How would a simulation come up with intake and excrete cycles? It seems almost “Anti-AI”. Other odd physical dependencies as well. IDK, just askin’.

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The simulation hypothesis seems to be an example of how given the initial conditions defined by the rules of the system we have to work with you can arrive at a conclusion that makes it almost certain to be true.

But I’m not sure if that proves anything, I rely on subject matter experts which hasn’t gone too well recently.

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Yeah, I stopped doing that too. It was a mess…

Ultimately control freakery on this scale leads to a bland corporatism, everything loses its spice.

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Agree. When I am reading anything and see the word “expert” or phrase “the experts say” I get an automatic red flag, especially when there is nothing in the reading backing up what makes them an “expert”. Ug.

Hm, I didnt say anywhere we are living in simulation but this sws is potential one, and the first footnote in the 11th post surely points that we are heading towards where is also assumption that ElonM neuralink will be the hiving link, probably many dont even bother to check the footnotes so here is the video tagged …

again I am guessing in the synth. telepathy thread that “their” holodeck can be secured by other means too [1][1] and this stretch the economic variables in the OP rather in fictional economy if indeed is introduced live matrix anytime ahead, tho coz “they” are not aware about the spiritual variables in this world as transhumanists I am sure will be disappointed when “their” hive will burst like bubble sooner than later once it will be introduced, yet I am speculating that the faction of freemasons among the euroatlantic determinists will release way sinister skim, but as we know from The Revelation eventually even that will faint, So its comfort to be known that we have work with obsolete attempts for neopagan heaven’on’earth yet we need to be watchful not to be peddled towards the same and would anyhow slip on any bait eg. through hedonistic fun to be lured in seemingly benign virtual reality show and right after to be trapped in whatever simulacrum of “theirs” that could be also projected in our reality if we are walking cortical modems!

The main problem now tho is that the same skim obviously is pushed covertly by jabbing many without consent with graphene oxide that acts as cortical modem, and its not at all far fetched that the same along nanobots can be pushed also down our throats through the food chain some assume coz the same are “transparent” to the naked eye it could be also released through beverages or bottled water along chemtrails, what is interesting is that this can be achieved also by other conductive metals and alloys as some speculate [2][2][2] strangely noone guess that easiest way for delivery is human interaction i.e. if those particles can be programmed to accumulate in the lungs could be also shared as aerosols by coughing, tho more logical would be by nanoswarms [3][3] when the trained by m’rna cells will print out some I’ll speculate xenobot proteins that will act as cortical modems [4] “This probability was imagined, therefore, it already exists” [5] yeah there was one relatively older psy anime in context kundalini too as employed in vr while even there the bionic mosquitos will chase the “engaged” in the bionic revolution [6] hm dont know is it word for prophetic artistic projection or just another predictive programing mids the trance scene as most exploited experimental group in the past decades like voluntary modern hippies’ upgraded tho with alien and cyborg hype unlike their hedonistic predecessors confined predominantly to the astral one, as experienced by both I have luck that had have hold to the pagan vibes than these neopagan one thus opened in time eye with “whom” I have work, simply ea-determinist already released earlier some trials but its one think someone freely to chase some hype but completely different to be thrown without knowledge and consent in such on top by plandemix trickery and fear propaganda, hm whats next so would complete “their” agenda, maybe mengelian ww3 fema camping so eugenicists would work even smoother without the burden of gloves masks or lancet!?

And there is also this… :thinking:
You know, your friendly neighbor Ameca,оr even your ruler, or monarch.
Why not right?
And that is the whole point of this kind of “alternative” Christmas message with which “they” are trying to accustom and reprogram you and your offsprings to accept it as normal everyday life,and which can easily become a reality for millions of people on the planet in about approximately 15 to 20 years from now, if not sooner.
Can you feel it?
Like there is something sneaking already in your mind,and it’s not pleasant nor good?
Right? :smirk:

Wowsers, its even got the whole Greta gurn going on!


