This story was spotted and shared by G.F., and when I saw it, it vaulted immediately into the “finals” folder. You may recall a few months ago there was a story about releasing genetically modified mosquitos into the general population, said mosquitos designed to do what mosquitos do. I’m reminded of the observation by C.S.…


its not surprising to see such skim as result of “their” failed plandemix which didnt throw us all in technocratic delirium, normally “they” would switch on more greater push now so would coerce all if possible to embrace “their” bionic&chimeric jabs as needed, (luckily there is potential way out in form of CBD [1] useful also for eventual fallout [1] altho its question whether “they” will not put hand on its delivery So own know-how extraction could be handy, yet can “they” spray cannabis sativa crops and alter their healing potential think yes, maybe indoor planting will be also important safety measure altho go now find natural seeds … Please dont respond here on this digression Open new thread if want to!)

what is interesting in context of gmo mosquitos is that most probably this was already trialed invivo in Brazil in 2013, it would be naive to believe “they” are jumping ahead with such agenda if the tech wasnt already researched and tried by the military biolabs (check the second 2nd footnote in the next one) [2] and surely the same was case with the m’rna jabs too but proved deadly by greater margin once were released en’masse!

but what is scary now as dr. David Martin points [3] is that by emergency use authorization this experimental vaxing can be instantly trialed on the population without any secured clinical trials i.e. whatever bioethical debate is removed as necessary thus the academia cant even object, so it only takes executive signature by JoeB for this kind of skim and “their” genetic revolutionary hell to brake loose!


(again open new thread for this next spoiler ~ leave the mosquito thread clean) also dr. DavidM alludes that we can sense globalist eugenic agenda that rolls for some time now [4][5] the problem is when the same is already part of the test kits as crispr risk [6][6][6] who to blame if easy to be mishandled, or when will be disposed in communal garbage bins!? but can “they” directly or indirectly mishandle our food too if have agenda, hm ask monsanto for experience, interesting now probably will share similar tests for farmers too so we can just hope noone can mishandle them [7][8] but this is only potential risk among the rest more frightening that are now part of the genetic revolution legalized with the hype for emergency use authorization in usA [9][9][9] and as we could see from the 8th footnote there is race with China probably, also as I can see elsewhere India is onboard altho there again are in question companies or funding from usA, not sure just how Russia is doing in the field altho think gmo food is forbidden for mass consumption, eU is probably onboard, So now the Sky is the limit yep one good asteroid will stop “their” gen.rev. pace if not trends!

Please do not encourage the manufacturing or consumption of illegal drugs in this Forum.


I have heard that it is possible with intently focused meditation to activate an electromagnetic field around oneself that will repel back mosquitos and viruses many meters!

Would you mind elaborating how?
And what frequency range should be achieved to repel mosquitoes in Hertz terms if possible?
You know someone might not want to end up iluminated like Moses after visiting the top of Mount Sinai. :slightly_smiling_face:
If not then this sounds like an ad for mosquito repellents, you know the ones that repel mosquitoes with ultrasound! Allegedly! :thinking: :smirk:

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Ground to the earth with bare feet, breathe air quickly and spin!

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You mean like the Dervish dance, in a way?

no just spinning, spin!

Тhe laws of physics do not allow a person to do what you recommend, I mean with the whole body.
That is, one cannot be grounded and spin at the same time!

Ground first then spin.

Spin angular velocity ? :smirk:

Fast, as fast as you can! At least thirty spins, then stop abruptly with your palms together! No more questions today.

Wow! :thinking:
With so many rotations, it will certainly be harder for mosquitoes to locate you, but they will still locate you, and it won’t be difficult for viruses to locate and attack you at all, no matter how hard you spin!


That’s what the electromagnetic field is for, that will keep the viruses back if it is powerful enough.


An easier alternative is smoke.

please, with documentation, if not statistics( Sigma) .

I’m not sure for what you are asking proof, if it is for this keeping back mosquitos I have none this is just something I heard about from a sound therapist who said 432hz is the frequency beware 440 that is nazi frequency of madness.

Energy fields can be measured with instruments.

We can keep negative influences away from us by positive vibes, yes. Elana( Ilyana) Freeland states unequivocally that the so-calked “spike protein”[ doesn’t “Spike” sound like a bully you met on the playground once?] is NOT a physical “thing”, but an electromagnetic interference( pattern) .
Another perspective is this:

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coz already this thread went ultra oftopic, tho in context of the next info maybe useful, so I’ll drop too in such mood but with more factual suggestions on this chitchat … yes positive vibes can cushion side effects from poisons in our organism [1] and I’ll suggest even better way i.e. by harnessing Grace through ologocized chanting we can not just balance our immunity but also regenerate our body and nous [1] but like this above all we can bring focus on higher realms when once we are compatible to reach such heights as extra dipped in Grace we can repel not just mosquitos but in my humble opinion even asteroids (what would be think lesser prob than moving mountains) yet Miracles nowadays are some archaic poetry for many and indeed it will be by the measure of their Faith [1] yep many are DODed - defocused overburden dismayed by the spirit from this world, and go like that live in ascetic feats mids the concrete jungle, probably possible earlier in history for many now hm maybe for few, still that dont means we should rest and miscalculate the odds, So do become Orthodox Christian and start living life in virtuous feats ~ indeed even now mids cities is doable to be Graceful … as much one is lowering on the earthly vibes so is rising in the heavenly one … for start stop watching tv and be regular on Liturgies … dont forget that Loving Mercyful and Unjudging mind is bringing calmness even mids wildfire i.e. Patience brings Peace and through it we reach Salvation … even in wartime!

  • another alternative scientific way around yet still not standardized is by tweaked bioresonance [2][2] but again as could be seen (from the footnotes inside the footnotes and coz we are largely water as bodies) its better to program your cells and dna with Holy Words instead chasing some particular repellent, simply leave to Grace to carry away any hardship, otherwise You risk to start interesting in this still unstandardized scientific knowledge which someone can misuse it as more involved in it while You are eager to reach it on small door Hm 𝑓-cds 𝑓-mp3 or 𝑓-songs with healing frequencies can easily push You in their invivo experimental groups [2]

for the most of the population tho insect repellent could probably do the flying jab [3][3][3] if someone find in time which frequency will repel “their” gmo stingers! and even that was case how many people will have loudspeaker around them? So more effective would be regular CBD immunity boosting …


Can you explain more about that?

like this we will went even further offtopic in this thread, whats the point …

… particularly what would like to explain more :slight_smile: I know just tech will not be so handy if in eventual hot ww3 will be used emp weapons and that is granted, So its better to focus on invoking Grace by Consecrated Inchurched Orthodox Christian Life and I’ll just add that in the beginning the chanting is heavy but how time will pass not coz practicing but from Grace one will experience smoother or better said subtle vibration of frequencies pouring from his hearth, tho the pace depends how one is focused to Live Life in Virtuous Feats through Love Law and Order …

… above all Dont Judge tho dont hesitate to expose wrong or evil teachings like the neopagan freemasonic luciferianism and alike but not so would nail “them” down but also to help those captured by “its” nets, also when doing such stunts eg. as I am trying now on eforums its better to do that with Blessing from Your Spiritual Father so would not stumble like I am now coz missed such opportunity altho I have no idea I will jump in such mode anyhow but the opportunity popped up, simply its not easy feat to find right sources so would support particular antineopagan antinwo arguments, I just know didnt have luck beforehand to read some of JPF books so would not waste time in guessing about the alchemic neoplatonist roots of the current euroatlantic elites which are offspring of the enlightenment era revolutionaries that as then so as now are chasing freemasonic heaven’on’earth!

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