Synthetic Telepathy (thought survilance and manipulation)

While complaining about WM hassling I’ve run on some older info shared supposedly by ex-taiwanese defense officer … and if the same was science fiction back in '90s for most of the population, probably nowadays the margin of understanding is greater, altho I am still not sure that people are aware how advanced tech is around for quite some time …

"The Invisible Man"

I’ll start from behind with his claims about invisible agents, which think are mystified at large extent by mixing on various topics various assumptions from mmwaves till teleportation [1]-[1]-[1][1] unless he and his father were witnesses of demons-anathema-to-them what could be logical if we know that coz taiwanese didnt embraced atheism but kept paganism flow steady it could very well be he is speaking about spirits which also act like that as parasites who can easily hurt any graceless pagan or neopagan, tho it can be also case for mastered manipulation tech i.e. just as the projecting of brainwaves by shamans and cloaking in contrast to the surrounding minds [2] to be used such frequencies for blinding people for the presence of others, but if so there would had have leaked long time ago such assumption for which I not aware of … while in my opinion he maybe learned about and experienced attackers with cloaking tech that decade later was revealed even commercially [2][2][2] altho havent seen later reviews how effective is the same as operational, tho suppose mil.labs would have released for usaf or dia far advanced wear or garments even in '90s, so we can give some credence to Alan Yu claims and alarming! but dont hurry, maybe he is worth for full blown applause coz he is waving with '60s info …

While the previous claim even explained somehow its misterious, for the next one about the Though Police Tech think we are still kept in dark altho the same is real and operational, probably so criminals will stay loosen while the secrete service agents would have upper hand, the problem is what if (or better said when) loud dissidents and idealist protestors or business competitors are thrown in the criminal basket [3]-[3]-[3][3] and from some personal experience I can say as tech is more than present and available but not just for usA but whole western realm thus logically present and available in the eastern too, yet its still kept as some useful secrete of the security forces, even tho it could be extra anticorrupt revelation coz for sure as evidently existing will be selfcensuring emergence for many now by default with corrupt mindset! I’ll conclude either “someone” is afraid of less corrupt environment around coz easier manipulation behind the scenes, or in that “someone” exist fears from accusations of totalitarian system mids west if this tech is revealed as normal tool in hands of the state agencies, also fear maybe from potentially law enforcement obstacles that now dont exist!?

All in all we can give BigUp to Alan Yu for whistling towards unmasking of some of the covertly used toys by spoofs for surveillance framing and cleaning, altho most effective use of these toys would be mids wars, but such possibility cant be taken as variable that can contribute to advancement on the battlefield, simply too many variables exist with similar or better potential to influence the game but cant be measured their effect eg. Angels …

I see the second 3rd footnote suggested link evaporated so here is mirror, where are mentioned other networks probably on 5g/6g level as mm’wave radiating unlike the elf/wlf wave GWEN network, see the long links bellow, altho cant claim for certainty that that logic is ultimately correct as more efficient in contrast eg. to satellite hiving by optogenetic beaming [1] actually I’ve never bothered are we radiated by various national or one euroatlantic network, just aware that the tech has potential even from us to make walking scanners&projectors [1] the point is that two way signal goes thus it can be scanned thoughts but also trained in same time, panopticon in such case is upgraded to pandemonium if we know that the euroatlantic determinists as western elites are freemasonic (luciferian) neopagan elites, then we cant rule out even assertions like that of RogerS [2][2][2]

cache ~

gwen ~

wonder now (with the patriotic act enforced in usA) how is this upgraded [2]

practically all this is elaborated in one or another way more neatly by Robert Duncan in his book Matrix Deciphered [3][3][3] what in my opinion is genuine work, tho there is no particular mentioning of the various networks, but it helps so people would grasp the possibilities, just not sure what exactly is correlating info for example with that of Alan Yu …

