RENTERS: Hear This Guy Out! Rents Could Be About To Go Waaay Up!

I just noticed that the six smart cities named in one of his articles are the top six cities on Russia’s strike list; except Austin has been replaced by Houston. Coincidence?


The suggested video from the vlogger is really thought provoking [1] but urbanists surely will not strive for Freedom of Our Souls but the functionality of the system, and if by any mean there is new’atlantis’function in the academic equation for following, and there is coz republicanism is neoplatonism, then defacto what we will see in the next manufactured economic collapse (and right after to it the rigged technocracy) it will be Ghettoization coz easier control and manipulation, probably securing such momentum by releasing wandering animal gangs to loom rurally while making from the cities safety fortresses so even most stubborn farmers would give up from their own independent selfsufficient lifestyle, how else to be sold the proletarian’homo’silicone utopianism as needed and respected!?

Ghettoization not just that resembles step towards socialism, but also technocracy, normally its easier to police and control the masses when packed like sardines, theoretically, in reality is unhuman stacking of broilers that usually as not compatible even if there is respect and tolerance still as unrelated are pushed to alienation, also potentially there are risks from Sick Building Syndrome, also boosted criminal in crisis, etc. etc. social and cultural defects till some boxed Happiness, still highrise housing for technocrats means easier surveillance and like that potentially secured reign!!! Unlike regular Condos, indeed Projects are concentrating poverty by default, also drug addicts too and altho their issue is more tied to hedonism at first glance think on the next stop as addiction probably is tied also to the brutalist lobotomy i.e. the same is easily evaded by stimulants so the dull boxed life and flat visures could be smoothed out quickly even residents lived in misery, tho this is not always rule, it depends from the Landscape Architecture and L.Urbanism interventions along the compactness of the Community, urban gardening like in Cuba in this respect goes handy, but as we know addiction is wide spread problem and mostly coz atheism and life without purpose rewarded purely by consumerism …

… from “their” utopian perspective ea-globalists see us as broilers which occupy “their” natural darwinian museum with excuses how the ecological footprint of those that live rural or suburban life is enormous thus utmost important to be ghettoized, but look “their” industry is not issue and the Village is, in essence we are seeing paradox that the Quality of Life is greater variable for “their” automata than the Citizens, and as we can see in the OP video yet even when stacked in cities we are burden to “them”, thus after ghettoization next step obviously would be caste selection (and incinerator ostracism), probably residence granted by the measure of obedience to “their” humanistic transhumanism, normal, in “their” brave’new’world food and medicine now is envisioned as delivered by upload in the brain!

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Not that I claim there is ideal habitat, simply this World is not made for and as Heaven but realm for our Salvation, so in different circumstances different choice is more preferable acceptable or logical, but “someone” wants to impose by academic elitism which rest on social darwinism (thus wrong neopagan urban idealism) an blueprint that cant be even questioned i.e. A’21 was predetermined even when ecology wasnt still prime issue as could be seen from the last centered video, ha maybe bancorp elites as industrialists were empirically visionary that “their” broilers will pollute “their” land abundantly if not ghettoized, even tho the contraction of habitat makes from people greater trashers coz live solely by unselfsufficient supermarket mindset, tho that is now norm for all coz consumeresim penetrated even in kindergardens!

