It has been almost ten years since I have blogged about this subject, namely, “Sentient World Simulation.” In case you missed that blog and that subject, here is the link: ECONOPHYSICS, “SENTIENT WORLD SIMULATIONS,” … In that blog, I indulged in a bit of high octane speculation about what such a computer program simulation of the…


What is it all for? Let havoc rain on earth for the nihilists amusement, but avoiding the big one from God by trying to forcast it?


As confined to humanism and its utmost belief in empiricism its logical that euroatlantic determinists and all owned institutions will rest “their” hope on science by data crawling, but what is worrisome from this method is that “they” hope to reach real assessment from “thinking” machines, problematic from all kind of aspects especially knowing that such supercomputers cant count anyhow spiritual variables!

Still blinded by the fallacy of “their” humanistic exceptionalism “they” are adamant to pursue this goal further, but what envisions even greater risks to our nature i.e. trying to hack our biology as dna along our minds as synapses so would gather even more data that would be fed in “their” a.i. with hope like that will get more precise projections, what would mean the hype with the genetic and bionic revolution except chase for superhumanity is also secured by defense excuses, thus knowing how expendable we are to “them” as broilers in “their” wanna be utopian farm its understandable how without any guilt “they” rolled out the experimental mRNA jabs which essence is wrapped in graphene oxide that obviously acts as cortical modem [1][1]

~ We Were Warned about Computer Driven Self-Fulfilling Prophecies - YouTube

~ m'RNA Vaccine Risks? | Page 15 | Political Forum

Its interesting that if sabeanism (astrology) is real cult among euroatlantic neopagans then its not at all strange that this kind of metrics can be intertwined in “their” financial casino, some guess of mine is that even till now was exploited as such by socrates software [2] what can very well be used as experimental approach if not else, at least till decide to switch to western technocracy and planned economy, when there will be no need to act democrats and liberals but will shift to technocracy and marxism, how else to cope with “their” lust for unipolar new world order in circumstances when “their” current financial casino is getting extra hot in context of the current theory of games and all its recidives i.e. whats left for “them” than to shift to socialism so at least would reach to western superstate as merger between usE and usA, for what “they” obviously need controlled economic chaos so masses would not fiercely object but smoothly embrace as technocracy so as planned economy, for what w’e’f already shared the blueprint as “green deal” and bug’food or 15min cities and the rest alike policies towards “their” heaven’on’earth!

To me what is troubling from this kind of a.i. ghost mirroring of our reality is what if indeed “they” have means to program our dna except projecting in our brains (check the first footnotes above), will that mean once all mankind is stuffed with graphene oxide (whether shared by jabs chemtrails food or beverages even water) could like that be executed eugenic program to forcefully change our nature not just to homo’sillicone but homo’chimera reality and like that deprive us from chance for Transcendence!? hek if all the past century scifi conditioning through comics and movies was projecting x-man reality ahead then dont need to guess “they” want this to be case, the problem is that “they” seek in eugenic manner all to be bugged down towards such reality, but what is even worst for that rest “their” hopes on supercomputers, the same that patented the mrna sars’cov’2 genome for “their” last jabs, what tho it could be eye opening if not else for “them” that “their” a.i. is far from perfect or that cant be taken as utmost effective conductor of true solutions ~ assuming most of “them” werent aware that is word for plandemix and gave thumb for those experimental jabs!


Great thoughts Pelister. Thank you for taking the time to share them.



@vardas3 You are welcome, yet Thank You for all Your time space and will :slight_smile: still think my logic lacks debate so would be purified from excessive words or not enough polished arguments, maybe people will have more courage to boost it with own will till its not too late …

@ShadowNet this stars meme reminded me on some ultra conspy theory of Tom Horn (check the footnotes in the next paragraph), hm isnt there analogy for angels as stars, so imagine we are ghosted in hologram coz greater experiment i.e. in context of the main topic in this thread I’ll speculate what if there is another layer as hidden agenda behind the “sentient world simulation” (that prime one would be defense or paradigm of dod and darpa towards orwellian or huxleyan homo’sillicone brave’new’order) i.e. what if the elite of freemasons (read luciferians) are after homo’chimeric superhumanity trough merging humans and animals and like that opening door for “the fallen stars”, and actually after with this kind of simulation could be predicted how will behave those x-man, or eventually hope it could be programed how to behave - if we know that through graphene oxide except reading also goes writing in the dna or in the cells!?

We all know that there are many witness accounts how demons-anathema-to-them are promising to naive elites an great power and might if obey > in this case through “their” alchemic science if mess with our dna, and as TomH speculate so would open door for the fallen stars [1][1] somehow “their” eschatology as timing also aligns with this assumption [2] but also the warnings from The Revelation that in the end times people will want to die so would evade the sufferings but will not be able to! Hm hm hm after “they” will leave all chipped population that reached level of homo’chimeric creatures to be controlled by a.i. as in simulation so as in real time, and wasnt this as predictive programming shared by the “resident evil” franchise!?