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elf gwen mindcontrol logic ~

study about elf potential ~

so 5g/6g/7g etc. dense urban networks would be backup for gwen or starlink, or we are seeing various parts of one hive with specific tasks!? actually sattelites are safer “they” think coz as small can be catapulted even from residential backyard, while gwen or haarp alike nets can be more easily disrupted, altho how small gets the elf tech its becoming also cheap for massive use and continual backup [1][1]​

still the optogenetic manipulation is far more advanced in my opinion, which now except by lasers (radiated by drones or satellites) is also achievable even by led light, if we know that the same could be used as wifi [2][2][2] i.e. with it

  1. could be achieved direct manipulation by specific proteins (gmo) [2][2][2]
  2. or through cortical modems eg. graphene oxide [2][2][2]
  3. or by m’rna tech the body alone to print the needed proteins for optogenetic manipulation
  4. even later used xenobots in all food that would substitute the role of the current m’rna jabs for printing particular proteins [3][3][3]-[3][3]

yet coz its obvious that “they” are still experimenting and through trials&errors trying to see which tech for what has greater potential, we can say “they’ve” lost it how rushed with “their” failed plandemix! The question is how far “they” can go while experimenting [4][4][5] or havent already reached there [6] and now just chase fine tuning [6][6][6]

Having all these potentials in mind, even as led and laser training of behavior except bt elf/vlf waves lobotomization [7] is not far fetched to conclude Synthetic Telepathy has advanced till mindboggling level since '70s, what this means is Dont Waste Time Focus On Salvation Of Your Soul coz You never know how neopagan euroatlantic determinists will misuse this tech, plus You dont have other means than Grace to calm down any fears and be at Peace even things are irreversible in context of transhumanism and technocracy, altho we are stil not fully there but at “their” doorstep!

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judging by the last two 3rd footnotes it can be said that ~a). the virulence of sars’cov’2 was outspoken by some Being, even tho ~b). earlier louded by some things (from spiritual or anthropomorphic nature) and/or ~c). radiated by the elf/vlf nets to our bodies i.e. the cells of those people choked eg. by graphene oxide like this got programed to express the spike protein, what later got even more factual after the m’rna vaxing hype i.e. that the vaxed are getting more sick!


~c). we have some older whistler pointing that this kind of bioresonant possibility exist, who talks about “death photons” [1] what probably was also the idea behind the startrek tricorder “projection” i.e. that we can damage or repair organisms by light but also program them too on selfrepair, yet again we can just speculate for what kind of hardware and software is word (in this series) … anyway older assumptions exist, we only lack metaphysical one …

~b). this kind of assumption would be plausible if there was some more broaden explanation in some public bioresonant research, even tho the bioresonance variables are still tabu for the public (both the “scientific” and the normal commoner one) … anyway such fractal reasoning was expressed in now suppressed italian study about 5g virus (check the last 3rd footnotes in the previous post) on what also glues the fact about Milan and Wuhan as 5g research hotspots that strangely compelling as cities with 5g devoted institutes became instant hotbeds for highest stats in the eve of the pandemic! anyway to these c) and b) assumptions here is another in context logic …

