’rotten’ingredients as omnipotent nutrition!, to be more scary laid on the united’nations’shelf under euphemistic labels of new’world’order social inclusivity equality unipolarity of absolute happiness for earthlings [11] hm almost as if some lower species are trying to remove Mankind from the scene so “they” would emerge!?, tho “they” are older but as substance far less in closeness to Our Almighty Lord simply as creations Angels are our older brothers yet lower by Likeness i.e. with Baptism as eikos [12] we are in likeness to Our Almighty Lord and thats why we can be more easily redeemed as Christians but in same the Judgement will be also more dread if embrace abomination while bearers of the Oath of Evangelion, this said I’ll conclude (if I am correctly elaborating the Mystagogy) that not even neopagans will be at guilt till such extent when chasing wrongly heaven’on’earth as we will be as Christians that got indifferent for “their” wrong’elitist’skims!, more simple said we are taking part in “their” when silent about “their” wrongness!, not that per’se we need to act by revolutions or shouting but at least to focus on Salvation through Eucharist and Prayers for Deliverance from evil fate ahead, but are we!?, now I am not so knowledgeable to say what is the right exit from the current cyborg economy ahead, normally it should be avoided coz vast pool of risks as from earthly so as spiritual nature, yet we need wide and constant debate among all concerned and eventually by referendums every society to decide what will embrace after what it will be on them what it will as result!, going copy paste by default think its wrong for us as Christians that for quite long were under experimental hype of the neopagan humanist academia!, alone how “they” see us as resources in “their” systems that are for “them” more important than us is enough alarming that something is wrong in “their” in this case system theories [13][13]-[13][13]-[13][13] which some claim can be managed more cleverly (but do check agent in the last footnote) simply the third world as “they” see all that are not under “their” umbrella need to be kept low so “they” would stay high even dont have no real economy but just financial gambling house so whatever system is modeled however the basic core input if “they” are asked is power&control logically as usual done by trickery coz its not doable otherwise those who produce less to have more!, yet people think it could be reached balance even mids “their” closed system [14][14] what probably is doable but only if the system is opened by eTOS means so on the go would be evaluated the ideas projects and rebalance to all!, yet that is not offered even as possibility (altho on paper as open’society or open’gov exists here and there but only when others need to be opened) so the can will be futher kicked down the road till ultra closed technocracy if “their” w’e’f great’reset or its derivatives survive, wonder whether in “their” productivity math the whipping will be applied by frequency buzz due to the distributive ledgers of blockchain digital money!?, dont take this fuzzy assumption as correlation to modern feudal neoliberal system [15] tho knowing that as earlier [16][16] so as now (in one or another way) we are not rarely slaves as “their” human resources it could be taken (tho with caution) as possible variable that we will be conditioned by social’credit’system coz greater productivity or better exposure to homo’silicone or homo’chimeric experiments by push’of’button coercion!, but lets say totalitarianism is existing only far away from the euroatlantic realm thus the system will never misuse its power to condition by force its broilers, as was never tweaked for exceptionalism by 1% ea-determinists now trying to figure out what next to invent so would sustain “own” agendas coz still dont have ultimate control over all system [17][17] as would have mids full’digital’economy and technocracy [18][18] I am trying hard to avoid any analysis of the global markets simply coz it would be wrong projection to claim certainty what will happen when we know that strings are in hands of systems that can push pull various scenarios but also Miracles are regular thing!

Indeed through “their” reductionism we are seen not as Mankind but animals, and not just by the humanist naturalists like darwinians eugenicists behaviorists and alike, that excluded the Mind the Nous the Soul seeing it as some sum of physche that is animallistic automaton which can be perfected by alchemy and tech derived from it, earlier by naturalistic magic while later after the industrial revolutions by engineering means, and normally always in the name of progress till enlightened perfect homo’sapiens, as if “their” delusion secured misery of selftorment for all bowing at neopagan knowledge that supposedly is freeing “them” up but in effect just more and further broadening of enslavement to the fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them!, yet it is as it is, practically now many enslaved and tied in neopagan humanist system that while walking on its edge of wrong exploited economy in panic is speeding up all its utopian phantasmagorias as chance for regaining and securing power&control even when that is impossible yet as deists “they” will surely say if we go all will be pulled with us altho lets hope the direction will be towards Repentance nommater how lying gown “they” wear!, and lets see maybe “they” will grasp that technocracy deprived from democracy (as experts without public auditors) that by default mids secularism will bring tyranny on steroids, neobolshevism which in whatever repackaging through its elitism even all were regulated by compassion algorithm cyborg citizens again will lead in debacle knowing that this realm cant reach absolute perfection but eventually temporary simulations where again cant be calculated the Free Will or inspiration and strive for betterment, aside that this World dont exist so we would act gods but to stand up in Truth and reach Salvation …

… hm, cant understand why “they” are afraid from Orthodox Christianity!?, why by all means want to force Russia on submission!?, is it just history repeating or in question is some implanted wrongness even mids jesuits!?, I mean how and why the current pope would embrace great’reset if that wasnt case altho per’se he was conservative as cardinal yet once was pushed to papacy embraced modernism [1][1] was that just from unawarness and from fear mistake or some blackmail is at stake rolling out from the vaticans libraries where maybe some earlier popes signed something that shouldnt especially problematic logic in context of bionic&chimeric jabs as x-man lust of ea-neopagans which were huge adversaries of “theirs” [2][2][2] is it possible Francis1 to be peddled by gray or black cohorts in vatican!?, hm dont aware what kind of hierarchy follow i.e. how who can influence him if helped around positioning, JFK comes to mind [3][3] hm I really dont want to put emphasis anyhow mids economic thread about religious connections but two things makes this logic important above all the projected need of neoplatonists for one’love’religion as glue for “their” n’w’o [4][5] but also jp’morgan as potential vaticans vault [6] thus whatever happens ahead needs to be joint mission by ea-determinists and black nobility (as shadow elites in vatican) in essence teutons&julians have joint n’w’o agenda, or!?, this gives me further space to speculate how so technocracy would be acceptable for vatican!

Hm, what if the Earth indeed was in the center of the material universe [7][7]

Glory To Our Almighty Lord For Everything ...

