A.I. (as tool) symbol or simulacrum, or both!?

I’ve posted on GDF an thread about some a.i. animated videos, but there didnt survived the attempt to elaborate this topic through digressions, so why not to try here …


so here is it here as explication when some tool can become concentration camp, pardon hype, whether voluntarily or not raised up, as possibility to be misused by and coz utmost wrong lusts of some deist elites!, and even “their” intentions were solely from orwellian perspectives on first hand, still “those” among “them” at the peak of “their” pyramid are with neopagan mindset that through a.i. and the virtual reality hype are chasing superhumanity simulacrum in bnw huxley’s alike style till eternal heaven’on’earth!, but there is even worst scenario i.e. opening like that (through it) on small door the astral realm so demons-anathema-to-them would feast on our misery of wrongly manipulated free will as mankind i.e. how we are letting ourselves blindly to accept whatever hype pops up without any bioethical questioning as on philosophical so as on pragmatic level!, sincerely my take is that we will become tool for some a.i. simulacrum (instead the same our tool) if we let to be herded towards it like manmachine nodes coz greater good eg. upgrade of mankind from humanistic perspective in homo-silicone mold i.e. human 2.0 and alike variation on transhumanistic superhumanity level like eg. homo-chimera or homo-androgen and/or homo-deist molding [1][1] hm moulder would say X-files were small bait for conditioning towards acceptance of aliens (read demons-anathema-to-them) coz now we have X social network through which such rudimental tv lobotomy will need to reach far greater steam till reach x-man reality [2][2][2]

now due to some hunch of mine, think that those videos, could be easily an agitprop mean for luring people to follow whats next on the menu till secured mass hiving, just not sure whether those next steps will be tied directly or indirectly to the hiving or to the hive mind, and whether vr holodecks will be loosen as tech from the mil.labs instantly for all, or will be reward for some, the logic is that “they” dont have time for gradual agenda release constrained by various variables as potential near future catastrophes from natural political or economical nature, tho however this agitprop is served will push many to taste the hive, and as with every hype if get accustomed for sure will get addicted, after what secure exit is reachable through painful focus till complete unplugging, but will we have such space at hand if nanobots evade all realms and species around i.e. is it possible to escape this trap that at the moment is announced rather naively like artistic bait or later as economic bite [3][3] or maybe already is for many not just like blueprint for future economy but ongoing prepping for “their” great reset!?

in the next two posts I’ll share the first moderator edited post and the second selfcensured text of second post in that GDF thread “What thing was used for this” ~ (use TOR browser for any arhive.is/ph footnoted links) [4] btw probably You know the difference from symbol [5] till simulacrum an how the same can be used in particular purposes [6][6][6] so could project them through epistemilogical lenses regards the A.I. hype!?, useful coz even on the current agitprop level when is sold as irresistible path towards our future its already breathing and waiting to be released from some mil.lab to wander in our psyche (if already is not) regards suiting the hiving narrative and its acceptance!?

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hm here is the original string in case its hard for You to c/p so would see the videos …

~ What thing was used for this? - All Things AI - Graphic Design Forum

in the second post actually pointing here to post in GDS conversation with ShadowNet so at least in some extent would touch the potential risks that can sprout from a.i. hived IoB reality, still without the next lines think that could not get more obvious (through my limited knowhow on the matter) in practice about such risks and eventual risk management should date the very scientists among themselves, but we are witnessing just shoutouts here and there [1] and not anyhow anywhere active bioethical debate, hek there is no active bioethical debate about chimera experimenting what about manmaching hiving!, hm a.i. lab existed even in '60s in usa, but about that read in the next post 6th footnotes …


here is the swept 1st post, tho I respect the will of the mods to keep the forum clean from excessive content anyway its predominantly altho waffle still graphic design eforum, also its better this topic as main to be stretched further here than there to stall in trough those digressions …


obviously the videos are layered ai art, the question is which engine NightS or something else?, is it possible this kind of bait to be larger one than the vr or sexbots ahead [1][1]] so for masses to embrace more easily hiving and transhumanism day after, tho for now most effective is mammonism!?, hm when I, as more or less traditional, I’m finding at least these scenes as good (maybe not perfect) but compellingly airy adjunct to the album like audio video package arrangement, then guess the rest will get even more hooked as trendsetters hungry for more and more joy from the bags of SerX, and altho “they” are maybe inviting illusion, but still just an illusion that once shift in Give Me Back My Money Mode by the consumers, think just then will show its nightmarish face, and the same is not even close to joy nor even spooky but almost close to the couloirs of the abysses [2][2][2] still for now its more like lets jump dumb on the lsd bandwagon hype and tilt out in electrophysiological experience around these videoarts, that look like as if it were milked in same studio with this prog.rock space cookie of album (some long time havent heard similar PF alike echoes) day by day waiting on some rediscovering of that space rock era untill this peace got its release!?, btw the author made counterargument of video response 2 weeks ago to someone that was questioning even the music as a.i. generated coz somehow with the first video I said Hello looks hm as probable constatation [2] anyway, can someone point out how was the stop motion done … maybe someone lives near :sunny:

