Xylazine is new drug sweeping the nation and coming soon to the Pacific Northwest

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Where’s the study on why and what makes people prefer living on drugs and the street?

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As someone who manages a CBD store, I can tell you NO STUDY NEEDED. People WILL live on the streets rather than give up their drug(s).

Side note: During the hard, flooding rains of Tuesday, with tornadoes, we had more traffic in our store that day than we’ve had the past 10 days. People want their drugs…

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I guess life seems better when perception is altered? Never used CBD so don’t know the reason for its popularity except maybe marketing as a wonder drug. Hope all can still afford to purchase if they find it useful.

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Long story re: CBD but no time now. I’ve got to go sell more drugs…

I dont get what has CBD to do with in comparison with any opioid, even less synthetic anesthetics for animals!? Alone CBD as substance is the most unique natural elixir for our immunity [1][1][1] tho I really cant get it even as comparison between Marijuana (CBD + THC(the psychoactive part of the plant)) with any legal or illegal pharmaceutical! Long story short even as such when used as substitution for valium coz relaxing or even as party drug as substitution for alcohol it cant be anyhow compared to heavy drugs coz simply its not heavy in its natural form, but as always the problem are the lucrative interests of few that actually introduced in my opinion gmo high potent THC genetic in the seed thus now even Marijuana became problem even when consumed alone check the next short experimental docu that shows the difference of the current skunk party trends [2] simply instead to be commercialized in wrong manner it should legalized in right one as home remedy, while high potent thc strains to be given by prescription only for cancer pains!

Back on topic, what is really strange with the opioid wave in the world is not why there are many addicts, earlier altho those would be alcoholics, but the inequality and poverty eventually as life on the margins makes the day more bearable, also the warmer feeling while high on opioid or the knots of belongingness to particular pack make the recovery more ineffective even when there is strong will, altho most problematic thing is that people can grasp that is word for spiritual fight per’se if after the recovery one dont want to relapse, sincerely to all with issue I’ll propose check the next reasoning [3] so would grasp that even regular people have issues with daily habits what about those who are forgotten by the close ones or tied by apathy coz whatever reason, in to small cases many becoming victims per’se of the system as normal patients [4][5] what about if belong to the caste of jobless who dont have other means to curb with their emotional or bodily hardships than to jump on street prescription, surely there are many that would fell in the trap coz hedonism, but overall even they are victims of the ultraliberal capitalism where drugs are almost commercialized indirectly through movie and music industry, so not rarely since small legs indoctrinated on hedonism, even that was sex in question which crosses day after in porn indulgence and normally later sex&drugs&rnr are next on the menu! Duterte rulz, respect, how else authorities to step on the tail of carteling evil!?

Ontopic … What I find interesting is that for fentanil there is already some hope [6][6] but its not effective for xylazine coz [7] altho as I can see as tranquilizer for animals, particularly sedative [7] as could be seen from this last footnote as antidote for xylazine is used Revivone which altho is reversing the effects stil its not regular treatment for humans, there is just some info on net that cant be used freely and obviously need specific medical intervention [7] still how is underlined in the first 7th footnote that there is no antidote, either is still not researched enough how will interact with humans as mammals, or in question is some greater sinister agenda, lets speculate maybe euroatlantic determinists want to ease the burden of most useless junk from the western realm, or indeed some chinese causality is firing back for the past euroatlantic vibe of humiliating China through the opium wars when actually huge part of the population was internationally hooked by “their” stooges on opium so more easily would be colonized whats left later, or maybe its word for economic crisis so cartels dont bother with wath will cut the expenses, eventually it could be that the shadow elites dont know how to resolve the growing burden of the skyrocketing homelessness so helping out those who are hobos to reach the ultimate high, I mean if malthusianism was preferred idea for social darwinists earlier why not to assume still is for some!? Still seen with sober mind this is epidemy of no’life so many prefer to relax the stress from poverty than dropping dead coz stress, yet till wake up they are already hooked, thus adequate response would be MAGA than BBBnato, tho who from the poor voters to grasp that dont need to vote for wonnabe socialists which lure them with social benefit but in effect which policies actually rob those possibilities once the market is flooded by migrant workers that would work even for free so would reach legal status and what has as consequence is even greater pressure to secure and affordable employing sector, trap that as is said in the OP video even from NY is addressed in TX!

again dont take for granted that Revivone is the cure, so I’ll borrow useful disclaimer from Naloxon review (tho as therapy from alcoholism), simply its not researched how will interact with human brain receptors, and finally if its not part of whole package therapy its question how effective can be … still even then I am certain, if we know that basis for this world is the spiritual world, then its logical addictions to be treated parallelly with Grace … (tho by sola criptura terms zealots would say death’to’pharmakia, but I’ll remind them dont be selfish coz if not else many are used to medicine doors, but also what would say to The Holy Wonderworkers and Unmercenary Physicians like Saint Panteleimon or Saint Cosma and Damian surely dont be harsh on Healers that try to help altho also be watchful whats on the menu coz the current empiricism has weird root mood and boss [1][1])