~a). actually as always we had have metaphysical knowhow, but blinded by reductionist mindset of humanists could never reach clarity in the last two centuries of “scientific progress” i.e. from philosophers Aristotle brought most compelling definition for antiquity [2] while Christianity spoken and louded the same in most pure form of Healing Chanting [3] eg. the Ison in Orthodox Christianity … and if this is case then we are/can restore our immunity and wellbeing easily through Invoking Grace on Ourselves as Inchurched Christians, and I am giving emphasis on Inchurched Life in Feat simply coz Chanting has ologocized resonance that gives way faster results that become ultra fast when shared by Clean Hearth so do hang around Priests and Monks while struggling to reach Metanoia and start living Life in Feat coz without the Christian Virtues we are like cup’speakers instead Resonators of Holly Vibes … now even we have been attacked by nanobots or poisons again in my experience Grace is repairing our bodies quicker than we can understand, but first of all how to reach to Grace if our hearths are cold as stone or expecting that even living without Feats we can harness Reward From Above, simply in world bound by causality there are too many knots that withhold us to reach Salvation if we expect the same is granted just as many think by SolaGratia, actually causality which is broken only by intervention From Above through Grace emanated by Our Almighty Lord what essentially is result to our will to embrace His Truth and Act with and through It, thus even we are not Inchurched but just Live Virtuous Life we are rewarded what about when we Accept Praise and Worship Jesus Christ … what tho is not easy task if we are loosen and not watchful how we embrace the worldly trends when even we were Inchurched we are kept in loops of ups and downs if we know mids what kind by neopaganism splashed times we live i.e. hedonism mammonism and egoism became so regular occurrence that lustful greedy and individualistic trends if not else can provoke judging hearth easily even in devoted Christians, what about those who are tilting on soc.nets or in front of tv sets etc. alike vision oatmeals, So Keepin The Faith is also big Feat nowadays but how to rise above the mild will for Salvation if dont focus to step aside from the concrete jungles where swimming just in electromagnetic pollution nowadays is making You sleepy what about if coz the same earned spiritual attacks, think that even pejorative laughter eg. of JoeB or DonaldT is stealing Grace what about envy or anger steered by bipartisan animosity, pattern that can be mirrored on all current societies, hm “system error” of wrongly employed culture of political competition that hm eventually now DoD is trying to cushion its vibe artificially, tho I can just guess in what kind of ways bioresonant manipulation is experimented, what I certain tho is that as synthetic telepathy as experimental conditioning tool for sure is misused how is still secrete tool, I mean relatively old and regular means like banks and money are misused what about tech that still hasnt been by law fenced, yet we should hope that things will change for better, coz not all people are devoted Christians thus cant easily cushion their fears and paranoia as halfliterate on some subject, thus as more and more this tech will be exposed as existing more and more people will panic what eventually will lead to revelation, hope not to reenslavement!


~c). and ~b). again …

possibility for radiated healing or sickness

possibilities for programing

[1] Kozyrev`s mirror - Time-Space - KOROTKOV Art Science and Technologies Forum [1][1]

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if we know that this info was public since '90s [1][1][1] then we can assume that mil.labs had already established workable methodologies for exploiting the tech around all previously numbered possibilities, while now we can just guess whether or not “they” want among other (just like with the cortical modems [2]) to produce with the metals in jabs and/or chemtrails kind of micro and macro kozyrevs mirrors, altho I am not aware about particular spiral shapes of those metal nanoparticles in jabs but as chemtrails are not rarely seen [3] could it be that “they” want to produce like that weaken electromagnetic field on larger area!? just thinking aloud …

… or if we know that the earth field is weakening “they” are trying to boost the impact of electromagnetic pollution upon mankind so would not experience greater clarity coz “they” are not yet done with “their” great’reset’agenga!? surely haarp alike experiments do this on larger scale, and somehow this can be seen from time to time … by kazancheev logic that would mean southamericans and africans enjoy the icecream with greater flavor in their mouth if the next geomagnetic map is correct [4] (not sure just whether as consequence the north pole is shifted through the haarp alike interference, or how that is influencing even tectonic stability i.e. could it be that “they” are reasoning also in alchemic ways [4] or just playing around to see what when can be used ~ even the sun if we suppose that its radiation (among other things) is directly affecting the crust [5][5][5] stil coz these assumptions would fell more in what’if category, not sure how useful are as digressions!?) practically we are speaking again about trial&error approach, first coz as lab is used whole world, but then also coz in it there are quite various docs pushing on buttons, thus as always its just question whether (or when) will not stumble eachother, especially now mids the current geopolitical push pull!?

