Xylazine is new drug sweeping the nation and coming soon to the Pacific Northwest

Those are beautiful housings. Have to get the person off drugs first, else, they will wreck the hell out of their new homes.

Shutting down the dealer operations is the fastest and most effective way to do that, unless there is a way to shut down the producers first.


They’ve been trying to stop drug dealers for years, hasn’t worked yet.

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I’m really not interested in the video. I live the reality of this every day. I’ve no doubt your heart is in the right place and motives good, but I also think you’re a bit naive.

I didn’t post that for you.

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I responded to it anyway.

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@FiatLux Glad to hear there is someone to witness the benefits of CBD!

@Bahri DEA infiltrates CIA or big’pharma, but who has who on payroll ~ https://www.bioz.com/result/xylazine/product/Pfizer%20Inc

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Anyway the reason I referenced this architect David is because he mentioned at a lecture he gave here in Seattle that many people had more success getting off drugs AFTER they didn’t have to live outdoors anymore.

If someone is heavily addicted to a drug, they may chose to spend money on that even if this means they may fall behind in rent or mortgage payments, but that doesn’t mean they still prefer living on a sidewalk to having an actual house or apartment to live at.

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I can believe it. I’ve seen people going into prescription THC stores who I get the very strong feeling are just looking to get high.

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There are “social factors” that does not however absolve addicts from being responsable for their own addiction.
CAF calls it the popsicle index. Europe will soon find out since we are bent on emulating the USA.

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THC Dispensaries in States where Pot is illegal are very expensive. In Pot Shops in California, or other legal States, it’s not as expensive and you don’t need an rx.

This method further debases the population, making them unable to fight back, or, have the will to fight back.

I hope not.

Just to Accent CBD is not drug coz in essence is Natural Phytotherapy as isolated substance, yet “they” were trying to make even from it artificial drug as synthetic cbd, and did, but which proved completely ineffective i.e. the studies with naturally derived and artificially manufactured formula give completely opposite effects over and over, practically this gives extra notion how wrong understanding have empiricists in this case in pharmacology when trying to manufacture drugs artificially by making lab formula on basis of proven beneficial natural plants i.e. by imitating the nature in lab trying to circumvent Phytotherapy (so would circumvent the need plants to be produced harvested and sold as natural) what logically is due to lucrative reasons so as always science is misused to claim that by generic formula is getting the same effects, and even this to be proven as effective with some synthetic substances, defacto in case of CBD coz its affecting immunity through the lymph nodes (actually part of the whole endocannabinoid system in our bodies) simply the organism is recognizing it as intruder if its artificial, similarly what is now issue with the m’rna jabs (tho this is bit incomparable yet the spike protein as combination spewed by a.i. instead to provoke the immunity on selfdefense is firing up debacle! >>> I really wonder in case of CBD as discrepancies between natural and synthetic variants, Is this due to the still not fully mastered physics thus also biochemistry i.e. how atoms and electrons interact with our bodies [1][1] or in question is intentional skewing of the peer’reviewed data, I am not sure! Hm, having in mind how corrupt is the peer’review’process [2][2][2]~[2] and how corrupt are regulators in usA [2][2][2]~22m440s>[2]~[2] as more probable looks the second case, yet knowing that electrotherapy has for granted positive health effect on the organism, while in same time biochemistry still ignores this as bioresonance [3] in context of mainstream medicine and consequently pharmacology, then in question defacto is the first issue along “the mediocre exceptionalism of the current academia!”, altho in same time I cant ignore the fact that pharmacy brings relief for many sick that dont have other way out from their trap i.e. for fast’food and furious’lifestyle its somehow compellingly logical the existence of instant pharma’patches, normally so “this” current by humanists regulated system would try to keep the broilers artificially fresh in “its” rat race consumerist cycle, primarily with push’of’button simplicity by manufactured drugs, which like that while repairing one thing in same time are disrupting other through its dogmatic chemical’balance theory i.e. instead encouraging the sick to step away from the artificial food&life rat’race’cycle as root for their health problems, by default is prescribing them artificial patches, at least MDs to prescribe healthy diet along “their” pills, or even better first to suggest that the way of life need to be addressed before is flushed invasive artificial chemical balancing, but no’ mainstream nutri clinics as part of the system would mean less profit for the capitalist medicine evolving on debt, aside that as such are further risk for “them” that can and surely will provoke holistic paradigm shift ~ check the tagged video about “death model vs health model” in the next link [4] tho I’ll not throw the card anyhow on homeopathy but per’se on Phytotherapy along Natural Nutritionism as prime approach for healing, not that chemical’balance’theory or the sterile’germ’theory will disappear, surely will not after one century subsidizing, and finally its free will of the patients to chose what they want, but cant when it comes to MDs consultation!