(must admit this is new for me or was occupied with other things back then while later the same point was obviously buried, probably always had have some habit to avoid even evolutionary bickering with humanists coz as usual coz we have different methodologies of exploration logically its hard to be compared the results even when trying to grasp how round is round tho flat earth as I am aware was never official Christian Doctrine [7] again it will be known to all in the end for sure!)

And if So then at stake indeed is greater skim with the current neopagan n’w’o momentum!?, I am just aware that in fact there is clash for every Soul and whether it would embrace Salvation or oblivion!, so its really valid question will we provoke on ourselves even greater misery so would be forced on Awakening and Redemption!?, hm how humanists are persistent with “their” utopian delusions and its wrong agendas derived by even wronger system of understanding who we are, then surely that will lead to what will lead!, now we need just to wait and see whether the time will be shorten or it will reach fulness of apostasy and to it deserved penance!

And even if we examine “their” technocratic fantasy like system (as “they” say) mounted and managed by a.i. arrangement (that should push us by reductionist terms towards “perfection”) even then I am more than certain that the risks are far greater than eventual benefits!, eg. wrong hacked variable inserted in “its” simulacrum and hope that we will not be kneeled till oblivion i.e. its hard even to imagine worst case scenario from Christian Eschatological Perspective usually coz we have Hope that we will not be abandoned but can Angels help us if we seed homo’chimera’kids hm dont know [8] probably will be chance again but its question will the same will be payed by the measure of suffering coz hunger coz terror or coz gracelesness!?, history repeating or what!?, but on steroids how superhumanity and utopia are the aims of the neopagan humanists [9][9]-[9][9]-[9][9] clearly the risks about which Tom Horn was alarming in this last footnote are very real!, (most probably “someone” was/is addicted to blood rituals [9]-[9][9]-[9][9]) still its hard to grasp are “they” really so blind what are after or that by force cant reach nowhere!?, or it will need to relearn as “their” ancestors the same point over and over again!?, still its our duty also as Christians to remind “them” about the past failures and that now it will be even harder for “them” to rig any utopia simply with all industrial revolutions the causality is expanded exponentially thus “they” cant even be close to the earlier position of “their” ancestors and that actually plays huge role “they” to calm down, just dont need to be afraid that someone will eat “them” alive if are not claiming superiority over the rest!, superiority complex that think it can be overcomed yet that asks for constant ontopic intellectual debate on west!, otherwise we are indeed forwarded probably on “their” agitprop projections like the100 or game’of’trones altho to all this nicely preceded age’of’empires as game maybe not to talk about all “their” esoterical blockbuster brainwashing [10][10] hm where I cant remember about useful economic model projected as technocratic futurism but surely it can be find something like being in postfallout fema’criogenic’camp where would play till wake up vr logic since tron legacy [11][11][11] what maybe for a moment looked like some interesting steampunk or cyberpunk art [12] but now when the same needs to be employed that is too wrong projection that if we see it more clearly its like chase towards astral simulacrum when even now the fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them are playing us exactly like game hackers!, now waiting to see such opportunity even in the real life [13](p.122) and why coz “someones” ultra’wrong’deism which made from “them” as ea-elites hostages that will push utopian agenda for soul harvesting!, indeed “their” earth 2.0 or human 2.0 or darpasVRjoy coz/for obedient is nothing else but neopagan burst of hidden concealed and pushed by trickery demonic-simulacrum-anathema-to-it!, so it is almost unbelievable (for the secular mind) how so, but it is as it is, and either You will wake up or will get even further reduced!

Now go grasp for what kind of utopia “they” were after!?, I’ll say bestial for sure!, where unlike the good will of atheists that are after nice fine utopian technocracy what will get in essence is the very same fear t’x’huxley was tripping of cavemen [14] I mean what will come from homo’chimera’splice!?, who know maybe already is built underground realm for such experiments maybe already thriving down there in military bases!?, time will tell for sure whether someone will be after gold or food, hm and if “those” are animals maybe we should be the game stacked as matrix’alike’sardines!?, but here I am derailing like this whole thread in ultra speculation thus will end the post with more pragmatic question i.e. how expect as neopagan elites to fight The Grace by confining all in concrete jungles!?, releasing maybe walking dead caveman so it would be impossible people to sustain themselves rurally!?, hm if so will spill the last drop till deluge!, hek what can happen when neopagan humanists see “themselves” as ultimate emergence [15][15][15] logically devolution of “their” own evolution from pure blindness that all plains levels realms have same laws aside that even the one in this one are misunderstood by “them” as deists [15][15][15] hm maybe someone will try to catch “them” by “their” rigging [16] yet that would be possible only if eg. gop get public eforum …