all this above is attempt to predict how wrongly we’ve become part of large transhumanist experiment, alone the m’rna jabs are clear evidence for this, and we can just guess how all are interconnected, normally all pushed without knowledge or consent by the citizens but usually executive orders by the elites, normally always with defense excuses altho on expense of our health, thats why as shield and deterrence we have only The Grace altho in my opinion also sword against the atheist and neopagan empiricism even without any intent to fireback alone by causality it bonces back the signal from where it came, most logical explanation for all accidents which werent result of geopolitical ping pong eg. fukushima etc., So even tho if we are informed what is in question that will not change “their” inertia for experimenting So its better to guard Yourself with Grace than trying to provoke loud pressure that will change “their” mind, hm how when we dont even have clue exactly what is happening!?

here are few other links that attempts to give answer …






this last link suggests that the synthetic telepathy can also go though the bioplasma i.e. aura [1] and if so then we can speculate that “their” efforts for mass delirium would go through the noosphere [2] altho this would be esoteric till bone attempt if so, yet neopagans and we can expect all kind of trials&errors from “them”!

now what is problematic is that we are constantly fried by various frequencies, on top as unselfsufficient continuously exposed to stress coz debt or rat race lifestyle, what is secure path to immunodeficiency i.e. our bodies dont produce enough antibodies as fried and schocked, what actually screams that CBD is most precious remedy right after Grace that we have at exposal [3] especially important mids the current plandemics!

In comparison, low-level WCR studies on laboratory animals also show impaired immune function [95]. Findings include physical alterations in immune cells, a degradation of immunological responses, inflammation, and tissue damage.
Baranski [96] exposed guinea pigs and rabbits to continuous or pulse-modulated 3000 MHz microwaves at an average power density of 3.5 mW/cm2 for 3 h/day over 3 months and found nonthermal changes in lymphocyte counts, abnormalities in nuclear structure, and mitosis in the erythroblastic cell series in the bone marrow and in lymphoid cells in lymph nodes and spleen. Other investigators have shown diminished T-lymphocytes or suppressed immune function in animals exposed to WCR. Rabbits exposed to 2.1 GHz at 5mW/cm2 for 3 h/day, 6 days/week, for 3 months,
showed suppression of T-lymphocytes [97]. Rats exposed to 2.45 GHz and 9.7 GHz for 2 h/day, 7 days/week, for 21 months showed a significant decrease in the levels of lymphocytes and an increase in mortality at 25 months in the irradiated group [98].
Lymphocytes harvested from rabbits irradiated with 2.45 GHz for 23 h/day for 6 months show a significant suppression in immune response to a mitogen [99]. [4][4]

in this respect it will be handy to know that even 4g is problem what about 5g [5][5][5] practically together with elf/vlf radiation plus multiplied by various sources (probably like that crossboosting frequencies) we are actually 24/7 at huge stress, further we need just junk food and junk news so we would blow the risks of dread life till ceiling, what tho alone with bionic&genetic transhumanistic jabs we are already there, factually supported by stats too, which on our misfortune now are not prime topic for debate, but will it be anytime soon, before its not too late!? idiocracy in the name of scientific progress, just like in mengeles time but now on steroids as experimented through whole world!

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(skip my poetry so could focus on the bolded lines and the tagged video then read the rest especially grasp the warnings … maybe the next one is unnecessary intro and probably better to be spoiler at the end of the post, still think its useful for many that are not aware what kind of western elites are trying to manufacture our reality in own wrong utopian way)

Happy Holidays to all Christians from the western tradition … with greeting Dont loosen coz You will be among the first in the transhumanist experiments of the alchemic euroatlantic elites, altho first as always will be those eastern poltrons that dream about western globalist pacifier eg. the blind eastern’european’atlantist ~ what would be normal for smaller experimental groups, even tho there where corruption is issue things dont go smooth, altho for experimenting maybe catalogization is not so important thus in context of synthetic telepathy cortical modems could be poured through water or food chains by enough stimulated recession and cheaply imported food or donations … on other hand if we are reasoning in eschatological terms and in context of The Revelation that those who will not have the mark will not be able to buy or sell then full digital economy will ask for consent so would strip us from Grace, what points that vaxing again as catalogization will be issue, the question is whether the same could be circumvented by food coupons [1][1] or emergency medicine [2][2][2] what would be logical to be denied if we know that trickery is one of “their” prime marks i.e. deceiving all by lusts usury and idolatry on various levels for quite some time while now even loudly announced that transhumanism in form of hackable animals is new normal for “them” that will be standardized by force if not consent! simply cornered by unselfsufficient lifestyle plus spiced by fear propaganda many for sure will take the bait, while those that will refuse probably will be molested till dont give up!? So Now Is Most Important To Focus On Salvation …

