On Transhumanism

Well said, Dr. Hill!

Yes he is rare but still mild opposition to the mainstream trend in west, also sounded like double talk and to be honest I was listening it in background while typing the closure of the “wrong post” now the deleted above, so got impression of ambivalence like this is wrong but now what, so it is as it is!?, anyway I’ve got indeed wrong impression!, yet as if the host is not recognizing why such universalist momentum pops up in vatican i.e. that is issue of accessory error due to vatican2council …

  • … tho respect for his will to question heretical momentum in the stiff hierarchical vatican, coz its our Duty as Called to expose wrongdoings that skews or relativize The Sacrifice and The Teachings Of Jesus Christ altho suppose it takes time to be corrected the past mistakes, and hm how that to be done with ease if we are aware that as always vatican was under attack, You are right he is questioning the trend but defacto needs to chose either is for it or not coz its not some profane issue but ecclesiological one!

Yet again, as I said so would not fall in the trap of acting Apologist would only conclude when errors are imbued in some system its really hard to tweak it, simply the error needs to be removed! Hm, but how if by unam sanctam logic for that always will be waited on the popes, while they on the Katholikon, its kind of unintentional half millennia trap that actually emerged as need the western realm to be kept in line coz the vast attack by neopagans along the perfidious infiltrating from time to time whether in the Curia whether in the Academia, still the neoplatonic causality played its role so now indeed popped out not small amount issues that separate OC and RC while in same time opening RC to flirting with the idea of universalism, so now from love OC to follow that path hm looks like risk beyond understanding especially now when new occult deist band is popping up as transhumanists!, I mean why such turbofolk would allow anyone I am not sure!

  • Now, what if we are borgged by trickery, would that deprive us from Grace, hm cant guess whether if our Free Will could be manipulated by push’of’button that will not be misused such tool by “someone” thus even doing everything by the book regarding ecclesiological things still coz boosted tempting many to get loosened for Life in Feat, what actually as process now is happening by propaganda means poured through the media, but now the suffering due to our loosening dont comes instantly but takes time to be fooled and let ourselves with ease on the traps, whether those were from hedonistic mammonistic or egoistic mold, tho cant imagine how that will be multiplied in virtual reality environment or coz lust for more IQ or strength or sensation, simply we are on the edge of ultra dismay, So dont wonder how so aetheric greetings can end up in our reality probably first asteroid if not solarstorm and then after deluge, I mean I guess not sure about the order!, Still think that such causality as just another chance to be reminded from Above to get together with our lusts for ultimate livability through bionic&genetic revolution but actually lust for apotheosis, coz how we started to mess with crossbreeding animal and human dna its question whether day after will be possible like that to be Redeemed as Tom Horn claims …

… but hm this is far from easy to be explained, coz in same time there is nothing impossible for Our Almighty Lord but are we bold enough to withstand the pressures on our bodily nature and how from lazy to lazier and from unhealthy to sick makes us every next technological seemingly from good will humanist opportunity eg. like the current fiasco with the m’rna plandemix tech!? As we are warned it will come time when the suffering will reach unlimited agony even in this World most probably due to these trendy deist lusts i.e. a.i. by itself to decide not to leave us to drop dead even as mutilated maybe as the matrix food projection for itself, but that scifi already is lived by many hooked on synthetic or natural drugs as life of zombies, so Pray that humanist spin for false one pill happiness would not get upgrade now on level of ultrafast biolab delivery directly from/in our bodies, on what think even many Pagans and Neopagans will object, but hey “these” rosicrucian deist dont bother about Christian Majority as opposition mids the western realm what about the rest!, Lord Have Mercy …

(the( correct (next) post )office) Hm, if by plandemix trickery “they” didnt succeed to prepare all for hiving, even didnt helped “them” the earlier long agitprop how cyborgs are next logical level [1][1]-[1][1]-[1][1] (what think through “their” 3.0 and 4.0 plain esotery from the past century is not hard to be understood [2]-[2][2][2]-[2]) So then what is envisioned as reserve plan for “the job” would be finished!?, hm maybe wide completition through real’or’false’flag’nuclear’stay’at’home’spin and with prep’cans tagging broilers by address [3][3] hm but how we are more and more cautious it would be on multilevel share so all would start bleeping in “their” hive map, the problem again is that need to be tied to name or at least address, thus maybe are considering even delivery by mailbox of transhumanist’utopian’greetings to all still not vaxed, hm, didnt “they” rigging skim for plandemix checks too which could be used also like this, practically by whatever means so would be finished the catalogization agenda needed for neatly manageable technocracy > whether needed for full’digital’economy or for push’d’button conditioning&policing till ideal social engineering needed for “long’lasting’utopia”, surely like that the social’scientific’experimenting will get ultra’exact through major empirical surveys later fed in “their” simulators with lesser as possible free variables so the scenarios spewed by 'their" a.i. would be more reliable complete and effective [6] while “they” push “their” utopian cannister as smooth as possible further down the road, tho Stop for a moment coz this kind of “wild delivery assumptions” are per’se wrong speculations, mainly coz as what’if whats’next till finish probabilities can easily cross in paranoia if not else from the post’office :slight_smile: so You can freely avoid it coz are shared just like out’of’d’box reasoning “that we can expected from “them” anything” coz “they” indeed are neopagans and indeed have utopian agenda on top deterministic elites that stripped from empathy coz perfectionists lusts for ubermensch superhumanity “they” really dont bother how will execute what, aus&dahau comes to mind, simply trial&error is “their” super normal thing!, tho take my word an fear’from’the’postoffice potentially could block Your prompt IRS responses and that in effected throw You on street level lifestyle, I mean whats the point to live in fear if we know that “they” cant kill the Soul, hm in this case Blessed Are The Homeless, still how is probable the nano’swarm idea as last case delivery [4][4][5] why at all “they” to bother ahead by less effective tagging spins, if indeed rush for ultra’fast’chipping!?

Coz the sake of Clarity “why “they” need” panopticon [6][6][6]-[6][6][6]-[6][6][6] think it should be mentioned briefly (for all not familiar with the term) that the initial idea rests on the urge for effective surveillance and prompt policing, which is not some unique attribute of “theirs” coz its wet dream of every authoritative society, altho in “their” current plutocracy maybe less pronounced but as time’goes’by its getting more and more important simply coz the piling risks of poverty from inequality on steroids, when if “someone” has inherited utopian plan normally the current internet’voyaeristic’stamina of ELINT will need to be upgraded to push’of’button stick&carrot variables so would not pop up any eventual risks of systemic failure coz the current overbubbled overheated and overtilted financial casino of “theirs” till the shift to n’w’o is not completed, ± that day after with such system in place are opened doors eg. when economy is in question for ultra’negative’rates for fed&co so “they” could print wealth even for solar system colonization surely dont expect that overnight “they” will reach utopia but it will be eventually gradual process to full’planned’economy and communism hek after all till get full’molded’broilers that would spark with ultra obedience in their eyes it will be still more useful process the current serfs&slaves to be kept on salary hook even their pool is reduced to billion’global’citizens [6] while in context of utopia&superhumanity as panopticon it would be ideal tool for exercising humanist’social’engineering what now is primarily pushed by propaganda means but with extra effort that to be concealed so would pass smoothly as particular expected change but where always exist pushback risks, just how smooth will pass such needs of “their” if simply have total’recall’control on every citizen that even before expresses some libertarian mood the same will be anticipated by “their” a.i. algorithms which in “their” name will be servicing utopian variations under “their” exceptional deist rule!, still lets hope we are far from such late stage scenario while now the catalogization would be needed only for defense&security at least on such bate are hopped probably onboard usaf&co generals, for what normally exist already preplanned luring steps like the gifted google social’credit’system to China so now usA&co would need to have it too so would survive, at least as I am aware the google cooperation was exactly rigged as the one in Wuhan which also served its purpose fitly when time came to be peddled all for bionic&genetic m’rna revolution but on top for that to be guilty some invisible enemy from far east …

Another excuse for panopticon is “You know corruption need to be stopped”, and how else better than through panopticon means in hands of the scientific (read alchemic) utopian dictatorship, but tho which corruption is result mostly due to the carefully rigged closed’door’system where defacto plutocracy is inevitable outcome even if noone wants to come to that - what about when “they” need to rig such environment so would stay indefinitely unchallenged as shadow elites!, what in “their” eyes now should be serviced not by System Opening and Greater Citizens Supervision (of its (if not else) irresponsible bureaucracy), but instead, it should be done through further stiffer oversight by “them” over ha “their” corrupt, but also the poor (what would be eg. now 1/3 of the population in usA [7]), coz normally as the pile of poor is growing so are the tensions in the society thus the need for more effective balancing of the systemic risks from tensions revolts or lawlessness and like that risks for choking of the constitutional rights and liberties, what eventually can lead to shear systemic collapse “You know if now is not implemented “their” panopticon “they” will claim” altho the same is still not officially revealed (as already in place system linked to elm’satelite’net that just needs to be rolled out in full capacity), ± such “they” comfort “thermselves” that such hive is needed coz all those tied to infiltration freefloating balloon risks of internal or external enemies of the euroatlantic empire so all could sleep peacefully that others will not hive them!, and probably for many its understandable “their” will for securing the current order from collapse as more than necessary coz otherwise will be real huge mess, just that mess actually as always comes from “their” nihilst maltusian darwinian and per’se rosicrucian kitchen!, hm, surely there will be also surprising shock once is revealed eg. maybe some of the underbosses as suddenly awaken from the blinded by pay’per’check servitude will shout in unbelief once the panopticon hive is alive “but where is the democratic balance between privacy and patriotic’act’piracy of the citizens freedom”, on what will get applause ha he havent found about the Scanner Darkly mandatory greeting for lower executive echelons, what if did, supposedly would need to grasp that the panopticon is rule of a thumb coz some invisible enemies and coz wide’popular’good coz what “they” need unnoticeably to penetrate as deeper as “they” can in all the brains at once, coz it was proven that its not enough the prevalent tap swimming in the citizen homes and pockets through LED screens&bulbs but now they need in their heads too, probably “some” scientists would shout for useful recording of Brainwaves Symphony need except external also inner Conductor which will expose any hidden spiritual glitches, and all that by the tact of “Minority’Report’Script” for ultimate precrime utopianism!

Still I have also strange feeling that all that, maybe is not so much driven from ideals, but predominantly from fears!, as kind of survival elitist reflex not to lost “their” inheritance of power wealth and joy, at the moment maybe coz the lately’noticed’derivative’evaporation here and there in “their” clearing systems!?, and so “they” could keep “their” position as ultimate elites above all, then how else to secure “their” fears than through boosting the current plutocratic authoritarianism till technocratic totalitarianism i.e. from fear to rushup shift from plutocracy in technocracy that normally in both cases is sold as justly lawful and beautiful, and why, so the broilers would be kept ahead automatically passive&obedient even mids rigged&covert wide’world’experimental transhumanist circumstances, altho all that masked with excuses like we need such “switch” coz chance for smooth removing of any potential risks from destabilization of the system!, an survival math excuses for the naive academia to keep without hesitations the pace of research and servitude till success (altho defacto not for common good but “their” elitist survival), an deeper reduction of their reductionist humanism by their “masters”!, tho that is the commoner academia, while “their” Academician Peers as scientific elite has big loosen smile on “their” face, coz hope that in the end as intellectual faction (with little help of transhumanist a.i. patches in “their” brains) will prevail after the shift in the expected technocracy and from within to transfer day after the power from the current bank’corp elites to the future philosophers&idealists thus now quietly work out what is asked even overlooking (if and when is needed) whatever bioethical or ecoethical norms, eg. the modern m’rna mengelians!, if only there would be forbs alike rating lists of all of those maybe some would had have felt if not ashamed how so gave consent or guard for the recent bionic&genetic revolution, or there is but ink is invisible or the paper too porous …