Probably till now You are aware that economy as science has strange (in my opinion wrong) neopagan base, what on top is salted by gambling growth or virtual clearing, and now when is getting more and more obvious that that skim is wrong and its wealth unreal, suddenly we are thrown in problem’solution’mode by euroatlantic determinists!, tho it was not at all circumstantial event!, something that as plandemix was since 2008 in motion, and “they” didnt wasted time to prepare terrain for particular ordo’ab’chao circumstances too [1][1] maybe as pland B C D E along geopolitics and manufactured’nwo’reality!?, hm are we now prepared for zombie apocalypses when sars’cov’2 failed!?, could really such skim be radiated [1][1] hm whatever “they” need&have so “they” would keep upper hand in the game!?, somehow looks probable that “they” need exactly the printed’food’skim in place so it can roll out zapo scenario!?, simply from “their” position any eventual economic depression will produce even more addicts and certain dystopian violence thus suppose having means how to dispose the useless eaters for “them” is fix, and for what cwd plandemix “they” think will bring stable future [2][2][2] mids which can decide by push’of’button who will be eligible for “their” n’w’o!?, hm would “they” acknowledge such agenda?, logically not!, even less if is tied to satanic variables [2][2][2] but if “they” had have even earlier m’a’d scenarios in rand why not to assume have zombie too [3][3][3] practically in various forms “their” wrong malthusian science was reemerging as must have utopian variable for “their” n’w’o!, and finally it was put in motion as legislation as could be seen 15 years ago when was voted the particular x’pandemics preparedness bill!, hm maybe not all neopagan factions per’se are geocidal!?, and maybe such move was pushed by concerned patriots that were aware for “their” skims so acted in time to allocate funds for fema prepping for zombie plandemix!?, altho in same time we need to contemplate the possibility that the bipartisan swamp is rigging “their” blueprints, in which case we need to focus on resistance by Grace and probably knowing that this is our last stronghold as Christians so “they” are preparing indeed for blue’beam’delusion maybe like fake’second’coming as I am assuming secured by simulacrum through all bands [4][5][6] maybe like that opening door for demons-anathema-to-them [6][6][6] yeah throwing people in some spiritual ecstasy so would feel’d’love hm on what most secure shielding is the fact that we are unworthy for Theosis if havent took part in ascetic righteousness feats so dont fall for it when will happen such trickery!, in essence need to live Consecrated Orthodox Christian Life in Feat so would differ when You are in prelest and when Worthy for Theosis!, what would be even more problematic if You are stimulated on “holiness” by emf brainwashing [7][7][7] So once all get in some delirium after eventual ordo’ab’chao scenario and “someone” presents “himself” as idol then Be Wise and dont kneel even You are coerced by death!, simply You should focus on Eternity even through Martyrs Feat what means no compromise with “their” wrong’neopagan’agendas!, but how if You are stacked like sardines in the concrete jungles and like that dependent from “their” system!?, so Go Rural raise even small Farm so would get independent and withstand any coercion ahead!, now surely many will say the biotech is not on such level yet, but dont forger what is now introduced in public it was boiling for some time in dods’bunker’labs [7][7][7] and the risks that tech to be misused by euroatlantic determinists are real, would Christians in usaf revert the hijack hm that I do Hope is possible [8] still dominionism is huge infiltration so many would be kept calm and aligned to “globalists” [9][9][9] simply for “them” was to-big=to=fail-agenda “their” n’w’o thus in time peddled out many on submission in the euroatalntic realm, but as always couldnt score coz too many variables exists that are overlooked by “them” and as always again and again will fail to reach utopia!, probably thats why trying hard to chip us all so would have more input data for “their” algorithms [10] and compare this kind of logic with “their” livable broiler hype and You will get mesmerized how far “this” can go [11][11][11] in essence an selfprojected crisis that tho as risks didnt materialized [12][12] so “they” are pushing it intentionally to reach there so would have excuse for “their” neopagan’utopian’skims [13][13] practically trying to frame Russia for nuclear ww3 [14][14][14] what has logic around “their” stamina for “long planning” (mazzinis letters come to mind) hm the difference now is that “their” planning is tied to machine solutions (as reductionism till oblivion if the input’master is deist or worst luciferian [15]) simply cant imagine on “what” “they” are ready how intentionally are escalating the ukrainian crisis!, on top “they” improvise coz the past failed plandemix, and actually that makes “their” ea’determinist’globalist skims derailed heavy from tracks!, but I’ll stop here with this digressing thrown solely so would point how uncertain is to debate further about economy when obviously even “they” are after reset of “their” financial casino, not sure just why socialism is seen by “them” as secured road ahead!?, maybe hope will be more trendy [16] or more iconic when after ww3 chaos will emerge as generous by the sfrY blueprint [17] knowing that sooner or later even mids technocracy “they” will lose grip over the system, especially knowing how by trickery “they” are trying to impose “their” neopagan will what surely will provoke constant resistance!, but as we are warned in The Bible Revelation great deception will follow in the end so above all focus on Salvation so would not be deceived, doable if cautious what is served by whom to You …

If by any means “they” bring on west neopagan’humanist’technocracy all need to be aware that life can be still bearable until is not employed vlf elf emf mindmanipulation!, what if “its” rolled out it would be so “they” would keep calm (as “they” see us) the useless eaters, altho that is less problematic as is any eventual coercion on chimeric eugenic vaxing (waterborn airborn or shared by jabs) simply for “them” as deists we are like cattle (how to be explained else the current intentional escalation towards certain fallout) and if Christians are tempted then how much more the rest!?, yet some comfort is that “their” narrative is decimated while “their” wrong ideals exposed!, and that requestions the belief of many in “their” current system or whatever “they” want to rig ahead as euroatlantic determinists!, altho one dont need too much knowhow so would grasp that “they” are dualists if we see the technocratic movement logo even called monad as would be logical for humanist’deist’invention [18] hm just how grim looks whatever from “their” kitchen in the past [19][19][19] tho even now are debacle [20] is this pointing that “they” dont even care about utopianism but as possessed elites just rush to throw this World in bloodbath so would gain better position among demons-anathema-to-them once cross on the other side!?, hm what “they” are not aware is that as “they” so as “their” puppet masters will be in eternal punishment and torment!, but solely by rejecting Christ “they” are deprived from this fact i.e. cant even sense it or even if can simply afraid to resist and escape Judgement [21] otherwise I dont see why at all would not be reached compromise and balance between east and west for multipolar world, why would chase one’world’government by all means, unless there is greater skim on the horizon!, I mean as You can see I am also pointing that everyone should work his job and as experts we need to see them debating 24/7 on eforums thus in a way this sounds like I am technocracy prone still my emphasis is on transparency but also reexperting the experts through ngo or party public eforums so would be evaded scientific dictatorship like was recently imposed by ea’plutocrats mids “their” plandemix!

