World wars financiers and "their" goals

Regarding the linked thread in the end of the previous post so would be clear it was linked in context of “them” as bank’corp’cabal that as earlier so as nowadays are behind all euroatlantic geopolitics [1][1] altho “they” have own stooges among the spooks eg. earlier dullith (allen’dulles&alike) [2][2][2] or among the plutocrats eg. churchil&alike [3][3][3] but predominately “they” are acting in shadow and playing the states through plutocratic clans and covert factions [4][4][4] play usually executed by “their” black’magic’indebting [5][5][5] practically placing global skims from financial gambling through currency bawling till debt’zoo’enslaving through their fiat octupus [5][5][5] now just waiting to upgrade “their” web in crypto circus [5][5][5] of from and by peg - panopticon’electric’gulag means [5][5][5] logically so would position themselves above all as puppet masters!, Yet think that behind that bank’corp’structure there is another one in form of luciferian priesthood which is not at all known even to all of “them” that drive “their” processes directly in tie with the demons-anathema-to-them [6][6][6] its kind of neopagan couloir of dissonant hierarchy that is trying to reach “own” utopia when hope will reach equilibrium of rule and hierarchy, hm which even if somehow happens we know that will not survive the day to become long’lasting’utopia [7][7][7] simply as system is condemned on oblivion coz rests on esoteric error [8][9][9][9] that even earlier have collapsed few times through the distant history as wrong pagan errored globalism [10][10] simply its word for fallen force which existence is bond to perdition [11][11][11] emerging in form of wrongness till most bloodthirsty monstrums [12][12][12] so its simple explanation why when how who is in question yet many fooled by lusts greed or pride became or becoming slaves of the false will of anathemago that deceived many to think he is god!, so as deceived became slaves and propagators of deception [13] which is secured by fooled Christians that when will forge with “them” alliance coz whatever reason simply risk to be pulled in “their” apostasy in one or another way if and when loosen, and many did loosen naive enough to believe that eg. joining “their” luciferian freemasonic religion is membership in business club, hm even joining foundations of soros&co or gates&co we are risking to support “their” wrong utopian cause what about if join “their” religion [13] but many will say oh thats not problem when since enlightenment era all western plutocrats spies newagers idolized’(culture science or bussiness)'citizens are chipped in “their” freemasonic culoirs!, yep many will say what “they” have done wrong!?, nothing just organized all wrongdoers towards specific tasks!


Excellent ending w/Eisenhower warning, to a well researched video.
“Hitler’s Gold Trading w/the Enemy”

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The other two videos above; flush out the details in relationship to today’s geopolitics, and Deep State factions. Loved it!

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I find my blood starting to boil as I watched Tino’s video exposing the immense wealth,criminality and despicable corruption that went and is still going on.


Ran across this verse yesterday; seemed fitting… "The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all. Luke 12:2

Not liking what being revealed and understand more why so many are hiding their eyes and ears.


@RhebaRhae the problem with our geopolitical reality manufactured by “shadow’neopagan’elites” is that “they” are masters’of’deceit 24/7 brainwashing the masses by neat agitprop [1][1] eg. I really find amazing how many are fooled that as earlier so as now per’se is case only for economic interests behind the scenes [1][1] what even seen like that from aspect of cataclysmic risks coz nuclear weapons mids hot ww3 has no logic now even that was case earlier, altho even earlier the means for achieving global change were economic and militaristic yet the motives were driven by ideological hype!, in my opinion neopaganism vs Monotheism) and if “those” neopagans havent corrupted eg. the earlier royal european nobility with “their” esoteria most probably the same would had have enough Grace so would survive the rising tide of enlightenment republicanism!, still even “they” fooled masses to swallow “their” lady’liberty’bait hooking all on dependence from “their” vaults and by loans enslavement till very these days!, but now when “their” financial casino is cracking (coz various usually coz greed built up risks) logically that from despair will try to keep “their” fake might and rule by new’world’war till still have many as hostages under “their” rule, maybe panicking that “their” fed cant balance nomore “their” high’gambling’vices thus need world war so would secure “own” survival as elites, at least on west!?, but coz risks from decline of “their” wealth&power to rollout fallout and through it largest exodus since the beginning of the world that is irrational till lunacy!?, So logically escalation towards nuclear world war is reflex from fear topped by ideological blindness, what in case of euroatlantic determinists cant be anyhow differently explained but that through world’war’gambling hope will swap “their” current world order with new one coz bringing ultimate long lasting utopian rule above all “they” hope, guess coz “they” think otherwise risk as equal with the rest world empires that “their” neopagan utopianism could evaporate instantly from the stage [2][2][2] most probably hostages of “their” own imbued decadence hype that blinded “their” reason till lust for global havoc [2][2][2] even that is leading in certain biological and ecological collapse of this World, and only elites capable for such blind suicidal mission are (not even atheists but) only deists!, simply “they” see “themselves” as gods so dont care what is at stake as risks ahead due to “their” exceptional will for uberdominance!, and if ww1 or ww2 madness was released by “them” without any guilt why and how we would expect that now “they” will step back!?, thus its really mindboggling why Mankind dont act immediately with Prayers so “their” demons-anathema-to-them will be crushed and like that “they” to end up fully disoriented and easily blocked!, sadly but many not just that dont give resistance like this but even fuel “their” agitprop how are keeping indifferent or silent predominantly as experts that will confront “their” currently spinned “democracy export agenda” in Ukraine with respect to few [3][3][3][3] what think now needs to be expanded by concentrated eTOS will on party and ngo eforums so 24/7 would be exposed “their” monstrous geopolitics and utmost wrong utopian ideals of transhumanism [4][5] and through humanist scientific dictatorship an one’world’government [5][6]