And until people dont grasp that industrialization needs to be balanced by Agrarianism, even the same was not attractive lucrative choice, till then we will be splashed by the wrong utopian humanistic academic exceptionalism i.e. instead contemplating fractals projecting linear options and solutions, instead diversity and decentralization promoting monoculturalism and centralization, and isnt this dogmatic utopian approach by the seemingly unreligious social science, arent those secularists (by “scientific reason” atheists and reductionists) arent followers of some particular cult, think yes, so even as pure technocrats will end up in the freemasonic deism (as standardized enlightenmet era religion of humanists) which as luciferianism is lusting for heaven’on’earth and for it chasing some deus’ex’machina thus rose up the evil of trasnhumanism i.e. the first ‘golem’ pillar towards “their” enlightenment, So that freemasonic deism as egoism is the true satanism, when the fooled nephews of the enlightenment era (the current apex of academia) while praising naturalism reached unnatural rejection of Our True Nature and as result “they” lust for eternity through utmost wrong artificial automatization of the Person, to be more ridiculous an blueprint imposed by trickery agendas, as if honesty is reserved for fools and slavery their destiny from birth, the spirit that wants to make from this world mirror to the Heavenly Kingdom by rejecting Christianity and till now probably even the largest bulk of academics are aware which is “that” [2] not rarely many of “them” even earlier openly embracing it as revolution that is worthy for praising [2] altho defacto leading in oblivion as selfdelusion of anthropocentric apotheosis [2] so People need to wake up and choose wise will they follow “their” way to perdition or will reject “their” fallen reasoning, for what first thing is demystification of “their” exceptionalism and right after distancing from “their” system, doable only through breaking free from “their” usury as indebting colonization what effectively cant be achieved anyhow securely but by embracing Agrarianism [3] predominantly coz selfsufficiency so states and communities would endure “their” modern colonial skims&spins for enslavement that see not just the third world as risk opportunity and resource for “their” exceptionalism [4] but also its rulled citizens [5] now statistical broilers mids “their” inherited by usury and exploitation western neopagan empire [6]


Hm, one paradox from higher rents would be pushing people to reach agrarian mindset so would curb with the existential fears, but defacto where is heading this spin is nationalization of the private property i.e. its prepared terrain for it, and when to this standardisation would be added later hyperinflation and skyrocketed interest rates logically the seizures will burst while day after the bailed out banks took over by the technocratic elite, scenario that can go on through force too by bolshevik marxist blueprint, but in such case the problem is that there is still not apocalyptical disaster so people would go along with such skim with antifa smile on their face, so expect hot ww-III as needed excuse to be executed such ultimate takeover by euroatlantic determinists, surely thats why “they” see handy also the current chipping by jabs so any opposition will be dronned down with ease instead to be confronted by live force, thus our first opposition to “their” n’w’o matrix is refusing to be jabbed, what tho means knowhow for alternative immunization once we would be sprayed in one or another way with “their” “viral” toxins, and think CBD is good candidate [1] but somehow all CS seeds recently are getting gmo’ed for lesser CBD and greater thc potential, or its thrown emphasis on artificial cbd which instead healing has deadly side effects! So find and keep natural seeds of Cannabis Sativa while still all are not chemmed directly or indirectly with gmo tweaks!

CBD is pretty much worthless in this instance.

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hm in what respect? On contrary now is most effective natural substance for cushioning of the harm from the m’rna jabs! Thus even more important for renters, if we assume many of them are low income population thus instead to hope anyway to the wrong medicine it would be wise to learn about the miracle of endocannabinoid boost of lymphocytes i.e. boost for immunity … patiently check the linked threads in my last link above … if so You’ll easily grasp why academics and big pharma are skewing the studies i.e. the profit is at stake and not just of the pharmaceutical oligarchy but also the medical system how rests on consumerism, simply people are healed from cancers if treated in time, even better if now healthy are using it as precaution remedy, if so whats the motivation the same truth to be promoted by the mainstream academics, dont need to guess why is suppressed massively by peer’reviewers or its bullied by the pharma to be forbidden for homegrown even ciezed from dispensaries now when is somehow legalized in almost whole usA … but lets not go too offtopic in this thread, we can open new one and debate the cost benefit as for the immunity so as for the economy … simply for “them” what counts is not the livability of the citizens but of the current corrupt ultraliberal system where by default plutocrats foster for the profit of the oligarchy and eugenics, probably resonate in terms those that are poor are stupid so let them rot coz “they” dont need to bother with useless eaters!

half year ago marketwatch said now is not time for renting

~ Renting vs. owning: The difference is 'higher than at any time since the turn of the century' - MarketWatch

month ago claim half of renters cant afford own house

~ Inflation, higher rates lead 54% of renters to say they'll never afford a home - MarketWatch