And if we judge by “their” euphemisms supposedly “they” are not after cyborgs and totalitarianism but just perfection, what could be sensed as wrong by various interpretations or correct logic where “they” are heading [22][23] and in all “their” exceptionalism what strikes the eye most heavy is that “they” are soulless as transhumanists [24] so go compromise with “them” anyhow!, hm did “they” envisioned transhumanism for “their” slaves while “they” as pharaohs reserved seat in deism as luciferians!?, logically not all factions of “their” are after unison utopian vision!? hm we should be grayed as slaves while “they” colored as scientific’dictatorhip’caste!? I really cant miss the notion that even the neoliberal economists see technocracy also as “their” right [25] what has logic if we know that whole humanism strive for that very same ideal [26] so we can expect joint spin of scientific dictatorship, altho marxists see “them” as faschists yeah humanist neoplatonist semantics [27][27]-[27][27] if know that what is common for both is elitism [27][27] what is interesting tho is that we’ve been already splashed with home’silicone’skim while still technocracy is not rolled what now points on huge vacuum in “their” projections!, can it be that “they” are also coming to senses!?, Hope So, what in essence depends whether the lower echelons will recognize the alchemic-spirit-anathema-to-it and as result disobey to peddle “their” cause!, yet people need to wake up too so would refuse to serve “them” or “their” agendas [28][28] for what most useful thing is exposing “their” last twisted euphemism for new’world’order the now infamous great’reset’label [29] hm for one century “they” were clear that the current need to be replaced by new, even before the green’agenda of c’o’r in '60s, also in '90s bush was talking about nwo, also his son decade later, so what happened the term to get relabeled!?, why “they” were afraid to use the very original term!?, maybe kind of scientificism struck “them” that cant attract support if genuine!?, or maybe coz per’se as science dont have Telos thus woke up that order would be wrong term for “them”, altho whenever wherever its needed could twist ankles [30]-[31][31][31][31]-[32] Still obviously more appealing argument is that in question is “PR from fear” so eventually masses would not revolt knowing how long (at least half century) is exposed “their” new’world’order by various demystificators, so think “they” were gambling big time coz like this “they” are even more exposed while trying to push us in “their” utopia, which how had have particular blueprint and inertia for quite a while its obvious that is word for greater skim behind the scenes where one’world’government is needed so the false prophet would get enthroned!, and why hm that is unknown eschatological question for me, maybe so would be stalled the Final Judgement in a modern herod alike slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem!?, but this kind of guessing even if it could anyhow give some logical answer why “they” are so stubbornly persistent to impose utopian n’w’o That will not make You resolute to focus on Salvation (tho pandemic potentially could) but for this first of all You will need to foster for spiritual feats like 1. Praying and Praise like 1.2 Catechesis and Theology (i.e. 1. Praxis and 1.2 Theory) so would resist the spirit-of-antichrist-anathema-to-it!, waiting on political solution as some safety rope think is risk people to loosen and while hoping that Miracle will follow solely coz some rulers will get Holy or are standing in Truth simply it depends from all of us and if and when we are not recognizing the times and their fulfilment as call for Eternal Joy (or coz stubborn apostasy Punishment) but instead loosely behave like what matters is what we will have to eat or wear i.e. instead on Christian Feat for Salvation many are per’se focused on hedonism materialism and egoism then alone by themselves are provoking on themselves misery that if happens (again) it will be temptation for awakening towards Repentance and Metanoia!, yet must remind You Please dont take my reasoning blindly and Please do ask for answers and opinions on this topic by relevant authorities that will not improvise like I do coz not anyhow expert on the soteriological topic [10] tho dont forget You cant expect from authorities to improvise or juggle with assumptions!, especially problematic would be to expect plain technical answers eg. what is enough secure exit for all from the current trap in which we are pushed towards “their” ordo’ab’chao?, Eh if just people would grasp that many as victims of e-addictions are cooling down the love in its hearts, addictions through which fall in fornication if not apostasy how struggling even to control anger what about when carried by judging mindset coz scarcity of right eTOS environment but just abundance of agitprop nets full of sticky’gaslighting’propaganda usually thrown through tele’vision e’portals or soc.nets defacto (the last net in net so once someone get hooked to be difficult to get away as direct shareware node that is feeding particular propaganda vortex!), I sincerely think that in question is intentional skim for as much as possible greater distraction from Salvation but go figure out how so demons-anathema-to-them acted mids neopagan secularism through scientists sociologists statesman and alike people to secure hazy shady murky info realm where main virtue of euroatlantic determinists would be propaganda, hm trickery is all “they” are!, otherwise cant be effective in selling “their” pharaonic exploitation as unmatched success, what by all means is removing us from our True Life and depriving us from our True Purpose and Meaning in it, what maybe is not resting so much on Capitalism as nostril for tat share but elitist ultraliberlism as aristocracy resting on deceit what is norm as in capitalism so as in socialism, on what eventual potential solution is opening of the system by eTOS vibe through institutional eforums as opportunity for fast control and fast communication between the citizens joined in ngo’s or party eforums how on the go will be addressed every problem or solution instead like now to be released from sleeve as usually copy-paste acts not rarely boiled down in “someones” basement!, but this is only the systemic side of the issue as spin towards control, for the cultural spiritual emotional control by neopagans not to start altho indeed all are intertwined through economy directly or indirectly, still there any eventual wanted change could happen by other means too!

… wonder in which basement was boiling GerdL futurism, probably some with teuton echoing [1][1] (forget on racist labeling I am pointing on elitist alchemic lusts) echo that was shapeshifting around all european realm as neopaganism and neoplatonist apotheosis finally getting standardized by rosicrucians [1][1] and “their” eg, nazi variations [1][1] yet the modern versions got far advanced due to the electronic revolution and now as bionic update even tasty as excused by health right on quality of life altho what as we’ve seen by the past plandemix just fallacy of excuse but push toward human 2.0 on small door coz “their” neopagan lust for superhumanity!, hm indeed GeraldL as precovid futurist sounded just like ambitious tranhumanist idealist obviously enough academic so would be appealing to all the humanist broilers that embraced “homo’deus’meme” as something logical for our survival as if in question is indeed some naive scientific cult in which the transhumanist chapter was revealed as was necessary to the circumstances as preped and rolled hiving agenda, yeah for “them” just like in freemasonry the enlightenment comes only for the high’initiated’adepts while the rest are getting conditioned just right before the “change” when bit by propaganda bit by bullying is imposed “some” the skim eg. even harari was careful before wef’ed [2][2][2] which leaves many even now in disbelief how transhumanism is smoothly embraced by the smoothly silenced academia once question anyhow “their” will hm I really wonder what will “they” do now with ElonM coz defied “their” gravity in huge strolls!?, coz yeah it was agenda instigated by military heads so noone would complain against higher cause patriotism!, respect to all that stood up [3][3][3][3] tho many didnt not rarely manipulated around the risks what eg. probably was case with DonaldT who maybe was peddled like look we must catalogize and monitor all coz among us there are many extra’terrestrial’anomalies on what further encouragement maybe came by cooperative pastors, hm but what if the peddlers are “those” what tho has some paperclip causality [1][1] yet so would not throw the thread too oftopic would just say clips were regular in various forms throughout all past century technocratic white papers [4][5][5][4][4] as manuals till “scientific” utopia or better said humanist alchemic neopagan lust for heaven’on’earth what surely was kind of history repeating thus not driven by earthly but “some” astral creativity since who knows exactly when by whom among the fooled in this world [6][6][6]