… altho think there is also academic elitist core even among “their” Academic Peers, normally from the very same pool of the current clannish power elites that see “themselves” as ultimate inheritors of the enlightenment era utopian ideals that as ultimate brains behind the scenes tomorrow hope will become the leading n’w’o elite from which ofcourse will be xeroxed the future’uber’leaders, and “nice psychopathy” represent of this faction of wonnabe utopian scientific dictators are huxleans alike exemplars, altho now defacto shadowed by the caste of current vault keepers and usurers, while both of “them” balanced by the faction of dulles alike spooks!, and somehow as “invisible” mids all as glue are the rosicrucian neopagan sorcerers - which actually expect that as faction it will be “theirs” the right to the throne!, hm an invisible faction that is and will be the true and prime force above all the rest in “their” utopia, and logically coz “they” are the true utopian deist idealists that gave meaning to all the rest euroatlantic neopagan elites from the enlightenment revolution onward, the one that gave meaning to “their” neopagan cause and exceptionalism, the one that by sorcery and ultimately possessed stamina are puppeteering all the rest, yet interestingly many think and expect that “their” version 2.0 (what would be freemasonry) looks like the highest order among “them” thus not aware who’is’who, but defacto those are the version 1.0 i.e. the rosicrucian alchemists that are the hidden elites in “their” faction of euroatlantic neopagan enlightenment! Logically that glue coz hidden cant be anyhow differently melted but only through Grace so those that really want to revert “their” inertia and by trickery achieved causality need to focus on Christian Life in Feat [8] instead expecting by whichever dismantling of any other node in “their” ea’neopagan’apparatus on top by earthly means that “their” empire power and utopianism will faint away tho eg. by exposing “them” like this it could be paused “their” inertia or pushed further “their” concealment thus more difficulty to restart “their” visible’invisible’college academicians to chase effective hiving or programing biotech, coz know that through sorcery cant kneel Christians anyhow thus trying by trickery to push us on suffering till apostasy, practically coz succeeded to convince many to depend from “their” usurious’debt’money as owned by owing promise or convinced also not few to get hooked on “their” alchemic meds! … Practically “they” act jointly, but still that priestly faction is empowering the rest, and it would be really naive to believe that “they” are just spontaneous gang of deceivers pushing “their” deceit plainly circumstantial, no nothing in “their” euroatlantic swamp is sudden or not rigged, normally above all is anathemago as prime force and evil’puppet’master coz by default all of them hierarchically are selling “their” souls so would be left in “their” steering wheels till utopia!, So there is no other mean “they” to be cornered or to be dismantled that causality but through Grace!, and so if want to be real and true freedom fighter become devoted Orthodox Christian coz simply the battle is with the powers&principalities in higher places i.e. “their” deception to fool the apostate secular or neopagan elites in this World which even when are not aware for this causality as divers in “their” current system are carried easily to work out for “their” deist utopian agenda!, even many as devoted Christians in their respective field of expertise, simply how would they know that were part of vast neopagan utopian deist plot!?

Yes the masses as not aware or defocused from the real skim, and prefer to look on this hiving panopticon phase as driven by “Strictly Business” motives, and indeed it looks like appealing explanation when observed surficially, coz who has time or courage to reach “their” roots in the mud, and even when will is extra distracted by various means so at best would postpone to reach awareness and till is still anaware would be politely exploited to work out for “them”, hm, Devoted Christians tho by the True Power Of Grace are on other hand politely asked to step away coz simply even not aware whats at stake behind the scenes alone with their presence somewhere are restraining any evil agenda eg. DonaldT even he ws caught through patriotic weakness from respect to usaf to sign warpspeedin’ yet he kept being himself and alone like that it was enough not to deliver to full extent “their” lock’me’down’scotty’agenda!, that was needed so the fear would be fasted by greater pressure and all to be coerced on vaxing! [9] i.e. indeed “their” plandemix failed as not promtly peddled till end i.e. how “they” would secure smooth shift in full’digital’economy while not all got the jab, coz only by vast if not total chipped population “they” can push smooth transition from “their” current plutocracy in pure technocracy, otherwise risk big time “their” house’of’cards to collapse!, surely all that was secured also by defense&security fears or opportunities so would be peddled easily the hijacked if not “owned” military&intelligence apparatus to follow blindly untill the esoteric&academic caste lust out the moment for free experimental genetic&bionic revolution towards superhumanity and heaven’on’earth! hm in essence seen as inherited esoteric’alchemic’empiricism “their” priestly caste is actually scientist and viceversa sometime invisible sometimes visible college coz as naturalist deists are trying to reach apotheosis by reason and mastering of the nature within and around “them”!, probably crossfade exist on the other levels too, there are many witness accounts for luciferian generals that from wickedness got even defformed eyebrows!, but who knows exactly how and till what extent coexist in “their” neopagan swamp! I really dont care actually, tho one need to be aware that “their” mud is even deeper than “their” states, so dont judge “them” coz its really hard someone to get pulled out from there, on contrary need to get help so be polite and share a Prayer so at least those who are willing to pull off would have safety rope instead rocks to fell all around!, and if we put ourselves in “their” shoes will easily get aware how so that is the case, just then people could be able to understand for what kind of temptation is word, and as ex-pagan (even tho not anyhow connected to “their” euroatlantic neopagan syncretism of ancient eastern pagan mysticisms, still) I am pretty aware which is “their” well and what is its “black goo” finally what its will, thus we as Mankind with Free Will can only chose whether we will surrender it to “them” or we will forward it towards Salvation what as order in this World of Existence is Our Almighty Lord Providence as second chance So after our fall to recognize and taste the oblivion of final fall if we choose to embrace the false idolatrous deism!

So choose wisely, and dont act stupidly creative that You can experiment with the choice or postpone it for later, You need to stand firmly otherwise risk to be carried away easily if not put effort as for awareness for the Truth so as for embracing it as chance for Salvation through Jesus Christ … if so then would be careful not to fall in the traps like lustful epicureanism or possessive selfishness or proud exceptionalism even when You can afford that eg. as Orthodox Christians in contrast to the rest that are in heresy or apostasy for/from the Truth i.e. we can easily slip in prelest if condemning the rest without compassion but brag from vanity So leave the Apologetic Debate to Theologians while we as Laos we can Hope that the errors will be reverted and we all will get back to the True Orthodox Christian Roots, so dont brag how we are exceptional coz we need to lower ourselves also as unworthy, coz dont live in Virtuous Feats eg. as the Early Christian had have, who even mids the city were living ascetic way of life, what now cant be reached with similar ease even we were living in Monastery, thus dont be like the pharisees but like the publicans, and especially if we know that as by not small marigen we are also tied to some evangelical error nowadays eg. by the ethnophiletist heresy thus not so perfect and errorless, and even if I try to (or do so) say look as macedonians we are among the first to step back from this ecclesiological error, coz now officially reverting to the prime tradition as Ochrid Archiepiscopy, still even like this I’ll fell in proudful sin, altho when anyhow somewhere or to someone point this I am using it as reminder to the rest Orthodox Christian Churches cmon follow the example so all Orthodox Christian Ecumena will shine in Full and True Tradition, especially if we know that the reason for this heresy is indirectly result of the freemasonic republicanism as nationalism!, but again this is good to be witnessed by example and not just words, tho if I continue to reasoning in this context I can fell even in deeper vanity if start to brag how Ochrid Archiepiscopy as successor of Justinijana Prima that was raised on level of third equal seat between Vatican and Constantinople (what was done by Imperial Decree by Saint Justinian I) now also can equally express exceptionalism, but I’ll be wrong coz in meantime also by imperial decrees few times the status was reverted, altho think that once given status to some Church it should be lasting unless thrown anathema by Council, hm but werent most of the Orthodox Churches raised by such decree!? hm, I am not so insightful so would not make wrong assumption will kept quiet!, still as I said I can reason from commoner perspective coz I’m nor Theologian nor anyhow to anyone authority thus the same logic cant help noone but just further stir proudful prelest in someone hearts or condemnation pride in others coz anyhow I’ve expressed exceptionalism how The Church in Macedonia at the moment is with most pure traditional outlook, will that be enough so we would see extra Grace and Mercy in this World!?, hm, that would be even wronger from my side to claim as if I was aware somehow for soteriological or pneumatological metaphysics, simply its not ours to guess and even if I had have open spiritual eyes still we cant tell for sure, why coz even small things can deprive us from might (name it) plus if we measure by the totality of breakage from that modern OC heresy think officially its not so errorless circumstance coz the Synod didnt still embraced in fullness this brake up with the ethnophiletism coz from patriotic reasons still kept for internal use OA-moc hm maybe afraid not to cross in royalism if completely throw out this freemasonic nationalistic burden!?, simply it cannot be maid compromise with the errors, error is error!, but even then if we dont get humble, whats the point of exercising exceptional Phariseeism!?

Now if Christians can be carried away easily by pride, which passion should be adacta from soteriological aspect i.e. we cant lean on it if we know that the same is the very first reason for our ancestral fall, what if it was case eg. Orthodoxy would had have resolved ethnophiletistic heresy while Catholicism own newskool or better said turbofolk ecclesiology on top secured by unum’sanctam’exceptionalism (yeah turbofolk indeed can be huge issue that boosts earthly ecstasy instead eternal joy [1]) and if we as Christians altho inspired by Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ Humble Virtues instead to follow that example (with spiritual peace in our hearths) if (and when pulled and) carried by pride we also know to astray, then just imagine how smooth exceptionalism grabs neopagans which by default chase deist vibe!?, vibe by which rush to be above all, hm even worst i.e. not just above all Mankind but even above God, So whats the odds that “they” as turbofolk pagans will not experiment without any remorse for “their” actions with whatever “they” can exploit, even more how that is secured by alchemic empirical inheritance for mastering prima’materia or how for them ethics and morals are only foolishness’ for the weak, actually as “they” see now all the rest ruled beneath mids the euroatlantic realm!, Sharp example for this “turbofolk exceptionalism” is “their” constant spinning by trickery&dishonesty in context of politics or economics, as more noticeable, but recently the same vibe culminated also in medicine or culture how covertly were imposed biotech and cancel’culture hypes, both smoothly sold coz supposedly those were championing safety and equality thus after true liberty, yeah androgen one by bullying even Christians on acceptance top to bottom antichristian antiethical and unjustly policies (kgbt - gmo/m’rna - election’frauds) actually by “their” deist complex not just by trickery but not rarely by force push down’our’throats&veins whatever think is good (mostly from “own” elitist interests), and on top to all that we should even shout “thank you my neopagan&secular brothers&sisters coz as elitist minority you know what is good to be shared to Christians in euroatlantic societies” - the rest normally are “their” third’world’countries where such clamping should be on level of worshiping so potentially in distant future would be integrated in (I’ll say swallowed by) “their” wonnabe utopian empire!, - at least “they” expect this to be norm by euroatlantic’elitist’causality per’se coz clannish inheritance of wealth gained by trickery is throwing “them” in exceptional world’of’power but by “their” deist standards without some exceptional responsibility or guilt while experimenting or meatgrinding! And all this is logical knowing how “they” are not fencing “themselves” by Grace, so even when dont want to behave nasty, still coz in neopagan apostasy defacto are hostages of evil once as authorities&elites loosen anyhow regards the Law or outside of the Christian Ethos coz per’se rule above Christians thus when tempting with “their” agendas even the Youngest Souls logically such inertia will provoke unwanted causality to all packed under “their” statist umbrella, especially if prone to corruption while in same time acting Christians, and overall once such behavior becomes an ego trend as important piece in “their” power’elite’mosaic its easily predictable what would be the consequences ahead! …