@Robert_Barricklow Yes as the docu so as the two interviews are extra informative especially so would be explained the neopagan euroatlantic strive for n’w’o and superhumanity i.e. how all western system is rigged towards that utopian goal, simply as freemasons so as zionists have particular utopian eschatology which actually gives “them” meaning to “their” existence ~ fm[6][6][6]-zio[6][6][6]-fm/zio[6][6][6] ~ yeah looks like interwoven caduceus asclepius hermes snakes of one and the same neopagan coin [7][7][7]-[7][7][7] And altho “they” have wrong metaphysical understanding as esoteria and due to it constantly failed attempts for crushing Christianity so would bring “their” “own” neopagan utopia to life, still “they” dont give up trying again and again by trickery to peddle all to embrace “their” fakery of neopagan eschaton, and looks like that the’luciferian’factions hope if not else that by world’war’bloodbath by offering human sacrifice to “their” demons-anathema-to-them could provoke path till utopia, yeah “their” ordo’ab’chao mantra (check the last 14-15 footnotes) how else to be explained the continual intentional escalation of tensions till cataclysm!?, probably some will say nah its just humanist malthusian inertia for depopulation on what hm I’ll say if “they” wanted to already would had have done that and at best “they” need guinea pigs coz the eugenic ideal for superhumanity so through “alchemic” empiricist trial&error would reach “their” x-man [8][8][8] for what defacto mids world wars have wide space for experimenting what in regular circumstances goes extra slow for “them”, but in same time if we have in mind “their” holocaust past then its obvious that in same time “they” are managing sacrificial ceremony!, saying that that was just plain geopolitical (racial aryan) deratisation it would be at best half story, especially knowing that as emerged from the enlightenment era all of “them” are luciferian deists normally under “their” rule have various other serfs&slaves from atheists through humanists till psychopaths so its really mindboggling how are skewing all to follow “their” scenario towards “their” neopagan utopia, what if earlier was not so clear in the past world wars now it should be!, and why didnt executed still depopulation [9] could be explained only through “their” need for slaves eg. even now as cyborgs (even anyhow unfit) are still needed for “their” utopia (simply more cost effective than robots coz as selfaware biological bots those would be more efficient in context of selfmaintenance), what as in the past will be again secured as obedient work force solely through wage-slavery till ultra progress earlier mids “their” rigged indebted capitalism later mids “their” rigged ultraindebted socialism!, but how else now to throw all in submission and obedience and would not risk wide pushback than through rigged ordo’ab’chao when “they” think many will end up in dismay and took the bait if not imediatelly then day after!?, Hope I am Wrong!

Hm, whats the odds to succeed with such skim and through fallout would achieve stable n’w’o agenda ahead, probably think now “they’ve” mastered cloning thus dont care what will happen if flush transhumanism or fallout coz more smooth experimenting!?, simply as selfdelusional coz wrong projections think that only option for reaching “their” utopia is through dystopia [10][10] but I really think the selfdelusion is from fear that will lose grip coz Christians are getting aware who are “they” and for what are after as utopian n’w’o x-man eschatology so now in rush by all means not to lose their hijacked democracy (secured “own” plutocracy) thus resolute to instigate even fallout even as unprepared!? SO we need to get aware and refuse to support “their” nato’war’dog and like that exhaust “their” lust for global havoc!, especially we need to be aware as Christians and Muslims that we should refuse “their” spins&skims what is reachable only if we are exposing “them” and “their” wrong neopagan utopian agendas for as less as possible People will give “them” blank support while “they” are trying to rig hot ww3!, among other probably thats why “they’ve” needed chipping through jabs so would be easily located any potential deserters as in “their” hijacked western armies so as among the population, but how risked too early with not safe enough biotech and how now actually harmed many in the western armies (hijacked to work out for “them” as euroatlantic determinist) like that already made huge problem for “themselves” i.e. how long can withstand “their” soldiers burdened with artherosclerosis and covaids [11][11][11] (disclaimer this last “docu” footnote about covaids dont know how true it is simply I havent researched vastly as conspy topic thus cant claim anyhow whether m’rna jabs can trigger aids but if it has grain of truth then its hm hm hm issue that asks whole new thread so would be demystified!), So maybe aware of this “own” vaxing debacle maybe now “they” rush in panic (altho not ready as geopolitically so as militaristically) to roll out escalation by any means (even with risks till nuclear ww3) and if not else at least like controlled push-pull chaos hope will reach if not else to fast suspension of “their” current plutocracy in stratocracy (military western regime) so would frame quickly panopticon technocracy and at least reach western new’world’order!?, I mean how else to be explained all “their” current geopolitical hysteria i.e. where and when “they” are not equal at the moment as military force to those of the eastern empires yet again “they” are still pushing escalation!?, if so then surely now “they” are panic mode and improvise extra after “their” failed plandemix and stalled great’reset ~ thus rushing to save what “they” can, even by premature global clash so would keep “their” asses in whatever shadow’power’position could!?, and as we can see by the monstrous strike on Turkey “they” dont care how will blackmail all on submission and certain path towards global havoc [12][12] thus indeed I’ll conclude only valid explanation for this current madness of “theirs” is ideological deist exceptionalism that rests on certain neopagan utopian agenda which lasts for quite some time now defacto in its last phase [13] actually the past two world wars were attempt through chaos to bring “their” new’world’order [14][15] after what hope will have opportunity to reduce the population only to devoted broilers to “their” cause, but what as we can see again is destined on failure how now dont control all world empires and above all how now exist weapons of mass distraction thus its extra discutable who how and why among “them” will enjoy in “their” imagined utopia!?