Aah…yes computers,and artificial intelligence, or natural one , or as we like to call it, a gift from God.
Garbage in, garbage out, processed, reprogrammed and etc …often with an unpleasant aroma.
Nothing more.
Does this remind you of certain biological entities that are currently mostly on the surface of planet Earth?
Processors of food, liquids, ideas, thoughts, replicators etc.?
Yes, that’s us, the people.
All these terrible and powerful computers, processors, and now robots that we create, we are purely imitating ourselves, and the nature around us, right?
Why is that so?
Тhe answer is simple, everything is in nature, or if you want in creation, which was before us, is now and will be after us.
We humans are just a passing but necessary phase. That’s it.
According to “their” view of things.
And they will not change their way of seeing things. Never.
Is there a way out for us humans, who know that we are more, much more than simple biological artificial intelligences?
Yes there is.
But hardly anyone is trying to walk behind the eagle, that is, behind the eagle’s wings.
Out of fear of losing yourself, or rather your own ego.
I think, therefore I exist. And that is the problem.
The ego cannot imagine existence, without thinking, that is, without processing the information from external stimuli, be it stimuli through the 5 senses, or stimuli from the soul, spiritual, plasma or electromagnetic, or I don’t know what kind of nature you have yet.
But there is, I will call it “existence” for lack of a better word,and description ,outside of all this.
We are from there, we are still there now.


@noname000 think this poetry is useful so we can sense how this kind of simulacrum of our reality once start to be fed with data from cortical modems will be seen by the elites as must have tool by all means, why, hm I can imagine just how agenda21 or 31 is problematic for implementation so this kind of simulator “they” hope will ease the projections and the viable solutions for employment, maybe as “existance” on martian plain coz on this one almost as dont care where will lead “them” “their” old pax’romana ideal later reshaped in pax’britanica and pax’americana while now dreaming for pax’universalis as finish for “their” new’atlantis’utopianism!

But what if someone transfer this a.i. in some borg, or even worst if is hijacked by neopagans towards “their” utopian eschatology for golem luciferian demiurge “they” hope, I mean how else to be explained The Revelation warning that the false prophet will fool many by making miracles, so we are witnessing complex web of tools like a.i. along metaverse simulacrum plus bionic&genetic revolution that already evaded any wide bioethical resistance on top powdered by pharmakia risks (go to 2:50 in the next link) [1][1] so altho tool is tool eg. atomic energy, stil the same in hands of cyborg without empathy will bring only misery i.e. emotionally deprived psychopat on bionic steroids that is secure path towards oblivion, here superhumanity lust of eugenicists at the moment think play lesser role as incitor as is playing dods lust for supersoldier, yet upperhand in all euroatlantic circus have freemasons and “their” utopianism so eventually all this leads in debacle as for our Free Will so as for our Souls towards Transcendence, and probably thats why is the greeting with the next asteroid or reverse polar solar storm before or after that along deluge so those that are listed in The Book Of The Living would reach Salvation …

Interesting ego is idol of self, and somehow the utmost accent on individualism deism and agnosticsm led the euroatlantic neopagans since alchemic times till these days to chase anthropocentric apotheosis what eventually is basis for eugenics i.e. darwinism which glued to the industrial revolution automatization led to transhumanism lusts that fueled by mammonism and reaching till electronic revolution opened room even for lusts to homosilicone singularity, that somehow with the w’e’f hackable animals meme brings us now effectively to certain age of tribulations even worst if egomaniacs like ea-determinists are driven by particular neopagan utopianism for heaven’on’earth by any means [2] hm was Orwell less metaphorical and more literal in its Animal Farm!?

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[quote=“Pelister, post:3, topic:10739”]
“will that mean once all mankind is stuffed with graphene oxide (whether shared by jabs chemtrails food or beverages even water) could like that be executed eugenic program to forcefully change our nature not just to homo’sillicone but homo’chimera reality and like that deprive us from chance for Transcendence!?”

No need for that question mark on the end, since transcendence is a gift of God to every man, no matter how badly current minions want to change their structure. Can created creatures put anything transcended in anybody since this is only possible by uncreated being. Our current occultic minions didn’t read the memo from earlier ones, (every epoch has ones, be it: Anunnaki, giants, fallen angels, masons, luciferins etc.), or rather didn’t learn anything from their mistakes. Nothing will work in making an obstacle in our transcendence by these minions. Make us silicone based, carbon based, five instead six fingered, chimera like, this doesn’t matter,
" The Word became flesh and is dwelling among us" only this counts, nothing else does.