… Hm, even JFK couldnt endure such mosaic of wrong causality i.e. altho devoted as Inchurched Christian plus with honest fearless and to honor prone leader still couldnt bring true democratic change even less to drain “their” swamp from mud (what actually wood had have been for “their” own good) per’se so would be not repeated the earlier geopolitical euroatlantic exceptionalism and the eugenic mistakes from ww2, hm got too great feat on his shoulders but in closed’system’envinronment (and what could had go wrong) actually from the very first moment he was constantly framed to surrender his free will, and finally when he evaded all that traps “they” decided to remove him coz whatever reasons [2] altho some say to that removal greater inertia came by northamerican constitutional causality i.e. how the citizens are designated as owned corpses [2][2][2]-[2][2][2] now all these footnotes have logic only if we know that corporations are actually also citizens “thus vice-versa corps also has logic” [2][2][2] what this means is that as wealthy citizens “they” have always space more easily to excercise “their” rights and influence thus always ahead before the rest, normally as oligopols “they” will indebt the rest and like that even more secure what “they” want whether in domestic or foreign politics So “their” advantage comes by trickery i.e. by law western citizens are becoming indebted assets to the cauldron of bank’corp elites that manipulate them through “their” plutocracy thus finally by surrendered freedom through “personal id” I suppose “they” think hold the upper hand above all as indirect owners of the system, tho this could be also seen through direct indebting when one corporation hold by lease others and when that is exercised above the states as power derived by citizen vote (coz citizens are the constitutional sovereign) So now most probably “they” believe as creditors have the right to rig plutocracy and by trickery to push it till totalitarian technocracy where finally “they” will be the rightful ruling heirs, in essence “they” are rigging momentum how to hijack republicanism towards “owned” globalism what for quite some time is cleverly pushed by supposedly for common good transnational agendas mids the euroatlantic realm, or when that skim is shaken then hope by controlled chaos to provoke suspension of the constitutions so through marshal laws to bring technocracy as ultimate centralization of power, where normally coz hyperinflation “they” would indebt till bone all borrowers (coz exponential spike of debt in such circumstances) and like that to become ultimate owners as ea’bank’corp elite day after (hm here China is problem probably for “them” as huge lander and thats why probably were trying hard to tie it to their markets so indirectly would depend its economy from theirs what would be ideal opportunity for negotiating acceptance for “their” lead in the new’world’order surely see as ace the taiwanese card too as owned by huge margin, yet we still havent came to that phase and as we can see “their” skims dont go smooth thus now trying by improvisations to get back on n’w’o tracks) as I can see probably aware that at the moment cant push such colonization by force so would get onboard all mostly coz lag behind with the hypersonic’missle’tech thus need to push backdoor solutions so would convince by other means as much as possible states to surrender their independence eg. at least for reaching level of western superstate again through “debt magic” thus once some (what about all) consent to accept that reality normally would become pure asset (even as walking resources) of/for those clanish elites of shadow’master’puppeteers what mids full’digital’economy would be colonization process on steroids till secure utopia, where “they” would do whatever like as “they” want, altho even now are already in place all the skims for chasing superhumanity altho it need to be pushed covertly eg. the genetic revolution released by emergency act trickery, thus seen like this magna carta was not freedom for the masses from vaticans jurisdiction but hijacking the lands and the serfs for “own” exploitation - while the rest outside “their” tenure and asset’ocupancy were seen even worst as kind of animal commodity (cattle if You like coz as rosicrucians which syncretize between hinduism and kemetism surely see “themselves” as cow while see us as “their” cattle) defacto saw all the rest mankind outside “their” henhouse like wild’game’opportunity as it was case with the white and black slaves in medieval times [3][3] so by trickery the european neopagan elites secured permanent state of ownership rights above all under “their” law, particularly through the maritime law as mace’bearer of “their” thalassocracy, what could be seen as adequate label as by “their” largest share of the global fleet of transport ships but also how lex’financiaria as subsystem is derived from lex’mercatoria thus we can argue how also the global financial casino is regulated by “their” terms and needs, tho every legal international system [4][4] if we know how “they” took through the “city’of’london” corporate arm beic whatever could and that were also all early british and northamerican banks, normally trough speculation in the first case [4][4] while through coercion in the second [4][4] so day after controlling whole world trade and usury normally would rig with ease wherever can “own” plutocracy, defacto citizen are sovereigns in republican constitutions but dejure the states indebted to “them” are becoming hostage, so rarely someone attempts to confront “them” and “their” cohorts from the academia or politics, and normally if and when some leader its trying to be True Representative Of The Citizens and act in their interests that are not opposite to “their” will He is simply sabotaged (eg. all independent like JFK or DonaldT [5]) or removed by fraud (eg. JamesT, DonaldT etc.) and/or if tough then wacked (eg. JFK, MuamerG, JamesT etc.), So in this kind of circumstances if anyhow “they” are consumed by utopian deist ideals then logically will push transhumanism in one or another way, even more normally always finding excuses like needed coz defense&security efficiency&liquidity survival&longevity on top excuses secured for execution by the ultraliberal vibe in euroatlantic realm where even existed whatever Christian Ethos is leveled just to cultural museum relics, aside that quite long time “their” experts have humanist (by neopaganism standardized) mindset which now rests on wrong biological evolutionary or wrong social population theories that are per’se utopian enlightenment legacy thus even some representatives of the citizens would object “their” agendas simply will be silenced by such humanist academic sciences, in the end all this smoothly masked by cheap propaganda how “their” will is for common good, hm is it possible deists to reason in terms of equality or will sacrifice whatever is needed so would reach anthropocentric apotheosis!?, normally that “they” will try to rig everything and peddle all towards “their” ultimate lust to become earthly gods in some “own” heaven’on’earth!, tho defacto “they” want that but what will get if anytime reach such wonnabe stage is just certain oblivion [6] eh if just people would have tasted what is like true misery while in same time could sensed what would mean that to last eternally eh maybe then would find time to Repent!

  • Maybe all these parallels to the topic transhumanism are confusing for many, but how we to grasp the “truth” behind the current bionic&genetic revolution if its seen just like pure academic inertia by some fuzzy in the head scientists, on contrary without the support allowance and utopian lusts of euroatlantic determinists its impossible any scientific mind to reach far from his lab - even he was some new Nikola Tesla!, so its fact that the science is also hijacked to serve “the” evil will of (even not of these deist elites but) the’wrong’powers&principalities-anathema-to-them!, and thats why I am over and over giving emphasis on the need for Struggle through Prayers through Grace through Christ so would be safely tied the wrongly’manipulated’hands of euroatlantic determinists!!!, the same goes also for any hijack of “theirs” whether science agenda or its execution, basically any of “their” ideals spins and skims can be easily dismantled like this through Grace, while if we act anyhow zealeous mids “their” realm of ownership and influence either with anger or hate like that getting opposite effect like that we are fueling “them” coz as inheritors of “the revolution” thus driven by evil like that we are feeding “their” demons-anathema-to-them! when in “their” realm of influence&rule trying to defy “dem”, what in my opinion its really unproductive waste of time in times like these to expect smooth pushback by street pressure what about to flip “their” lid on over “them”! yeah doable maybe in punk fanzines&comics!, where smooth means lets open global butchers dance festival! So dont!, be more creative ,

… And if anyhow we can rig “them” in “their” system is by outcry for transparency and responsibility regarding the existing laws, simply it is given to “them” by law to rule thus only through law “they” could be cornered technically through earthly means, but so we would see transparency we need to achieve wide opening of the system what is doable only through with eTOS circumstances [7] thus start asking even parties to bring own 24/7 public eforums where all would see who is really who and how some party agenda is brought to life with Hope like that citizens will reach till institutional eforums where it could be pushed Direct Democracy on highest level, something like earlier times public open air forum where every citizen could reexpert its representatives and their experts, but what in the current circumstances can and need to be done through ngo’s as ergonomic link between the masses and its administration!, eh if like this is opened even only the lobbying scene in usA and eU and I am sure many now legally corrupt ways for exercising wrong lucrative interests of few would be deprived from the current pocketing means how now all the process goes behind close doors!, what about if every institution is completely opened for debate to every citizen with academic expertise that would have chance to debate the ideas the projects and the agendas 24/7 in his specific state institution even that was allowed on parallel public eforums while on the prime one would engage in polishing on the same topics party and ngo experts in the specific branch or science!, and eh if only to this kind of polishing for crucial laws and projects would have the educational academia right on quick polls so would be sensed the overall take on some issues, maybe we would find out what indeed is the consensus among the intellectuals in one society, instead like now that to be mimicked by owned’academic’megaphones!, and atho all this now could be easily rigged by a.i. interference mids eTOS environment, yet I am sure it could be found some secure even “3fa” ways for evading such risks!, (ha maybe through the parallel institutional eforums this could be rechecked like live gps sneak peak in the official edu’joints of the e-academicians when they would exercise institutional eforum polls, as kind of public ngo oversight of the process i.e. to be brought atmosphere that the public can police them wherever it wants so would be achieved less space for corrupt circumstances, tho problem who will service those cctvs :slight_smile: hm, not that I am certain how this kind of Open System needs to be organized so would be most easily reached True Open Society but its kind of idea that per’se needs en’masse to be debated till reach level of concept what about project and not to think like this even for implementation, throw some eforums around leave spontaneous selfmoderation and thats it!, it would be wrong’as’usual if its process pushed without will and responsibility, simply there are many knowledgeable willing and eager academic citizens that could prepare this kind of agenda in any party, tho they all wait on some authority to stir the trend, probably dont want to risk with debate startups coz its risky for the ngo or party career!, not sure just why MAGA as reforming wing in gop is still quiet [8] as if indeed are satisfied with the rhinos way of exploiting’establishment’democracy, hek why Libertarians are still passive and hope on deelitization and corruptionless momentum through the current enclosed system while also themselves are not opening!, yeah probably from lazines satisfied with the chance for e-answer on e-question through foia requests after few moths waiting surely not rarely with note feel free to ask next year another question!, now I’ll understand security realm institutions cant have this kind of eTOS vibe and will need to keep its staff low so would not drop something ridiculous [9] if not juice up top secret screws, but agricultural urban financial etc. any other directly tied to the citizens needs realm to be stalled in the past century communication that is really strange why still haven happened True Open System, logically “someone” risk like that “its” plutocracy to become indeed close to democracy!

Going forward, the question is do we have still time for this kind of popular citizen reset of “their” current plutocracy and choked bureaucracy!?, hm think always will be!, the question is whether those willing to engage eTOS reality (whether on ngo party or institutional level (where through thematic eforums with every topic in its own subforum and those in own specific category)) whether those are aware that most important thing is Moderation so the flow would not be fakebook alike but profound academic at least without agitprop slips so the debates would bring clarity of solutions but by the independent intellectuals instead like now all to be frustrated from the “owned” experts that project usually “lobby” interests behind close doors, who not rarely are actually tiered from commission doors!, maybe thats why want all to be hived so this current’close’system even as such would be more effective!?, yeah but also with brain’gates hacking risks/opportunities to all anyhow not aligned to “their” utopian cause! So by all means is better non’ultra’virtual eTOS but one arranged by the current desktop/laptop interfacing!, I mean they can continue with their own good practice as administration still when it comes to public policing expertise eTOS would helpful even to the public’servants at least so citizens would not bother them 24/7 like now but observe online in what phase of processing is their appeal problem or idea i.e. e-transparency to be reserved even for constant online archiving of all administrative work, what could be also helpful for adequate resource allocation by their team leaders maybe asking for quick help from other departments on top envinronment where would intervene ngo’s or citizen could engage outside experts coz easier resolution of their problems!, Still I am not so devoted to this idea so would anyhow claim what would be most useful model of eTOS, simply it needs to be put in invention mode and after to test, but how if citizens wait for this on the already “owned” and choked institutions, so dont waste time and push this idea from bottom to top through ngo’s and political parties in which case the inertia sooner or later will reach till institutional political and academic eforums, lets see then whether the peer’review process will be rigged so easily like now on private scientific journals coz the sake of big’pharma or whoever put or have upper hand there!, tell me how bioethics and ecoethics would be skewed mids eTOS, hm maybe lobotomy by enough nanobots, So dont wait “their” transhumanism to reach such level, tho even it would eventually such reality will be noticeable thus in one or another way will be dismantled, but why till then not to be in full steam the system by Effective Direct Democracy [10] just what kind of relead it would had have been even now instear through sensationalist or agitprop media indirectly to have had chance eg. to see 24/7 direct confrontation between dr.Malone and rd.fauci, but no someone wants to keep us all asleep while through the current closed’door’system is rigging with ease!, so take away that opportunity from “dem”!