Tino is great, but i think he is building up to something more specific in the future.
Read about the Congress in vienna 1813-14.

Why did a few countries get the option to be neutral?
And what is the effects of that happening?


Astonishing supply of sources brother, and i liked a lot the sober vision of the facts, most specialy about the false god wor-sheep-ed by sheep.

Of course, thinking you are not an English first languager, but wondering if the quote below suggests that humans would be better off if we were still ruled by nobles/royals? (If in fact we still are some level).

In going through your writings and looking at most of your links (here and elsewhere); thinking you may be of the orthodox faith or, at least, a follower of Jesus Christ. Also thinking you may be Swiss or of that cultural persuasion on some level. Feel free to tell me to mind my own business.

It is interesting to look back at interviews to see how thinking was then, compared to how it turned-out – now. Wonder if the good doctor @vardas3 imagined things would go this contrary back then.

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Hm, why on eforum someone would say to anyone mind your business, such exceptionalism would be wrong even on personal blog what about on eforum where per’se we are to debate some issue!?, no I dont mind, I am not swiss but Orthodox Christian from Macedonia or shortly macedonian, that points that republicanism is freemasonic enlightenment ideal that coz particular agenda substituted european royalism which for the sake of the Truth go corrupted by esoteric line thus got assimilated, altho defacto even as such kept upper hand by controlling the new republican vibe by own puppet plutocrats, in essence went with the enlightenment flow as elites, now maybe sounds this as generalization but defacto the bulk of earlier royal elites survived and just put more commoner mask on the clans, in essence “they” became the liberal motors of the enlightenment utopian ideals for heaven’on’earth and more leaning to the freemasonic eschatology while the socialist as zionist spill in that euroatlantic neopagan matrix became the unelite intellectuals that got consumed by the idea of equality, altho defacto when mammonism is boost for “their” ideals in both cases we can resemble plain power struggle who will lead on the helm and be philosopher king(s) in the end!

What many cant grasp that however “some” or “someones” agenda is stirred on global stage its not just of ideal driven by/coz human virtues or vices but foremost embodied spiritual energy!, and I really find troubling that people tend to underestimate the fact that the spiritual world is basis for this one, eg. that metaphysics is not even important what about prime variable, altho defacto it is!, hm. maybe its better that we dont have open spiritual eyes so would not fall in despair whats really at stake as beyond cosmic war among Angels when we are witnessing global events in my opinion coz its as JPF would say struggle for every Soul i.e. the prize for the Angels is our Free Will whether we as Mankind will end up in Eternal Bliss or eternal damnation, but in same time Our Almighty Lord is Law and Order thus every causality on this World is due to our Free Will and it could be removed or restored either if we long for or From Above by Our Lord Providence so again and again Mankind will have another chance for Salvation even the neopagans are welcomed on Repentance thus its complex metaphysical occurrence of global local collective and individual circumstances that are coz Repentance and Salvation!, refusing to grasp this fact coz whatever reason and put only reductionist glasses will not bring balance even less harmony coz we are confronted with energy that has particular utopian standardization also secured by particular indebting fuse toward coercion till submission of all that should be directed to follow that very same standardization and as such also insured by militaristic bullying if and when someone despite all coercion is tough to withstand so would be braked, and even when “they” cant peddle with ease others still by trickery trying to do that so eventually “they” hope will reach fulfillment of “that” neopagan deist eschatology in one or another way!