Yes, I just read about the event. Pathetic. But a textbook example of mind-bending, that is, brainwashing.
This is what the final product i.e. Greta Thunberg looks like.

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… definiton - an exspurt is a drip under pressure. :slight_smile:


… see Walker Percy’s “Loss of the Creature” an essay in a collection titled “Message in a Bottle”.

If memory serves he gives a wonderful example of a couple who goes on vacation and witness “an authentic tribal dance”. Upon arriving back home they immediately look up an anthropologist friend to verify / authenticate their experience as “authentic”. We do seem to have been conditioned to defer to experts in most cases.


Thank you for the referral, added to my reading list. I don’t remember reading anything by him. Sounds interesting. Seems one can purchase any number of essay book reports on the book.

@Scarmoge You just made my day! :rofl:

Its interesting how huge hope is given to machines altho still there are many risk as from anthropological so as technological side i.e. who can be sure that those behind the wheel as elites are not or will not become possessed by fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them (assuming now are not all) and like that playing not just with our Free Will but our very nature, but also who can tell that letting autonomous a.i. will not rig wrong reality beyond imagination!? Just how many times we have been witnesses of wrong elitist inputs in any of “their” governance or policies, understandable how as plutocratic the current system brings ultra corrupt reality which logically either from mammonistic or egoistic lusts will result in havoc along this covert a.i. revolution, and dont need to wonder what would be reset to “their” reset if “their” simulation end up with wrong solutions! And all this with assumption as elites at the moment have bioethical mindset, but through the last mandated experimental jabs this obviously is not case, so how and why we would put any belief in “their” covertly employed tools and agendas, assuming “they” didnt pushed for quite some time neopagan n’w’o agenda, but on contrary all “their” internationalist blueprints and events point that that is case!

Its really troubling guess tho, why “they” need full digital economy if push towards planned economy and technocracy, when even on that stop there are major risks [1] maybe dont have all factions transhumanist mindset, or maybe need gradual shift so masses would be more easily cornered for acceptance of whole utopian package ~ especially so the wealthy citizens would obey without complains or plotting resistance, or as transition maybe is needed so day after the introduction of full digital economy as much as possible now antivaxers would be forced on acceptance of “their” homo’silicone idea for merging man and machine, just dont get how stubbornly are determined to make us hackable animals when that would mean hacking can always be issue with “their” utopia right after, So probably this is only step for more resilient introduction of panopticon reality that will secure easier control over the masses in case ahead pop up whatever cataclysm from political economical or natural cause, but in my opinion exactly those fears are laying path towards any of the numbered, yet if we know that “they” in same time see “themselves” as pharaos its logical that “their” determination is not from empathy but thirst for securing “their” power as neopagans, as h’g’wells projected either we will prevail or will end up as meat for barbarian Christians [2] what a twisted selfdelusion of survival motivation of the elite of rosicrucian freemasonic neopagans!

Still there is hope for Mankind how Russia as rival dont follow “their” utopian agenda, even better is reemerging as Orthodox Christian defender, obvious from many aspects eg. antitranshumanist stance of Dugin [3] altho somehow is worrying the 2017 assertion of Putin that who will have better a.i. will secure dominance [4] tho having in mind that he is devoted Orthodox Christian then we can assume he is talking per’se in context of military simulation tool what is obvious from his recent claim [4] as is eg. ScottR [5][5] while in same time we are seeing even further detachment of Russia from the internationalist uberliberalism with the banning of the kgbt hype which is nothing else but neopagan lust toward androgen reality [6] maybe so more demons-anathema-to-them would more easily accustom to the physical bodies!? On other hand this hope can be also dilemma whether euroatlantic determinists will not radicalize till hot ww3 circumstances and somehow this sounds probable if one see the assurance by one of “their” megaphones [7] thus on one hand we can assume we have chance to keep our true nature but on other that neopagans are pushing indeed in ordo’ab’chao scenario our World, what would mean People to wake up in time and get as much as they can prepped for vast turmoils ahead ideally by selfsufficient rural offgrid life, what altho for many is ridiculous I dont see why would not put some effort in own emergency backup plan if not else with agrarian knowhow [8] that will come handy in case need to move out from the cities coz whatever reason! Only eventual problem in this kind of circumstances is would anyhow “they” forbid such independent risk management of the population and/or will ban it making hostages from all!?

