WITH GREAT DELUSION ON ITS WAY… Even New Agers Are Talking About The Fake Alien Invasion Predicted To Begin In 2024 That Will Replace All Traditional Religions

WITH GREAT DELUSION ON ITS WAY… Even New Agers Are Talking About The Fake Alien Invasion Predicted To Begin In 2024 That Will Replace All Traditional Religions

February 19, 2023 by SkyWatch Editor

In just the past month, the United States has shot down not one, not two, not three, but four unidentified flying objects in North American airspace. The government is hesitant to give specific answers and appears to be offering only limited information about the objects to the public, leaving many of us understandably wondering what those objects are what they were doing hanging around? These recent unknown aircrafts appearing in the sky have given way not only to new conspiracy theories, but to resurfaced discussion of old ones. In particular, many are speculating that a theory known as Project Blue Beam may be real. Like many other theories about the presence of extraterrestrial life, talk of Project Blue Beam began decades ago. Project Blue Beam (NASA) is reported to be a conspiracy theory introduced by Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast in the mid-1990s. The theory claims that members of the Pentagon, NASA, and the United Nations were collaborating on a plan to simulate a fake alien invasion and staged “Second Coming” using hologram projections. In doing so, he asserted, they would eliminate all traditional religions, including Christianity, to make way for a one-world religion or the “true religion,” as well as to abolish national pride, national identities, and family as it is known today, paving an easier path to bring about a New World Order. According to the theory, there are four distinct steps to Project Blue Beam’s execution… (READ MORE)

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I mentioned somewhere in my answers to some posts, somewhere here on the forum to a member that 2024 is of great importance to “them”.
However, it is not a delusion but some kind of mass mesmerizing and hypnotizing illusion that "they "will implement whether “we” like it or not.


They could care less about the masses.
The masses either run w/“their program”, or die.
Yet, “they” don’t have the numbers on their side.
Plus, they know, that information can travel vast distances and time;
using a non-locality morphogenic fields.
Once that knowledge, is out w/in open systems?
Then the whack-a-mole fun begins in earnest.
Is that what the Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter” was about?

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There is no strenght in numbers.Have no such misconception.

Uh, does that mean there IS strength in a lack of numbers then?

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No strength in numbers = A car filled with people but, the direction is determined by whomever is driving the car.

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I can understand that in some circumstances numbers are irrelevant, that is a good car metaphor or first one I thought of after asking the nameless one this question was that even an infinite number of blades of grass don’t have any strength against a single lawnmower, although eventually even a lawnmower will break down if someone tried to mow a giant field of grass that always keeps growing.

Luckily for me, I’m not a blade of grass.


About this talk about a false ufo invasion, seems like there has been a lot of conditioning about that in popular media for many decades now.

About cars, now cops are using these things to stop them.

Also passengers try to manipulate drivers about where to go all the time and are often successful about that, especially if they’re in a taxi.

I think what the author of this song is trying to say is that there is no power in the crowd, in the mass as such.
Or at least as we perceive that the multitude or the mass of people in itself is some kind of force. That’s what I meant, not the total absence of numbers.

Thanks for the clarification hadn’t listened to that song didn’t realize you were quoting that band. Masses of people or a mob can become weaker in will than a free individual’s resolve, especially if they’re being manipulated, controlled, or voluntarily giving their energy away to something or someone else.

Asimov’s theories could predict future events with a high degree of accuracy based on mob behavior, which is overall more predictable than individual free will. An individual’s actions can also have a domino effect that causes significant unpredictable change in greater populations.

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I don’t doubt it’s eventually coming but I’m nor sure some weather balloons portend it’s kickoff either. We will see.

The wildest set of theories and discussions found here. The YT ads are above annoying but you get the gist.

I presented a video that also had DeSouza speaking with David Nino Rodriquez and ? Eisenhower yesterday in which he explained a possible explanation for the balloons and that they were setting up an EMP event. Interesting contrast to this conversation.

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DeSouza is interesting. Couldn’t help but think Nino and Laura were trying to interfere with what John was trying to say. Wonder why.