Need to emphasize what actually brought me to dr. Joseph P Farrell and this forum is his interview on transhumanism (tagged below( Art of Alchemy and the Transhumanist Agenda) where is neatly explained “their” current and future agenda [1][1] and I’ll recommend it as extra important that demystify the superhumanity piece of “their” utopian n’w’o puzzle i.e. without “their” anthropocentric apotheosis whats the point of having technocratic socialism where normally Christians would take the lead sooner or later!?, projected in whatever manner “they” as minority dont have other secure way ahead to stay in power - but by trickery to push submission dependence and apostasy on us - and how else that to be secured easily that to make from us hackable animals, what already as “they” believe is achieved as means, whether by darpa [2][2][2] whether pfizer [2][2][2] alike skims that can push even beyond homosillicone but homochimera biocomputers [2][2][2] tweaked by light [2][2][2] dissipated by sat’lasers [2][2][2] in context of this last footnote what brings the holodeck strait in the brain [2][2][2] with even certain esoteric risks if we know with what kind of deist’ea’determinists we have work [2] yep holograms in the brain [2][2][2] yeah exceptional till the first next reverse’polar’solarstorm!, still that dont stops “them” to lust after “their” transhumanist agenda coz as power’elite neopagan’alchemic’minority cant accept to lose the strings from “their” exceptional hands!, dont wonder why YT rush to delete over and over this next interview of JPF … I’ll recommend also to it as pre or post bumper to be seen “Corruption Is Legal In America” (by RepresentUs) so You can understand how so such agenda is possible i.e. how are succeeding to push it as neopagan’euroatlantic’determinists above Christians …

AATA ~ https://www.dailymotion.com/video/k2vFFa1xf8yriOyl8lt

… and how else to be evaded such neopagan risks than by opening of the system, so indeed think eTOS now is (almost most) important approach per’se so would be cornered on west all probable plutocratic infiltration of ea-determinists that had have hijacked the system, altho seen as Hope for greater transparency and lesser chance for corruption it will take time such environment to secure dismantling of “their” covert homosillicone skim or wrong neopagan n’w’o agenda, for that per’se we need to focus on invoking extra Grace upon this World so again and again we will restrain any evil from becoming real danger to all, especially if we know that now when “their” agenda is in improvising mode “they” can provoke not rigged’secured’planned but intentional (freestyle) world economic collapse so like that would place even easier corrupt environment!, alone just by provoking like that mass continental migrations again on small door could push by emergency act vaxing coz “easier catalogization and totalitarian policing” hek in such panic even themselves people to lust even officially for “d’chip” once would become exposed to stimulated anarchy, yeah problem solution executed by trickery, again playing all by fear from the invisible or visible enemy, and even again DonaldT would be elected, hm already “they” are trying to encircle him so would be peddled more smoothly for whatever see he could take the bait!, and thats why he needs eTOS even now in gop so would make from the party true popular GOP instead leaving it like elitist nest that is ideal’match’part of “their” deeP (by d’establishment’enterpize peddled) state!, and Yes it would be ideal if through such party eTOS momentum its quickly reached to institutional eTOS environment, still Hope for Miracles but also expect havoc, so its wise to start reasoning about personal Agrarian Mindset coz secure survival if DoD has no will to step out from its biochip agenda, while in same time You are not willing to follow!, hm, but even that is not some granted safety from transhumanist whip i.e. what “unlimites’cave’insurance” You have if run to rural selfsufficiency that will be spared from “their” misery?, So Foremost Focus On Salvation Of Your Soul coz we are in this World with purpose that cant be reached by own selfish means i.e. those who will seek to save their souls from selfishness instead to lay their life for the close one surely they will lose it, simply we have responsibility to do all that coz its in our power to help even strangers what about the close one!?, thus its not so smooth exit for all rural reemigration coz not all are prepared for such move as family, tho its wise to have for any worst case scenario some refuge, at least safe basement if not safehouse [3] maybe just prep emergency kits [4]

… eh if just people would be Truly Faithful will grasp that Miracles are regular thing and dont need to be afraid even from vaxing, yet in same time we need to be cautious not to loosen coz we can be easily pulled in some trap and then after from pride to start swearing judging condemning cursing thus dont fool yourself eg. that even like Orthodox Christian for example You are something exceptional simply with every freedom by Faith and safety by Grace also comes Responsibility and as much higher one reach so as has greater Responsibility thus running away is per’se not ideal response altho also staying in sure’shot’traps is also foolish thing, and as Jesus Christ advise us the middle way in this World is secure exit, what tho maybe looks impossible for many yet if focus on devoted Christian Life in Feat then surely nothing is difficult except to lower yourself what is necessary so would evade Prelest i.e. not acting authority but accept that others maybe also know something thus willing to listen debate and seeking balance, tho there are some things that cant be negotiated what for us as Christians is the Orthodox Tradition passed to us by Jesus Christ and The Apostles and their Followers, tho instead we to keep that Tradition not rarely tend to reinvent it even as Orthodox Christians (ethnophiletism comes to mind) still Orthodox Christianity aside that infiltration everything else kept in its Purity since the very first beginnings thus its logical to be embraced by all Christendom again in fullness but how if that process goes by the current ecumenical trend when is pushed some balance between traditional and turbofolk vibe, simply wrong approach!

I do find important the one’love’religion hype as glue for social cohesion in “their” n’w’o [5] and if ecumenism is pushing us there through assisi alike gatherings [6] then by no means Orthodox Christians cant afford themselves such not turbofolk but death’metal’vibe and really Hope that by PanOrthodox Council so would reject this trend of supposedly ultra’love’stew where surely will drop “their” neopagan’luciferian’prometheans as core esoterical faction among the euroatlantic determinists!, yeah which btw are behind all transhumanist agenda as by alchemy reaching apotheosis (check the footnotes in the 1st footnotes in this post) this think should be now obvious what is and will come from such alchemical’grocery’shop so dont be naive and from love to get drown in “their” cauldron!, hek even just as cyborg spice is deep fall what about trough it to reach to be served with “their” utopian lunch package!?, normally its not at all tabu that “they” are trying to level us even before we end up in “their” utopian cauldron i.e. trying push us in it by trickery eg. as GeorgeAnnH say even in tobacco are dropping human genes, whats next if already is not rigged like that the food&bevarages, so do Pray and Bless what You eat and drink, tho do that when diving in “their” mainstream media too or stop watching tv so would not choke from “their” agitprop, ideally live Christian Life in Feat thus Prayers will be joyful daily routine so as fenced by Grace will not bother what is or not in what we consume (usually normal regular necessities yeah shampoo with graphene oxide if not nanobots) stil from my personal experience can say it dont hurt if live Devoted Consecrated Inchurched Life, even when having huge drops due to various traps once decide to focus on Salvation, simply Miracles are very regular occurence for those who will lean with theirs Free Will to The Will Of Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ but how would people know what is Honey if havent taste it what in case of Christianity comes as reward after Living Life in Feat foremost by calming own lusts greed and pride so we could reach Metanoia and Eucharistia in Fulness, but how if You are freewilingly asleep by all the small toys that became meaning of life for many, hek without watch on their hands or smartphone in their pockets cant imagine to step outside their comfort zone, some even walk’on’by The Eternity in this life even with plastic vault of cards i.e. cant imagine to make step on street without them, yep most practical idol than any other coz we’ve become consumeristic discount worshipers, waith just a bit probably that idol will get imbued with your synapses in form of prepaid and postpaid or debit and credit nanobot which as virtual wallet maybe it could be mystified by avatar shape maybe of your dear pet!? So in time bring opposition through debate before its not too late …

… the next interview on The Byte Show is also good one in context of JPF and ScottH book [7] tho the second part I am seeing it as kind of distraction in context of their other book where they juggled obviously with heretical theological assumptions regarding Orthodox Christian Dogma about Holy Trinity tho I havent read the book thus cant draw clear conclusion yet asked JayD if as stance expressed in the interview can be debated [8] but obviously the plea needs momentum thus maybe like this will provoke such, still the first part of this show episode its good annex to their Transhumanism book!, hm, its funny how in this case we can find common enemy as Christians and gnostics!

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I’ll need again and again to point I am nor expert on the topic nor scientist nor apologist nor even some insightful as engineer or microbiologist, simply just reasoning with all my lowliness from perspective of observer from what is available info on net and the events that splash us in this reality eg. the past post 2nd footnotes in context of the vaxing agenda, and at first I was cmon “they” are not so nut to push “the chip” covertly through plandemix, and took time till get on the conspy bandwagon, but once the jabs became warpspeeden’ and even more when all fall for it as ultra’safe’experiment on top pushed by mainstream’fear’propaganda simply said yep lets get full onboard antiglobalist vibe so would give a hand for debunking of “their” bona’fide’spin [1][1] also somehow had firm confidence that DonaldT will not be peddled, but obviously we all have been!, surely he is not expert and surely was caught in line of fire with “their” death’fear’agitprop so by all the protocols and surely patriotic wink by usaf he fall in “their” lets’hive’all trap that somehow got aligned to starlink and spaceforces insurance policy to the panopticon agenda presumably by dod pushed as survailance&simulator purposes, tho knowing its lust for supersoldiers surely in transhumanist agenda too!, the question is was DonaldT aware for that?, hm it would be naive to believe he wasnt!, yet with top’secrete’tied’hands what to whome he to tell but to believe “the experts” overseen by “their commissions” in the deep plutocratic swamp of usA, and thats why You all need to focus and speed up eTOS (True Open Society) environment so all “their” experts and agendas would be challenged in right manner than street rioting, revolution in times like these is possible only through awareness what where how is hijacked from the system, otherwise always You will be peddled by infiltration if thing that You can bang the can through street to shelve, maybe but You all need to be pro jugglers coz if in the row someone drop it and the water (read the will) spills surely that would be just good wasted time, and that is granted even in eTOS approach if such momentum is not thoughtfully employed but just coz votes funds or attention hype done, what so would not be case think needs as fluid debate platform [2] so as useful moderation [2] like what who how can contribute with his debate in creative neat and clear way, in essence we need 24/7 public eforum debate among independent experts that now even they are blogging or vlogging stil cant get creative as would if were participating in active thematic debates that would have as good categorization and thematic distribution so as clean sharp focus (digressing eg. in thread or even post chat’boxes so would be avoided the usual lets’get’high debate) and as much focus we have for clean intellectual debate so as quicker as possible will be reached anamnesis and responses to “their” wrong plutocratic exceptional utopianism!, practically nor ultra liberal capitalism is ideal solution nor communism not even socialialism will per’se bring harmony, simply the system needs balancing and if we claim democracy is rule of thumb then libertarian alike respecting of the Free Will of every tradition in some community should be respected if secured as norm through referendum!, probably coz the vast diversity it should be avoided stiff federalism and instead to be pushed unionism, what eg. now is “their” problem with eU thus rigging stage for their long lusted federalism on “their” old’basement [3][3] yet again till secularism rulz defacto even the evangelical Christian Ethos would be skewed what about Orthodox Christian one, yeah surely “they” will spin like “but without secularism we will become zealous till talibanization” hm on contrary like this now its pushed such extreme towards eg. dominionism, and what indeed would be understandable from perspective of Islam but by Christian Oath to be imposed utmost stiff determinism of Christian Ethos then were is the Free Will, the problem is that by selling individualism “they” want to convince us that no its not the right of the majority as community but the personal rights have higher values, (((but what in effect with such spin “they” want to disintegrate our joint will - while day after when will be sold transhumanist technocracy all to (I mean as “they’ve” earlier said [3][3]) all to be kneeled till no-rights!))), simply what You do at home is Your thing, but to tempt all Young Souls with eg. kgbt alike lusts indeed is deviance how is allowed on parades squares streets, I mean if we are speaking about such ultraliberal right then by which logic the junkies which are far greater “subculture” not to walk with their syringes on their foreheads, whats the point with kgbt than through cultural’marxist’skims to be given blow to the Christian Ethos so enough Grace will loose as communities so as states so “they” would get wide open doors towards “their” neopagan utopian n’w’o, isnt!?, and if its left to them to continue to skew all western now plutocratic system like this through “their” secularism then for granted what will You reach is secure path towards oblivion on all levels!, so in time pushback “dem” by eTOS momentum till full transparency!!!

  • In context of transhumanism actually we didnt had have heard any eventual academic debates in context of systemic agenda!, here and there it was present some shout [5][6] and per’se we derive our logic by pickpocketed humanist ideas eg. like the huxlean in the last 3rd footnotes, which defacto was “their” earlier eugenics agenda or later behaviorist one for neatly regulated society by (now seen through the recent covert m’rna bionc&genetic revolution) utopian social engineering till superhumanity [7][7]-[7][7] agenda known also as new’world’order but executed by scientific dictatorship even now how covertly is employed by plutocratic means that process, as if “they” are authority without error altho recently it became obvious how that is not quite true how were bragging in the past century humanists [8] so at best it need to be ultratransparent why and how we all need technocracy and socialism instead to be pushed all towards such “great reset” trickery i.e. “their” dubious elitists bulderborg davosian skims by an exceptional (WEf’s Klaus&Yuval way as) blueprint that need to be followed blindly coz supposedly “they” knew what is best for all of us coz its “theirs” to lead and we all blindly to follow, yeah coz we know “they” claim “they” are so exceptional that even succeed to convince the pope that that is case [9] guess he was not fool to jump on “their” bandwagon so easily altho somehow is untypical thing such ecclesiological authorities to have ring on their hand, tradition that was never anyhow patristic but profane when it comes to Church Leaders!, tho there were so much turbofolk trends in vatican that even this could had have been just another such momentum!?