I dont get why people are not focusing on rural investment at least as cottage for any’case’scenario, maybe building more cheaply strawbale house in area with relaxed building codes so would pass on cheaper, and eventually why not pursue rural resilience, if we have in mind that this manufactured crisis of w’e’f&co will just bubble and grow till as “they” envision its time for their’great’reset i.e. arent peple aware that this is the last moment to make at least shed in some woods and bury there some shtf circumstances prepper equipment from hammocks and sleeping bags till emergency heating stocks [1][1][1] with assumption have will for bushcraft survival lifestyle, I mean in case someone is renter and in same time antivaxer I dont see other way out of the mess that is planned by the ea-determinists! Seen like this most useful thing now eg. is pushing for rural refuge in commune style i.e. negotiated Your closest friends and relatives to invest in small farm immediately, maybe buying land and making stokpile of prefab portable house elements and agri machinery ideally with aquifer water well and processing manure bins and all neatly packed and buried maybe in some garage if not bunker pipe!? It would be insurance alike investment especially if You have elderly or sick relatives around that You need to foster for … practically risks many but hope how to cope in harsh times few …

Like this even one is hostage of the renting cycle it could get some piece of mind, with hope would never need to retreat in wilderness yet always have option to do so, hm having will think is the most important in this case and that comes by watching prepp ideas like in the next video, maybe second most important thing is that alone is hard to survive but also feat to exist, and if we see eventual such excursion from perspective of Life contemplate what You will do there if need to stay eg. with no electricity [2][2][2] or no computers [3][3] or eventually with no medicine [4] (informative interview I’ll skip just the steiner advice coz neopagan risks) so be clever in time print some useful books that will help You to organize some spare diy time while surviving on Country, crafts goes with tools so learn at least how to improvise or how to make them from scratch through casting if cant afford to buy them, surely any diy knowhow will be precious thing if seek for joyful offgrid life, per’se think oldskool [5][3] in time …

Why this last clip matters, simply on the edge of manufactured reality towards transhumanism all those that are not willing to accept the bargain for hiving will be forced to by rigged economic collapse when due to skyrocketing rents or recession debt burden [1] even land lease hardships [1] again so “shadow elites” would get closer to “Nationalization” as I assume earlier, the question is what will do next globalists so people would be ghettoized and deprived from chance for own home i.e. making everyone owned as w’e’f claim You will own nothing and be happy, so who will own what is used thus surely as leasing everything defacto Your freedom owned and finally as consequence secured for obedience to whatever “they” as elite envisioned, the problem is that “they” alone as social darwinsts are bowing to utopian neopagan ideal for heaven’on’earth and its superhumanity, but even worst as freemasons who seek to deprive Christians from Salvation by pushing us to acceptance of “their” luciferianism (what would currently transhumanism), what in essence in this first phase of “their” reset would mean huge opposition and resistance after what is logical Christians to be framed as savages that instigated tsunami of atrocities thus dont wonder unecumenical Christians that oppose “ultraliberal” globalists to be banned i.e. by rigged skim for radicalization of the far-right to be banned coz violent all Christians that oppose universalism (communion of Christianity with all pagans in one love religion), yet for this kind of scenario first “they” need complete centralization of the system what most effectively can be achieved by new great depression, tho I dont get how “they” think would stay in charge in such circumstances if we know that “their” plandemix wasnt finished with complete jabbing of the masses, thus all cant be buzzed till obedience on the go, so whats next nanobots in the coffeeshops or vending machines tho what is not secure way for catalogization through fair share of nanochips, but with digital currencies mids full digital economy even that is doable waiting on You to enter any of “their” stores institutions hospitals actually any facilities where You will be spotted to ask for something ingestible maybe even glass of water, or will indeed be trained bionic mosquitos to finish the job coz now when people are aware that was word for plandemix coz chipping simply finishing the job by silent trickery is less effective, parania, no just trying to grasp how could be completed “their” agenda!?

