Sanford science has ability to control cells remotely

I find this dangerous once weoponized


“The team used nanoparticles called MINDS to help absorb the infrared light and make it stronger. Created from the same materials in solar panels and LEDs, the MINDS were injected into the brain, where they amplified the infrared signals.”

So it might be triggered remotely but there is this twist. Stay the BLEEP out of doctor’s offices!

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Freethink is sharing this info as if it is novel thing, altho as scientific method for manipulating proteins by light already existing one [1][1] in this case upgraded by infrared specter of manipulation, I’ll say probably just “reminder” bragging that the tech exist, hm maybe spinoff so would be mobilized scientific attention i.e. that “someone” needs more input from various independent researchers, and probably new darpa grants will follow if already havent!

~ 2017 - [1]

~ 2017 -

In essence its kind of upgrade of the earlier mind reading mind programming tech [2][2][2] that now is researched for implementation on wide scale but in this case by IR spectroscopy and transducing “coz whatever reasons” yeah “they” will tell You it will be primary coz Your health as if the medical instead the military budget has greater priority [3][3][3] and we are just not sure whether we will see actual f-replicator except hearing about the existing el.medicine [4][4] that strangely but still is suppressed on west, as if “someone” need this f-hype to be kept low coz whatever reasons, hm maybe first want to master it in fullness before is affirmed and widely implemented, tho this will push also interest for other for now classified topics like frequency’mind’manipulation [5][5][5] or f-weapons like high’plasma’oscilators or their miniaturized elf/vlf tech [6][6][6]

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Do we know that it hasn’t already been weaponized?

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Hm, To some extent it could be said that indirectly it is ~ by the bank’corp’elites and “their” barcode readers “_” usually when we are trained on stress by credit cards!

As uninformed as I am, and deriving conclusion only from the available info on net, in my opinion as biotech is already in experimental mode, and for that foremost should be examined the m’rna jabs in context of sonogenetics and graphene oxide as cortical modem, in this context maybe employed by chemtrails too (by my hunch) here and there coz particular needs like that employed even upon higher areas too eg. on state level, altho earlier there were many individual targets that were reporting various issues and side effects due to the experimental training ~ which tho it could be also hype from spiritual nature!?, in some (vague) personal experience I’ll say Grace is keeping You safe from hallucinations, altho its question whether at all till now was employed in such manner invivo holodeck experiment for the masses except maybe already used just in astral mode [1] f’building’8 sounds familiarly catchy in this respect [2] tho for now such blue’beam’alike skim surely wouldnt be revealed if existing (gwen norad come to mind) simply it should be psyop that will disorient by surprise if its used as kind matrix alike spin!

For now tho the earbuzz is norm!, thus the tech is already in use, but now predominantly for surveillance and conditioning!, now one thing is projection but could “they” program brains by direct radiated light link hm darpean claim yes [2] yet except as info possibility I cant point to some noticeable example, hm maybe DonaldT with warpspeedin’!?

The military will be all over this…very very worrying. How wonder if TRPV1 is In the quackzine? and 5/6G are the means to activate?

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