I can freely say all global events as in the past few centuries so as nowadays are result of the very same spirit behind the scenes that hijack all enough graceless however corrupted on whichever level of hedonism mammonism or egoism along abomination stamina for refusing The Orthodox Christian Truth thus easily becoming victims in one huge vortex of evil apotheosis agenda even dont want to!, simply as higher some people are as authorities so as have greater responsibility and if and when will loosen a bit can fall in “their” trap instantly after what whether from fear as blackmailed not to be exposed as owned by corruption or deviance whether blinded by ideological promises are kept servient as plutocrats thus we have witnessed two world wars and now confronted from risks of ultimate third one, but again in my opinion solely how we are peddled as Christian or Muslim masses to embrace “their” abomination trends as normal human rights spin eg. like abortionists kgbt or sodoma&gomorah trends, not rarely we are massively tempted on loosing Grace by the mammonistic’rat’race trap for luxury by debt what is throwing us as collectively so as individually on selfishness and little by little individualized we are becoming stripped from any space will or hope for Christian Ethos as path ahead but silently are embracing “their” utopian neopagan globalism as logical survival eventually we have luck that “they” are consumed by “their” pride thus cant stand any equal to “them” now thus we can say Glory To Our Almighty Lord that Russia is awaken as Orthodox Christian Bastion that stands tall on “their” utopian path!, otherwise we would had have been already active part of “their” homo’sillicone homo’chimeric x’man part of “their” utopian deist agenda for heaven’on’earth!, actually now “they” gamble and probably trying to instigate nuclear ww3 coz more and more are getting exposed by “their” very wrong exceptionalism first pushed by the wrong’biochip’plandemix while now also with “their” ukrainian crisis gaslighting so would derail the attention of the masses from that very same monstrously deadly biotech so would buy time till prepare for final ordo’ab’chao stage till “they” hope utopia!, even assured “themselves” that such ultimate chaos is some normal ahriman blueprint thus dont even have any regret if throw all this World in collapse!, and thats why maybe is more practical now not to expect that “they” will step back but we need to act immediately through Grace and if possible eTOS bottom to top opening of the system if there is time for that so if not else People would get more and more aware not to give “them” support if cant resist by Prayers or democratic change!

Yes, we need to use the power God gave us through Jesus’ sacrifice and in his holy name to pray them out of existence.

Am always intrigued by those God chooses for his purposes (i.e.: Russia).

We can say nothing is circumstantial on this world!, sometimes it takes time to be understood Our Almighty Lord Providence even when we as with Free Will Gift know to astray from Salvation what has own causality by itself that dont means that once some empire stand victorious that that is final event, simply on World where viruses enters in every system its really not possible to be reached heaven’on’earth!, simply the purpose of this World is for our Salvation and when the same is getting obsolete actually by the measure of graceless trends we are provoking on ourselves misery as individually so as collectively!, yep we should always remember Niniveans that we will be again and again reminded on Repentance and if we refuse to grasp that indeed we provoked by ourselves on ourselves wrong causality, as I can see one such moment is abortionism but also the famine that is looming in Africa and currently in Yemen [1][1][1] are we aware that this is issue cant tell but it should be reminder how empty shells of compassion we’ve became!

Metaphysics is such thing that simply we cant grasp even physics in fullness what about the reasons why this or that is allowed coz our Salvation, practically if there no temptations who will wake up and focus on Salvation!?, the problem is think coz the vast free will of ours, but somehow strangely ww1 and ww2 was provoked coz the teuton utopian strive as rosicrucian elitist neopagan vibe that provoked misery upon all coz its wrong stamina [2][2][2] so we can expect again teutons to provoke the bloodbath and indeed arent now nazi’ukro’bots the lever for such inertia!? altho per’se we can say everything is stirred somewhere underneath city’of’london and forwarded by some paperclip recidive further down “their” hierarchy [2][2][2] and surely again “they” dont care what will be the toll of “their” exceptionally wrong utopian esotery!, still how we are silent and in unbelief just like the very beginning of ww2 it looks like the majority of the world population is like on some soccer world cup on tv!

Hm, nor we are seeing prompt academic debates nor peace forums if not eforums hm as if the academia is scarred not to end up jobless if dont follow the mainstream media narrative and its satisfied if not soc.nets share some post of personal opposition!?, tho it would interesting if DonaldT now if its true that is pushed out of favor by fox’ers maybe affraid that have german roots [3] simply so would regain trust by the voters exactly to open up gop by eTOS vibe and if not else to stir eforum for the republican congressman teams to debate their differences in contrastto his stances, practically he will not need any tv marketing but the audience will shift from chasing narrators tv hype to live feed 24/7 spectacle among the implementers of policies inside gop on at least general online public party eforum ~ ideally also in every state mirror to it so the local issues would be also tackled in depth, and simply like that will not chase votes by appeal but by pragmatic appearance on eforums where even his teams can help him, in essence like that will reemerge as nominee altho in same time it can leave with easy his seat to any other that will prove worthy as MAGA successor Simply with eTOS he will bring last chance for Direct Participatory Democracy to start seeing the day in usA otherwise it will be as it will be!, LORD HAVE MERCY ON ALL MANKIND …