I wonder why “they” are afraid to allow people to have choice between prescriptions of natural remedies and artificial drugs, on top natural remedies are left to the free market without any stiff oversight where anyone can sell even snake’oil as cure and like that additionally stealing the chance for effective natural treatment, coz we all know if in the stiff regulated pharmacy market easily pops up unhealthy and/or corrupt skims then what about in the “natural extract” market, where only safety assurance is the label “not approved” by fda!? Potentially all this could be smoothed by eTOS vibe so citizens would be policing the policy makers [5][5]

actually Dont Need To Wonder Why plutocracy instead democracy rulz nowadays!

Hm, dont need to wonder “why”, nor its word for fear, if we know that “they” as humanists dont acknowledge Free Will but embraced determinism (of the stronger) while in same time claiming superiority of democracy and freedom, hm, whats the logic of imposing secularism in dominantly christian masses if “they” respected anyhow the free will, liberal fallacy as inherited neopagan vice which claims that the current scientific empiricism (that is derived and resting on neopagan naturalist basis) is utmost exceptional authority which cant be question by the masses (haha even calvinists oppose this) [5][5] an scientific totalitarianism which with unguilty smile is projecting transhumanism as errorless path to perfection altho defacto traced by blind souls [5][5] practically an illusionary enlightenment era liberty spin [5][5][5] even worst determinism resting on trickery solely coz securing power by any means in whichever mammonistic system whether capitalist or socialist [5][5][5] an machiavellian liberalism that by default brings exceptionalism even it was obvious to all that “their” theories agendas and ideals are wrongly postulated employed and adored, cult of wonnabe scientific dictatorship that just waits the day to be consumed by the weight of its “own” false pride!, yeah the free will of bunch of 5000 bullying euroatlantic elites above all citizens living mids “their” current western plutocracy, maybe if “they” stop acting that their pawns are elected by citizen votes if not else People will calm their expectations and stop waiting on false hopes, tho “they” want to do that through the recently announced w’e’f technocracy, yet People still wait on “their” solutions instead by themselves to push inertia for opening of the system with eTOS and like that to pop up hope that the corruption trends will be paused if not stopped!

Think the prime problem is how humanist elites see what is more effective for their general’animal’pharm survival i.e. how “they” are seeing material and human resources more effectively exploited so it will be secured path to “their” euroatlantic utopia, but coz “their” empiricism projected ultraliberal exploitation as economic thrive, its logical why “they’ve” earlier contemplated and eventually put malthusian fuse [6] mids “their” darwinian equation for survival of the fittest, especially if we know that the root for this math is the enlightenment utopian blueprint of new’atlantis for heaven’on’earth and superhumanity, so just from perspective of neopaganism (as humanism and empiricism) “they” see “their” science as exceptionally flawless authority which by all practical purposes “for them” need can and will experiment with any problem so would bring solution, altho per’se the problems stem from “their” exceptionally wrong science, but even then per’se not for the wellbeing of Mankind but their utopian neopagan ideals, thus we see what we see as consequence eg. in case of healthcare and medicine an wrong reductionist and artificial experimentation with the nature, now eventually with the recent hype of genetic&bionic revolution removing by trickery bioethics and ecoethics by executive orders so would lay ground for faster experimenting towards “their” superhumanity i.e. through “their” last plandemix defacto making guinea pigs not just from the sick or the healthy voluntairs but from all citizens to be ridiculous on global scale, obviously so would secure “their” will for rule above all n’w’o technocracy, for what flushed mandatory tho covert biochip agenda with the vaxing hype, with which hopped will get opportunity for panopticon security ruling and ultimately hackable’animal’obedience while in same time opening wide door for transhumanism by upgrading the earlier big’pharma artificial pills on level of IoB body’pharmacy i.e. by upload from the hive to be printed generics by the cells in the body, hek why wasting walk to pharmacy in 15min cities when the prescription could be send directly to the body, ideal for ultra fast experimenting and tweaking by “their” standards ubermensch circumstances!

In context of Marijuana, its interesting that “they’ve” made as pharmacy even artificial version, but even that proved harmful [7][7][7] and normallypeople will go after the cheap synthetics when the Natural MJ is illegal as homegrown or expensive as commercially sold, so again even as natural party relaxant is not available or when it is usually is derived from gmo seeds, some will say its impossible those are crossbreeds yeah 80% tch strain reached in garden, cmon!