Is the cure for alcoholism. It’s definitely something that can be used to support your recovery It is for sure not the whole answer. You have to remember there are four other neurotransmitters still at play. Dopamine, Gaba, Glutamate, Seratonin. Those are some pretty powerful brain chemicals that are also being involved. That is not being addressed by this chemical.
but We haven’t gotten into the psychological stuff. Most people believe that there are probably some underlying reasons why someone is drinking in the first place. That’s a really complicated topic.
Essentially, if you don’t deal with the underlying reasons whether those are biological, psychological, circumstantial that are triggering the alcohol problem, to begin with. chances are that you’re going to get off alcohol and stay off long-term, not so much.

Yes medicine save lives but do the trick mostly palliatively, while so would be removed the problem completely it needs to be cleaned in its root eg. in context of relapses how one would curb with others aggressive energies if not fenced and guarded by Grace, simply even one would restrain own demons-anathema-to-them how to cope with ease with those from others, So whether cold-turkey approach or psycho therapy still if dont rest Your Hope on Jesus Christ its like escaping deluge with floating tree trunks instead to be Lifted by most effective Safety Rope, tho logically those stuck deep in the mud would need all the help from all sides!, and not that Miracles dont happen still one need to focus towards Salvation so would be evacuated from flooded basemant mids deluge, hm sometimes maybe You would be lucky if Your community is Prayerful even You are not, yet one need to find Will for Survival what in all cases means always remember that as Guest in this World simply You have chance for Eternal Life thus do make promise to Yourself that are worth the attempts to fight’d’powers&pricipalities what is most easily doable through Inchurched Orthodox Christian Life …

Another point that think is crucial for tackling the underlying causes to the problem of many addicts is the need for securing the basic human needs, and if for many even then is problem to step out from the addiction vortex, then how to expect that homeless addicts will get away if struggle hard on the first steps of the Maslov Pyramid [2] surely many survive the day by reselling dope so would secure food or shelter, thus overall till its not found greater solution for the homelessness eg. in my opinion Rural Communes [3] many will not even try to shout SOS!, tho recently found some agitprop how expenses for strawbale houses in usA are on level of classical wooden construction buildings so seemingly not so cheap variant [4] but the bales are removing the need for extra isolation which is actually half of the price of the house along the wall and the facade, obviously the real estate “mafia” wants people to stay hooked to their realm of profit using all kinds of spins on all levels so people would be demotivated for true “bailing” out [5] especially when is word for Rehab Communes where from all kind of risks its useful the investment to be as lower as possible, hek dont see why such Communes would not be freed till very basic ADU standardization even were uninsured [5] coz what matters is such Rural Communes to have foremost agrarian selfsufficiency except the usual social policing, which later could chase even profit and like that raising the bar of comfort, it would be ideal if as Rehab Communes are tied eg. to some national farming and craftsmanship programs where if not else the “patients” would have chance to learn and work instead tilting from boredom!

Since I live in the US my knowledge of drug issues is limited to what is publicized here. Not much about drug usage in other countries is known except they seem to be the vendors, and we the customers, due to our status as a first world country that can afford them.
There are numerous reasons one turns to drugs as a panacea for both mental and physical pain. The long and short of it are choices made and the consequences that follow. One is not usually born a “druggie” but the path to becoming one is wide open and in some instances encouraged. Both environmental factors and genetics influence the outcome.


Hm, to some extent the vendor point has logic, but if we know that all secrete services so would have cheap sigint network except control of the black market flow, so not rarely are taking the lead! Surely cia also inherited huge past euroaltlantic causality [1][1] but primary I see the euroatlantic determinists as ubermasters, and not just coz the malthusian fuse in “their” stamina, but also the eugenic chance to get maybe x-man!? Finally even “they” are not the prime cause for all inertia, but its evil spirituality in question coz demons-anathema-to-them would get any chance offered to harvest as many burdened souls as can, actually like that popped up also lucrative’big’pharma which by some coincidence is in the hands of some euroatlantic clans from the first footnote or tied to “them” in one or another knot!