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Speak your mind man.Speak your mind.Colonel Z.Your mind.Your mind.
Not the mind of others. Not from someone else i.e “You are someone” ,not from someplace else somewhere where are others minds, but from you where or you are and where you stand.Be the point of reference . Friendly advice. Take it or not, your choice. :smirk:

Hm saying that ccp per’se is part of globaloney is like saying coz China is member of u.n. it also has the same deist utopian blueprint, what by all means is not true, foremost quite different stamina in contrast to the western’neopagan’exceptionalism (plus its constant humiliation by ea-determinists through the past few centuries comes to mind) defacto China along Russia asked for multipolar world order yet “someone” see itself as so exceptional that they can be only its resource in its global empire, correct me if I am wrong [1][1] but also we are speaking about incompatible systems for monocultural monopolar globalization simply coz Eastern Empires like China or Russia had far greater profound spiritual existentialism (despite the last century attempt for hijack through the commie virus) so incompatible to the western system of neoplatonic utopianism but more like true freedom seekers on Monotheist Tradition that foremost rests on dignity and righteousness in case of Russia Orthodox Christianity while in case of China Confucianism, not that they dont have various factions or flows that follow compatible system to the euroatlantic’neopagan’determinists, but those factions are already calmed down or chilled out!, Hm, as if DeSusa needs to sell that yellow’menace’narrative, hm looks like the gop neocons are prepping stage so if JoeB dont execute hot ww3 it would his successor from gop enroute pacific or Iran if japanese catapult is jammed promptly!?

Also I sense that radicalization of the left’right’extremism is already exhausted as potent spin [2][2][2] for executing marshal plan and instantly shifting gears from democracy (read plutocracy) in technocracy (read stratocracy) till its reached pax’universalis n’w’o, but obviously if its kept alive “someone” hope it could be restarted!?, yet more than probably “those” behind the scenes globalist elites have potent reserve plan even for this ((( i.e. will execute kind of migrant invasion coz similar pretext and rigged problem-solution side effects, for what looks like there were already trial phases as in usA so as in eU earlier, or maybe through it already placed sleepers that would serve later as puppets for coup’d’etat!?, Hm, not that this should be case tho looks like catchy possibility, yet coz I’ve heard about it from someones visions earlier hm also I cant put extra credence in the same as probability, it was some older publically shared dream vision about overtaking usA by southamerican mercenaries which should had have occupied the bases the highroads etc. now either that was genuine one coz it was 10 or 15 years ago when think still wasnt turned on widely the astral programming of dreams [3][3] what tho as always was case with the illusion of dreams created by demons-anathema-to-them so in the astral realm many would be fooled to follow particular “lucid” dream delusion that not sure when exactly but its logical was upgraded by hijacked by ea-determinists usaf, hm Hope I am wrong, and to this kind of assumption I can add just Dont Believe In Dreams, as Saint John Chrysostom pointed simple “those who believe in dreams are like those who are chasing its own shadow” yes it could be received and even sent message in dreams but the astral realm is exactly like astrology indoctrination i.e. even if in this World it will be by our Faith then how much more in the astral realm where demons-anathema-to-them are infested!?, thus I’ll take the proposed probability as possible only in case if usA get chance ahead somehow to brake free from “their” influence so “they” would again spin the wheal, tho it could be as well implanted superstitious programed fear through dreams by those that had have shared that vision of globalist reemergence, enough, dreams will not make You Brave but only fooled!, ask Alex’d’Great [4] )))

Interestingly the first video segment with the balloons as drones has logic if is kind of freeflow+pvcharged thing as the japanese military gyro’drones [4] one would think if usA has nukes and Japan not then what kind of similar drones hide in areasNo.1/1oo, yet nowadays this kind of tech can be used by whatever euroatlantic faction eg. that need to stir attention away eg. from the Hatay earthquakes!?, but what if the faction is some psyop departement in DoD!?, simply having such chinese military gadget flying around freely in usA airspace yeah its just like the story about 9/11 norad sleepy reflex, cmon are You so naive or DeSusa is indeed realityshow yt-x-files!?, I mean how he is giving to Q credence altho exposed navy spin its obvious either people are still falling for it or in “pentagone” are still hoping that fbi if not dia and cia will refurbish the Quantifiable entities spin that must be secured so all patriot leaning citizens would be smoothly catalogized so in time would be ready for whitewhashing whitenoising and whitecapping!, kudos to the creativity for conditioning if the moonwalker hats and their csrQ Alert are “their” spin too [5][5] Hek All This Looks Like Fine Nice YT Theater just we need to wait a bit so we would learn whether the director is some sorosoid or some bilderborg!?, can I have a Lemonade with CBD now Please!?, actually the real directors are The Angels far above our scenes, yet we tend to forget that this misanscene already happened for us as Christians in The Bible Revelation … so dont get excited but focus on Salvation!