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(brey, this opening got too long so the 2nd GDF thread post will go in the next one, but do recommend to check this one too)

let the SpaceRock hipster junkies raise their hand, for next level a.i. psyop massage!, how else to be interpreted such knockout cocktail as a.i. mashup between pink floyd eloy and mammoth, lets say any SR crossfade could be used as bait [1] so even without the videoart the acceptance level for hiving would be on max, what about when it will be secured additionally by holographic imprint in the braincells!?, is this possible, is there no transhumanist intimidation coz 4thInd.Rev., sometimes intimidated sometimes incited for, normally its enough if its done even by whatever faction among “them” [2] what about when such agenda is ideological rosicrucian blueprint passed on through various means&teams since the enlightenment era [2] can we rest assure that this kind of reasoning is just fearmongering speculation and not probable risk!?, its up to You!, mine understanding is that once the baits are recognized many will raise their caution shield and really hope many will understand that even that will be little i.e. will need to raise their Graceful Shields coz if the hype dont pass smoothly it will be squezed by force, at least Pray for Reset from Above so we would be spared from our misfortune to be herded on west by neopagan euroatlantic determinists of deists and “their” local puppets, as “they” are to demons-anathema-to-them!, hm was cia or dia back in '70s against funk as natural ghetto vibe so flushed in scifi spin and thrown the groove in disco vibe, hm bit kinky to claim [3][3][3] but the same was case with rock, altho in both cases “their” social engineering burst out of control, popping out natural liberation songs eg. like the rock Albatross [4] or the funk Dove [4] guess something “they” didnt have in mind!?, hm hm hm could a.i. ever get this touch of soulful harmony as an bioresonance so as an story!?

its interesting that somehow “they” are attacking with the turbo mode in every genre probably coz its harder to be sensed all the lobotomizing frequencies inbetween eg. disco as turbofunk, spacerock as turborock, dancehall as turboreggae, newschool as turborap, psy as turboelectro, turbofolk as discofolk etc. in the last case bursting also out of control with strange ethnonationalistic emphasis than globalistic lobotomy [5] but wait to release the next level 𝑓-glitches mids all of that [6][6][6] can we withstand such pressure where Your mind will play tricks on You once refuse to follow!?

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(finally the 2nd unedited post, that yeah would have not survived there by any means, but I had intention to loose it as archived footnote in editPad)

nice typo yeah leaves near [1] coz to live near some mil.lab. guess its not healthy thing!?, why I guess this, simply to me looks that this kind of tech will be for granted used coz mass psyop and whatever need for social engineering [2][2] i.e. “Your Entire Reality Is Elaborate Manipulation” … and not that per’se social engineering is a bad thing, yet it matters who and why is using it!, as I am suggesting in the preceding to the last 2nd footnote of the previous post (in the gds thread OnPropaganda (for now use TOR browser for the archive.is/ph links)) that as agitprop foremost will be used to peddle the masses to embrace transhumanism and technocracy as agenda without any wide consequences, done in various ways but predominantly through direct or indirect media conditioning, whats also pointed through the 1st footnotes in the previous post too, altho I still lack some ontopic study that will neatly elaborate such ongoing attack on our psyche coz provoking scifi lusting which is utmost needed for embracing euroatlantic utopianism [2][2][2] as normal wanted needed cherished unavoidable onelove future ahead of us as mankind, pardon “their” humanity!