“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”

Richard Feynman


@QVBB for homosilicone risks I am certain we will not lose chance for Salvation, altho as we can see from the graphene oxide side effects Many are collateral, but for homochimera I am not certain how mixing of human and animal dna will end UP, maybe as nature the first “contact” i.e. those who will be modified as guinea pigs will have more issue with suffering as still bearers of the Holy Spirit, but their offspring its question whether will be eligible for Salvation and Pass Over, in essence what Tom Horn was alarming decade ago now is unraveling before our eyes, the problem with these speculations is that all this is covert agenda so we can just guess what risks are at stake as with the dods simulacrum [1][1] so as with the dods jabs [2][2][2]

@ShadowNet hm maybe quantum comps “they” hope will question biothecs as valid excuse not to roll out wide covert experiment like plandemix coz mass transhumanist shift through “their” bionic&chimeric jabs, tho if Q is not carriable for all physicists [3] then who can tell whether “their” supercomps and ai’s will spew “them” normal solutions for “their” “problems”!?

@Pelister 2k years ago the existing humans were tinkered so many times including pig genome in all of us, changing the number of digits from 6 to 5, etc., and yet Christ was incarnated exactly in a form of current man, including 5 digits and questionable genome. Bluntly put it was a middle finger showing by High Heaven to all the copycats thru out of millennia aka enemies of the God.

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this is metaphysics I am not aware of, would say speculation that surpass the Theology and the science known to me i.e. who has done that how, as I am aware by Jesus Christ this is not suggested anyhow but also I havent seen any research eg. of nephilims changing our dna before the Great Deluge, at least there are no studies that giants have other dna, so on what basis rest Your claim? tho this would be too oftopic debate in this thread so we can continue it in other more ontopic! altho here will add that that Tom Horn logic its really compelling, simply The Holy Spirit is given to Mankind and not animals thus mixing our dna with them will provoke falling from out true nature!

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I tend to agree. There are nuances, but on the whole.

I think many try to consider this, especially after taking certain psychoactive drugs that produce a disembodied experience. Meditation and kundalini yoga will also get you close.

But I would question if we as humans are configured correctly to handle this kind of disembodiment.

Certainly it is not for those in possession of weak knees.


ShadowNet what You suggest is astral, and astral realm take my word (speaking from experience as ex-pagan) is the realm where looms demons-anathema-to-them, actually all “alien experience” is from that plain, and altho at first hand is somehow liberating the feeling that we are Living Souls right after either You will bow to the spirits there or You will suffer till dont, after what only way out is by abundant Grace through Inchurched Consecrate Life in my case Orthodox Christianity, plus I was really lucky that was unpolluted Young Soul plus didnt end up in any cult what is by default case with many older people when will master kundalini meditation or whatever esoteric meditation as a matter of fact, practically all new age hype too except the astral practices of the pagan mysticisms, so would say be careful with what You are playing with, simply if that plain was for our good there wouldnt be barrier to this World, what is even worst is achieving such gates by drugs, natural or artificial, check the first links in the 8th post [1] tho now we dont need to continue digressing in this thread its better to switch in another ontopic one …

Here I’ll point that the ego is passion of the Soul while the Personality awareness of the Soul for its existence, and if by any means we can be deceived by programming of our body to hallucinate in particular simulacrum animated by some a.i., then surely there are risks many to be fooled to accept such environment as real, altho its extra vague how such induced by machines holodeck can maintain stability if all kind of risks to the signal or the power supply exist!? So more logical assumption would be that such matrix either will not reach lasting existence if employed on wider “blue beam” alike scale or it will merge or shift to more sinister one - either by opening portals for greater possession by demons-anathema-to-them [2] and like that throwing the “hacked” in live delusions, or opening gap to the astral realm for direct attack by the fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them but again this could not last simply its forbidden by Our Almighty Lord …

… also think Mankind is not confronted only by alchemic transhumanist agendas, but above “them” are even worst utopianists like freemasons (read luciferians), so not just that there are risks that “their” simulacrum will be used for panopticon simulations or “action” purposes, but also for throwing as many Souls as possible in oblivion by various means deprived from Grace and as consequence after from Salvation, cant imagine how all the current sinful trends that even now hold many blinded will evolve i.e. will explode as on steroids mids virtual reality or worst mids astral walks, in the first case stimulated eg. on low passions like fears or lusts through elctrochemical buzzing by some red’dressed’ai while in the second case by succubis, maybe combo mode will hit all devoted to “their” cause!

… we should remember that Descartes thought the Cogito “undoubtable” … turns out that it can be doubted.


I have no idea if we live in a simulation, and also even if we do I still need to get out of bed in the morning and feed my cat.

As to the question of a world ‘machine’ being the sum of all the quanta teetering around on it and that living database being somehow a readable quantum bitstream that can predict markets I think it is entirely possible.

But that is quite a recent development and I imagine the luciferians have much older and more efficient means of reading what’s coming down the pike.


Your cat will probably make sure to wake you up and keep waking you! LOL!

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… ShadowNet, I assure you (and anyone else who may genuinely be wondering the same) neither you nor I live in a simulation. and here’s the test. Determine what you think are the assumptions that one should “live” by in a simulation, then act on the beliefs generated by those assumptions as if they were indicative of real states of affairs in the world. See how doing that works out for you. Reading signs and Interpreting them are two different things. We should not fall for The Selden Fallacy. … and yes, always, always feed your pets … and your self. :slight_smile: