What's happening with seismic acvtivity?

So what exactly is going on ?
Is this why the lockdown has been so heavily enforced in Australia, cause there’s things happening they dont want people to see?
and can it be linked to other seismic activity as well?
I repeat what this girl predicted, and she’s been right on most of her predictions; saying there will be a gigantic eruption, that the whole world is gonna feel, 14-16 October.
She said this weeks prior to the spanish vulcano getting active.
something biblical is up and about to happen ?

And now yesterday a meteor splashed into a vulcano in Indonesia.
There sure is alctivity on the vulcano front these days…

If you were a flat earther, you would swear that the NASA idiots were losing their orbiters at an unprecedented rate. Maybe even aiming them at geologically created moments by USGS? Flat earthers are having a gathering in SC on the Oct. 22-23 weekend. For those who want to question, WHY? Why not?

Perfect that this falls under “Insta Science”, doncha think?

Luke 21:11 11There will be great earthquakes , famines and pestilences in various places , and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

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Lord Have Mercy on those suffering and affected by the earthquake in Turkey …

… here are video and ontopic thread [1][1] and as could be seen from the yt’channel that made the alarming clip from the first footnote [2] its obvious that catastrophes are mounting exponentially in the past decade, many surely will say what is due to scifi warfare sideeffect eg. haarp alike tech [3][3] surely the expanding earth theory in context of earthquakes is also valid hunch [4] but we who are Monotheists know that all this is due to our transgressing i.e. by embracing ultraliberalism in whatever form whether through hedonism(lusts) mammonism(greed) or egoism(pride) we are loosing Grace by magnitude of latitudes, what mixed with indifference for Salvation plus hard uncompassionate hearths can and is bringing quickly graceless circumstances that fire back to us in whatever evil side effects of anthropological natural or spiritual nature, actually by causality all are tied together as on personal so as on collective level, which causality cant be anyhow else reverted but by Repentance and Grace i.e. through Our Almighty Lord as Omnipotent that mids all the Free Will in this World (which however is wrongly pilled by us) Can and Is Delivering Us from misery death and oblivion, the question is how much we are aware for this when many are choked by atheism mids secularism!?, but even those who are Faithful as if it is stolen away their Feat living more like traditional than devoted Faithful!

Yes we can and should have risk management scenarios [5][5][5] and indeed it could be repaired some damage afterwards, but why not to have preventive means always at disposal, what when seen from perspective of the current catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and especially coz the region is on continental seismic rift [5]—[5]-[5][5] that simply asks for greater devoted will for prevention through Prayers as risk management!, but if only were the risks from bellow (as natural) ok, but those are tied also to all the rest inertia of geopolitical and extradimensional risks, which all of them are normally resolved with ease by Grace, but is it enough few people to Pray daily for some community, then who from those do that with Fear and Awareness not to sin coz even greater misfortune comes when we behave like go Praise Our Lord and then after You can go partying, in case of those regions of Turkey I’ll guess criminal clans have such impact coz by tradition many are Muslims but in same time guess there is one of the hotspots for heroin transition from asian producers to european consumers, and yeah what could go wrong, especially if we know that as bearers of the Oath Of The Old Testament simply Muslims are obligated to Life in Feat as Monks mids the cities … so drop by drop everything contributes when is in question the personal or collective safety, even historical causality when states are in question, but who can calculate such metaphysics thus what we need is Focus on Mercy and Salvation through Grace as risk management deliverance from misfortune!, but how if people are tied to tv’box’soaps 24/7 where prime idea is maybe educational but once that becomes idol that is substituting the quality time for Care for the needs of the poor and/or loosening interest how to be evaded any decadent vibe due to tourist’industry’hype and/or even fakebook twarter instakilo temptations to/from the Youth, then surely even such circumstance also can contributes to eventual collective graceless circumstances due to The Muslim Oath now by secularism chilled till bone … one would say then how so the rest of Muslim Communities dont suffer so harsh, hm, first of all Turkey was most longer exposed to secularism and liberalism unlike the rest even dismantled the traditional way of life by greater margin, and somehow similar suffering but from geopolitical perspective reached to Syria Iraq Lebanon and Libya where the pressure of modernization burst with ease once was ignited! After all just if one grasp how much wealth have many states due to oil and still not all population live in Joy that should be also good indicator if is measured by obligatory Zakat Muslim Charity …

… yes we can speculate that geopolitical reasons are indeed contributor too to all the situation, coz officially as part of nato Turkey was improvising with the recent Tap for the bulled by ea-determinists swedish&finnish otan’ization, what in my opinion Hot Tapping done for the sake of The World Peace so euroatlantic determinists would be deprived from the chance for hot’nucear’ww3, thus we all should be Thankful, but in effect as “their” asset by deal&sign simply Turkey pulled on itself “their” wicked rage, actually risked and became victim to its (Glory To Our Lord) utmost brave Feat for stopping further secure escalation of the current ukrainian trap for World Peace with their tapping, traps in which we are pushed by the neopagan’euroatlantic’determinists coz “their” n’w’o agendas thus we cant exclude such probability that indeed Turkey is penalized coz exercising independence!, in which case now we should be not just Thankful but to Help with all our Will, what should be done even if that wasnt case but how much more from Gratitude if it was, and if dont have material means how to, then You can with Prayers for the Suffered Suffering and Affected by this catastrophic earthquake!, for which another hunch that was potentially manmade is the consequent also huge aftershocks of 7.5 and 6.0 to the prime 7.8 richter wave i.e. such pressure as almost similar one by one strikes is untypical as I am aware, maybe 7.8 to 6.0 dissipation of the stress is understandable but 7.8 to 7.5 is lets say untypical!, and if somehow this speculation is plausible, still till its not proven it would be only on level of wrong speculation followed by wrong condemnation what will have wrong side effect on Your Will for Invoking Grace through Prayers, but if You anyhow fall to such temptation be careful not to generalize i.e. usA maybe is not at guilt, simply knowing how the harp tech is compact it can be exploited even on ships at open sea, thus it could be also pulled by some more occult zealous faction of ea-determinists and not per’se attack that by default should be executed by usaf!, hek it could be also mirror effect if Turkey was experimenting with such tech [6] so be clever dont judge noone till You are not certain whether indeed the cause is manmade attack, Also Dont Forget To Grasp the Previous Post Warning so more probable are our mistakes of piled wrong causality that are contributing some place to lose enough Grace so would come to this kind of catastrophe even it was from manmade origin!, btw dont guess about the piles coz there are too much variables that even if are detected still all cant be accounted thus in effect only viable solution is Fencing Ourselves by Grace … for what ideal circumstance would be removing secularism from the current republican math, tho possible only if eTOS becomes reality somewhere [7] but also we need awareness that one cant seat on two chairs and to expect that will have no risks, yet sometimes coz greater good someone do try to take unbelievable Feats and Respect to Erdogan for that i.e. loosening the risks for secure global’hot’ww3 but it would be even greater Feat with lesser risks if Turkey step out from nato!!!

Why then Turkey? Not exactly ground zero for those transgressions?

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Think already pointed about the heroine hub there, also its not neglectable impact from the graceless side effects from the soap hype simply its 2nd place in the world by tv’series’production [1] i.e. instead the community to be more focused on collective needs is getting more and more individualized liberalized and hedonistic, even the older population prone to idolizing all actors what in Monotheism is not at all wise thing to do!

Surely also it has role any ethnic animosity in the population i.e. if anyhow Mufties stir hatrate towards Kurds and the Faithful follow that also will have impact towards lesser Grace, this is especially problematic in Islam where if The Oath even for Commoners is (as I’ve compared to Christianity) on level of Monks then for granted when the Faithful are pushed on ethnic hatrate simply they are losing Grace by multitude!

I Apologize to the Turks if with these assertions I am adding salt on the wound at the moment, Please Forgive Me, Lord Have Mercy for All!, but do Hope it will provoke momentum to be considered these metaphysical risks so would be done everything in their power to remove any possible future risks from this nature, coz the continental rift will be still there while every building cant be retrofitted easily or cheaply, altho there are indeed ways how to be reached greater safety even in buildings raised by circumvented building codes [2] yet if the foundations are improvised or the microlocation sandy and/or improvised brick stone or concrete masonry was done, that is again recipe for disaster coz in question is active seismic area! So Invoking Extra Grace Is Norm, and probably most useful thing (at least for such regions) is to be removed secularism so in time potentially would be stirred greater inertia towards Faith and like that reached greater level of Grace …

~ Türk Kızılay | Donations for Earthquake in Pazarcık | Donate

I feel for the Kurds, but they seem to have their own version of Neocons that lead them astray! Not that I have ever seen playing “proxy” for the Americans did anyone any good!

With some luck the Kurds might end up the way it was before the Syrian war, living in a pluralistic state with privileges. That is, if they know how to conduct peace talks!

Someone smart said if you want to know why things happen, look who is criticized.
Only thing Turkey has criticized lately to my knowledge is Sweden on NATO.
Also worth mentioning is the Wallenberg owned Ericsson satelites and spaceweaponry, surely capable of kickstarting seismic activity.

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@neru I am pointing to eventual wrong causality what can contribute potentially some place to evoke on itself misfortune, not per’se claiming this is in this case fact!, risk dont means by default certain circumstance, this kind of metaphysics is not quantifiable even if we have open spiritual eyes, simply its not given to us to measure such causality, tho what we know is that any eventual one in this world can be reverted through Our Almighty Lord thus we need to strive our Hope to rest on Him … simply there will be always many risks around even from human nature like haarp maybe even risks from mafia even zealot believers that spread hatrate, still if we focus to lean our Hope to Our Almighty Lord we will be Delivered from certain misfortune for what there are many witness accounts as in The Bible suppose also in The Quran thus here I am just reasoning how to be evaded certain risks in this case seismic active region, but the same goes for geopolitical or per’se spiritual risks if we know that the basis for this World in the Spiritual …

@Sphinx implying that usA has motive to influence from side Erdogan rating so would position own puppet is valid assumption, altho per’se its not usA as but shadow’elites by me labeled euroatlantic determinists which tho hold hostage not just usA but whole euroatlantic realm [1][1] precisely even when Turkey started to gaining momentum for independent statehood through Erdogan it was immediately instigated attempt for coup what about now when was built up pressure coz the Turkish Feat not to allow swedo&finnish otanization, its logical that “they” will try to do “their” best to rig bad rating to Erdogan even by this kind of means!, altho “they” can do that even without usaf, thats why I am pointing it would be ideal for Turkey to step out from nato if wants to exercise Independence, especially after all humiliation with the blocked eU integration, also all the burden of the stirred by ea-determinists syrian civil war, tho day after also risk the same scenario to be mirrored there except that will be blocked probably in similar way as Russia economically, practically now needs bold decision by Turks either they will stay obedient coz possible future complete integration with west or will leave nato for good, altho as we can see like this now kept the escalation of hot’ww3’risk by tapping the nato will to officially seal its northeuropean belt, but on long run “they” will push such determinism even by this kind of means, probably also this example will be used for training obedience in all the rest nato members, thus it would be real example of Independence if Turkey dont kneel and again vote Erdogan! what I do find interesting is how merciless are ea-determinists i.e if without any guilt on conscience throwed whole wonnabe nato member in fire and meatgrinder circumstances, tho also done that primary at moment of “their” failed plandemix as distraction card that will stage the next attempt or better said phase towards n’w’o, then how cheap collateral would be this for “dem” so in same time would secure completely aegean sea except north sea, what for any eventual “ordo’ab’chao” skim of “theirs” its logical that “they” see it fix, now whats the odds when someone under “their” umbrella will start to show Independent tendencies that “they” as shadow’imperialist will let that roll smoothly, simply with deist stamina [1][1] “they” will do even worst things eg. how Ukraine was sacrificed by trickery trough stupid puppet actor that was indeed unbelievable, even more coz it was ignited not in some last phase of “theirs” towards “their” n’w’o but per’se forced phase for distraction means [2] actually since the plandemix onwards “they” are showing more and more resolutely “their” true nature altho till now acted cosmopolitans democrats legalists etc. since disraelli times global trickery, and it would be ideal if Turkey wakes up from “their” delusion completely, but as always there will various causality that will play role in such attempt per’se secularism and the need as Muslim Country to stand up in Honor altho for that now mids republicanism would need to decide the Citizens, but who will win their hearths it will matter, so probably the propaganda machines will steam up in fullness to convince the people how scary is taliban alike future while how lofty is nevercoming utopia, simply we cant know for certain how that will play out, tho if Turks as Muslims adore secularism and not aware that like that will be leaving room for huge liberalistic temptations then it will be by “their” will!