And to honest we havent seen so huge Theological debate around this topic till recently, tho even now still not steaming in full capacity, but till now it was not so evident that transhumanism is rolled out as covert plandemix coz the sake of on small door by emergency act legalized bionic&genetic revolution for human trials and use, but now we need to see huge firm and constant opposition by Theologians examining the bioethic and ecoethic risks of this covert agenda, and not just loosely but expressed loudly by shouting for transparency and liability by the system “experts” which allowed blindly to swallow w’e’f great’reset and un A’21 agenda!, and really Hope at least like this will be if not else warned the Faithful for the risks in time so would not have doubt whether or till which extent this kind of mosaic conspy reasoning is valid!, again I am nor authority nor expert so do lean on their debates instead on this kind of at best one’way’forum’bloging where altho I dont have intention to indoctrinate noone simply coz there is noone to oppose me with arguments indeed there are real risks someone to get me as a valid source, wrong!, at least find people that indeed have some credibility as responsible coz get in public by name thus careful what they claim or assume, and unlike mine ghetto alike style I’ll say follow eg. Theologians at least those who are willing to get in public as Orthodox Christian [10][10][10] so as Evangelical [11]-[11][11][11] simply we need more and more this kind of defense of Mankind and debunking of “their” bonafide’homosillicone’skims, ideally we need to force DoD on revelation what kind of biotech was in question so we would know whether indeed L-Gluthation will resolve the problem with the lnp graphene oxide from the m’rna jabs [12] hek could be now CBD effective postvaxing treatment for boosting of the Immunity with lymphocytes [13][13][13] before “they” dont roll out another artificial “remedy” right next on “their” transhumanist menu [14][15] and again Dont Judge “them” its not “their” fault that as humanists are nephews of alchemists, on contrary give them a hand as felow man by Prayers, simply if You are taking the opportunity to act judge then You are depriving Yourself to reach help from Above, and dont be literal when I say Dont Judge that dont means not to expose particular risks or expose potentially evil skims, I am doing the same, but to ask “they” to be hanged that is simply stupid!, coz “they” per’se are demons-anathema-to-them than its not at all useful to cast them enough else than by Invoking Extra Grace Upon This World and wage that spiritual warfare with help of Christ … so Help them coz nor “they” will surrender freely nor you’ll see heaven’on’earth if hang all “potentially” evil elites coz how would come to the list. hek even in ww2 that was not done why do You think now it will!? Get Real!

In case someone sees me as some per’se antitechnology coz despise transhumanism, I must point as with every energy eg. atomic so as with every tool it could serve for good purposes thus I dont see not so technology as wrong (hek dont I now communicate through comp) but do see wrong when someone wants from us to make tool for “their” deist lusts or military needs!, and utmost wrong how covertly and by trickery is pushed as bionic&genetic revolution!!! Simply its given to us the Gift of creativity but when the same is misused eg. pushed through ultraliberalism and ultracapitalism or exceptionalism that very same Gift as deterministic to success which is further determined by trends of cultural economic scientific nature is becoming rather burden than helpful!, and when the same burden coz exceptional lust for power pride or pursue of some goal is becoming blindly followed idol it makes slaves from all that will kneel to it, sadly but by deist lusts that ended not in ideal but idol that as we can see its useful by “their” reductionist mindset to be chased through technological transhumanism even by trickery coz otherwise bioethics can stand on the path of “their” lust and especially problematic how “they” are locked in determinism which dont recognize The Gift Of Free Will what per’se is result of the gradual revival of neoplatonism in the western world [1][1]-[1][1]-[1][1] which culminated with “their” full pagan revival through alchemy and neopagan rosicrucian esotery, practically “they” are slaves to “their” own wrong esotery that think that till apotheosis can reach by whatever means even evil will, like that actually are becoming slaves of demons-anathema-to-them thus not difficult to grasp how so can went till such cruel extremes like the nazi occult sacrificing of Jews or whether are not the same factions still alive on west which altho act “democracy” defacto spin through rigged plutocracy which by “their” terms it can be misused how “they” see fit for “their” imperial ambitions even till extremes of modern Colonization Submission or Exploitation (tho again through trickery so would not provoke resentment by the ruled fooled and misused human resources i.e. slaves of citizens in “their” eyes) that simply its unbelievable for the common sense till what extent are ready to exercise that CSE [2][2][2] thats why I am not rarely pointing dont Judge states or nations, simply it is infiltration and hijack wherever c’o’l and its beic (through all its assets) as euroatlantic determinists want or need to hold ground or have upper hand, simply in “their” hands and from utopian lusts or coz geopolitical exceptionalism any tech tool or energy can end up by wrong means however “they” think can pass more smoothly, usually finding corrupt pawns or greedy mercenaries to execute “their” evil will ideals and idolatry! Still “they” are restrained by republican constitutional causality so would act in imperial manner, so probably now need shift in technocracy so would reveal “themselves” as alchemic and scientific dictatorship, thus logical useful and effective response to it would be eTOS and foremost Orthodox Christianity …

  • Still many are simply not motivated due to the burden of “their” rat’race’skim so its question whether “they” will be cornered by eTOS transparency mids by “them” hijacked democracy, thus its wise to reason on rural selfsufficiency coz “they” will not give up so easy once is built momentum for “their” demasking!, still there is no other viable resistance than through passive eTOS resistance “they” to chill out now, while everything else as anarchic revolutionary or idle momentum mids such hijacked system will only lead to further misery!, my Hope with eTOS is that “they” can grasp that it could be reached balance and through libertarian means searched where how can pass “their” transhumanism coz like now how “they” are trying to slip it in all without any room for Free Choice it will provoke most wrong causality, what probably some factions among “them” see it ok coz indoctrinated by darwininsm malthusianism and exceptionalism in same time, tho trying to indoctrinate with “their” “green’deal” all, So its our as Christians to remind “them” chill out coz will who digs hole to others will dig himself up eventually!

But how we can be certain that “they” will chill out, hm, for that we can act through Grace and if not else Our Almighty Lord to stop “them” in “their” wrong evil will or if “they” already got onboard many through propaganda trickery then we as fence by extra Grace to withstand “their” attack, sadly but many people are not aware that in question is spiritual battle thus not rarely are falling in trap of judging condemnation or hatrate, altho per’se this World is so intertwined by various causalities that simply even its not sometimes “their” fault why or how some inertia will popup and its effects endup eg. Nikola Tesla stirred frequencies then soviets mastered it now ea-deteminists are juggling it, so who is to blame!?, on top Everything Is Our Almighty Lord Providence thus Glory To Him For Everything coz we have all deserve it in one or another way what Oath gave how behave and how dont want to repent! So if You are secular You are at mercy on “their” causality especially if in “their” realm of influence and till dont step out it will need to have Martyrs Feat if want to oppose “them”, so its always clever to work through Grace and finally as Prophet Moses done exit from the pharaohs lands if dont like it, maybe You will return it once his pride will consume him, simply we cant reach heaven’on’earth by force, yet still we have some kind of democracy and we should and can push it to greater transparency with Hope that like that “they” will step back with “their” utopianism on steroids!, probably many pawns will get ashamed thus “they” will need to radicalize and that once True Orthodox Christianity will be challenged it will be battle waged by Our Almighty Lord in Our Name till then we cant behave like “they” earlier had have through evil revolutionary way i.e. expecting that by blood will bring change as “they” do!, be creative not corrupt Survive instead to get slaughtered coz wrong ideals, foremost Salvation Of The Soul is important as highest for us in this World, but how if we dont follow Jesus Christ Evangelion The Message for Forgiveness and Love but seek blind justice for all yeah heaven’on’earth, still whom how what to Forgive if not aware who is who among “them” thus push for eTOS circumstance and thing could potentially become more clear in time!, what not just now but as also ahead will be from help eg. for rebuilding the economic flow and social balance after any eventual financial meltdown!, or other political or natural catastrophe, simply like now we are all lost how use and misuse the e’tools that we have at disposal, yeah most wrong of ultraliberal employment of internet and computers ideal only for propaganda and trickery!, at least how is left on selfregulation while in same time without any national alternatives eg. to the current global vortexes of soc.nets where its enough even one wrong spinning to be boosted so by the will of many to be stirred wrong intention as vortex that eventually could blow in someones head that he need to chill out all by normally another pinch of trickery from its nihilist kitchen!

To simplify the problem with “these” neopagans is from one side “their” wrong exceptionalism as neoplatonic seed from which stems utopian determinism, yet another more wrong thing is that “they” wrap that or throw that plant in pagan esotery i.e. defacto driven by theological error “they” are becoming hijacked entrapped and enslaved by demons-anathema-to-them!, the very same reality that reach “their” atlantean predeluge wonnabe ancestors what led to sever punishment, but this time we are aware from the warning of The Revelation such inertia will end up in Final Judgement … indeed “their” problem is that “they” are trying to bring knowhow and tech through the astral realm what in my deep knowledge is wrong by multitude [1][1] the other problem is that even “they” would like to escape “their” servitude to the fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them once tied in some cult surely follows “them” certain causality, and only way to break free from it is by Christianity but when You have work with such vibe on elitist level its not at all simple easy smooth to brake free unless You turn to Orthodox Christianity (practically now for many as choked till bone by “their” liberty trends of idols of hedonism mammonism egoism) So Dont Waste Time!, yet if that Metanoia is not followed by Faith and Life in Feat till someone escape for good from “their” hug will fall many times till dont grasp that dont need to fear from “them” simply they can torment or kill but cant destroy Your Soul or take away Salvation, now for secure exit we need understanding and devotion i.e. knowledge and practice, in my case I have greater experience in the second virtue and far less experienced in Dogmatics Ecclesiology Apologetics and the rest branches of Christian Theology and thats why I am pointing to eg. modern theological authority like JayD instead myself to act tutor, still here and there as ex-pagan having strong knowledge with “who” we deal yep I do know to give some interpretations on the info and the events with which we are splashed in this century of apex of humanism waiting to shift in transhumanism, simply strongly moved by the ease of trickery employed I drop on eforums with hope will check my assumptions “what time it is” tho coz all are trapped on soc.nets where by reductionism leveled to joke of e’society somehow my concentrated topics on eforum are becoming kind of attractive altho again and again I am repeating I am nor anyhow authority nor some extra educated nor special case of gifted but just simply use forum blogging coz no debate around (foremost so would leave space someone to corect me or oppose me) but coz thats not case probably these exploration topics little by little are becoming antineopagan antitranshumanist manual, wrong, thats why we need eTOS and indeed to see dialog among opposite stances, tho “someone” obviously dont want that thus You are all lost in space on vlogs and soc.nets not that that is wrong but without neatly moderated dialog on e’forum and among Educated Employed Experts on some topic we will be trapped in this current dissonance and cacaphony mostly by mediocrity on voyaeristic soc.nets and by triviality choked video platforms, but think that is not accidental and thats why I am repeating like parrot plug the eTOSter in right manner, otherwise will be trained 24/7 by “their” spins skims and agitprop coz for “them” now with the bionic&genetic revolution its crescendo of “their” enlightenment era secured by the hijack of Our Free Will by imposing “theirs” as ultimate, btw on all levels!, its interesting tho that over and over even with all “their” trickery “they” are failing to reach to “their” atlantean revival of utopia, yet indoctrinated by wrong determinism and on top possessed by evil that makes “them” super proud altho constantly in error we are where we are in “their” cresecendo!, so be aware that “they” will not give up now nor that will leave space for dialog what about compromise mids the current secularism with Christianity, if that was case we would had have seen agreement for the ukrainian question instead exceptional escalation of the crisis from the first moment rigged by “them”, simply “they” act realists but in essence are zealous utopianists what brings disbalance whether coz greed fear or exceptionalism, so per’se You need to focus on Salvation it would be my utmost important message …

The first 2nd footnotes should be reminder to all, especially the first one, till what extremes “their” tech goes!, in same time already covertly pushed brain’gates (cortical modems) through “their” jabs, on top publicly announcing that we are hackable animals while “they” gods, and all smoothly pushed by take-it-you-cant-leave-it agitprop, so whats the odds when constantly are playing all by trickery to embrace “their” great’reset that You all are at “their” no-mercy-stamina when embracing “their” bloody propaganda deadly geopolitix and utopian agenda!?, following “them” and swallowing “their” spins&skims will not bring You to Repentance and Salvation!, Dont Waste Your Time waiting on controlled by “them” mainstream madia and soc’nets through which You are under fine tuned social engineering narrative, be aware that You need to Rest Your Hope To Our Almighty Lord …