I find this next decade old share of David Wilcock interesting in context of the effects of Kozyrev Mirrors but also Cleave Backsters experiments with plants bioresonance i.e. that even shielded by metal and/or faradey cage still the reaction was present, that points eg. that Grace is not per’se electromagnetism but still unknown energy for the alchemic empiricism, thus logical that even we are borgged down by force till we dont consent we are still Free, altho its logical till “they” can will push “their” agendas even tho obviously is case for wrong inhumane mengelian alike push for superhumanity and its by push’of’button automation, probably dont bother if as alchemic agendas are doomed to fail simply trying to get something if “they” can!
Still by the logic of the next video Grace can pass through “their” biohacks in whatever bionick form we are tweaked either by syringe flying or oral jabs, even more if Grace is still here then is repairing and keeping us still open for Salvation, but hek “they” as luciferians (enlightenment freemasonic blueprint) as I’ve said simply dont care but just push “their” utopianism while still can! but even citizens do matter for “them” coz “they” cant come to The Truth whats the point of “their” “compassion”!? simply “they” fooled “themselves” as neopagans once left Christianity and embraced the past fallen reasoning of neoplatonism and hermeticism, what costed “them” probably extra even have put ultra effort to reach the “stars” but end up nowhere [2] hek still cant grasp electromagnetism in full extent [3][3] what about greater truths …

(so would compress all ontopic 30min episodes in small 3 hour piece I’ve removed the video, also useful coz copyright issue, You can buy eventually the 14th season on amazon, but in essence its not so important issue everything around the polygraph sheets which peaks are projected by DavidW as screaming altho in essence peaks of bioresonance reactions by the surveyed environment whether plants eggs or cells, simply all living things are interconnected and gave energetic fingerprint, the question is how the same is influencing as noosphere our reality and actions, what probably successors of Kozyrev and Kazancheyev or Gariaev would know … at least we are aware only for russian scientists that worked on this kind of experiments, while about western counterparts at least I am not aware!)

You’ll need to listen at least the first half hour so would grasp the timed tag about the faraday cage … try also to search the transcript [4][4] for faraday cage so would grasp that as will intention faith so as intuition thought telepathy and above all Grace cant be shielded nor by metal nor by cages nor anything, So Dont Worry Just Focus On Salvation, easier when in group, So Get Inchurched in time coz becoming Christian is Feat by itself that is not solely resting on sola’scriptura or sola’gratia per’se but asks for effort thus sola’fide would say someone and it is true if by Faith we recognize Will thus willing to employ the Teachings of Christ i.e. Living Virtuous Life in Feat what would be the approach of Orthodox Christianity … so would not go too offtopic in this thread comparing the differences, those who are not aware whats the differences apologetically speaking check the JayD interview by BrysonG [5][5] and if want to debate open new ontopic thread …