I saw some new theory shared yesterday on GDS about khazars i.e. how “they” are the prime motor behind all n’w’o strive [1][1] long story short the points is how babylonian jewish banking clans survived till these days by infiltration among khazarians i.e. supposedly coz the crusades had have hidden “their” existence [2][2][2] but on what as counterargument I’ll say 1. why at all to hide own might if its so special?, 2. the mission of Saint Cyril and Methodius among khazars was real why would khazars fake it!?, 3. how can “they” as khazars infiltrate till such extent so as court jews would hijack all royal european houses!?, its more logical that “they” merged with the european royals and became “their” serfs!, yet could the serf become master, hm doable but above whole european realm, cmon!, altho as zionist wing became good cloaking marker for teutons, altho we cant say for granted which faction how who has in hand why, simply “they” all go onboard the “same” enlightenment apotheosis vibe and practically zionism is just another secular nationalistic flash among all the rest, while eventual neopagan esoteric flow comes from “their” messianism as chabadism from around the black sea hasidism, does all jews or all zionists are chabadeans hm such generalisation would be on level eg. that all germans are nazis!, yes by stif agitprop manipulation it can be fooled many to follow even march with ubermenschen exceptionalism through ww2 tho that dont means per’se germans are genocidal, hm as if were framed to work out coz utopianism!?

So I’ll conclude indeed “they” as khazarians were present, but to me more logical looks the teuton’julian’theory as prime above all european power elite [3][3] lets say infected teutons at least if not all western europeans with “their” magical mix of tengri&mazdaistic summoning thus somewhere made friend somewhere enemies!, and probably some will say: then how so ea-determinists-esotery is per’se neokabbalism, hm to what I’ll respond thats not quite completely truth!, coz if we make closer examination of the alchemic medieval hype or rosicrucian hermeticism or freemasonic esotery defacto its word for ancient pagan syncretism where we can find various mixing of aegen esotery in the end even hinduism to which is glued also kabbalism!, thus we can say yes now there are two utopian branches till neopagan n’w’o as freemasonry and zionism (as some asclepios rode snakes till apotheosis) ~ on what surely some will say but if in freemasonry main accent fells on the solomon temple architects plus also exist stars sigils (pentagram in freemasonry and hexagram in zionism) or as we know as Christians that “their” false prophet will emerge as leader or crowned in Jerusalem, then its logical that the 1st footnote theory about “babylonian Radhanites” holds some truth!? Hm, on what I’ll say if so eventually from aspect of common demonic energy eg. if we project that coz the pharisees crucified Our Savior Christ “they” became chosen clans for anathemago to tempt the nations of the world – after the fall of Byzant (what as Empire would be the 1000 year rule of Christ with His followers in this World [4] if we know indeed that byzant lasted 1k years [4][4]) – yet again to me looks like push-pull among “themselves” as neopagans who will took the lead till apotheosis coz freemasons awaits “their” eschaton for usA as revival of pax’romana [5][5] through pax’americana and right after pax’universalis n’w’o, while zionists in all this have secondary role and hope from side to reemerge as backup if cant have the prime role towards neopagan n’w’o!, on what we can say the ukrainian quarrel is lit exactly like that [6][6][6] eg. JoeB was framed as biolab investor in Ukraine to react on hot ww3 coz DonaldT wasnt maybe ready to follow [7][7][7] and practically as in case with JFK all are peddled to follow or be removed [8] so could it be that “they” as bancorp cartel are the prime motor for wars [9][9][9][9] hm practically usury is evil that as mammonism is securing the rest of vices, its kind of glue between hedonism and egoism if and when becomes idol, making from the usurer an “usurer” [9][9][9] (in the last footnote as terms: war and/or usury are mentioned 1k time each in an compilation of net conspy info altho not sure how relevant havent checked patiently) Still even “they” fueled someone “that someone” needs to push’the’button for greater’evil as plutocrat or shadow’stooge, and not rarely is!, But even if “they” as bank’corp’cabal are the prime motor for euroatlantic determinism stil JPM as largest derivative pillar indirectly is in hands of southeuropean nobility hands, thus khazarian banksters and “their” teuton lords are not the wealthiest euroatlantic faction nor can corrupt or blackmail all for per’se massonic ordo’ab’chao [10][10] altho its also fact that rotshields overtook vatican by loans [11] yet think jesuits and their jpm wealth didnt fell in that swap!, thus we can assume jpm could trigger instantly global economic crash if is not onboard for hot ww3, tho somehow vatican embraced great’reset as normal agenda ahead [12][12] thus its question whether we are not already witnessing full preparations for nuclear ww3!?, LORD FORBID …