In essence all artificial imitations of nature even booze are simply devastating to our bodies, in same line fall also printed foods, but think most harmful are the gmo tweaks, coz our nature dont recognize them as beneficial substances but intruders, and consumed massively or constantly will bring for granted more problems than anyhow viable solution for the hunger in the world, which btw is due to “their” will for industrialization on steroids instead at least the livelihood to be balanced by 50/50 agrarianism, so when we see the whole totality of “their” humanist exceptionalism from philosophy through economy till medicine its not hard to grasp why now “they” are afraid to acknowledge that Natural CBD is immunity elixir, simply if we all boost our organism regularly with it that would mean exponential growth of for “them” useless eaters which are risk potentially to choke “their” utopian will if healthy, aside that such circumstance would make far less effective and profitable “their” control over the population through medicine and pharmacy, ultimately if allow homegrown derived Natural CBD “they” risk to pop up need for “their” malthusian fuse to be employed by plain totalitarian means eg. devastating fallout in which its question who from “them” will survive day after etc. etc. existential risks to “their” exceptional wonnabe utopia!, plus if many have homegrown Natural CBD, and like that securing own health easily than being on hook by medicine, then defacto ea-determinists would also have grave problem with free’guinea’pigs for “their” eugenic skim, but even now “they” do have still cant bring secure path towards superhumanity, So probably thats why “they” were among other motivated on opening cyborg door and like that speed up the process, even rigging plandemix and world economic depression so swiftly will position “themselves” as elites in awakening n’w’o when even easier would be for “them” to chase “their” superhuman (towards eternal transhumanism (anthropocentric apotheosis)), the problem tho is that now “they” dont have Russia in pocket so risk extra with “their” wrongly planned utopianism how rushed with “their” plandemix in my opinion rush solely so would remove DonaldT which have dismantled “their” previous secure ttip agenda but also loosen nato and above all withdraw usaf from Afghanistan, but what is even more wrong “they” rest “their” hopes on a.i. solution in World bound to Spiritual Causality, hm, what can go wrong!?

In my state (FL), it’s legal with an Rx and surprisingly inexpensive . . . That said, if you’re not seeing a doctor who’s registered to prescribe THC, and go to a fast-and-loose-prescribing “pain clinic,” you have to shell out a sizable enough amount of cash to get an Rx. As is so often the case, it’s something that has good uses and is also subject to plenty of abuse.

I agree that the trend to legalize THC for recreational use is meant to keep a potentially raucous and rebellious population docile. Though the libertarian-ish side of me tends to favor keeping the government out of it.

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Rx THC is legal here too and I can’t keep track of price from one day to the next.

Personally, I’m hoping with such illegal Pot, all the people flooding into TX from further West might freak and go home. I can dream…

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I know what you mean. The word that comes to my mind is “Designer” derrrrugs. It’s a totally different reference point.

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I like your thought but to me we are way past the government staying out of anything. I use the word “government “ loosely and I don’t expect good results moving forward.


Wait till they try to aprove ayahuasca for cPTSD and obesity and they tryin. We won’t need , MD, or councelors to treat mental disease, just well trained exorcists.

Perception, what a concept.

I’ll digress in this post too, mostly in context of marijuana, and would say if such plant is risk towards our Salvation, per’se coz distraction from Prayerful Life, altho nonetheless coz ruining our bodies through smoking, then how much greater risk are opioid&hallucinogen plants or their chemical counterparts as pharmakia!? In first place the issue with natural Marijuana as in case with Alcohol is loosening of our Sobriety (in case the smoking sin is avoided by edibles), yet the modern skunk versions (high thc content (as I assume due to gmo tweaking and not crossbreeding)) are on level of trans induced altered state what as is pointed in the next video by Father Spyridon is on level of sorcery by opening of the noetic eye The Nous of our Soul towards the spiritual world, as is clearly pointed what like this was used for meditating purposes in pagan cults, thus far greater risk for visionary delusions (if not astral experience when actually we would transgress till sorcery indeed [1][1][1]) so in context of Christian Salvation is acceptable only as extracted CBD, otherwise the risks are indeed real in context of spiritual warfare i.e. without Sobriety our Feats for harnessing Grace through Inchurched Life are narrowed, still many would oversee these risks either as atheists or traditional Christians, not rarely seating on two chairs and without will for Repentance, aside that are risking to step up further on the ladder of natural or chemical drugs when MJ cant score anymore due to dosage tolerance, so if The Church through The Saints is advising us be aware even for the risks of Cannabis and its THC (the psychoactive component) then how much more we should be aware of the certain risks from natural and/or chemical drugs!?