Sorry for the expanded intro but do find important that reshare of points in context of the next diagram that altho I’ve have seen it earlier yet back then I was like cmon this GerdL is just cleverly milking eu funds while tilting in some swiss sauna, but now wow are “they” indeed such weirdos!?, hm I havent studied anyhow the w’e’f gurushians but this opens comparison room to “their” map!, and hm probably this chart it would had have reached some stable upgrade of “their” agenda if wasnt for “their” failed plandemix, but now what!? do we need indeed to wait to see when ordo’ab’chao will be rolled as “their” backup so “they” would dream out “their” deist eschatology!?, can “they” at all step back and admit we were wrong!?, or is it possible to accept multipolar world and freedom from “their” utopinism!?, is such reality too scary for “their” exceptionalism, or just afraid that it might make “them” weak and the hooked serfs and slaves to start disobeying blind servitude if chill out with “their” wrongly employed utopianism!?, I mean why we all need to be thrown in such mode if “they” claim that “they” are champions of democracy!?, who are “they” fooling “themselves” or “their” a.i. vendors!?, O elitist euroatlantic neopagans Repent before its too late!!! Is this really what You believe will come out from “your” transhumanism [7][8][9] the next graph is from the last footnote to which really the following video bellow is just extra stupid brainwashing to which we lack maybe some monty python drop [10]

Now unlike the retrofuturists which per’se were concerned with the wellbeing of the society, the current futurists are more concerned with the chance for individual betterment, what as individualism suggests just one thing > that deists implanted own fuse among ea’globalists so the chase for x-man would be secured by removing any bioethical or ecoethical concerns, what matters is the opportunity for advancement which seen like that as deprived from any moral obstacles (what about religious) once is embraced as normal trend defacto will bring cyborg and/or chimeric monstrums (if already didnt) or simply will upgrade the current till level of millimeter wave threats on scale of atomic weapons > yeah atomic ants for “them” as darwinists is maybe “their” ultimate goal mids “their” new’atlantis’utopia (those who cant grasp this humanist’personification recheck some anamnesis about “their” insecticism hype [1][1]), and yeah as then so as now “their” ideological PR’s are seen indeed as scifi gurus, dont know just what sticker will suit that label better now [2][2][2] hm maybe sounds nice and interesting as PR, but to live in such matrix for good that smells on some surreal eugenic horror, somehow not even possible to be imagined how things till what extent can or will go wrong if we do embrace “their” shift!, are we aware that there will be no turning back even as ubi’tech [3][3] what about ubi’philosophy [3][3][3] (slavs would read the acronym as “kill” (уби) and not that I want to reason in pagan terms as projecting some wordmancy but knowing that “they” are neopagan and not rarely project in “their” agendas such spins yes I do find interesting that “universal’basic’income” as ubi meme in context of “their” agenda for such collective socialist euthanasia of the free will of the Christian masses and imposing the neopagan will of the elites upon them!)

Simply in hands of deists, along our Silence what defacto would be affirmation by us as Christians, yeah then what wrong can come out from “their” already obviously covertly released bionic’genetic’revolution!?, hm whats next once You’ve became tagged’guinea’pig, normally what else than further experimenting coz “they” are the masters of trial&error till perfection, that tho again will end up sooner or later like experiment expired if not failed, even when social experiments are rolled out, what about like now when is rolled mass global covert cyborg one, yeah what wrong can come from that!?, ha loose Your imagination and hope maybe emp preset on “their’great’reset” will become regular urban’guerilla hacking spin so eventually as wrong’neopagan’elites to give up to give up later if not sooner!?, I mean if it was word for some kind of natural process of social path towards transhumanist subculture where by free will someone would had have chosen to become cyborg (altho also wrong anyhow as Christian to give support for such agenda stil) then I’ll understand the atheist rush of adrenaline coz whatever chance for progress ||understandable coz many are brainwashed (by entertainment agitprop for almost one century) that will have chance to jaywalk to martian dunes or jupiterian lava or saturnalian “antartics”||, but like now all to be pushed towards such reality without any wide debate directly till Ai-IoT-IoB convergence [4][5] that along the GPT luring as kind of Grand Personality Theft is becoming new second chance for transhumanist to put You indirectly on track towards homo’silicone’reality (however kinky that sounds [5] tho stimulated kinkiness by removing bioethics ask Yourself why [6][6][6] hm I really wasnt expecting the plamdemix spin but more like gradual luring through fun work and lusts > which looks like now maybe “they” are reconsidering it again as invite trap [6][6][6] tho “they” lost huge moment of blind belief how “their” biotech proved deadly!, I really dont get why we need to be instantly lobotomized for embracing by trickery covertly or by coercion “their” utopia as now or never, and isnt this screaming that there is some greater skim behind the scenes!?, hm dont ned to guess which one when luciferians are on the top of “their” pyramid!, but You still believe that You live in democratic west, where the rule of law is above all, yeah above all broilers but not their elites!. what about debate lobbying referendums, plus who is constitutionally sovereign in west, the bank’corp’elites or the citizens!?, what suggests that we are confronted indeed with neopagan’deist’monstrums that interpret the constitutions as “they” like when “they” like!, and just like in the past two world wars simply dont care how who will be peddled towards what from the plutocrats and masses so all sold would serve devotedly “their” lust for septic’tank’reality of homo’sillicone’utopia!, reality that is envisioned and projected only in its beautiful cloths, but as we know that deists push this process from behind (and “they” realized neopagan alchemic magicians) then why dont grasp cautiously the ElonM admission that indeed with “their” human 2.0 (and alike spins) ea-determinists (ea-transhumanists) are summoning demons-anathema-to-them > for which would not be prime goal an destruction of our civilization but colonization and enslaving of our free will (hm till earthly sense of the eternal torment even when we are still alive) hm what probably or better said actually will be award for all that have abandoned Lords Law and Truth so at least some from some would Repent till the Final Judgement comes upon this World … In Essence Its our wrong will that is provoking wrong causality but Its Our Almighty Lord Providence how will end up All in the end as consequence!, and it would had have been ideal we to Repent collectively now, but knowing how long euroatlantic determinists were consumed by “this” utopian agenda that would be Miracle if we succeed to focus on resetting “their” reset by Grace!, maybe thats why “they” are rushing to release open’ai’s so would be secured penetration in minds of man even without wide disseminated nanobots in the veins round around!?, will some insider expose “their” reserve plans soon!?, or “they” by “themselves” will be revealing it!?