Again and again I’ll need to remind You all I am nor expert nor insightful even in this topic, simply from the available info trying to reconstruct “their” power mosaic, practically without the teuton’julian’theory which I am using it as pivot so would grasp whats happening I’ll get lost in the myriad of info and theories but also spins!, thus I’ll need to point it would clever people to start debate instead leave such fractal assumptions to hang i.e. either the same can be supported and to it given credence or it need to be refuted and debunked so would not look like anyhow extra genuine!, hm probably need to underline this disclaimer as signature coz somehow sense people are seeing me as authority altho I am clearly in almost every thread claiming I am halfliterate and exactly coz that I cant afford myself to make blog or vlog but posting on waffle e’forums (not even expert ngo one which tho as eTOS vibe dont exist) simply I am leaving room to be immediately or later refuted anyhow except by agitprop mode ~ on contrary like that my reasoning gets even more affirmation!, simply it needs to be refuted by arguments and not spins!, eh if only we would had have academic intellectual 24/7 eforum debate among insightful historians and experts even on mainstream theories what about on alternative one surely we would had have detected at least the majority of probabilities, but “someone” obviously dont like such momentum, how else to be explained that the academia dont have even one popular eforum with active compact neatly categorized debate and if not on local then on regional level!?, I mean cmon in what century we live!?, or just like that the topix momentum and eforum hype of '90s just evaporated, hm, no it was constantly suppressed and skewed so all would be pushed on soc.nets peddling where whatever info or whatever will is instantly evaporating!, while in scarcity of e’forum debate threads like these where is concentrated some info are becoming kind of final Truth altho it shouldnt be by default that case, hm again that is coz You are all employing Your will on wrong voyaeristic places in wrong manner, thus sadly but indeed even halfliterate like me looks far effective when exploring some topic than all of You together on soc.nets!, So Stop behaving like dumb&dumber!, and at least as expert debate start crossing on thematic eforums!!!

disclaimer x2: Must point when I’ll share some link per’se I am not going along with everything in it eg. in the next 1st footnote just want to point to akkadians as chaldeans yet go for every link give explanation, thus use Your logic what goes from where along the mine text as offered understanding!, anyway …

Hm, I am also not rarely throwing assumption yet far from shallow one eg. like the next one where on first site it could sound interesting the term “radhanites” from aspect of “long’present’energy” that is again and again resurfacing after the Great Deluge when Mankind was punished coz eg. through akkadians [1][1] has reached open cohabitation with demons-anathema-to-them (some say even from small legs children were potent magoi i.e. possessed from birth, thus came to what came as wide graceless state that provoked Our Lord Wrath upon this World) to be more precise altho the next analogy is far from logical still sounds like mirrored etymology!? i.e. if there is no exact evidence from where comes the term radhanites, then we can also speculate that “those” khazarian elites sounds like if among other mixed also hindu esotery [2][2][2] hm why not if indeed were the main sharware gang on the Silk Road, and knowing how eventually mixed tengrism mazdaism and judaism then why not to assume that on some level bumped to hinduism too while in Afghanistan!?, could such logic point how teutons were summoned esoterically to hinduism while chasing to expand “their” alchemic rosicrucianism, hm I really dont know, actually its really mystery to me whether earlier or just later in 19th century entered hinduism in the european neopagan cauldron!?, probably on some level was present in kabbalism too but just far later was found on what rests some doctrine or from where exactly draws root!

This is indeed unknown topic for me i.e. I am not so insightful to make parallels how what where was boiling and reaching glue, simply its not some medieval age mosaicking thus easy dotting, but utmost hard to be deciphered ancient flow that once someone became tempted to dive in will get lost from few aspects 1. how the ancient people were using and sharing knowledge i.e. what kind of mindset (where) some culture had have!, 2. many of “those” pagan civilization had have astral communication i.e. were “friends” with demons-anathema-to-them thus the knowledge could had have traveled around the world even without the need to be carried on foot!, 3. making assumptions nowadays from the scarcity of original sources on top mids the abundance of forgery of texts or translations and/or deciphering its really troublesome thing!, 4. why at all trying to connect antiquity and modern times when per’se its not the might of the flesh but tradition from a Spirit thus now can be one state with wrong vibe tomorrow other hm isnt the swap with earlier ussR with not ussA obvious!?, 5. finally even if it is made some ancient reasoning but by not clear evidence think its not useful the same to be examined like this superficially shallow, yet I’ve took the opportunity so would point that my logic per’se is not such, stil again think even as unburdened from such shallow assumptions again I am aware that its far from perfect ~ Simply coz I am not devoted researcher on these topics nor have some special will for debunking euroatlantic determinists and “their” agendas, I’ve just got somehow challenged by “them” through “their” local stooges thus as never before put some focus to see with whom have work!, and indeed looks like elites yeah to which insecticism is some special hype [3][3][3] wonder from and coz astral tilting or coz some other reason reached such momentum!?