disclaimer: overall I dont want to point anyhow to DavidW “wisdom”, but I do find fascinating his remarks about Kozyrev and Backster in context of Bioresonance, and even tho has good points eg. about mainstreamers censorship infiltration and propaganda [6] still DavidW in his (in my sincere opinion) neopagan “teachings” is syncretising various disclosure points mostly talking about aliens (altho saying it could be seen as angels too probably trying to be appealing to Christians for which tho it should be clear from The Revelation that any eventual public disclosure will be demonic one thus be careful what he is selling [7] also its very troubling demonic his affirmation of communication by channeling what in essence is contact with demons-anathema-to-them coz to Lords Angels is forbidden such temptation unless we are in mortal danger, so be very careful how swallow what from his “wisdom”, still despite all his neopagan “wisdom” series think this tagged excerpt in the YT video above (which is glued mix from the last episode of his 12th season and few from the 14th season) think as bioresonance info is useful from perspective of backsters experiments per’se regarding Will as Intention to do something that its enough to put in motion particular resonance, what in Christianity would be labeled as Faith i.e. as Christians once we are accepting the thought to do Virtue or sin we already committed the act even havent realized it in fullness right after, simply if we are willing and knowing we can succeed through Grace we will prevail in our effort, still without embracing Virtues as our Blueprint for Existence how we would know that our will is forwarded to The Will Of Our Almighty Lord simply we need to embody His Attributes like Order and Righteousness or Love and Mercy or Creativity and Devotion at least to put some effort in such path and we are stepping on the Road Of Salvation altho it takes determination and persistence so would withstand the traps along the road that in times like these are extra specific i.e. even zealots will stumble on sexy chick what about those who are regularly polishing their nous with hedonism materialism or egoism even just virtually through tv or net!? tho somehow coz the traps are piled by extra factor so as we need to strive to be like zealots in our Life in Feat so would balance out weakness altho in same time Mercy is upon us even when in fall we just dont cant afford ourselves to idolize the sin but to be aware that we are trapped and with intention to brake free ~ and as Saint Apostle Paul says even when one has so huge Faith even to move mountains, if he dont have Love he is nothing, so I’ll conclude it counts not just the Will but the Virtue too, otherwise one can easily end up in neopaganism or even worst paganism where the will is at utmost highest level, hm “they” have virtues also but far from the Christian one and without any respect for the Free Will of the rest but is kind of survival of the fittest and by default leading to negative exploitatory authoritarianism eg. now as western elites coercing all on transhumanism in kind of homo’sillicone’shift but without any wide public debate or consent of the masses about, “they” are not even honest and clear that we are forced by fear to join such agenda! I’ll stop here so would not drop further offtopic with this digressing …

again my last point think needs to be kept in mind so Christians would not choke by the general wisdom of DavidW that is kind of derivation from particular new’age’trends even tho he is plainly opposition to the alchemic mainstreams stil neopaganism is neopaganism! also he claims that was influenced by the “law of one” (check the transcript) which is nothing else but kind of freemasonic cia spin through the “council of nine” what essentially is freemasonic agitprop for stirring alien’disclosure’hype in the population [6][6][6] he also flirt with astrology in one line, tho not sure about his cosmological ideas probably neoplatonic spiced by russian torus flow, as I can see some atypical western neopagan syncretism maybe like bradens or capras spiritual physics hype tho not so insightful to claim utmost similarity with them [8][8] thus be cautious if go after his knowhow so would not end up drowning in new’age’disclosures, yet what on other hand it should not be prejudice to contemplate through the above tagged video that bioresonance is indeed real thing, the question is whether euroatlantic determinists as neopagans are aware about and just keep quiet, reasons many as risks for “their” exceptional mainstream physics medicine propaganda etc. scientific dogmas that shape our current reality and through which is kept control over the broilers, still even were aware trying to keep that awareness only for the chosen few so would not spill in public, and if so whether already are not trying to synchronize mankind like this too except through bionic hiving i.e. trying to manipulate not just our perception through cortical modems but also our will through bioresonance, what if it is case we need to put greater effort in and for Consecrated Inchurched Life coz we will be on attack by another huge biotronic skim except the current bionic&genetic along the previous regular training through propaganda usually imposed by fear blackmail and nlp! So push like zealots so would reach or keep the earlier regular height of a common Faithful Christians!