I’ll took out of context this sentence, and will say try to compare how the current hijack of west goes with the one on east in the beginning of the past century, eg, how is rigged the political scene or how by deceiving agitprop the current gaslighting is poured through “their” mainstream media and/or yt&alternative media (eg. the show with DeSusa above which think is appealing example) through which if bit a savvy we can sense how the narrative was controlled in the past, but now that is more easily recognizable as implanted coz we can see the rigging (eg. as media or vlog acting again eg. the body language of DeSusa above when trying to sell the spin that its indeed chinese balloon in question and why) yep now easily noticeable unlike then when it was poured primary through partial speeches and kept in pocket pamphlets what think was more potent way for agitprop conditioning [1][1] while now coz the vast pool of info points its difficult for the psyop machines to control all exit points thus need constantly to push the theater on maximum when wanted or not “they” are making mistakes!, or even by small amount of witnessing “they” are exposed, especially problematic when coz whatever reason some narrative of “theirs” will collapse but “they” are still trying to keep it alive!, and sell it as truth!, not rarely by playing with superstition too except by standard psyop agitprop!, what yeah looks more than ridiculous how is choked in the idealess attempts to be restored!, the question is why “they” rest “their” hopes on change through manufactured revolution, why are afraid to be honest about “their” intentions for utopian n’w’o and superhumanity, and the answer should be obvious i.e. that the same ideals are not Christian at all but pushed by neopagan gang behind’the’scenes upon the majority of Christian masses, when their Free Will is risk to stall if not dismantle that fake utopian agenda simply coz nor all long for homo’sillicone upgrade nor ready to embrace totalitarian humanist scientific dictatorship, thus how else that to be achieved on small door but by trickery eg. plandemix or stirred revolutions or eventually fallout, whatever will proven effective so “they” would reach “their” utopia and in it be the leaders!

Practically how the debate is suspended, and all by agitprop cornered on soc.nets dullness or boosted by one way vlogging or massmedia indoctrination, we are heading at best to polarization how there is no space for dialog, and thinking that like this now (soc.nets&vlogs) there could be something explained or reached clarity whats useful ahead to be done its lets say unproductive, simply coz the current vibe is only useful for marketing purposes but far from cornering “their” plutocratic agendas with deelitized solutions, hm, we are now looking like the mob from the past century but now manipulated instead on streets on soc.nets!, thats why I am constantly shouting start debating in right manner on right place like thematic eforums where if not else the flow of debate would be unburdened from triviality spamming or defocusing (tho what will be case if there exists prompt moderation so would be tackled such wrong agitprop hype) but per’se with hope that we would see mass eTOS trend coz for sure even in such space “they” will rush to implant own supposedly independent ngo or party eforums or flush “owned” experts, but even then like that (unlike now on soc.nets) it would be more hard the debate to be skewed and “their” narrative to be imposed!