  • I really dont get why “they” need escalation till hot ww3,

  • why “they” want so bad this world to be thrown in complete havoc,

  • why is so important that momentum now!?, or ever!?,

I’ll understand if “they” were threatened so needed to respond, I’ll understand “they” have unimaginable risks that noone cant overcome, and even I’ll understand that if from the other side was not left room for negotiation thus there was nothing from “their” side but to engage in hot ww3!, yet on contrary none of the mentioned excuses dont holds any truth in them!, nor will, simply:

  • East didnt made any exceptional move, on contrary was asking constantly for multipolar world!.

  • Russia even gave hand as option like joint nato [1][1][1] so would be surpassed the differences geopolitically regarding “their” anaconda doctrine [1][1] still despite “their” enlargement even that was refused!

  • China even proposed joint new world currency as stabilizing mechanism [2][2] coz the shear risks to which is exposed the dollar!, yet that was also rejected!

So, whats left as argument for the current obvious escalation from “their” side as euroatlantic determinists than some esoterical lust of “theirs” coz and towards utopain n’w’o, to it it could be added the long planning of “their” agenda21 now a’30 or a’40 if “their” position loosens, hek werent already in motion some failed n’w’o attempts in the past century like ww1 and ww2 till “their” utopia!?, how we would exclude this kind of variable that despite all the reached hands for joint deal of world order by the eastern empires still “they” as euroatlantic determinists exceptionally refused that!, why?, if there was not some greater behind the scenes agenda!?, yes we can act stoopid that economy is at stake, and even in ww2 guess the same reason was peddled as prime, but defacto ea-determinists lust for utopia, altho as factions in same time have own eschatological differences and trying to resolve them in favor of “their” own utopia maybe, how else to be explained what zionists are doing!?, hm maybe just trying to clean nuclear risks with nuclear force and why coz few million asraelis who world to end up in dump, Please it could be resolved the palestinian issue however “they” like and still nuclear war to be avoided!, but if “their” chabad bandwagon didnt bothered to share the ukrainian quarrel even leading it with own bot that will conduct the ukra’nazi’band (yeah freemasons and zionists in hug) then when dont bother if risks hot ww3 with Russia why would if the same is done through Iran, or maybe in question is overstreching Russia on few fronts so would be difficult to manage the operations!?, yet “they” still dont have all the ea-chekpoints in hand especially not Turkey thus needed to wait even risked to lose the kurdish chekpoint in Syria how time was passing, I really dont get how this differently to be explained [3][3][3] yep normally You will get particular psyop counterargument but why we havent seen wide 24/7 debate!?

Wow! I thought I was the only one who could type here, but I am all for open discourse and critical thinking.

When I posted the link to the video on the Babylonian cartel, in truth, I had not watched it all the way through yet, only the beginning. I liked the blogger’s work earlier in researching certain aspects of historic accounts but am not totally behind what they say.
I thought that it would fit in with JPF’s trilogy on the “Banksters of Babylon,” but they seem to invite controversy. I am still learning much about it and if your head feels like it is “spinning,” perhaps that is part of the intention, where research leads into one rabbit hole after another, many dug by the “conspiracy” to lead one away from the truth or towards it in a very manipulative way. Their seems to be some modus operandi that each generation uses so that there is “nothing new under the sun” and the power of the “invisible hand” is passed on within family dynasties or cults hiding behind the cloak of religion. I read that top Templars walked hand in hand with their counterparts in Muslim leaders and those of the “Assassins” when they finally reached the so called Soloman’s temple. In ages past, the ruling class, such as in Egypt, were of a different stock than those that made up their kingdom many times. We find intermarriages that would ally Babylon and Egypt or Macedonia. The priest was often more powerful than the court and would not only provide the education for the king to be, but would also coin the money! Often the only written history left in a civilization after it was conquered would be in the monasteries that were spared plunder or that hid their scrolls, tablets, etc. It is my understanding that there is and was a spoken tradition of teaching that would not write the lessons down, like Socrates and others adhered to, and who would pilgrimage to Egypt, Babylon, Persia, etc. These religious sects were seemingly allies who had the same secret doctrine at the highest level that was handed down from truly ancient times. Today we see this esoteric vestige interlocked with the most powerful hidden societies and the age old quest for world domination, conquest, and as in days past, slavery.

Books I am reading now that may interest you include “Architects of Deception” by Juri Lina, and the “Ordo Ab Chao” series of revamped and updated work by David Livingstone, author of “The Dying God.”

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  • All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

  • Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

*Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak — Sun Tzu

What im basicly trying to get to is that in history the rulers have always been hiding behind proxys and outsource the crimes they do.
I beleive the empires we have been taught about have mostly been bagmen for whoever had knowledge or some leverage to pull strings.

The notion that the real rulers needs to boost their ego by showing their might doesnt make any sense imo.
Most likely its their puppets that are put into those positions to take the attention away from the people who gave them that aura of power.

Then sometimes the Kings, presidents or fuhrers go off script and needs to be replaced with a new boogeyman.