And while homo’sillicone risks are already clear regarding “their” utopian apotheosis lusts, the other side of “their” utopian superhumanity coin that has far greater risks that can far more directly deprive us from chance for Salvation are homo’chimeric risks as result of “their” genetic crispr revolution, and not just coz “health” or "longevity and/or cloning risks but crossbreads among human and animal genes coz x-man superhuman!, probably see those upgraded by “their” bionic revolution ideal as slaves while the homo’chimeric race would be “their” elite, tho it could be vice versa hierarchy or mixed and selected or preprogramed for specific role in “their” utopia if we know that with xenobots “they” hope “their” current bionic revolution will reach biocomputer cells that as natural could be programed for specific bioborg tasks regards “their” apotheosis ideal!, practically even now with the m’rna tech how cells are instructed to print specific proteins already are chasing that possibility, so in essence already are rolled out homo’sillicon inertia through graphene oxide while homo’chimeric through m’rna tech when it could be instructed the body to print enzymes or proteins that can cushion tommorow whatever dna gmo edit in the body, and while experimentally this already is rolled out through “their” earlier failed plandemix defacto it would expected that “they” will not stop now coz that very same fail, practically to me looks like thats actually is the reason why want to stir hot ww3 as soon as possible i.e. so as in ww2 would have easily vast pool of lab rats for warpspeed “their” eugenics on steroids, for which eventual ww3 agenda tho now need first to complete the compacting of the euroatlantic realm on what eg. Turkey recently put halt with the swedo’finish otanization, on what it could be said that “they” didt wasted time to execute punishment through which hope will remove Erdogan and right after the next june presidential election through his successor to finish “that” compacting agenda, plausible if we know how secure narrative towards escalation have in Ukraine altho its obvious that ukrainian army is already blown away, and instead “their” true euroatlantic-masters to try to negotiate anything are even further trying to provoke and pull Russia on anger now by “their” nazis using chemical weapons on the front [1][1] probably expect that on that Russia will respond with tactical nukes what would be used as pretext for otan article 4 activation and western engagement in ww3, simply now after “their” failed plandemix there is no more free space through regular propaganda to continue nor “their” superhumanity agenda nor “their” n’w’o great’reset, even simpler put if “their” plandemix was completed and all population was chipped potentially any resistance to “their” monstrous agendas would had have been chilled by push’of’button, while now there is for “them” no other way to continue ahead and citizens to follow but by marshal laws i.e. first by the igniting of the ukrainian quarrel to rig circumstances for compete european tie off from Russia and further compacting of the northern european route till open hot ww3!, at least this kind of compacting dont looks anymore to me like any kind of flexible or containment doctrine [1][1] but second to “their” doomsday clock!, I really hope I am wrong!, thus we need all to get ready for any possible scenario, formost to rest our Hope on Our Almighty Lord and Pray for Mercy all this current madness of “theirs” to stop!!!

  • I’ll digress further indeed the north’european’route is utmost important for smooth direct engagement (from aspect of legality without which “they” risk big time while still acting “champs of democracy”) but on what as we know Turkey became obstacle, and not just for “their” north but especially problematic as needed for south route engagement, thus surely as deist monstrums its not too hard to be understood how come “they” are so merciless even on its otan-partner and dont care whether will release such catastrophic punishment as the devastating earthquakes in Hatay Province, probably even with warning if dont kneel Istanbul will follow, and having in mind how through ww1 or ww2 “they” didnt care how who will be used or misused however logically for “those” very same monsters now the Turk Independent Will is unacceptable!, and altho this is probable scenario regarding “those” deists, still I dont need have or want to indoctrinate noone that my conclusion its right!, again I do Hope I am wrong! i.e. altho everything points that we have work with compact band of neopagans, still maybe thats not the case and now is stirring chaos momentum just some of “their” factions that as inpatient wants to escalate till apocalyptic hype, and it looks as more probable that zionists is the faction in question knowing how even with DonaldT wanted to engage with Iran if elected, while with JoeB things got u’turn and the ukrainian card was thrown through “their” stooge zel(j)enski and per’se coz the joes involvement in the ukrainian biolabs but foremost that by like this Russia could get stuck and not capable for far stretched response after while, also further logic towards this is that Asrael was one of the highest vaxed population thus logical that as zionists are far more in panic coz dont know what can come out on long run with the asraely population and potential huge hiv harm!, Yet defacto freemasons are those who are deciding what when but probably zionists are motivating “them” not to wait once its obvious that “their” earlier anaconda doctrine fell apart after “their” plandemix burst and now ukrainian trap is falling apart! Still however probable looks this scenario coz I am speculating and have no real evidence but just knowing that through elf waves even from trucks [2][2][2]-[2][2] can be executed “their” blackmail by whatever faction of “theirs” maybe not even freemasons or zionists but some eg. chabad sect of “theirs” or some nazi variation simply it would be wrong to throw certain finger towards any culprit particularly!, but obviously someone wants to escalate the current geopolitical events altho defacto nato is still not ready for direct confrontation but will need to improvise if is not secured the north and south european roots for direct clash with Russia!

Now all this looks shallow as probability except if its seen through “their” transhumanist skim, as I’ve already pointed through ww3 mengelians alike will be warpspeeden “their” homo’silicon and homo’chimeric agenda on steroids, but what is even more fix if behind the scenes are demons-anathema-to-them which just wait the day to reach secure entrance in our realm of existence for what I’ve heard first time about from the TomH guesting on “Future Quake” radio show [3][3][3] and lets hope I am wrong, but what if I am not!?, Altho again I cant claim with certainty that this is case, maybe not at all, maybe someone wants we all to believe that its case coz provoking secure euroatlantic inertia towards hot ww3 i.e. so would be built momentum towards it by chasing culprits!, simply I am nor prophet nor had have vision or got instruction to claim this is all true, just trying by what is available as info on net to reach conclusion on the events that we are witnessing now!, yet again how I see overall whats happening obviously someone wants to throw whole world in ordo’ab’chao momentum, on what we are somehow greeted by one of “their” luciferian brothers even far in the past that “they” indeed have such agenda [4][5] now whats the odds that now when “their” narrative is falling along plandemix fail and geopolitical chess debacle that now “they” will loosen and step back!?, I do hope “they” will, coz simply such “ordo’ab’chao” spin is not logical when Christians are more and more becoming aware whats at play and cant be so easily manipulated as in ww1 and ww2 especially not coz now Faithful Orthodox Christian Leader is on head of Russia what is securing him by all means victory, but obviously “they” dont care how are rushing to throw the World in cataclysm!

I left the quoted part below of the previous post without footnotes so would be emphasized the geopolitical skims&spins in the post above, altho that bolded in the quote (think) is the final “alien” demon agenda (for explanations there are links in whole thread), and we dont need to go further so would grasp how wicked and determined “they” are just by seeing how even president like DonaldT can be peddled towards “their” horror agenda even when “they” cant [1][1] who altho have had all secrete services under him yet still through “their” hijacked usA system since the very beginning till these days are stirring constantly inertia towards “ordo’ab’chao” execution of “their” new’world’order [2][2][2] and if “they” can fool many by propaganda to follow either through fear or by blackmail then that should be warning watch all not to be peddled by trickery that “they” have good intentions through whichever of “their” agendas, whether social geopolitical or health w’h’o agenda, utopian globalists which when someone is giving support to “them” is taking part knowingly or not in “their” luciferian apotheosis, so all Christians and Muslims and Orthodox Jews (those against zionism) need to brake free from “their” bonds, but You will not achieve that per’se through revolutions as by distancing from “their” ultraliberal ultraglobal and ultradrug skims but foremost by resting Hope on Our Almighty Lord for what You need to Repent with all Your Hearth so Your Prayers would be listened!, for Christians that would mean becoming Orthodox Christian so in fullness will be able to stop “that” evil that stirs all in blindness now through the hijacked plutocratic pawns!, eh if just protestants and catholics get aware for this as soon as possible i.e. that need to get back to the True Orthodox Christianity if we know that like that when firmly standing in Truth can invoke extra Grace in abundance that like that “they” will be toppled quickly, then surely many will not hesitate!, but distracted by “their” propaganda many dont even find time to see why need to convert for what again Glory To Our Lord now even have easy popular means eg. through Orthodox Christian Apologetics of Jay Dyer that are Easily Understandable regarding the Theological Christian Truth especially knowing that he was earlier protestant and catcholic before reach The True Truth, altho accept the fact that he is nor Priest nor Monk but commoner like You thus dont get tempted anyhow by eventual loosen style of his at the moment due to the overall trend on west, simply he is natural as typical example of his community thus dont expect Saint but Modern Apologist, I am intentionally underlining this coz if and when You will want to read or listen academic type of Theology as nebiew You’ll choke up coz its not hard food for milky theets but many longing with Brain to reach Metanoia isntead through Inchurched Life in Feat yep for all of them as modern his approach is utmost useful!, So Dont Waste Time!, surely he would behave more stiff if debated with equal knowleadgable, and as matter of fact in whole world people exhausted from all the propaganda pressure but also not correctly employed e’tools of modern communication when drop in public are extra splashed by mediocrity thus either will give up or will start defragmenting such slips in own way i.e. all educated and uneducated are thrown in one ball on soc.nets or yt live streams to debate as if all are equal, an ultraliberal fallacy that it can be reached consensus or understanding among halfliterate like me example and true devoted researchers, thats why I am constantly pointing we all need eTOS if want to stop all “their” spins&skims coz now rarely who has courage to confront “them” with ease either from fear either coz immediately “they” are rigging him whatever “they” can through “their” pawns&slaves so would be derailed or distracted and if that dont pass surely it will be framed so by trickery the public would be derailed distracted or even itself framed to go with “their” flow!, altho usually “they” trap and capture souls by corruption for what have done “their” best to keep mammonism as highest lust nowadays and through indebting to throw many on submission and enslavement simply all that depend from “their” system while in same time not so fearless to confront “these” monsters of servants of wicked’powers&principalities that as slaves to anathemago which is the father of the lies its understandable how trickery is one of “their” highest virtues!, deception is “their” prime tool of acting while fraudalism became “their” ideal!, so understand that whatever comes of “their” kitchen is path towards oblivion, and we need all to demask “their” seemingly bona’fide but done that trough revolutions on streets will fuel “their” position even more thus demask “them” and “their” wicked plutocracy trough wide eTOS attack and Dont Waste Time push public 24/7 debate among intellectuals experts and concerned citizens on political parties and ngo’s if that momentum is huge “they” will not be able to cover by agitprop or sabotage all like “they” are doing now on soc.nets!, cement right way of/for debate where the current blogs substacks and vlogs of the experts will be upgraded by joint debate on categorized thematic eforums so every information would be easily found but also corelating quickly reached, to this will also come from help any new modern type of standardization for live link footnote linking so the debates would be unburdened as much as possible and like that far easier for following!

I really dont see how else will be reached momentum for “their” complete demasking!?, eg. now Scott Ritter exposed “their” ukrainian skim by strong vlogging, but next he expect grassroot movement to pull greater opposition, and yes many will give support, but foremost we need all with similar will like his to be joined like experts on western if not international geopolitical eforum where as large group of experts will confront “the” wrong geopolitical behavior of euroatlantic determinists and “their” plutocrats! How else to be stopped “their” madness if we are all liquefied and thrown to debate on soc.nets where experts defacto are predominantly silent having no will in unmoderated place by themselves constantly to deal with spammers or mediocrity or now not rarely a.i. distractions also, so its logical that now just few will give true support in some demasking of “their” ea-deterministic utopian’horror’agendas sold like important ww3 fog that cant be rejected! Dont Waste Time Stop “dem”!