I mean How else to be calmed down the currently stirred anger or indifference, what think as eTOS chance is more than important coz “someone” wants to boil up “their” spins and hysteria till revolutions, yep extra doable by rigged economic meltdown so would be brought particular wanted change, altho what is less doable nowadays when that change (like that) it needs to be executed from inside in west!, when in same time ea-determinists through controlled chaos parallelly need to keep in condition the system eg. coz need to have operational nato army and/or owned mafia sigint and/or blind obedience by subordination, plus in same time need to rig shift from democracy to technocracy (and from capitalism to socialism) plus along to keep “their” position as shadow’power’elites!, tricky indeed thus thats why we see various trickery in place like manufactured revolutions (as problem solution theater) [1][1] through which “they” hope will be smoothly hijacked democracy yeah by the very same shadow’elites which has made from it plutocracy i.e. now by excuse how corrupt is the system (“they”) to instigate even greater hijack and introduce ultra elitist technocracy, its kind of gaslighting like “look Your system that (“they’ve” hijacked it) is rotten its important to leave it to us to be cleaned!”, and instead people to ask for wide opening of the system eg. through eTOS environment and Direct Participatory Democracy instead through soc.nets actually are (or ready to be) pushed on rioting&revolutions so through marshal laws would be suspended the current hijacked democracy and introduced “scientific dictatorship” where meritocratic norm for participation in the system would be mandated compatibility to all “their” neopagan globalist ideals from kgbt through transhumanism till universalism normally by strict denouncement of Your Christian or national tradition or whatever “they” see unfit for “their” utopianism!, in essence we are seeing the finalization of the enlightenment ideals when bringing alive “their” utopia is done by force i.e. while talking about liberty for the masses bringing even greater slavery by “their” plutocratic rulers, what in one or another form could be recognized by the constant rush for centralization of the system, on top as such imposed by the minority of neopagans above the majority of Christians, what would be epitome of “their” globalist vibe which strongly resembles neobolshevism even in its globalist beggining [2][2][2] and almost hard to be recognized as eurobolshevism or amerobolshevism if wasnt for the recent w’e’f great’reset’agenda which in usA is known as BBB [2][2][2] ~ now till which extent JoeB&co are “their” stooges as megaphones and puppets which need to implement the cfr’bildelborg’davos agendas ((“their” globalist cbd) that as n’w’o stretch since lon and ww1 onward [3][3] [3]) for that one dont need too much exploration but to check “their” plandemix agenda [4][4](18:50[4]) or their earlier n’w’o whitepapers [4][4]’[4]’[4][4] eventually as inertia even with “alien” backup scenarios [5][5][5] and when all that will be compared to the current geopolitics its obvious that for “them” “their” great’reset is too big to fail skim!, and yes “they” didnt hide that n’w’o agenda [6][6][6] but it was sold as logical outcome for our civilization altho an manufactured reality coz “someones” utopian lusts [6][6][6] hm but how logical is such brave’new’world for Christians?, ha I’ve forgot for “them” we are just tabula’rasa’citizens!, yep neopagan elites (or indoctrinated by “them” atheist humanists) VS Christians and Muslims per’se, an opposite reality but not rarely smoothly secured for blending by corrupting infiltration mids the western religious elites for which I am particularly conspy aware just for the vatican&fener seats [6][6][6] for protestant infiltration tho also through the earlier wcc inertia we can grasp how so universalism became norm for them tho more pronounced in calvinism [6][6][6] so from blind love as Christians we risk gradually if not instantly to be thrown in “their” neopagan universalist inertia towards anthropocentric apotheosis!, but even if we see “their” n’w’o exempt from Theology eg. with some reductionist mindset of regular indifferent citizens, simply by suspending the traditions and swamping them by monoculturalism the World will loose diversity what at best will lead to despair eg. once it will become obvious that “those” on the top are just stupid wrong luciferians!, thus again even like that it will become clear to all why “they” seek to level all on universalism i.e. so would be narrowed Our Christian Faith as part of an universal belief system in one and the same for all mutual god, what for Christians means i.e. from Christian point of view is ultimate apostasy!, serving not two but multiple masters in same time that will be even ridiculous from aspect of polytheist monolatry!