tho be aware not all art nor all artists are with some hidden agenda, thus a.i. as tool dont needs to be encompassing evil, altho it can lure the masses to get hooked on 4th industrial revolution through fun one by one!, still most potent mechanism for such addiction (if anyhow happens) it will be by economic coercion after eventual control chaos mechanism, when actually what will stabilize such hype is direct drive agitprop through some brainGates for what actually art will be used as bait eg. for kids to get onboard vr-games or holodeck-concerts etc. alike fun depending on the target group, business or edu simulators too, or perhaps “telemedicine”, whatever pops up as useful so caution from uncertainty would be removed from the scene, and like that masses willing to grab the opportunity for hived work fun survival etc. necessities that mids particular social circumstances (eg. post’global’war technocracy) will be accepted as necessary evil, even there is wide eugenic failure due to never ending trials&errors ~ simply coz its forceful agenda for merging of the man and the machines i.e. not offered IoT but imposed IoB system which eventually as maintenance will be left to some algorithm!, and as we can see hope for the nice, but also expect the ugly side from it, that actually could be easily sensed now through this current a.i. art hype how wrong it could get lets say by mistake, but do machines are perfect and mistakeless, always!?, hm how much needs so emp shock would unwire some bot and later the same as halfcode would execute survival scenario for some hive!?

hm still the temptation eg. now for me as some indie videoartist is to grasp at least how that morphing of objects in same zoom in/out scenes is done i.e. which program is used for that compositing guess of different elements that tilt in place while smoothly imbedded in the zooming background!, logically this is maybe done with MAV [3][3] and eventually such plugging will pop up in some video editing software, yet this looks like manual stitched videoart with a.i. prompts, maybe fed by some scifi comic pool or/and given to it some abstract outwordly painting art, in the end mattpainted through AFX, or hm Nuke, but if it was Nuke guess far more effects would had hit the fan!, and really wonder how this will affect our thirst for oldschool cinematic reinvention coz sooner or later we will get choked by vfx a.i. turbofolk as was case with the special effects in the past [4] normally extra choked coz always there is need someone to profit from or sell off particular narrative [5][6] that altho for many will be even as such delight also for many will become worst possible artistic expressionism!, depending what kind of dioptry wear why!, hm maybe then we will start respecting our organic touch to things like making lowtech art with our own hands (analog or digital) where all the imperfection will become tasty as grinded chees on homemade pizza … till then we can just wait and observe where will lead the current a.i. hype in art!, wait and see will it not be exploited in wrong means, eg. check if Your brain is not fried after the next election campaigns, or got glitches while You are dishwashing Your thoughts with the new flush of ajax detergents [6][6] (maybe programed to be manipulated through phoenician mythos [6][6][6]) surely all that sponsored by palo-altistan coz digital purposes [6][6][6][6][6][6] NoamCh would say just enjoy “their” show coz kurzwellers expect to see the rise of cyborgs as “Age of Spiritual Machines” (1999) probably expecting that a.i. will help “them” in that but forgetting the simple rule in this world the outworldly causality, and when “they” are trying b trickery to reach such goal normally always will tilt in place coz some unexpected variable altho do push the trial error limits [6][6][6] the question is who will be the most suitable guineapig the lab volunteers the prison expendables or the regural joe, coz when time is tight the experiments roll in full steam invivo!

now, its interesting from such perspective to be seen this animation as lowtech animation story but done by a.i. i.e. what was the story behind this mindgame triptych of text music and scenography, as narrative so as like expected stamp that should be left behind in the small brains, supposedly coz easier orientation once the same is programed in the subconsciousness by nlp means [6] guess those who will overindulge in/on/with this space cookie will get instant softening of their organic mankind will, will it!?, what about those that are shrooming these visuals on some afterparty, will they get hooked smoothly on the manmachine meme!?, hm lets say “those” behind the scenes with this kind of a.i. at hand would put a string INDOCTRINATE as main direction of the nlp loop, thus we would get story like “Yo village suburban and urban broilers get in the line for ascending to the moon, where is waiting You new future full of excitement as hived, and right after through silky a.i. path will splash You full man’machine’reality, when You’ll become starchilD among “their” galactig explorers”, altho the silliness from such phantasmagoria is more than stupid coz someone its already spiritual galactic explorer, hm usually catapulted through the astral realm so it would be actually dumb to jump to someones artifially wrong simulacrum of exploring freedom by mechanistic means … anyway I’ll not recommend either of the modes, nor mechanistic hiving nor astral projection, simply in both are lurking demons-anathema-to-them, in the first case indirectly through those behind the machine which are pasturing the masses on horizontal level towards eugenic superhumanity, while in the second what is done directly as neopagan vertical dive in the astral realm where normally the shepherds wheep goad or prod are in demonic-hands-anathema-to-them, in both cases like that chasing for heaven’on’earth by opening the doors of perception for yet another fallen period of earthly existence when we are deprived as more as possible from Grace so demons-anathem-to-them would reach “their” purpose to fool those who respect the foolishness of their own perdition as astrayed whether in hedonism without boundaries or knowledge without merit and responsibility!, yedi yadi yada [8][8][8][9] as meal for the fallen spirits coz “they” fed through the surrender of our free will and like that feasting from our pains fears torment, what finally all around accessible flow (for “them”) essentially will come as result of the most intrigue experiment with our bodies to make from them neopagan manmachine stew [10][10] so whats the odds that at the moment this kind of psyop of repackaged a.i. space rock cookie is not inDeed “I am here” entity (maybe from another dimension waiting on all willing to hook on his bait!?), yeah its fisherman friend would be Your local technocrat, for now only boxing the selfboxed, while day after with accreditive to box even those unboxed!, I mean if someone is unselfsustainable as urban broiler, even he was spiritually free, will need to conform to the particular apocalyptic circumstances and get hived with respect for the collective will for survival in particular devastated community!, yeah go tell to Pink Floyd yo someone stealed Your vibe coz boxing instead unboxing souls!, guess DavidG will respond hang that thing on the lightpost or on the chandelier so all would see its fakeness of lucid liberation from the manufactured meaninglessness in our reality, I’ll add hang it high [12] tho always leave some room if some neopagan scifi agitprop is only artistic excursion with intention to warn us where we are heading but expressed that story in modern retrospective way like “Hey You … its only phantasy” [13]