And altho we are bound to hedonistic sins in these times of ultraliberal secular environment tempted to loosen anyhow in every opportunity eg. alone by despondency in form of lusting for joy through alpha-trans tv addiction [2][2][2]–[2][2][2] stil we need to strive to focus on Salvation what is almost obsolete ideal for the current western societies lobotomized by hedonism consumerism/mammonism and egoism, especially not after all intentionally stirred malthusian trends by ea-determinists through sex&drugs hippie revolution to be paused population growth, which till now reached level of no’tabu and acceptance of drugs like regular party thing, thus I understand the need by legalization of Marijuana to be removed its previous status as criminal asset where nor the quality nor the price was regulated, aside the risks of the casual users to be tempted extra alone by being in contact with criminal minds, and foremost coz MJ legalization Police Forces to spear all their will on busting chemical (heavy) drugs, yet I think that the model in usA is wrong …

… in which context I would understand if Marijuana is legalized but rurally as personal homegrown, so would be avoided risks from tempting the Youth in cities or small towns and villages, while in same time those that want to buy it in cities to get it strictly by home delivery as registered users, instead like now as with usA coffeeshops (dispensaries) to be boosted hype for skunk lust in cities, aside that now is commercialized for high skunk thc potency thus not relaxant but on level of alcohol, again with no assurance that is not gmo’ed thing with additional risks, plus now in this way is confined CBD only to corporative asset instead to be given room for personal homegrown to anyone willing to move rurally, also like that can be given option those farmers to gain some basic income if sell their crops through (even some police service as) homedelivery to registered city users, but this is for 15min’cities globalist elites practically risk coz selfsufficiency of many thus by no means “they” will allow people even to think in terms of rural selfsufficiency, and as result we have competing skunk commercialization in most wrong tempting coffeeshop way!

Finally it should be regulated as legalization through local municipal ballots, instead legalized by state directive where how to be loosened, and actually now we see that even DEA got effective in suppression of the black’narco’market and the typical imported powders, that junkies willing to stay hooked on opioids will find way through domestic meth production or cheap substitutions as imported or produced fentanyl or now even xylazine, aside the opportunity for shared with ease by prescription opioids and benzos!, simply for people without any opportunity for normal recovery nor chance for reentering day after in society either coz poverty or health issues its not possible to get away from the drug vortex even if they want to, to what probable solution would be if the states resonate in basic social housing through rural communes [3] where the chances if not else for decent survival are greater thus also greater opportunity to step away from their misery eg. check how far can that reach even there is no typical drugs around!, simply the poverty is more bearable if get high i.e. the day passes more quickly also forgetting on hunger or any bad thoughts due to the harsh street life, and if the same is issue with all situated but entering the drug vortex from boredom or psychological issues maybe coz chasing “spiritual” creativity as possessed, how much more this is case with those that end up homeless when many solely empowered by spirits as junkies at least dont feel cold till the high lasts, but this is metaphysics for which social services are not quite aware!

… yet in context of escape I’ll conclude, even addicts would tried and succeeded to get away, the recidive is secured if dont leave the place of their temptation, simply demons-anathema-to-them will do “their” best to pull them back through the old crew of friends to which are still open, unless as recovered they fence themselves regularly by Grace, but not all are aware that Christianity do makes difference in this case tho every other but this is most hard when hits deep, simply if we know that basis for this world is the spiritual world then its logical to seek Help from Above, tho many dont even bother to grasp this, or even when will are not aware that need regularly to keep the Prayerful Guard Up, not rarely also loosen by trivial temptations eg. even we are regularly going on Sunday Service if there we behave like going in theater without putting focus to the Service like that we risk not harness Grace as fence in fullness i.e. going by habit and not with awareness that in question is Sacred Ceremony of Praising Our Creator will bring Grace but its question would it be in abundance so we can coup with temptation eg. in the urban ghetto or the down’town’fire, So Use The Chance For Grace and Salvation In Fullness if surrounded by extra tempting circumstances we need also extra Grace, simply what goes around comes around thus need to give so would get at least patience if not active participation in the Praise, what as I’ve noticed where there are benches its more easily to loosen, thus I’ll suggest try Orthodox Christian way of Worship i.e. to stay on feat whole Liturgy when the Prayerful Chanting is removed from boredom synchronization but helping to sense how the Grace gives You will to stay on feat whole Service, aside that when chanting along the Choir (tho dont outloud it but synchronize with piety) You are cleansing Your Heart like this way faster … useful approach for anyone willing to overcome any particular risks by Grace [4] tho try also to grasp why Orthodox Christian Holy Mysteries Confession and Communion matters for Secure Salvation [5]