about the video: https://stoneindustries.com/septic-services/septic-tank-additives/

Selling poop as gold or maybe even worst “golden poop”!, sure what else “they” would say while selling cyborg reality as needed balance for survival of the economy, hm really cheap gaslighting!, yeah blending centralization and decentralization maybe by becoming hived broiler in “their” swiss’super’computer to which will be imbued by occupation programming purpose for maintenance of “their” utopia!, are “they” really so blindly stupid when projecting how its not so big deal if we all simply shift in such reality altho defacto the biotech in question is to many deadly!?, hm are “they” so naive that the same will be everlasting!?, are “they” not already hived!?

In the previous post I am trying to make distinction between the past century futurists which by paradox some will say cant be labeled as collectivists ~ simply didnt took official stance on economy or coz predominantly were elite were far from the working class hero, yeah fabian alike italian elite altho officially with greater nationalist than internationalist leaning (like eg. fabians were, which tho how were stimulated by the anglosaxon imperialists dreaming for global dominion through new pax’britanica or pax’americana as pax’universalis empire defacto were ubernationalists too), anyway italian futurists would had have been national socialists still coz the liberal cultural vibe far from the marxian understanding for art and defacto far from communist mindset [1][1] still think liberalism and individualism were less pronounced simply coz people needed to hold together even as capitalists if wanted to survive, but what made the futurist credo think is the progress through industrialization and national pride, so Yes my assertion is somehow vague that the original futurists labeled as retrofuturists [2] are less individualistic and more collectivist prone with their ideology for progress by machines, actually then that tech and hype couldnt be imposed on all widely …

… thus the modern futurists would act also (from “their” perspective) towards betterment of whole society and coz potential biotech abundance could be more effective on whole societies, still coz this is done by exceptional scientific covert elitist skim then how we can say its not bathed in individualism of the (trans)humanist elites, deist elite for which becoming man’god as man’machine is ultimate goal since the reawakening of paganism in renaissance, simply “they” are consumed with that lust for eternal life on earth, but actually can reach only eternal selfdelusion of utopia and just impose own wrong elitist will upon all naive to embrace such experimental biotech what about hiving in the nets and machines in hands of neopagans or programmed by “them” and doing that on top with consent coz fooled by trickery how there is no alternative, yeah tell that to all those who were seeing industrialization as ideal towards utopia but defacto pushed us in ecological collapse, now superimpose that logic on nanoscale and in ultrafast pace as biotech ecology in our bodies, so its more than logical that we will see collapse of our true nature but what is even more scary is that that will be followed by misery of experimental trends for cushioning of all side effects coz the circumvented bioethics by humanists towards transhumanism, in essence playing gods so would reach apotheosis for granted even now has wrong consequences how the Peace in this World is already disturbed and scene prepared for ordo’ab’chao phase so many would volunteer enmasse day after fallout for artificial medical patches, Hope I am wrong but sensing how “they” need controlled chaos so on few levels would reach needed change towards “their” apotheosis, and probably dont care or worry whether west will be victorious ready for infiltration or to act by various scenarios, altho we know “they” will fail yet “they” are blinded for that fact consumed by “their” exceptional humanist might that screams all will kneel and follow or perish, at least how mids the past plandemix was coerced Mankind on mass vaxing with IoB needed biotech points to that!

Also I’ll need to point that the suggestions in the 3rd footnotes are intentionally chosen as less scary, I didnt wanted to choke Your mind with potential horror projection of potential metaverse nightmares, and what also its not additionally pointed is that when and if coz such hiving we are opened to greater demonic attacks Lord Forbid if so then many will be at greater risks as while wake so as while asleep mids the astral realm, not that that is not now case but lets say as hived that will be on steroids!, so knowingly or not we are sleeping in greater spiritual risks than simply biological risks from merging our bodies with machines!, on what culmination would be if we are tagged by some sigils coz portal magic and complete possession by demons or by chimeric change of the dna the same to become issue with newborns from start, and what to say Hope this is only wrong speculation!, hm but what if its true!?, what cant You understand about “them” as neopagan deists which embrace luciferianism as liberation!?, arent even antroposophs or theosophs as rosicrucian variations suggesting that is normal to be embrace some of “theirs” ahriman that will purify “their” cause [2][2][2] I mean People Wake Up!, start debating are “they” pushing only cosmetic changes towards needed full’digital’economy or in question is complete shift towards “their” human 2.0!?, dont be naive that 4th industrial revolution for “them” means just shift from fiat to blockchain finance!


maybe this imposing spin would be more like acclimatization for all ambivalent hedonists, and not so the masses, altho through metaverse alike virtual and/or augmented reality [3][3] chat rooms would had have been inviting and potentially pull the majority of consumers, yet the masses would had have been ideally pulled through educational and professional integration of simulators in everyday learning and work, but on what as late agenda now “they” are somehow as in rush inpatient to finalize it!, giving prime attention even before the economic hardships if its true the calim of JulieS in the next footnote hm is this concerning think Yes but why “they” need commercial simulators when have military one already operational!? [4][5] altho by the logic of all hightech is statetech [6] then what we are seeing actually is boost of the public showcase that became probably urgent how “their” geopolitical math dont adds in expected direction thus in panic need to rush!?, but if so then “they” are making huge mistakes simply coz every huge change is by default seen with caution especially when as fake reality adds up to the fake gmo food also fake deism also fake progress even fake unisex globalist culture on top now waiting to be polished by even faker money so understandable caution will side kick by default in various forms and pitch [7] hm even if “they” were invested whole will in fintech it takes time till it gets regular trend even when the atmosphere is loosen what about now when electrified till ceiling coz the failed plandemix and deadly bionic&chimeric jabs and to all that the geopolitical gaslighting with the ukrainian crisis!, so “they’ve” lost compass and while rushing practically exposing “themselves” how too-big-to-fail is for “them” the hiving!, tho in same time corruption too, but also cheap hollywood pr maybe …