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Stop For A Moment and Think Where This Ends

hm for now its going as some potential tool that will think for us as some thing, but the thing is that always there will be someone who has put particular direction and strings in it!, that someone as usually is the millitary complex which will never allow free flow of potent tools to be at disposal of unboxed citizens (In addition, AI systems are particularly
vulnerable to theft by virtue of being almost
entirely software-based. [1]) and logically seek to excercise total control over them and eventually to have lever over their free will so would be certain till what extent how will be used similar tools, especially if the goal is to be reached IoB phase as merger between man and machines!, and surely this picture looks nice as color cheme almost indoctrinating how its word for potentially playful “thing”, but actually is more like beast [2] having in mind in which labs was started and in which hands will end up!

my take is that it will be misused in the first phase as orwelian tool coz achieving total control [3][3] but can we say this is not already happening, remember the flush of ukrainian war deepfakes on the soc.nets?, and we can only expect steaming how war mongering is pumped up while geopolitical chess game playing already in full mode!, especially knowing that west still dont have useful narrative why need global confrontation with east!, its interesting tho by what means such penetrating psyop will be flushed on the western citizens to embrace as necessary “someones” need for boiling up of the geopolitical cauldron i.e will be used just regular agitprop through the media or will be executed some sophisticated brainwashing tools [4][4] to be even worst now all at least northamerican citizens are perceived officially as probable threat [5] surely through nato line all european too, what actually means noone needs to be briefed from the civil authorities what usaf targeted why or how if there is signed decision for resolving some problem and threat what by standards of open hostilities with the eastern empires means that whatever unpopular opinion about the western one will be enough reason some citizen to become target for correction if not deletition as freeminded!, will this become case, or is it already, hm would need to consult the asanges vaults, but what if those are just defocusing spin, or now it could be exploited in such manner!?, so trust noone!, even not Yourself!, I mean if “they” can hack brains since '60s with emf signals, then whats the odds that now cant do that solely by playing music on yt!?, hm till now still not released measure, but if the geopolitical boiling gets extra hot phase yeah expect that even You had have milder dissident will that You will end up on the expendables list eg. likeing antiglobalist posts or clamping on antidavos yt bitchute vimeo or whatever video service and/or maybe downloading kinky info or visiting kinky sites that bash “their” wrong deist stamina!, will “they” misuse You after that for transhumanistic experimenting or sentenced on lobotomy that mids totalitarian circumstances will not matter!, so start acting responsibility i.e. either became True Dissident and prepare Yourself for Martyrdom or stop behave like Stalker!, hm, probably You’ll expect that You’ll get warning before become target!?, no, that will not happen even mids rolled out technocratic environment, what about mids the current plutocratic fakery of western democracy!, simply its word for wester empire that is left compartmentalized probably coz easier sustainability of its system after eventual eastern attack!?, altho there is agenda for compacting in superstate as merger between usA usE and Canada, but things got out of tracks with ttip then european federalization and the disruptions in the middle eastern geopolitical agenda, so we can expect anything forward!