LORD HAVE MERCY ON ALL SUFFERING as from the vaxing so as in the ukrainian war so as from the earthquakes!!! I must Apologize again to the Turks if my posts about the utmost need as Muslims to escape from secularism ideally leave euroatlantic swamp and “their” nato [3][3] but in all catastrophic tragedy we are all having part how “they” are pulling us in reality show of war of geopolitix of fear and all how we are cheering on soc.nets are simply contributing to this kind of inertia directly or indirectly on what surely “they” would seek to rig even further discord and dismay so would continue with “their” agendas!, and its really questionable how many are addicted now to soc.nets whether will Repent from such habit to be pulled in lobotomization till choked Nous (Mind) as spiritual eye of the Soul, even worst tempting all Young Souls to whatever is released on those intentionally wrongly regulated nets, at least for Your Children all need to make above all National Social Networks [4][4] so would evade misfortune just alone coz this current reckless behavior of all! simply like now You will be pushed by top to bottom evil will of “theirs” plus the same on steroids pressured on global’soc’nets and on top coz You are not willing to organize Yourself coz why risk to be thrown day after in “their” singularity!, So STOP “their” will and current rigged skims though right managed eTOS environment but also placing local social networks instead global’vortex’menace that is fueled by all with “their” will how are cheering for wars and tempting the Young Innocent Souls even from small legs eg. instead on compassion on selfishness - instead on well behavior on arrogance - instead on calmness on hysteria etc. now trendy vices for all but detrimental to those Innocent Souls [5][5] there is no other way to be stabilized any wrong pressure or wrong agenda of “theirs”, and if anyhow I have contributed with my will to demask “them” and “their” evil will to borg and demonize all asleep in what time live and if that provoked anyhow any vortex coz the globalized’soc’nets and how there many are engaged even without knowledge to fuel wrong inertia thus if anyhow I’ve contributed like that I’ll ask for forgiveness but also prepared form punishment … this regret of mine is coz I sense how now “someone” wants to pin down my forum’blogging as reason for any misfortune in this World altho foremost that is due to “their” evil deist skims’spins’ideals, yet I have responsibility and witness Yes all that will confront “them” one by one instead jointly indeed will be framed if cant be peddled!, first of all I was pulled on this demystification feat not from anger but in defense once “they” and “their” local stooges tried to hang’me’high in some kind of “their” reality show (for which I am still not aware where who how is managing it) on what I’ve havent other means to respond but to demask “their” good intentions and stamina!, was that demasking now misused by “them” so would peddle all further by rigging monstrous skim so “they” would achieve “own” gains from that hm that obviously looks like that eg. distraction of my demystification of “their” plot for luciferian n’w’o by accusing me for “their” carnage and on top to rig inertia toward obedience of Turkey regards “their” geopolitical nightmare towards ww3 while in same time to wash “their” hands ideally from me, is that case I really dont know, I really hope I’ve didnt influenced such inertia, but knowing how didnt fireback to me any energy with any kind of anger or pride I know as Inchurched that this catastrophe is up to “their” fault, altho cant point exactly who among “them” coz dont have open spiritual eyes nor I am Saint thus it would be wrong to say here this is the culprit, I just know its “their” skim but so would not fell in trap to lose my Salvation I will not judging coz foremost The Judgement is to Our Almighty Lord and comes directly or indirectly through His earthly judges, but are those in secularism praising Him or as corrupt will accept compromises we need all to ask ourselves, so all need to awake that need to abandon secularism as so Grace would keep them safe but so as the punishment would reach all that deserved it even now!, simply it will fireback to all that try to drag You in oblivion, and in times like these where “they” hold pretty large amount of states indebted there is no other way to confront “their” utopian skims&spins, Dont Be Afraid Take Your Cross And Stay In Righteousness, above all now we need to push will to be revealed “their” haarp alike weapons (also bionic&chimeric drugs) which can be misused not just like now for earthquakes but for mass brainwashing too at least, if not even for greater evils, start debating in time about this [6] dont forget “they” will keep You hostages further if dont oppose “them” and more and more will exploit You misuse You and drag You in oblivion by multitude if Dont Wake Up and give Graceful but also passive resistance by eTOS means!, and if there were always peaceful demonstrations in the past when world war risks were at stake why now all are afraid to raise the voice instead now as if all are waiting that to happen how on west go with the flow of “their” exceptional narrative eg. how Russia is at fault for this current ukrainian crisis, No Its Not ~ Be At Least Realist [7] but we are seeing on “their” mainstream media only warmongerers, so how will that end up dont need to guess!

In the end what else to be said than if now with the syrian and ukrainian wars along now with the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are affected many and its dread condition for all of them any normal survival now, ask Yourself all what it will be alike if whole world end up in nuclear ww3, So STOP Cheering on soc.nets pro and contra some side but do find will to Pray for Mercy we all to be spared from "their"evil will and evil destiny ahead, its up to everyone as individually so as collectively to oppose the euroatlantic exceptionalism of nato&co for escalation, but instead many are doing the opposite by following “their” propaganda and supporting zel(j)enski ukro’chabad’nazi regime!, and if continue then tomorrow dont blame noone when that will fireback coz Turkey among the western block was left alone to oppose “them” the sole reason why was easy for “them” to execute such monstrous punishment coz disobedience, thus You all have part in that how kept silent and blind to the ww3 inertia by giving fuel to the ukrainian war! Be Brave Confront “those” monsters in time coz otherwise it will fell on all of You the blood “they” are lusting for as “ordo’ab’chao” ideal! Repent Before Its Too Late and dont fear “dem” coz “they” cant destroy Your Soul but it could drag it in oblivion, choose wise Stand On The Side Of Jesus Christ instead deists all of You in the euroatlantic realm!!!

Come here and kneel with me, Pelister. Rant and pray… :pray: Recall the Love Story of God for His children. We pray for all of us to be brought to Love Himself. Keep this in heart, and let our hearts be searched by the only One who knows and can love us through darkened knowledge, unforgiving gnosis.

Neither fans, detractors, cultists, nor professed believers in Christ get a pass on stupidity. Mind control tests either a person’s credulity or tolerance to punishment, in order to determine just how many stupid things can be strung together before madness kicks in – before the Infected begin spreading psychotic control over their neighbors. Possessed by their darker loves, they are not only stupid, but blind to it. Suddenly, no sage can break through their willful stupidities, no woman can kiss them into peace, no healer will cure those eyes. They are lost in outer darkness, without a path home, confirmed in their pain – now a god fully, fully unto themselves – they manifest their sullied realities, their prayers reach no one, for they have no other gods before their vanity.

Lucifer, once a Light, now overlord of self-worship, then binds them, blinds them and then grinds them. He torments those who once loved them, too, with memories, questions beyond answers, and strings them slowly, foul bead, by putrid bead, by incestuous bead to that same chain of stupidities, binding them to their own deeply felt losses. They grow to love their hate and trust their pain and become yet another member of Hell’s monotony, their only comfort the vapid, repetitive, endless screams, and wails, and moans, the Fellowship of The Duped, now unregenerate psychotics, moved by Holy Fire into timelessness by Mercy Himself. Still now, still in time, He sets Fire to our own sin, that we repent of refusing His Holy Love, His Very Heart… of hurting Him. He saves still us, who turn to Him, helpless, small, poor, hungry, naked, mourning – saving us from our very selves, from each other. He burns us with Holy Fire to spare us from the endless Pyre of The Duped, where there is no love, never love, therefore, their wills shall be done, they shall have no loves at all. Only you, only me, only thieves at His side, in last breaths, still say, Remember me. Alicia xo

The problem are not we Alicia, the problem is “their” pride that “they” are “luciferian gods”, alone naturalism as enlightenment hype how many is throwing in such exceptionalism is wrong esotery of philosophy [1][1] what about “its” side effects that reached level of public glorification of evil and sinful trends, and if by “their” wars are not enough exposed as coldhearted bastards how exercised exceptionalism, as I know the nazi neopagan vibe was present as infiltration all across the euroatlantic realm, dont wonder why even after ww2 ended and altho Japan defeated still “they” found as more practical to vaporize innocent people, and so on and on till the current not at all hidden intention to throw all world again now in nuclear ww3 that dont even hide it [2] AND WHY coz “their” fracking exceptional deism, what a wrong demonized inertia that need to throw all in oblivion on what many blind enough by “their” skims&spins are giving “them” boost instead to confront “that” monster!, what in effect is doable by demystification of “their” nazi’komintern but per’se need to be attacked by Grace so Dont Wast Time get Inchurched coz all are at risk from “their” ideals&aganedas!

btw, stop judging! its question about evil!, it cant be resolved anyhow else but by Grace! … altho if debate and corner “their” skims&spins by demasking “their” good intentions will bring clarity that indeed You have work with deists or merciless atheists, that on top trying to rig for “their” evil others as culprits altho its “their” skim in question!, examples in history many, even now for Ukraine eg. is guilty VladimirP altho everything is “their” skim&spin!, jus dont know till when People willl be peddled by “their” agitprop!?

You’re talking the war story, Pel, I’m talking the love story.

The touchlines of battle are set by Christ. We are not crises driven. We are God- led. Intellectual pride is always to be judged, and repented of, starting with ourselves… among the churched, the unchurched, and the anti- churched. The lunatic line is clearly marked and without humility before His Love, sanity on the road ahead is impossible. :candle:

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Not per’se, I am realist, nor judging coz dont know who exactly are “those” elites behind the scenes but clearly can see that there is system in place that is misused by “such” elites, also pointing that as tool bionic tech can be useful for some but to be borgged all by trickery that is too much to be overlooked, yet I am also pointing as Christians we need to have Forgiving Hearth, but to whom what to be forgiven when all behave like nothing is happening, we still havent heard officially that indeed the problem is the m’rna jabs whether coz the graphene oxide as lnp coat whether the programming of the cells to print spike protein, for liability not even to think about coz defacto big’pharma is exempt from it, fda also, and now we can just guess whether was agenda in place or not how by such fear propaganda many were coerced on vaxing many also coz health’passport’mandates and when obviously as plandemix that skim failed suddenly was activated the ukrainian crisis, is this just circumstantial or planned’plan’b either towards global’economic’collapse or worst nuclear ww3, simply I can just wonder and ask all intellectuals start debating but on e’forums compact info and like that show that are not just few that are concerned whether we are not seeing “someones” utopian inertia, ask all also for pro and contra debate so we would see what are the arguments of the both sides, just like that we can reach clarity, otherwise through social media bickering we are leaving to propaganda bots or “such” elites to continue to spin further till arrange new skim towards “some” utopian n’w’o!, and if we are not compacting our free will through experts surely many halfliterate will become factor on eforums eg. like me altho I am constantly pointing dont take as anyhow relevant expert but do ask debate among the experts so we would not end up in oblivion!

If this sounds to anyone as attack from my side then I assure You my intention is not such!, nor want to chase “them” per’se, simply trying like everyone else to grasp whats happening and whether these risks in this case from the pushed on small door bionic&genetic revolution are not detrimental to our Salvation as Christians!, and this is done by many but obviously when this kind of demystification is done on e’forum in compact way unlike on soc.nets in sensationalistic it has greater clarity, and once that became case obviously “someone” wants to frame me and by trickery to blame me so people would be defocused maybe, yet Glory To Our Almighty Lord for Everything if I am guilty for something let His punishment fell on me rightfully!, still my will is to ask those that are experts Dont Waste Time if know that something is wrong debate 24/7 before its not too late so we would stop any wrong inertia ahead whether coz political economical or natural risks!

It would had have been ideal already we to have such purified debate instead fragmented like now, but that needs to change otherwise again and again we will be pushed in “someones” skims&spins as I am guessing of “some” elites behind the scenes!, simply in closed plutocratic systems like now where corrupting is guaranteed by lobbying behind close doors then what else we can expect!?, and can we stop such risks, I do Hope we can!, still waiting those in the system to deliver opening its wasted time thus we need to start by party and ngo eforums to start the opening, yet again waiting other to do that for You is also risk thus all need to become aware for their responsibility as active in some party or ngo that need to make public eforums where the current idealess debate will move from soc.nets where cmon algorithms are playing all if not else aside that per’se those are not effective places for debate either coz no-moderation either coz none practical categorization of particular topic on top everything nicely defocused by voyaerism consumerism or egoism where all illiterate halfliterate and literate compete who will outsmart who and usually by trickery agitprop or insulting!, simply the current e’global’society intentionally or not is driving all in chaos, thats why I am constantly saying bring True Open Society and start from Your own community, otherwise wait on the current system but then again dont be hysterical when the same is pushed towards homo’silicone’singularity!, simply even plutocrats dont see other way around from the current wrong e’society plus on other hand afraid to start opening the system so would not start to popput extra amount of garbage that was enmasse stacking under the closed’system’rugs!, so waiting on them is not at all useful, altho eventually it will come to institutional eforums too and it will be employed Direct Participatory Democracy if citizens starts to recognize the benefits of 24/7 open public debate when even among the likeminded the same was done when its neatly compacted categorized and archived so would be anytime continued simply will show all the useful effect from this e’tool that now is thrown on the margins of the current e’society!, altho I constanly pointing be aware that You all do that with all the risks in mind i.e. that things will start to unravel and many would start to panic among the elites thus its wise to come to understanding that once the corruption will start to be ultranoticeable when many will get courage to speak out that You’ll need to have Merciful Hearth and think about amnesties so people would not start to behave like some vigilantes asking for blind justice, Yes I’ll understand those who done atrocities to be punished but to chase heaven’on’earth and expect that by ultra sterilization will reach balance that is wrong!, simply the plutocratic system was too long left closed so we would expect instant effectiveness, also many are prone to agitprop manipulation till success, thus we need to be aware that there are risks but if 24/7 many get together on party and ngo eforums to search right way for opening we can Hope things will start to unravel in right manner!, otherwise manipulation will stay norm and all waiting in vain miracle to happen i.e. from one side Dont Rest Their Hope On Our Almighty Lord as Inchurched on other expecting others for them to bring stability balance and righteous solutions, I mean how!?, Be The Change You Are Expecting but instead doing that through street riots do that through active constant debate everyone in its own respectful field of expertise!, its simple like now debating only by blogs vlogs or soc.nets is unproductive at best coz waiting on the next vlog on the next blog and then what, not all are motivated for blogging as experts but when many equal will start debate on eforums while using blogs so their thoughts would be presented broadly that will bring clarity quickly and normally it should be moderated such debate in polite manner so would not cross again and again in agitprop mode, thats why its better for start to be brought thematic eforum for party or ngo’s where again first likeminded will polish some issue knowing how even there many have different opinions arguments or knowledge, while if immediately is done pro and contra debate that can spill again in fingerpointing, altho at the moment there are issues that indeed need even such debate eg. general health eforum on medical ngos where every risks from the current m’rna vaxing tech will be 24/7 debated coz the very same tech now is becoming standard as I can see for every new pandemic by whomever is triggered naturally or anthropologically, again Dont Waste Time!

In this last 9th footnote shared as digression in the last post of the “haarp” thread, I’ve noticed that one thing that is still not clear is whether sars’cov’2 is not indeed shared by frequency radiation on all that even before the plandemix were regularly stuffed by graphene oxide or other heavy metals in the body i.e. by the logic that sars’cov’2 even from start as virus infection was linked to blood clots and coz that even labeled as cardiovascular disease [1][1] then I’ll assume that indeed those with large amount of heavy metals in their bodies [1][1](-[1][1]-[1][1]) when they were exposed to particular maybe 5g maybe elf or maybe satellite laser radiation were actually infected by bioresonance means [2][2][2] is this possible Dont Know, at least looks to me like conspy idea worthy to be examined indepth from aspect of covert transhumanist skim that could had have been executed by some shadow ea-determinist faction!, tho how day after we were mandated by DoDs m’rna jabs it looks as multifactional aligned plandemix agenda!, still this is pure speculation and till not anyhow disclosed the very basic science of bioresonance as relevant biological field how we could know what is possible or not as programing of the cells by “wifi” hm even through led bulbs if we know that the same are also transmitting signals, in essence if darpa claims in the underlined first 2nd footnote in post #31 above that memory can be implanted in brain cells but also if we know that dna can be programed or serve for archiving means [3][3] then how we can exclude that through enough graphene oxide in our bodies that will act as cortical modem it couldnt be passed illness or any hackable animal skim!?, I mean I am here just guessing!, but if by the morning we can sense the day then even if this wasnt case earlier i.e. virus radiated by 5g how we can be sure that tomorrow this wouldnt be case!?

And yes like this eventually “they” will have ultra fast problem solution means for ultra interest by volunteering guinea pigs if and when cancers or immunity deficiency will explode eg. after eventual future fallout!?, or maybe after boosting of the currently jabbed by “extra frequencies”, surely many will forget to rest their Hope on Redemption through Grace but will rush for “their” patches and yes I see probable risks from eugenics inc. upgrading its superhumanity agenda through “cosmopolitan means” like next level biosynthetic patches that will grant survival for all boosted collateral statistics!, altho its some comfort that not all vaxed got jabbed by “the” real m’rna jabs if some pivot is the japanese glitch when only in one batch were found “metal” residues [4] yet if we know that graphene oxide and/or other metals are chemtrailed as some claim [4][4][4] or coz colorless it could be poured in bottled water or beverages hm maybe even tap water or any shelf food hek even in this context any heavy metal misused then so we would not fell in paranoia simply this assumption needs to be as quick as possible debunked so we would exclude any eventual bioresonance risks!!!

Again here I am projecting utmost wrong conspy theory, so dont get paranoid android!, yet if I am wrong nothing wrong, but what if such risks are probable, is it worthy not to be debated by microbiologists and electricians i.e. to be immediately examined the possibilities till we are not all buzzed down till slavery!?, altho how was suppressed till now the very same possibility that viruses can be decimated by radiation [5] I dont have any hope it will be even considered that viruses can be sent by some signal [6] I mean how ambitious are the transhumanist megaphones that we are heading towards “some” homo’silicone singularity why not to assume that this kind of probability can exist in some of “their” neopagan factions that seek to upgrade “their” mineral’man’phase till androgen!?

  • Must point that this abstract grammatical flow in this post is coming ideal as far from smooth reading for all, and it should be like that so would emphasize yes conspy theories need to be examined but also not thrown away [7] aside that I am nor expert nor extra insightful on the topic, just trying to grasp what is probable risk from the available info on net (imagine what are doing “their” a.i.) thus I’ll repeat it like ghetto parrot ~ simply we need eTOS so independently as societies will level as quick as possible the risks from “their” transhumanist apotheosis agendas!, waiting that to be done by “their” system hm will look like waiting for eggs from “their” farm, so make Your own effort for public expert 24/7 eforum debate about the recent bionici&genetic revolution risks and how the same are slipped smoothly through “their” peer’reviewers or fda’ers hm isnt now graphene oxide (lnp targeted drug delivery) becoming almost trend if not norm for many pills!?, did someone taken in account publicly any bioethical risks after “their” faulty&deadly m’rna jabs!?, so we need to pressure “them” by demystification what altho now already exist somehow as expert blogs, still not all experts have will for blogging nor time to communicate with the public, yet if there are thematic eforums for expert debate among the experienced in the field of microbiology and synthetic biology sure would participate somehow, what normally will pull greater attention and far greater impact on the citizens and its representatives and through Referendums to be leveled quickly any of “their” ultra wrong agendas! Dont act like “their” factchekers and debunkers by propaganda means, what would be the current hype of mainstream or alternative agitproping on media, simply start debating 24/7 and leave room every concerned expert to get onboard even with opposite stance and things will come to effective disclosure about the bioethical and ecoethical risks of “their” covert transhumanist hype! Even “they” probably understood now that all “their” exceptionalism will end up in oblivion and nothing good will come from “their” ordo’ab’chao thus maybe are ready to chill out, still till its not exposed what was happening with all the plandemix and all later geopolitical inertia we would be in “their” loop again sooner than later, thus we need to do all we can to start opening the system bottom to top, So Dont Waste Time …

I really find troubling the next claims 1. that in usA globalists can easily label anyone as “terrorist” threat mids any pandemic [1][1] but also 2. that transhumanism is official legal hype [2][2][2] on top actively funded [3][3] so how can we ignore these facts that transhumanism is already part of the western realm (by executive orders) till now gradually released through the last plandemix but now obviously secured as lasting inertia for secure transhumanist future imposed upon all not just northamerican but european citizens too hek all World (by the logic from the 1st footnoted video) released through w’h’o pandemix synchronization what actually established transhumanism as global norm for following by all plutocratic elites enough blind (or hijacked by the globalists w’e’f agenda) to accept that u’n’o plandemix doctrine [4][4]’[5][5]’[5][5] and who is to blame if the biotech jabs are deadly like the m’rna one from the last s’c’2 plandemix!?, as we can see there is no liability by noone, thus all enough fooled by the humanist medical or political exceptionalism actually are signing on their own risk to become guinea pigs when rushing to be jabbed!, but would they do the same next time, think no, thus thats why we are all now pushed on path towards controlled if not nuclear ww3 so would be suspended even further democracy and by marshal laws to be coerced till execution all on homo’sillicone reality!, altho having in mind that some factions of “theirs” have ordo’ab’chao fuse its not at all wondering that “they” are rigging even malthusian alike spin towards certain nuclear ww3 [6] assumption maybe passe for the most but actually when the system is enough corrupted dont need too many evil people so would throw all in oblivion eg. in usA by executive power is enough only one!, and how are rigged the risks from terror menace as pointed in the 1st footnotes then defacto it could be executed marshal plan in usA even coz seasonal flu!, the stupidity is how the rest states in the euroatlantic realm to be coerced on alighnement thus one way is by u.n. another is by making from eU and federalized usE for what actually the last ukrainian crisis is used so eU would be pushed in economic turmoil that will be used as excuse for federalization coz survival!, at least it looks like that to me how the crisis was rolled and now is managed!?, what would be if not else one benefit in the end from that predominately spin flushed coz gaslighting the public from the deadly jabs which before that were health miracle without alternative!, the question whether we will be stupidly played again and again or will start confronting by eTOS means the corrupt western plutocratic system!?

Thank you for sharing Pel. (a) you still need a few dozen punctuation marks; (b) sending love in Jesus; (c) there is a corrupt East omitted from this last rantanalysis, but I have every confidence that you will address it. Alicia xo


I am intentionally leaving East from “their” equation simply coz its not anyhow part of “their” inherited’utopian’blueprint but has own perspectives on the future where multipolar world should be case instead unipolar one’world’government, also it didnt contributed to the current hypocrisy of exponential economic growth paradigm for progress, nor trying to remove Christianity from the scene, even less to impose mandatory homo’sillicone or homo’chimeric future, probably experimenting with it on military level, but what we have witnessed through the euroatlantic great’reset plandemix it was coercion upon all to embrace this kind of devolution, and to be more ridiculous in the realm which is seeing itself as champion of democracy and human rights, thus how not to focus per’se on west when defacto euroatlantic determinists are plotting n’w’o and superhumanity with fierce pace but also ultra escalation towards hot ww3!?

As I am constantly pointing this is due to “their” inherited systemic error of humanism to see us as mere result of darwinian animal evolution that gives “them” the right circumvent any bioethical risks coz greater utopian cause, while in same time as shadow’elites “they” are hostages to “their” fears not to lose “their” power due to future natural risks [1][1] altho as is suggested in this 1st footnote (around the 4th one in the linked post) most probably there is intentional neopagan skim coz reaching anthropocentric apotheosis through particular manufactured reality that should evolve “their” human species till gods!, now when to such equation we would add The Revelation from The Bible as variable then we dont need too much exploring so we would grasp what that means!

Sending unconditional Love to All from my side would sound like universalism, hm I am not so perfect to hug monstrums that executed two world wars and want to execute another even far greatly apocalyptic, so no I can just Pray “their” demons-anathema-to-them to be expelled so “their” hands would crunch for juggling with evil agendas, and altho illogical from soteriological aspect at best I’ll accept right balance as compromise i.e. to be respected the Free Will of Christians instead to coerced on borgging!, what “they” are not exercising at all but again and again by trickery trying to peddle all on submission and following of “their” evil agendas, yeah Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ expelled even usurers from the Temple dont need to wonder what what would have done if transhumanist were selling there “their” fog!, So I can only warn “them” stop with “your” madness before its not to late!, I’ll also remind “those” atheists and neopagans Repent coz by stubborn exceptionalism will lose chance for Salvation and Transcendence!, bringing to life misery in form of trial&error eugenics on steroids through “their” bionic&genetic revolution will make this World even more unbearable for living!, how “they” are not aware that that will not bring better future but further greater suffering, and why!? - coz global warming excuses!, but which poped up due to “their” unethical humanist industrial revolutions and lusts for neoplatonic utopia!, on top directly result to “their” shalegas fracking revolution and mass release of ch4 [2] on top instead we to be forwarded on Agrarianism and Selfsufficiency [3] we are more and more ghettoized by “their” blueprint in urban jungles were normally its more than problem how to get equal share for all from “all”, hek why at all medicine to be tied to chemical balance theory when half of the illness is due to stress [4] when the immunity is collapsing and as result are bursting various illnesses!?, but what actually can be amortized by simple natural substance as CBD [5] also why all to be pushed on public schools when homescholling can be also effective thing but per’se if Rural Reemigration becomes affirmed and subsidized coz greater unburdening of the urban jungles [6] but hm if people are not ghettoized they are hard to be controlled and manipulated, so how to jump “those” elites on that bandwagon!?, especially problematic how “they” see as idol in neopagan terms the “mother earth”!, yeah that will be destroyed if we restore momentum towards Agrarianism instead further to push industrialization, which current automata hype actually brought the current hypocrisy of ecoethical and bioethical risks with which we are confronted now!

well said, punctuation is important!