Think I’ve went too offtopic here, eventually its better to open new geopolitical thread!?, this one can be left for various probabilities that mirror to seismic activity, hm, I’ve never found time to check any correlation to the enlightenment era and earth catastrophes even less in context of secularism even lesser in context of Turkey, but it would be some kind of potential hunch for possible metaphysical correlation regarding how some place is provoking misfortune on itself, altho per’se it dont need to be secularism think hatrate for the neighbors can do extra damage to some community what about wrong policies by some state which could spill in war or war atrocities etc. etc. bad causality!

I think this is the case, the Swedes have been humilitated by Turkey in the theater that we see.

Its no accident that we are slowly seing openly in how there always is a Swede involved inte the highest level of all these little games.

Check out my post in the Chinese spy balloon thread.
If you try a bit you can find a connection in alot of the various scandals and events occurring.

From my research what is happening is the slow degradation of NATO.
I think in the near future that Turkey will leave NATO and go all in with the brics alliance.
By then Europe and the US will be drained since the monetary system will probably done around the same time.

Thanks Neru … … Help Syria with Donations … Lord Give Your Grace and Delivery To All Entrapped under and All Suffering above the ruins and Be Merciful To All That Suffered in these earthquakes …

here is the official page for syrian donations:

~ IFRC launches international appeals to help earthquake-affected Turkey, Syria
~ Partnerships – الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري

… how Turkey and Syria both suffered in this catastrophe, this could potentially become chance also for Unity, and not just Syrian, but ideally if Turkey steps out from nato it would be useful day after to push for Union between Turkey Syria and Iran!, and altho this would look impossible for many as mix between Sunni Shia and Alevites still think its doable coz greater economic and political sustainability … and altho such attempt would be sabotaged massively, still if Muslims understand that they are not compatible to the western ultraliberal system and always will be seen as one that need to be tempted till submission if chase “their” snake’hole, So logical response to that is independence from “their” bondage and compactness coz survival, defacto even to Ataturk this was obvious coz what think he paid with his life [1] stil now we live in different times so Turkey indeed have chance to break free!

Nice that someone else sees it in addition to me. Russia, IMO, will become primary because of religious belief and location.

One thing are possibilities another reality, now maybe looks like possible such scenario. but having in mind that ea-determinists hold for quite long the western realm under feet, saying that “they” will left so easy to went “their” empire in rubble hm its let say too simple guess, just look how framed DonaldT fro plandemix through warpspeedin’ till rigged election on top by bipartisan plot and even framed him coup, simply “they” got furious not just coz dismantled “their” ttip but also withdrawal from Afghanistan and loosening the string on Syria, and maybe in the last case it could also found motive plus except the swedo&finish blockade for their officialized otan’ization i.e. Turkey was just seconds away from employing offensive in the kurdish regions of Syria [1] what also woud had have been rushed with (joint or not) offensive by the syrian army what in effect would had have been pushing out the current syrian asset of ea-determinists as possible checkpoint for later operations on Iran, so it has logic that this earthquake could be indeed from haarp’attack to what also strangely fits the recent preparedness earthquake campaign [2] that altho is something regular for such regions still in this case somehow the timing looks alarming!, all in all, if this was manmade skim then it is forced coz securing obedience on few levels like: 1. nato enlargement detapping and 2. kurdish check point securing plus 3. pushback of turkish ties to Russia (free Bosporus flow ± southstream pipeline) 4. all of them fix through ruining the rating of Erdogan which was already weakened before while now with this catastrophe “they” hope even further will be shaken so finally after eventual removal to execute all the rest numbered issues 5. warning to every other nato member to keep its head down, also 6. using this catastrophe as particular agitprop distraction for the losing ground in Ukraine but also any other dismantling demystification of “their” n’w’o agenda 7. “they” dont care as deists how who will finger “dem” coz as I’ve pointed earlier go prove “their” guilt!