all this points to the risks how A.I. as tool can be misused in most wrong manner by particular determinists behind the scenes, which as deists will not hesitate to execute even worst case scenario for forciful hiving of all of us, altho by philosophical measure if “they” jump over the Golden Mean in this world and disrupt the global balance, that will causally for granted fire back to “them” in more or less devastating manner, when if someone put MAD nihilistic string in some skynet alike defense umbrella, hm expect the worst of the worst to be loosen in this world, wonder what will look alike mix between homochimera and homosilicon spicies!?, will the battles be vaged in the simulacrum hives too, or coz emp blasts homochiras will take control as x-man alike species over homosilicone!?, hm could some crocodile’man ever be capable to reason in philosophical terms once is opted out from the hive!?, will at people be capable to recognize themselves in the mirror!?, hm holodeck shelter symbol “they” hope could be sticked on the planet, coz after eventual MAD (mutual alchemic dope) in the brains even if we were zombies we would feel strong and healthy like medieval peasant!?, particular projections about similar possibility as scenario is the b-prod Aurora movie (i.e. virtual’nightmare) [6] the question is was such projection derived from someones creative brain or some algorithm shared it to such one so would entertain the scifi hungry masses!?, actually more conditioning that warning!, what about if in such way was released scifi mashup of alien’covenant along head’cleaners, on first hand impossible real scenario but it takes a bit crosswording til the homosilicone hype spill in homochimeric one or roll in parallel mode, tho what is now impossible as usual after some time could prove very real!?, yeah till we find out about (now just probable) stable holodecks, and not just as VR possibility but real one too [7] so is it too early to be said that a.i. will bring as tool secured simulacrum of live reality show for all!?, we need always to be aware about the risks from emp [8][8][8] thus thats why “they” need probably global total brutal controlled chaos so day after as leftovers of global empires would more easily follow the same utopian blueprint and secure stable ongoing projection [9] I really want to be optimist and see the current tech risks just like problem coz potent terrorist threat, but when aware that we are for quite some time terrorized by the euroatlantic deteminists to follow “their” eugenic mantras (at least as scifi x-man conditioning) then how to rest without worries or questioning will we become tool for the tool or we will become hosts for even greater evil as tooled by tuleans&co [10][10] can we just with deepfakes conditioned for “their” utopia [11][11][11] or we would see brainwashing scifi tech on steroids!?, will need to wait and see!


… Dont miss the last footnotes in the next Spoiler Paragraph …

I’ll add just in context of the 3rd footnotes warnings about orwelian a.i. that the question is not how later will be exercised such panopticon, but how now will be used for global war psyop when with deepfake spins we will be enmasse splashed so would obey “their” eat’each’other ordo’ab’chao agenda [12][12] probable haterate on supersteroids, altho its kind like drill for “them” what how to be expected if we take for measure “their” belletristic psyop that as always was “their” meme [14] not sure but in which category would throw another piece which I’ve found it recently, and where somehow also can be sensed strange pattern (like, how, by which schema “others” will invade us) [15][15][15] but actually looks more like reprojection i.e. by which phases would go such invasion (at least in context of the last 12th footnote paranoia looks as reprojection) and/if so then we can expect full lobotomy even before the final hot phase of ww3!?, guess “they” hope that just the chosen would be able to find way to the federal mountain bunkers, but most of those as I am aware are underground bases and under eventual future deluge will be inhabitable for sure, except if live in some pods and breathe as amphibious mutants on gills!?, in all this cant miss the opportunity to mention that a.i. could become more like resonant tool if we know that crystals can be used for storing data among other things [16][5] so actually our brains through the piezoelectric crystal in our pineal gland [17] potentially could be misused for another level IoB lobotomy, or as “they” would like to say biomachine advancement till galactic superhumanity, here also we can add the spin about dna archiving and writing [18][19][20] even how can be used [21][22][23] and altho the true potential for betterment of mankind is huge still we can just speculate till what extent transhumanist phanatics of euroatlantic determinists are ready to push trial&error experiments towards “their” deist chase for superhumanity!, hm solaris as movie comes to mind i.e. would the our alter ego become alive and seeable i.e. would we become own ultimate selfbarier towards true transcendence as we are welcomed as beings with likeness to Our Almighty Lord, will then the a.i. symbol cross in a.i. symbol-simulacrum, or that will become symbol of twisted freedom i.e. the cyBorg slavery to become imperative for existence that will be adored coz for other would not know those earthlings that from cradle would be born only for cyborg reality!?, hm not need to guess but know by The Bible Revelation that such existence is only very temporal part’time transitional emergence as complete world in apostasy, yet all the phases inbetween probably will not be painless nor joyful altho people as always by survival temper will find space to ologocize freedom …