When looking for the real source of power then find out who controls the flow of natural resources/trade routes, human capital and has the most advanced technology.

If someone has the ability to build/sell good enough weapons then he can decide who will rule in the eyes of the masses.

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@Dooderonomy We are going extra offtopic with this ultraancient digressing in this thread, essentially any historical overview can be useful if it give explanation for someones particular geopolitical will, in my opinion enlightenment era is enough good pivot and the same powers are still in play, thus from mine understanding as I can see its kind of such from romantism derived eschatological utopian drive as of freemasons so as zionists!, normally there are various variables to all that from economy through power shift in case some card of “theirs” is not plaid eg. how “they” would excuse “themselves” and “their” exceptionalism if “their” long pushed anaconda doctrine is falling apart!?, so as we see from pride pushing till extremes the current geopolitical boiling!, altho as I can see constantly are trying to motivate one another as main factions for hot ww3 from one or another side, but I am now learning is that JoeB raised the bar and gave zionists blank card for middle eastern fuse through “unified command plan” by bidens executive signature [1][1] and knowing that Iran and Russia have strategic partnership on top Iran accessing BRICS can someone tell me what this means!?, its not at al strange then how so such monstrums are now ready even on catastrophe as such in the Hatay region so would condition Turkey back in row as checkpoint [2] altho its really difficult to be proven this i.e. exactly who done that, yet its fact that all the motives plus all the timing is pointing to “them” now when are escalating toward hot ww3 i.e. how all “their” rhetoric is secured for noreturn!, that just shows that now we dont have other means to pushback but through Prayers to decimate “their” demons-anathema-to-them!, but are we doing that!?, as I can see not enough People are responding to this call as if there were no risks ahead, as if its not already fulfilled the time for Prayers till extra Mercy by Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ and reverting of certain path to fallout, what need to happen so People would wake up!?, how to be explained all hypocrisy for the past Minsk negotiation now revealed as bogus, or how we should grasp the constant exaltation of the ukrainian quarrel by fueling more and more hate mercenaries and weapons!?, thus only valid logical explanation would be from fear that “their” might could faint away “they” are playing “their” ordo’ab’chao cart as last chance till utopia in which “they” will be victorious (“they” dream), and what to say but Too much times “they” proved that dont care how much people will suffer even when partial part of “their” anaconda doctrine was in question eg. half to one million collateral in Iraq [3][3][3] what about to expect that in “their” ordo’ab’chao phase “they” would care if all are thrown in oblivion, JFK should be reminder but JoeB is far from balancer but old rusty hawk obviously that altho wasnt capable for hot ww3 as we can see (from the 2nd footnote claim) left that decision on asraelis now!, Thus We Need To Focus And Do Everything In Our Power To Stop “them” and “their” exceptionalism as by Prayers so as by wide eTOS debate among experts!, can be this reverted!?, possibly if Iran is secured by russian back and it is, yet someone still behave like thats not problem!, probably when already poisoned many with the faulty&deadly m’rna jabs now dont care, as if someone intentionally slipped such motivation hype like now or never will be resolved the iranian might!?, are we all fools or exceptional unipolar globalists of euroatlantic determinists are drowning again whole world in world war, Hope I Am Wrong!

The question now is who would debate calming down of all tensions while still the exceptional JoeB is p’chairing!?, why europeans are silent?, who will say NO among the american and european plutocrats to that “unified command plan” i.e. now asraelis dont need natos article4 nor article5 so would drag all in havoc but solely invasion and all must follow once usA will!?, how this to be reverted before false flag escalation is stopped, hek it could be direct provocation!, yeah who paid for this!?

I really cant understand why there are no realists among the academia that will raise their voice with exception of few [4][4] what tho dont need to be done in accusing mode eg. [5] what altho coz the sake of The Truth it should be stated yet that will not chill out the war heads actually even more push “them” on edge, but we all need to do as much as possible so would be calmed all fears and exceptionalism so would not end up in hot ww3, but how if there is no will for debate nor any calming signal but just further compacting of the raws even by monstrous means so west would be forwarded on path of noreturn!?, are “they” so powerful to do that, will people support “their” skims&spins and keep quiet till noreturn!?, who is to blame but ourselves how peace needs to be pushed by street marching altho even that now its question whether will bring any change coz without wide debate that will reach level of referendums by which will be suspended the right of plutocrats for entering ww3 swiftly how street marching alone will stop “those” madman!?

As a matter of intellectual honesty, since the legend of christ was created exactly in the middle of the engineered fall of rome, how do you know that it isn´t an integral part of the long conspiracy dating for thousands of years to enslave humanity?

The vatican, wich is integral part of the conspiracy, uses this legend to have power over peoples minds. Every single power broker in europe, since it was fabricated used it, what are the logical steps that you made that make you believe that it isn´t part of the program, like the neopagan esoteric flow that you talk about?

They where both fabricated by the same group of criminals, what is the rigorouos logical analysis that makes you come to the conclusion that one is different from the other?