Yet when talking about the root of the problem except spiritual there is also another potent one, altho indirectly result to the same spirit that flourished in the enlightenment era i.e. “liberalism”, which in its past neoliberal and the current ultraliberal form, while in same unburdened from Christian Ethos, think that is summoning many since smallest legs by cultural lobotomy through all popular hedonistic valves, isnt dope cheapest advertisement (if not propaganda with hidden malthusian agenda) for greater profit, and if earlier that was the cultish status of alcohol eg. through the tequila in the western cinema later became spliffing and sniffing of whatever is on the plate in the hippie projections, was that some social engineering of some elites, surely there was such flow too, but defacto the taboos were broken per’se by opportunist liberalist which saw chance after that earlier social darwinian trend eg. for cleaning of the ghettos or shapeshifting of the suburbia to embrace downtown will as fast as possible …

… and now when those cultural barriers are destroyed on all levels everywhere, the earlier cheerful emancipation revolution now became monster that can be constrained only by the cult of sport, yet coz the same is tied to the mastodon of gambling or the mammoth of idolatry, normally it cant become ultrapotent balance, just how many Kids will dont get chance to run out in the courts and the yards simply coz the chase for money milking cow by all favorizing only the most talented as if sport is prime economic motor in the society!? Hm, maybe if are introduced some more creative rules like: in one half to be allowed only presence of one bench (at least in the school and student games) then maybe we could see more interest by more Kids for more professional attitude towards sport!?, and like that lesser chance for them to end up AS resident crawlers for clubs bars or benches, aside that like that we would see more explosive runs thus more interesting games if not else lesser burden for overexertion of all currently harmed anyhow by the m’rna jabs! But go find solution for the learning student drugs! Hm, probably all will reach a.i. upgrade uploaded with eugenic smile, Lord Forbid …

Was trying to post something about Eastwood and his lawsuit win against company that claimed he represented them, or it. NYT wouldn’t let me. Got “Clint Eastwood dies” instead…geez.

CBD is a drug like other drugs. It will be used, abused, scammed (uh boy) and everything else you can think of. If you have high blood pressure, neurological troubles of any kind, stay away from it! It also affects the bowels; not just opioids that hurt the gut.

Don’t believe everything you’re told!

There’s a product, there’s a demand from a customer. The logistics to satisfy the demand is business. Morality and how “to fix the problem” is for those who aren’t a customer or fulfilling the demand.

Well, as far as I know, CBD is a far cry from opioids in terms of injuring and killing people – as in, there’s virtually no comparison. In my own experience, super-concentrated, high-quality CBD is the only “drug” that has helped fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy pain without giving me immediate-term, intolerable side effects (in fact, CBD has had no perceptible effects on me at all other than a measure of pain relief). I can’t say the same for THC, gabapentin, opioids, and other things taken for fibromyalgia pain. The idea that anyone could get high on CBD is hard for me to imagine. The same substance can have different effects on different people, so who knows. All I know is I’m a lot happier taking a non-synthetic “drug” like CBD than with anything a pharmaceutical company has to offer.


Hemp products are vilified. Try to get good info on high quality CBD, let alone a health expert on various sorts and usages.

It is not hard to make indestructible clothes from hemp, but humanity rather moanes about climate change then actually caring about earth.

Once you begin to understand how much has already been invented, you wake up to the game of constantly trying to invent the same wheel over and over and why that is!

Nobody wants to live as a vagrant not even the worst addict. How to help them is an entirely other matter, but putting the blame squarly on to them absolves one from any responsability!


@FiatLux I’m happy to hear you found CBD and it relieves your pain. I never said it didn’t work, or is a bad thing, only that it’s a drug like all others and does have it’s side effects. There’s a lot of solid uses for CBD, but in many cases, the problem is the individuals reason for using it. Most people who come into my store do not use it for bonafide physical pain or a reason for which the drug is designed.

You’re right in that getting high on CBD is hard to imagine, because CBD, in and of itself, does not make a person high; unless the molecule is highly emulsified (ours is). Most take CBD/THC or Deltas, HHC combos. They don’t want CBD with no kick.

Over 40 hrs. per week I deal with people who want to get high, or, a pill that will take care of everything. There are those who use it properly and get good results, but they are few and far between at my store.

“Nobody” and “any” are tricky words, careful…


… Bill, if I may add to your list of tricky words :slight_smile: … also ALL, NONE, NEVER, ALWAYS …


I worked in the area of addiction for forty years. There was a time when you could often appeal to someone who was drunk or loaded. The way I put it is that the human was still present. Not always, but often. With the newer drugs there is often seemingly no human to connect with. I’m not saying treatment can’t work, but these drugs are different, almost as if they open a door.


@June I agree to a large extent. The door opened when pot became legal and the drugs today are much, much stronger than in the 1970’s-80’s. Pot is still illegal in TX but once that goes, look out! Boss has already said open carry in the store not out of the question but I’m not doing that.

We might be using ‘door’ differently.

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I’m sure that’s true. As you know, I’m speaking of legally, but there is a spiritual component to legalization as well.