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now, so would complete the this topic as suitable for this subforum, I’ll say in context of the waving assumption as blueprint of rand corporation [1][1] and its MAD temperament [1][1] ((use TOR Browser for archive.is/ph links)) but having in mind also the causality of all humanists which would be “their” racism [2][2][2] of the utmost wrong alchemic “esotericism” from the enlightenment era [2][2][2] along all neopagan alchemic expectation for something called ahriman as phoenix that should stir order from chaos that will instigate itself, as its projected by RudolfS [3][3][3] then I can firmly claim that the current A.I. hype in hands especially of mad scientists for granted falls in the philosophical category of Nihilism!, could the same be tie to other subcategories, possibly, if seen from “their” eyes that would be from necessity stirred evil thus existential nihilism, while from our side it could be labeled more like pathological hate toward everything that is our true nature with all its organic vibe!, i.e… while we tend to spiritual transcendence what would be existential metanoia for us as mankind, “they” tend toward chaos as evolution till whatever neopagan singularity some faction of “theirs” perceive “their” utopianism!, can we rest assure that those wrong ideological agendas for superhumanity and heaven’on’earth chased through ordo’ab’chao scenarios will bring equilibrium in "their’ heads and peace on the earth, hm dont loose too much, but prepare for the worst!, simply “they” are (what is more and more obvious) consumed whether from pride or fear to step up “their” implanted ideological matrix, thus only viable way to stop “them” is by fencing ourselves with Grace so we would gain as more as possible time so as much as possible Souls would wake up and focus on Salvation through Christ … everything else is just waste of time seen as attempt to “their” will to be annulated and ostracized eg. on other planet, maybe Mercury so “they” would feel in what kind of environment want to throw us with “their” reductionist mindset of insects [4][5]

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I’ve found the next point of JayD interesting about “the image of the beast” as possible a.i. emergence in some flesh as false prophet (see the points after 34th min. i.e. 38th min. around the end of the tagged video bellow, here is archived link from the transcript [1] ) what from Christian eschatological perspective seen through The Revelation sounds compelling explanation, tho would not rush, knowing that emp weapons are reality thus per’se we cant seen this logic as fix!, altho if popup some effective lets say nanobioshields its possible the emp risks to be leveled as lower as possible in terms of “that” false prophet and how a.i. could emerge through “him”, yet in my opinion it will be more like empowered by demons-anathema-to-them body that will use all meaning to deceive as much as possible Souls to bow and follow “him”!, i.e. if some cyborg will flush in apostasy “the-beast-anathema-to-it” will empower “him” as false prophet!, still such cyborg will be exposed to emp risks but also we too if embrace such homosilicone reality and through cyborg mindset to open ourselves to various demonic risks (astral demonic tagging comes to mind i.e. search magical alphabeth in the second 2nd footnote [2][2][2]) what can be also possibility knowing that neopgans are the prime motor behind the euroatlantic determinists!, yet again alone the emp risks for us should be enough convincing to refuse part taking in “their” transhumanistic agendas for now pushed by trickery through the latest experimental vaccines [3][3] while later after any eventual controlled chaos in form of ww3 to be offered easy bionic patching for all suffering that will popup as result of such expected as unseen global warfare!, simply knowing that eventual bionic body will have extra graphene oxide so would become IoB effective part of some global or local hive, then whatever frying of the circuits will lead also to debacle!, altho from top of my head see other risks too like software viruses that could buzz up the IoB once hived, and/or like that eg. affecting the hearth as battery, but also all the nervous system as activated by electric impulses!

what is worrisome is that first as volunteers on the experimental line (as always) would be all the sick blessed by despair pains or whatever dysfunctional life, name it [4][5] but also all those buzzed by fear propaganda from whatever could fell for so would get in the line for experimental transhumanist tech!, eg. the tap water is poisonous buy the bottled one, yeah whats the odds that eventual transhumanist spin could indeed poison the water with some invasive bacteria and right before secure the bottled water with new bioplastic standards for bottles that would flush the invisible nanobots after the water is bottled!?, I know sounds like potentially paranoid assumption, and if we go like that down the road the food chain could be also misused like that, especially if its narrowed to cans of worms, so all would be served the equal portion of nanobots, altho in my opinion if we are aware that through Grace it can be eradicated whatever evil simply by Miracles from Above thus dont need to panic even less to fall in paranoia, tho go become Faithful till Bone and Devoted till Bonemarrow!, so we need to be ourselves cautious expect for granted leaning on Help from Above, especially knowing that we are already living in apostasy in huge extent as societies how we’ve embraced as normal decadence i.e. hedonism mammonism egoism became norm for progress and sustainability!, so expect that we’ve already lost extra Grace as shield thus we could easily cross the edge and fell in oblivion even we are trying to Wake Up from our laziness for Inchurched Life in Feat so would be ready for Pass Over in every momment!, chasing heaven on earth wasnt our mission in this Life in first place at all, altho we are called to get as much as possible Christocentric as societies, but go chase Koinoia with fremasons (read luciferians) or become one with adulterers, simply heaven’on’earth its not doable, and eventually we are Warned there will be Final Judgement thus dont loosen nor be afraid what the next day will bring but focus on Salvation … what is more important understand that we cant expect that by force will be eradicated the evil, simply there is causality in this world from all the extra Free Will that is Gift to us as Mankind thus stop the zealous will!

