Haarp or something else day before Turkey earthquake?

Looks like a HAARP 👀😳 or what?? Before the earthquake in Turkiye pic.twitter.com/C3BnNqtQp6

— wow_how (@Megohelie1) February 8, 2023
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It could be related, but more probable link to eventual manmade strike is the airglow typical for haarp alike tech [1] for which normally there will be always other theories [2] but obviously there is also correlation to haarp side effects too! I wonder why in the past this phenomenon wasnt addressed as typical by seismologists!?

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Can someone confirm this was case? How can be traced any acuweather data so this would be checked, if true then its another possible connection, still as one of the comment say it could be due to resonance from the earth [1][1] tho the title for the twitt says “just before the earthquake”, but “how much just” it can make difference is it earth emission or ionospheric dissipation of wave, maybe the direction of the vortex can also point to difference if there are similar acuwheather data for comparison of other quakes around the world!?

If true also this aligns with the strange airglow right before the quakes!, but wonder why if this is was regular occurrence was never addressed regularly by the science as part of every quake, but are caught only accidental shots!?, yet another possibilities that excludes this kind of logic is another news clip with as I can see comparison from different years similar airglow … (dont want by any means to see it as someone trying to push any kind of agitprop, altho it would be useful people to calm coz are speculating without facts and like that potentially building further pressure through anger in the hearts of those suffering i.e. they will expect revenge which coz its not probable such anger can be stirred only to further destabilization momentum by anyone that want to see Erdogan out of power!)

… and either indeed this is natural occurrence altho not by default related phenomena in seismology, or Turkey was bullied even earlier, but do such merciless monstrums exists among ea-determinists?, defacto it cant be proved like this except this to be loom in the realm of speculation, but what will not make difference to those that Suffered and are Affected! LORd HAVE MERCY On All Of Them …

Unless is proven by the state, and if at all they would have interest from that, coz again there is no methodology to prove correlation, except if it is indeed observed some particular direction of some pattern of frequency source and direction, what eventually can be show by satellite, but whoever would ask Turkey for such data surely could play it for own interests, so again its difficult anyhow this kind of speculations to bring clarity!

Only eventual viable Caution from this Catastrophe would be that we all need to make effort in seismic active regions to invest in LOFAR (infrasound) Seismic Radars [2][2] coz as we are warned in The Bible Revelation all kind of catastrophes will follow thus whether from one or another shock those places again and again will be on huge risks, what points that Above All We Need To Fence Ourselves and Our Communities with Grace [3]

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~2 weaks ago there was similar cloud shape in Bursa similar to those appearing when haarp alike tech is used [1][1] altho we aslo dont have official explanation for this phenomenon just that possibly is due to frequency oscillations when executed on large scale, here is small scale explanation how are achieved such effects [2][2] guess coz the beam is not laser but high frequency waves that when excites some place do cause such untypical geometric cloud shapes!

Yet even looks like corelating pattern for intentional strike, still how someone would be certain, maybe this one is due to the overall global ping pong with this kind of weapons between usA and Russia (at the moment) what can reflect across whole world, but still so one place to be charged like this it needed to be directed wave, or cut’off’signal [3] that will bounce back!? But then again the mainstream media will do their best to inform You that is very normal natural occurrence, and instead we all to make pressure the use of these f-weapons to be disclosed, we would need just to rest and follow “their” lead! If not else this Catastrophe can put inertia towards such disclosure!, LORD HAVE MERCY on All …


New video from the blue airglow [1] the question now is was the attack done by 1. aegis system on the docked nimitz warship [2][2][2] (i.e. dont need to be vlf but also elf strike check the 4th footnotes in the last 2nd one) or 2. it was done by some euroatlantic determinists faction!?, hm how “their” escalation of the ukrainian crisis hype is boosted constantly yep looks like joint globalist plot!

Maybe the blockade of the swedo-finish otanization is motive, but think in context of “their” failed anaconda doctrine and “their” last chekpoint of the kurdish territories in Syria that should serve as base for eventual offensive on Iran it has logic that through this monstrous attack Turkey is deterred of its plan for offensive in “their” kurdish checkpoint [3] so its probable that with “their” “secrete” tech is achieved multilevel effect of containment and submission of Turkey till obedience to “their” ordo’ab’chao cause, and this example can serve for analyzing what else in the past was such spin directed against various target states, here is one assumption in context of Iran [4] and finally its not mystery the use of “those” weapons but how it could be manipulated eg. jamming or mirroring signal etc. ways of sabotage [5]’[5][5] practically the issue with the blue airglow phenomena removes the assumption of fracking exploration radar sabotage, yet in all cases how who to prove what was case when the tech is still kept secrete!? Lets Hope Our Almighty Lord Will Encourage Whistlers To Come Out In Public at least about the ionizing haarp alike tech as active weapon systems in the world armies, so people would get idea with what kind of devastating weapons will be confronted if hot ww3 becomes reality!, thus in time getting out of the risk areas!

Another older example of blue airglow was noticed in 2016 NewZealand earthquake, I’ve posted in another context this link [1-5][1] but it can go in this thread too!, also another claim that coz the blue-air-glow is word for weapon can be heard on the next video of Agnew Brooks on 42:55 [2][2-2] [2]

Also Mexico and Peru had have the same pattern!, which as usual is explained like normal occurrence [3][3] but if so it would had have been regular observation since seismology existed!, instead as could be seen from the last footnote there are reports only after '70s when the tech was already operational (see the haarp thread), also cant say about aligning motives eg. with 2007 earthquake in Peru but as potential looks like eventual chinese entry in the mining industry [4][4] yes I know looks impossible but knowing how for “them” is important submission and servitude when in “their” realm of influence I’ll wont reject even such possibility, hm somehow even JoeB rented cars melting looked like such message [5][5] and regarding the stubbornness of the mark the level of impact is greater and greater with each next strike!?, similar conditioning is done also by economic hitmans and crisis but not always that is doable nor can be used as instant fear tool!, altho till not disclosed officially these weapons all this will stay in the realm of speculation that in case of Turkey can be explained trough nato geopolitics [6] stil that as assumption needs confirmation if not evidence [6] which how dont exist any official revelation that its part of some country arsenal altho there is indirect confirmation that that is case [6] cant be offered certain ways of detection about the f-trajectory!

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You know. We all know, but some chose not to. Some people have to figure it out themselves. If we say too much, they just get stubborn.