… but no “they” didnt had have time for such gradual shift obviously altho even as plan b example still logical when seen from side, the question is why “they” were rushing with the m’rna jabs!?, and that should be obvious that “they” are not after betterment of our reality but bringing “their” own x-man utopia for which biotech humanity there is need of bionic and genetic revolution to be ongoing hype and not some potential which will always pressured by right legislature or questionable acceptance even on the first level around bringing to attention bioethical dilemmas what about the safety if not validity of trials [8] hm for “them” such normal motion towards win-win circumstances where we would reach certain good practice of biotech as societies was probably too slow idea (by “their” math we are already behind the timeframe of kurtzweil&co about reaching man’machine’deus) so rushed extra selfconfidence that as “their” biotech so as “their” trickery will not prove deadly by greater margin but it did!, and now what, what is next, returning to the earlier pre-wef regular introduction and penetration of nanotech and IoB in our lives, or shamefully like that now would be trying to erase the bad memories of the past plandemix and assure masses dont be afraid from human2.0 coz homo’silicone is Your destiny!?, ///\\ (yeah as is nato to conquer whole world in the name of “democracy” usually done by colored revolution i.e. through infiltration by trickery coz in reality it has no honest military stamina as alliance but as euroatalntic rat’race’representative of military dog that grown through such subversive colonization in reality is bound only to acting by deception coz come from realm where the main euroatlantic elites in power are actually deceitful neopagans chasing some “own” wrong utopian determinism altho as paradox by acting champion of democracy (supposedly respecting the free will of the vote of the referendum of the plebs) the very famous double standard plutocratic nepotistic and elitist western hypocrisy of exceptionalism!) ///\\ Actually if we think twice the whole superhumanity hype is first of all secured by military experiments, and however the same were rolled out on control groups till dont become regular bionic&genetic revolution on which whole societies will contribute “their” chase for superman would again go painfully slow, so “they’ve” rolled out plandemix but what “they’ve” achieve is scamdemix of scaredemix so now even Patriots would have second thought whether to join military so would not get lobotomized and become “someones” drone!

Now superimpose all this as fakery of virtual reality to the first post corpses magican logic of RomleyS about the covert rule of euroatlnatic determinists [9] can we say now the current full’digital’upgrade its built coz even greater control and manipulation!?, surely depending what You are sighing!, tho cant claim that such magic is effective if You dont surrender Your will to it [9] So dont make idol from it or as a matter of fact even exist dont give it attention maybe worthy only so would wonder whether there is indeed some historical correlation [10][10][10] hm dont take my logic from the last two footnotes per’se as ultra correct coz it would be indoctrination and I dont want that its simply mine logic and maybe wrong how is not debated enmasse and surely many will see it as some kind of nationalistic burst [11] but its not on contrary I give per’se credence on the ethnic affiliation in this case Slavic Orthodox Christian vibe [12] tho maybe again wrong coz Orthodox Christians are not just slavs but all ethnicums are bearers of The Truth, but to whom what is Truth and how perceive it why eg. in context of money or even debt what about ancestry!?, were we soldout or boughtout in the past!?, how when eventual bargain evaporated!?, but as Our Savior Said dont pay too much attention to the roots coz You could get easily misleaded!, simply differ freed and enslaved Mankind and give a hand through Prayers instead hatrate unless You are attacked when logically not all have Martyrs Feat thus logically would pushback i.e. those who are Christian surely would seek to evade such reality and rest their hope on bringing fruits by their own hands on their tables, especially important now when You are stimulated that “fake and poop food” will be commodity with benefits of social inclusiveness etc. societal conformism needed so “their” utopia would get version 2.0 rolling!, working class heroes stacked in city pods where You will mine some collective emotional sensual or lusty vortex needed for attractiveness of “their” matrix!, sometimes think demons-anathema-to-them lured “them” as neopagan elites on this kind of matrix trickery so would dive in greater debauchery with people and in return to “them” is promised maybe tripping on mars!?


Now what we are witnessing is direct is direct attack on our very nature through excuses like “Do It In The Name of Economy” still such cyborgization was less probable to pass thus it was rolled out covertly through plandemix yet again with prime excuses “economy cant wait on stalled progress”, altho we all know that as fintech it can grow and expand even without people actually to be borgged down, but no “someone” needed all to be exposed by the fake vaccines on “its” biotech!, why?, in my opinion its not in question primarily panopticon surveillance skim [13] nor potential for economic stability but per’se chase for “their” x-man!, in essence clash between euroatlantic deist luciferianism as neopaganism against Christianity and just as once Christians removed the pagan vibe from the scene [14] now neopagans are trying to regain momentum by subversion and substitution what is done on various levels [15] even cheaply mindbogling one eg. today on Orthodox Palm Sunday I’ve noticed rather strange lets say spin of “theirs” when coz “they” are acting by superstitious will not wonder if with some stupid intention “someone” rushed to put isis on The Throne in The Church what was looking rather ridiculous altho nasty per’se as is trading with Icons [16] and altho as ridiculing of the Holy Icons by leveling them on level of money yet probably we have superstitious elites which thought like that will get rich yeah in “their” stupidity coz more people will make disgraceful purchase with such bill (yet how much too much ~ think it dont need too much) on other hand maybe coz many among the local elites are ex-commies thus atheists or deists (yeah as such proactive puppets in some big picture [17]) also has logic that done “their” best to ridicule Christianity and bringing it on level of compared with idols!?, really such kind of misfortune of emergence dont come by pure circumstance!, yet now obviously “some” think can interfere in the Effectiveness of Liturgy what is really ridiculous if we have even slight knowledge from and about Orthodox Christianity!, simply coz we as Christians dont give or see any power in idols as “they” are but that is interesting reminder that You can expect coercion on whatever skim of chipping hiving catalogizing by “them” simply coz for “them” that matters i.e. to put “some” mark on You, obviously have some issues with sigils!?, otherwise why such hype with the pentagrams on flags in romantism i.e. by default every worshiper of the luciferian freemasonic enlightenment era [18][18]