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hm nice typo, we cant see or we havent seen such thing till now, akkadians and The Great Flood comes to mind, when mankind got in open contact with the bad aliens (demons-anathema-to-them), altho it could be argued how direct was the contact, hm vimanas come to mind, still how we can relate our time to that, and if so will we provoke another great deluge as second (now third fourth etc.) chance given to Mankind to come to its senses, especially having in mind the exponential pace of the hedonistic treadmill i.e. the law of time and how things are condensed and multiplied on fast track, or its just cycle coming to its apex!?, still if our measure is The Christian Eschatology then this cycle will be the last one …

also Mankind was/is in constant communication with Angels (and demons-anathema-to-them) which aliens not rarely were giving hand when in need, Nikola Tesla and his meditated knowhow comes to mind on the bright side, but also d’vrill’oracles and “der” portals too, so I expect either the mil. labs already have tech that its still not put in use in fullness, even as binary computer architecture with all its IoT IoB IoS bionic wiring, what about as trinary one (quantum comps) [1][1] or whatever next level communication tech exist i.e. which already is or it will be given to masses, yeah ideas come in strange ways from above, but as one sitcom projection asserts in physical way too [2][2][2]

seen like this, the risks will pump up tremendously for our nature to get zombified by the wrong utopian trials&errors of neopagan’enlightened’deists, which reductionist mechanistic mindset and dualist philosophy asserts clearly we will not stop till we overcome death as “their” prime enemy towards reaching heaven’on’earth, for what “they” are ready to sacrifice all at disposal as “their” bribed bought and/or owned (mostly northwestern) global citizens, actually all world is at risk till the current by contract indebted world economy dont collapse, but will it, coz “they” are keeping by venting alive for a while so would rearrange the obedience, but in essence trying to make covenAnt with/from all “citizens” to embrace blindly shift from fiat to crypto surrender of their free will as RomleyS guess its case [3][3] at lest looks like that to me how the baits are thrown and 4th ind.revolution announced!, yeah fear from the ipod can come in strange ways, yep go start living offgrid and manage happy homesteading day after!, SO dont be affraid BUT Be Cautious what is laid in front behind or aside from U and Ur boats already packed full with various hazardous habits with decadent vibe like variations of hedonism mammonism and/or egoism which eventually will block Your trip towards Blissful Eternity after Pass Over This World … work now on The Visa, later the chances it could get clogged by the rush of nanoswarms in the bloodstream lymphstream and/or synapse highway!, did You ever experienced belongingness to some flock eg. concert stew, but imagine how it would be if its word for constant central unit flock (alike of birds, fish or insects tho even they dont operate so blindly centralized but from honor respect their lead something ike samurai “own master”) atomization which is seen by “them” as necessary so “their” simulacrum of heaven would thrive, yeah Idiots longing for idioCracy!

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must emphasize that generalization would be not useful thing when tackling the western neopagan utopianism i.e. not all determinists are deists nor have common esoterical leaning, altho all of “them” long for the same goal!, the problem we have as Christians is that “they” have grip on all the prime levers of our modern societies at least on west and surely existent infiltration on east waiting by subversion to take control, tho as in the past century failure of the experimental virus of marxism on east it will for sure faint again if and once “they” try to brake the historic causality of the eastern empires!