And even if by some chance n’w’o was imminent need eg. due to some global natural risks like great’deluge or mega’solar’storm, stil for that we need foremost honest 24/7 deelitized public debate instead by trickery pushed agendas, even more if we know that the very same n’w’o agenda was already attempted through two world wars when actually there were no existential global risks but just “their” ultra’deist’ego to become global pharaohs in one or another way!, and even now there were any existential risks stil multipolar world order instead one’world’government is more logical approach, even less covert transhumanist skims or malthusian spins to be pushed by rigged&manipulated peer’review’sciece coz “someones” behind the scene interests!, and if by any means we would like to see safe social future ahead we need to focus foremost on Agrarian Risk Management instead further automatization and ghettoization of the Mankind i.e. to use the technology so would be helped Rural Selfsufficiency instead urban dependence on the supply chains!, but no “they” risk that like that “their” power could faint even were not anyhow challenged!, altho per’se the bulk of humanists as “owned” academia is molded to follow darwinian excuses how its normal the fittest to survive whatever future ahead and so “their” homo’sillicone hype became for “them” logical transhumanist response to all “their” fears&lusts!, to which selfdelusion (now flushed as manufactured reality till utopia) we are pushed covertly and by coercion (for now noticeable through “their vaxing agenda” as coz panopticon and full’digital’economy “necessity” so as coz greater planned obsolescence and barrier for the third’world’nations to experience growth or independence but as chipped to be easily pushed on submission to “their” one’world’government), as if there is no other way ahead but all to embrace “their” exceptionalism as one without alternative!, which I’ll compare it to extensive agriculture that sooner than later is leading to collapse of the soil biom if and when is employed artificial manure on steroids, and isnt same now with “their” transhumanist hype in context of the social realm, would not the same root out empathy and bring misery when particular trial&error phase throws us all in debacle (like now with the strokes of the vaxed) ~ and why, coz “their” hackable’animal’skim was imposed upon all without compromise without debate without choice even less to be offered any safety assurance or at least state liability ~ but just vast bullying of all by fear agitprop manipulation except by trickery released biotech jabs, hm who would guess that “they” are such monstrums!?, yet even noone will be persecuted coz that in the end “they” hope!, maybe believe DonaldT will took the burden coz his executive sign on warpspeedin!, are we all stupid or just “they” think we are!?, when tried to slip wrongly patented shared and executed great’reset’agenda on top started by plandemix, which would had have been not logical how was imposed even if we were cornered by some mass extermination risks eg. coz gravity weakening thus we would had have no other choice than to experiment with gyros in our heads, on contrary the risks “someone” is facing (and coz that imposing such utopian skims by trickery) are per’se from fear whether “its” neopagan narrative (that was pushed since the enlightenment era) would survive the wide literacy levels of Christians nowadays that sooner or later will lead to refusal of “their” utopian agenda as imminent, and normally that we would prefer to stay natural thus thats why coerced on transhumanism by trickery, what defacto even “they” are still in power and everything is as it is still even like that for “their” (alchemic’empiricist’humanist) scientific mindset would be heresy of free variable that cant be observed monitored and trained coz fulfilment of “their” utopian lusts that are driving ideal for “them”!, and thats why in one or another way (or phase by phase) we are now manipulated to embrace “their” globalist geopolitical skims and unraveling technotronic era of “theirs”!, probably most of the People (already aware whats happening) wonder is it in question just simple existential reflex of “theirs” as neopagan elites or its “some” force that dont gives “them” rest and push “them” till extremes to chase “their” utopian eschatology!?, what for me isnt at all discutable that is the second case, the reason why I am constantly pointing focus on Salvation and by worthiness help even “them” through Grace so would release “them” from “their” own wrong ideals implanted and fueled by demons-anathema-to-them!, its kind of Feat for us as Christians especially as cornered in system hijacked by “them”!, thus accepting “their” revolution skims on “their” ground is wrong by all means and from such inertia will not come nothing else but mass bloodbath what for “them” (by malthusian perspective) is even welcomed, even more knowing that through wide chaos will be laid even smother path towards transhumanism once fallout misery reach us all and many would not hesitate to become guinea pigs!, Wonder are we collectively blind that “someone” intentionally is escalating crisis on all levels to what we are lured to respond per’se in street marching on west!?, even more I am surprised why we cant grasp that only through wide eTOS inertia “such” skim can be stopped!, and I Really Do Hope MAGA Will Embrace This Need And In Time Provoke Open Party eForums on all levels in every state [7][7][7] how else the independent uncorrupt intellectual voices would be heard and their will compacted!?, how else to be exercised direct citizen influence on the current closed system and not to risk coz no other means again coz street pressure all to be peddled on rigged violence and rioting!?, how else to be reached steam in usA for cornering wrong globalist inertia eg. through the 5th Amendenment resistance to be demonopolizing the federal laws in usA ~ (1:06:30)[8] ~ (15:51)[8]!