And maybe this past paragraph above dont looks extra tied to economy, still be aware that economy is and can be interpreted in context of various variables in our Life as directly or indirectly connected influenced influencing our ideals our needs our compromises, So try reasoning out of the box coz “their” box is indeed neopagan and in it You all need to be stacked like insects!, tho still have contemplated where in it is positioned as coordinate system of theories Freeeconomics [20][20]~[20]~[20] what points that I am not at all some insider, cant even point to clear cut like “from dot-coms to subprimes, it’s been a decade of decadence” [21] but I encourage You do search seek ask for ontopic public debate among insightful!, thus dont read me as some expert on the topic but rather like cook with fractal menu shared solely so would check how hard is for chewing swallowing or processing some particular mosaic info fractally tied to various topics ideas understanding of mine!, eh it would had have be interesting to read what others have to substract if not add to my reasoning eg. about decadence as greatest western achievement along hypocrisy an worthyness only for septic’tank’reality in which we need to act as if enjoy the “fruits” of “their” enlightenment [22]

Can we recognize decadent vibe in communication where in gallop of cacophony the largest bulk of Mankind at the moment is trying to debate on social networks!?, not even popping out debate among halfliterate even on those still alive eforums!, or when is present is also leveled on soc.nets trivial chitchat!, what about to be seen eTOS vibe and in right manner on right way the public debate would rise above the podcast expertise that can be nothing else than modern blogging but far away from neat constant eforum debate!, hm why there is scarcity of replies on my threads cant say, maybe indeed I am too dificult for reading what think is just excuse altho do exploit that scarcity so would jump in an provoke thinking if not debate!, surely if there were eg. on DGS more profound debateer not to popup further than to share some ultra’important link, but now Sorry and Thank for the opportunity to occupy some space here … maybe would provoked greater response if focused on grammatical flow (yet for that need clear head from emf molesting!) anyway I am going with my flow while exploring particular topic thus not rarely from wonnabe discussion my threads are switching in forum blogging Yet what think finally for a while will be put in Chill Out Mode … simply I need to focus on more important metaphysical issues like slaying the dragons that have wounded which now want revenge, yeah “they” see my decimation of “their” neopagan fakery of n’w’o waiting to happen as bloody act thus now are trying to paint me evil coz “their” evilry, and that asks now for lets say Spiritual Battle per’se but also will of Martyrs Feat if in parallel act through Prayers and Demystification for what hm maybe I am not so prepared coz dont live in fullness Consecrated Life due to various stupid local traps that were prepared for me by the local sold souls of poltroons to euroatlantic determinists and “their” demons-anathema-to-them!, anyway, It was Pleasure being part of this Community for a while Stay Safe and Live in Grace through Christ thus do get Inchurched would be my Message Of Hope Love and Salvation …

hm I find it bit interesting to share one point about UBI hype i.e. why it could be rolled out by euroatlantic determinists, which if we know that had have inherited malthusian mindset in their n’w’o stamina and depop is firm pivot in that agenda, then why “they” would introduce UBI spin which defacto will bring population growth!?, hm hm hm one thing that could be taken away from the next snapshot from “Robonomics - principles, benefits, challenges, solutions” by StanislavHI [1][1] is that like this potentially globalists will resolve easily the issue of nationalism!, i.e. by introducing UBI in the western world alone (defacto cant in whole) will pull immigration waves to the western realm and like that simply will corner easily and quickly any nationalistic mood especially in europe for federalization once the haterate will boil and clash between different cultures will emerge, what could eg. serve for easy marking and removing of all patriots that oppose such inertia thus in essence the spear of any eventual opposition for federalization of european union to be decimated by trickery, I’ve saw that happened in my country recently but on other political level when before hand was balooned patriotic street mood that once suppressed (by jailing the protestors which were framed to storm the macedonian assembly) bit later when it was indeed needed as opposition such vibe (mids the forcible unconstitutional change of the name of our country by the local globalist stooges) almost as noone got out to protest (with respect to the unbelievable few that did), its kind of before hand exhausted resistance balloon coz later greater skim!, hm judge by Urself!, coz UBI dont have any logic mids this kind of system, eventually NFT one [2][2] where we will be all shipped in some simulacrum of reality due to some global cataclysm and to it the technocratic response would be to share coupons for all so would balance out any eventual hysteria by the current wealthy elites that are not among the infamous 1% but enough motivated if end up bankrupt and open all the cards about the whole past illusion of democracy and prime fraudulent levers of the current plutocracy that logically will secure “their” position in the next announced technocracy of 4th industrial revolution!, anyway, maybe this assumption is wrong, but smells on rotten tomatoes somehow, simply coz indeed I dont see any argument that will prove my hunch wrong!, especially knowing that all of their skims regards the n’w’o inertia are fraudulent spins eg. pushing co2 economy while main culprit for the global warming is ch4 [3] also claiming digital economy is secure way ahead while even before ChatGPT broke the 192bit cryptographic key it was logical that even by EMP hack it could be leveled whole any eventual full digital economy etc. etc. fallacies that are part of “their” great reset that cant be excused anyhow democratically but just logically seen only as elite ea-determinist strive towards new’world’order!

so read in this page from that paper, wouldnt be mass emigration provoked by UBI hype!?, think without second question, the answer will be by magnitude of continental storming!, hm be friendly and give a though on this logic!?, maybe I am missing something?, could be this also shortcut for voluntary shout “mark us all mark us all so we would be safe from those savages that occupied our country and after hived us expel those usurpers”, but yeah “they” will mark U and Ur usurpers too but will leave them so nationalism would reach multiculti form mids what selling out Ur sovereignty completely to the eurobolshevics will be fix (for now is sold to some 40% of mandatory compliance with “their” commission directives)