one example for this kind of anomalous flush among “them” is AldousH who obviously was sceptic about even some say afraid from the man-machine hype, yet again he was part of “their” bandwagon for decimating Christianity in one or another way!, as if he was not part of tavistockean agenda for resetting our traditions by pushing the hindu spin as counterculture, something that before him was done by HGW among others …


still I am not extra insightful so would say when and how exactly he built own mindset, maybe in contact with theosophs [1][1] still draw heavily on technocracy coz slept awake with technocrats, obviously he knew BertRandR through his brother [1][1] (in rand corp “they’ve” rest “their” belief) yet some say he was apparently stealing his ideas [2][2][2] and by plagiarism hit the hallucinogenic fen as means for reaching apotheosis!, hm I’ll say there are few camps that push own eschatology to the current order, and as Plan A B C D etc. factions wait on “their” turn to rollout “their” memes, but I can just speculate how all of “them” are present in the mil.labs or have tentacles there so would push “their” own agendas to the main n’w’o agenda!, it could be agued that if mk’ultra and mk’naomi are inherited skim and dulles approve it thus it was parallel thing automaton&esotery as was since the times of alchemists actually which nephews are ea-determinists pushing the same utopian new’atlantis’blueprint and as RudolfS claim inevitable ahriman stage ahead that needs to be supported by neopagan esotery!, stil we can discern “them” as two capms that in phases are rolling out ‘their’ game which eventually will merge in one utopian n’w’o simulacrum of rosicrucian heaven’on’earth!, tho one thing is certain that racism is “their” common inherited niche [3][3][3] could this suggest that untermeschen as unhived will be put on extermination lists!?, hm was incineration nazi spin at all or borrowed from western from “them” eugenicists!

it would be really nice if someone suggest some infographic to some general theory of ea’neopagan’factions that can clear up the doubt who is who among the scientific elites in “their” cauldron!, coz if we have clear picture then we can also discern on what level A.I. will be used towards “their” n’w’o simulacrum and till which extent that will be pushed by altered by stimulants perception, hm knowing the potential of m’rna printing of proteins in cells But also passing info even to dna by light, then we can speculate all this will be managed by one hive as simulacrum so as homosilicone symbols in it!, yeah I know paradox the symbol to be simulated, but Free Will and everything is possible!

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Keep it coming… :point_right: :+1:

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hm maybe it could be, thus it “would be not So useful” as generalization, something like all neopagans in rush for apotheosis are ready for homosilicone hype ahead, but not all are ready for excessive percent of cyborgization i.e. some see it as bionic leverage to “their” own evolution while others see it as fix for transcendence in some kind of gods, and in the end go label “them” all rudely, as deserve any elite that mids democratic acts totalitarian management eg. the last mandatory transhumanistic biotech of vaccines by DoD&co along their plutocratic stooges, as if DonaldT was used like bait even for evangelical patriots to get onboard easily and hived firmly, luckily he didnt mandated the noodles, while JoeB fracking did, so could we accuse them both with same measure, think not!, simply if someone respects the Free Will in this case regards experimental biotech then altho he was seeing a.i. as useful to be invested in still cant be labeled in same way like we would eg. DoD&co and all “the puppetmasters” behind them!, dia cia and alike comes to mind, tho as usual even behind them there are “others”, and the string goes further down the rabbit hole til demons-anathema-to-them!, so in essence if someone want to fightback this covert’man’machine coercion trends the Fight the true power behind the scenes With Prayers and fry “their” stamina like that easily!

what is interesting is, that that firstly introduced for wide public use transhumanist tech, was sequenced by a.i. pharma supercomps, guess in some mil.lab like FN, where logically was invented as the virus so as the vaccine, speculation based purely on the spinned trials for what we learnt bit later, altho even the inventor of the m’rna tech step out in public and loudly said stop this is lunacy of risk management where all world population became by force part in the first mass invivo experiment i.e. became instantly pushed in transhumanist era without any understanding what is accepting i.e. by force giving consent when signing for the mandated m’rna shots!

I am just not sure in which category of philosophy this would fell, maybe Fraudalism!?, subcategory transhumanistic one!, and after all will pass think it will be examined maybe less theoretically but more as applied form of philosophy [1][1] practically plutocratic elitism imposed mid democratic republicanism on various levels [2] more or less effective yet real deal of huodini alike spins coz survivability of particular enlightenment utopian niche of the euroatlantic system as frontrunners of the current world order resting now on the fiat subsystem waiting to shift in crypto one until reach its apex as technocratic transhumanistic n’w’o where flowers will blossom in the brains and waterfalls in the veins, rainforest resting in the hearts, while all sleepwalk in some simulacrum lets hope not matrix alike where in totality mankind would sustain the system (of a.i. ultra’super’machines)!, electric sheeps, no, it looks more like bioelectric amebas planctons and algae swimming in pool of radioactive fuel leaked from all the coastline nuclear powerplants [3][3] so “they” long probably for radioactive homosilicone as such easily prepared for solar system colonization “they” hope!?, just guessing!, anyway if someone got scared by this notion be clever learn how to dispose heavy metal from Your body [4] and probably some a.i. could be from help later to find more effective means!?