Surely some will say that the skim with (now) the deadly jabs had have malthusian fuse, yet I’ll say the idea most probably was to implant bionic fuse coz secured statistic who is eligible for citizenship as obeying to follow what is served as mandatory ahead, thus those that are kneeled not just easily to be located&buzzed but also sickened and coz disobedience quickly “ostracized” in some reserves, not even fema camps, history repeating tho in more modern way, simply the old way of life as unwelcome again would be suspended, first ghettoizing those complaining about “their” reset while later ghettoizing the rests in modular commie blocks, actually more close to the soviet gulag style of conditioning than the modernization after the great explorers colonization of the northamerican plains! In essence coz “their” current plutocratic system is hard to be manipulated and balanced mostly by skewed economy, “they” hope that through technocracy and full digital economy will curb with all variables easily, but knowing how people for so long were fed with the meme of liberty obviously see risks from unobedience and uprising if democracy is swept with technocracy without citizens acclamation by referendums, simply it would be crucial thing that need wide consensus than executive’act bill or amendment, so by planned chaos want to spin the need for “shift” and through emergency authorization (slow intoxicating) if not marshal law (fast poisoning) to reach it without consent by the citizens, yeah tyrants that will molest deliberately all till provoke rebellion i.e. little by little if not fast citizens to be pushed in poverty and like that to be provoked “controlled” chaos that would be silenced by marshal law and through it brought technocracy, after what experimentation will burst on steroids till is secured stable utopia, at least “they” hope so! Now wait to see till what level will rollout “their” nightmare!

The main question think should be how we’ve end up here, and by answering this we would have also answer whats ahead the logical way out of “they” say polycrisis! Hm, when I say above “they” as elite are ultraliberal I mean that literary i.e. as elites sprang from the enlightenment era hiding by the banner of liberty actually hijacked through liberalism position of power as in economy so as in culture i.e. by usury securing neofeudal monopolies and by cultural marxism removing any Christian Virtue as obstacle so the wage slaves cant object anyhow whatever policy is enacted for further securing of “their” wealth and power! So we cant speak for the enlightenment of the people but of the elites, which accidentally were all alchemic neopagan humanist recidives, that actually were northern european nobility that overpower the southern with seat in vatican, aside that the same victory was secured by revolution that was invented as excuse through humanism and all its alchemic inertia for overthrowing not just Christianity but Mankind too if we have in mind how consumed by deistic pride were those elites that even standardized own freemasonic religion as anthropocentric apotheosis!

So obviously masses were lured and played to swap royalism with republicanism, but once people got educated now became burden to be manipulated on obedience as so would respect the still ruling elites from the enlightenment era so as to overthrow “their” utopian ideals, I sincerely believe “they” are luciferian cult, so “they” will do everything in “their” power not to let the strings from “their” hands, thus its wise all that are careful what could come from “their” nihilist kitchen at least to secure rural backup in case thigs can get real messy ahead!

Since I’ve mentioned that there could come answer from the previous, as what its logical to reset “their” reset, I’ll say isnt obvious that Balance as response is most obvious one i.e. we need to accept that the world is multipolar also that eventually after collapse of “their” current casino things will get bumpy but eventually will settle and just like after the past great depression the steam can burst again, with assumption “they” will understand that are not so exceptional anymore, or that in the economy will be introduced responsibility in form of margin of wealth accumulation and power centralization, but above all opening of the system for Direct Participatory Democracy instead nepotistic plutocratic meritocracy, yes experts are needed again but as responsible to communicate first with the public and then after to negotiate the implementation of any change with its representatives, instead like now to be mere poltron link between the lobby groups and the “elected”, what again without wide opening of the system is not possible to be cornered and chance for corruption narrow to minimum! Hm, but first of all we need to see how the current geopolitical chess will be calmed after the ukrainian crisis, but as I can see that is over in foreseeable time, yet ea-determinists afraid “their” n’w’o agenda not to be buzzed and questioned if there is vacuum as could be heard recently are trying to ignite the balkan quarrel again maybe with hope that Russia will jump to intervene and like that lured on stretching and further exhaustion if its possible, simply for “them” things just started and its illusory to think “they” will chill out, So fasten Your seatbelts coz in all variants it will be bumpy ride ahead if “they” dont wake up from “their” exceptional utopian dreams pardon nightmare in which we are all pushed by humanistic mandate!

One of my passenger seat belt buckles broke need to replace that.

Are You alluding on the video point that social housing projects are debacle? If so Yes they are, simply too many sardines in one can and its normal the oil to burst if poverty is around … still there is one extra overlooked option ~ Social Rural Migration, foremost as fast chance for all homeless to get own roof affordably [1] still if such move is not tied to agricultural co-op’s with own or even better municipal machinery rings then it will end up eventually as some rural ghettos, and if not else this is must have as rural rehab hut condos [2] in a way in time would be secured the most poorest to become urban menace in times of hyperinflation if such rehab centers are also secured as agriculturally selfsufficient!

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