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I just completed a video involving concepts that align with this premise. I am a cognitive psychology professor, and in retrospect, the application of the curriculum content was, embarrassingly, always on a superficial level to meet behavioral objectives - hence, job security.

Now, I feel compelled to solve a Rubik’s cube to which I had no desire to solve with an Academic Bucket List that has changed drastically involving the integration of microeconomics, quantum physics, sociology, history, architecture, and Scripture.

How they're doing this will SHOCK YOU!

Wow! This is a great topic discussion - like the old days, you know.

@Pelister - really enjoyed the links you provided. It is amazing how Tom Horn was speaking in 2011, to the things we see today, while some of us were - well not - paying attention.

@marilou your video and post on your substack are very interesting. I kept wanting to stop the video to more fully examine the pictures.

Thanks @QVBB for reminding us that Jesus came and is living among us.

Still picking-up shiny stones as I follow a trail - seek and ye shall find, ask and …


Hmm…yes. Sometimes I use a poetic way of expression. Which is much more useful, more effective, faster, and more painless way to get closer to the truth.
Against the prosaic style and methods , which are included in your texts, posts and comments.
Not to mention the highly dense way of expression what you call fractal thinking.
Let me tell you right away, there is no such way of thinking among people.
The way people think is ordinary, analogical, associative, comparative.
The use of difficult Latin incomprehensible words that mostly have the suffix “ism” can mean two or three things, which I will not elaborate here.

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haha correct but prosaic juggling its far harder to be hijacked by a.i. in original way while pure poetic flow can be easily reprojected in case the ghost avatar is mirrored as infiltration or substitution on/for the upsetter, even myself I am not certain that cant be hacked coz smoother spin of my fractal narrative that actually is not fractal thinking but fractal mosaic linking info, fractal thinking would be if in artistic way tie these lines eg. to surrealism making stew from conspy and gardening topics seeing freemasons like snails on bad mushrooms or transumanists like bad shroom echo on snails tentacles :slight_smile: a.i. shell would be “their” utopian depot, while “their” slime eugenic excrete, the trail an path towards the roman forest on the babylonian hills at the atlantean volcano! On other hand in my case fractal reasoning can be perceived as rhythmic or melodic expression of info nodes from our reality that as such imprints vectorized vortexes in the noosphere, tho if shared in pure poetic way would be hard to follow by all, so think I use combined ghetto poetic melody on prosaic rhythm! I lack tho more videoart memes so would juice up the flow, tho that can be also distraction of forum blogging with points that cant bring hope but usually mockery [1] what think is risk to end up in agitprop vibe, simply I am just sharing my cents without any ambitions or interest, luckily there are free eforum platforms otherwise would not bother for sure … Kudos to the Owners!

You mean poetry, that is, a poetic way of expression, woven into a prosaic matrix?
That and that’s the style you’re using here for posting isn’t it?Right? :smirk:

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tho less matrix and more word tapestry … but this chitchat as ultra offtopic from one digression can lead to moderation matrix indeed, luckily the traffic on GDS is still not regulated heavy, so I’ll behave as guest should and stop strawing from politeness!

So would bring back the OP on track will propose further examination on the topic, lets see what alt platforms resonate …

spy genes alarm, fake or true? ~

eXistenz bio hive, possible or not? ~ AI Blockchain Digital DNA Mind Control through your Digital Twin in The Sentient World Simulation

hm by gnostic logic euroatlantic determinists probably got delusional that will escape the natural order of our reality which is perceived by “them” as simulation by own simulation [1] yeah the program wants to become programmer, but as kids playing with matches will secure just another esoteric humanist trial&error that as usual by forgetting on the spiritual variables will end up in debacle of expectations!