How all motives are aligned geopolitically for monstrous showcase of “their” power through “their” secret’ionizing’weapons its almost certain that with this catastrophic horror is sent message to all hesitant nato members that cant allow themselves independent or ambiguous stance when its obvious that “they” are after nuclear west-east clash in same time dont care whether the blame will fall on usA or kurds even Israel (check the last 4th footnote) coz various geopolitical interests, simply for “them” as euroatlantic determinists that act from shadows what matters is to secure “their” globalist n’w’o agenda!, and if we know that “they” are indeed deists as freemasons the see “themselves” as above all the rest under “them” as states especially if those states are under by “them” arranged nato umbrella!

And its really unbelievable whether such people exist that can coldheartedly execute such monstrous act, but by all means geopolitically “they” were already executing even greater catastrophic events like the medieval european wars or the past two world wars [1][1] (in context check the p’h’spin too how by trickery usA embraced ww2 [2][2][2](25:10)) So saying that now such plots are impossible under usA watch I’ll say think twice [3][3][3] maybe thats why was all the alarming right before the catastrophe about terrorist attack and even nimitz docked intentionally so would be removed involvement still there is the issue with the clouds and the airglow that suggest use of ionizing haarp alike tech [3][3][3] yet if “those” euroatlantic determinists hold whole states in hand then what about some military tech whether for direct attack whether for hijack’by’sabotage whether for mirroring signals!?, probably dont even care even if execute direct blast as in case of NorthStream2 even through usaf itself after all infiltration is “their” prime game, but what is more problematic is that obviously “they” are after nuclear ww3 coz various reasons [3][3][3] practically now trying to secure “their” position [3][3][3](15:20) and Turkey indeed defied big time “their” effort as for compacting of “their” nato’war’dog but also as spot that is prime strategic checkpoint for maneuver mids ww3 for what already existed particular threats for “them” on various levels [4][4][4] the question is whether Turkey now will step out from nato and release itself from “their” shackles completely, and like that secure the Peace in this World coz without Turkey is not exposed the black sea belly of Russia for direct clash, or if comply whether that will mean certain lockstep for nuclear ww3!?

What is more and more certain is that “that” haarp alike tech is operational, but I will not rush per’se to condemn usA as executor!, again for this needs to bring the charges Turkey unless is blackmailed with even greater catastrophe to keep silent!, but someone will need to warn the world with what kind of risks we are confronted and to be taken all measures so such kind of weapons would be revealed and placed monitoring of possible use if not else so would be detected from where particular signal came where!, yet for now there are only few people that got in public with ontopic revelations and all of them in '90s, but think its time the tech to be revealed publicly, what actually indirectly was done [5][5][5] but it needs officialization and control mechanisms!, what if dont becomes case that would mean even devastating consequences in eventual hot ww3 whenever the same happens!

Pragraphs are apprecited in longer texts like this.
Just a heads up to next time :slight_smile:

I think Turkey would hang on to NATO membership as it gives them the position to veto some things that NATO else would push through without any resistance.
I think the idea fo givng Turkey membership status was the hope that Erdogan was taking Turkey in western direction.
And Erdogan is not going that way at all
I think Erdogan is taking side with the ruissian/ chinese fraction that seems to grow stronger by the day.
BRICS is already a strong voice oppositioning NATO, and will just grow stronger the next yars to come.
I think Erdogan will be re-(s)elected. Im not sure those elctions are clean either.
But even tho Erdogan has many faults, of some size as well,he’s probably the best alternative for the nearest future.
Probably will help with some resistance towards WEF plans, and also WHO’s plans for international clearance to administrate the coming pandemics and lockdowns will probably also face some resistance from Turkey.

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