hm could we be stimulated like this through some dna register, the point about cell vibes comes to mind [9] i.e. once the dna database is secured by “them” to be played eg. by a.i. or grinded in luciferian rituals, hm “enlightenment” neopagans and everything is possible tho “they” cant do You any harm if You are shielded by Grace, and even “they” would try like this to impose own earthly will (or worst demonic) upon the mankind still will fail and just like with the haarp trials&errors it will fireback all “their” wrong empericism and false bona fides (an gnawing bone of euroatlantic determinism for imposing n’w’o will upon all by trickery), huricane Katrina earlier or this current icy “elliott” blizzard are some reminders! yeah it would be really shallow to believe that “they” are not aware about bioresonance or that “they” dont experiment with and/or dont have it anyhow in “their” great’reset’agenda in my opinion at least trying to shield us as much as possible so could not exploit it naturally as we were always have, hm maybe vaxed mothers can answer how connected are now with their children and do they feel their eg. anxiety as before, or whether among those in crush the heat is right after chilled etc. etc, side effects of the m’rna jabs upon regular bioresonance, but its really comfort that Russia has the same knowhow maybe even advanced ! on top dont row in same neopagan globalist boat with “them” what should be obvious from all recent geopolitical happening, altho many believe this is just joint distraction, but go tell that to all laid russian lives now for denazification of Ukraine, or why at all didnt pass same m’rna jabs in Russia too mids “their” plandemix if there was synchonized n’w’o agenda etc. etc. huge inconsistencies that simply refute such idea! not that dont exist sleepers freemasons commies and alike risks in Russia, but having in mind eschatology Russia indeed now as reborn Orthodox Christian society is solely counterpart to the neopagan euroatlantic determinists, it needs just to rise to level of Tsardom so would step on “their” tail with ease!

I’ll speculate heavily in this post i.e. that synthetic telepathy in its scope of used tech can stretch beyond the use of optogenetic and sonogenetic manipulation [1][1] as in scientific so as in esoteric ways!

  1. scientific

I find really amazing the possibility alone by the graphene oxide to be reached cortical modems, and not just to be manipulated the psyche but also the biology on dna level, check the beginning of the next footnote while in the follow learn about eventual risks [1][1] risks towards making experimental rats from those stuffed by graphene oxide from the jabs food drinks wherever is present, some say in chemtrails too, like this not chasing homo’silicone shift but making biocomputer from Mankind coz some transhumanist superhumanity, so we are seeing maybe attempt for great’reset of our very physical nature towards some alchemic singularity!?

  1. esoteric

but I cant avoid the notion that all “their” agenda smells on demonic skim, foremost having the warnings from The Revelation, but also knowing that we speak about freemasonic rosicrucian alchemists that for few centuries are peers mids “their” humanism [2][2][2] what undoubtfully resonates revolution of the fallen reasoning knowledge and spirits against Our Almighty Lord Providence Law and Nature i.e. not repenting but in our previous fall trying even further to fall by embracing some anthropocentric apotheosis [3][3] what normally will end up in oblivion, altho its pity sad and frightening that many are extra indifferent for the risks and usually as dependent from “their” system surrender themselves freely to whatever agenda is introduced for following!

also its interesting that if by kabbalist sigils european alchemists were invoking demons-anathema-to-them since medieval times [2][2][2] so could “they” trying to do the same by nano’prints (nanolithography) through the jabs now!? why I assume this, somehow in context of die’glocke if we know that the vril symbols on that bell were sigils too [4] and how I see it as possible experimenting with portals [5][5][5] I’ll project it sounds strangely catchy eventual compatibility of mercury in die glocke [5][5](mercury, as well as other materials, expands or contracts in response to torsion, Kozyrev, 1982)[5] and the mercury in the previous jabs (officially used as conservance) i.e. could the current or previous jabs to be used for demonic gateway, hm how strange looks the current vaxing collateral this could be very well case [6] the question if such gateways are real are the same incited by optogenetic or sonogenetic means, or its enough just presence of specific mark!? altho as TomH suggests this goes more likely on dna gmo level per’se [6]

this conspy assumption can stretch even further as linked to “alien” disclosure [6][6][6] simply we are confronted with alchemic neopagans that as such are demonized, to what attests also various esoteric trends like divination clairvoyance astrology etc. alike neopagan trends, thus we should be really careful what we are accepting from “their” globalist or better said humanist kitchens!

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