What REALLY Happened At SVB and Others TBD

Borrowers forced to put all their eggs in one basket?
I do have a hypothesis re: regional banks and credit unions but will hold off to see if other banks/CU’s follow.

In any case, a top exec at SVB sold his ‘trust’ shares in late February, so, somebody(s) knew.

I think people might be under the impression that The Fed will pivot and start lowering interest rates but, I’m not so sure.

Can someone explain how this is tied to the recent glitches in BAC month ago, can observe some behind the scenes probabilities!?, I am really not insightful how who can pull mids global geopolitical heat what why, but looks like either the system got too overburdened after the past plandemix or “someone” intentionally pushed SVB over the edge by intentional stirring panic among the nonretail depositors bank’run’dynamics maybe by ftx speculations [1][1] practically someone left intentionally SVB at risk how was not secured by basel-III fuse [2][2][2]-((-[2][2][2]) but again the bank not to get consolidation by merger nor bailout by the state hm points that as if was released intentionally down the drain!?

Hm, cant say whether BAC was swimming in same level risks, probably not [3][3] but looks like someone wants to clean the smaller banks from the scene!?, so when JosephW says “I think Silicon Valley Bank is just a badly managed bank, it’s an outlier and I’m not worried about the big system or any other bank at all” think he is overseeing the intentionally left room for risk ballooning by SVB or other medium banks which for sure from perspective of opportunity will be keen to profit by any means simply ultraliberal capitalism dont leaves space capital to seat and wait, and hm either indeed someone wants to release particular change through SVB or the change was not useful anymore thus came time for wiping out the wrongly expanded investing strategy for the Silicon Valley!?, and we can speculate that the connection is somehow tied to the currently decentralized crypto realm [4][4][4]

And from all this its question how will profit or lose DoD as seeder of Silicon Valley as tech hub for usaf!?, could it be that now some more engaged bank with pentagon will take the opportunity to regulate who how will be stimulated among the scientists!?, obviously such freefloat tech hub cant animate the scientific potential in right direction how decentralized became so now maybe “someone” want to spear the investing towards needed expectation as military sector!?, I mean I cant overlook potential from SVB crumbling in this context too if we know that indeed Silicone Valley was dod’s brainchild [5][5][5][5] so maybe now the BioTech sector needs more solvent leverage or ballistics inventors need defragmentation coz faster out of the box experiments, maybe darpas a.i. need free space so would recognize the potentials of the minds in “its” valley!?

Still this kind of speculations to be even logical we need motives, and I dont see eventual clearly, except some backdoor of risk management around hazardous chemicals in SVs containers that maybe like this could be easily dumped coz reflectance if the semiconductor industry is heavily affected by the SVB crush [6][6][6] (14th min) tho cant find how big exposure had have the same to this bank!, the next graphic is some general overview but dont gives answer even for this kind of what-if assumption of risks or potential ahead [7] some saying that this is just warm up to what again there is not certain indicators but hm what if indeed the inflation burst [8] hm lets hope its just modern dod spin for awakening of the silicone valley potentials [9]

Friendly reminder mason, that drAlicia started SVB feed and it’s growing nicely with brain storming conclusions from a lot of GDS contributors.

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Is thebeaver ebmason?

Here is link to the svb feed ~ https://forum.gizadeathstar.com/t/crypto-bank-collapse/12615
tho TB alarmed first ~ LIVE NOW: Silicon Valley Bank Stock Price Crash - LIVE Breaking News Coverage (SIVB)

So like this now are interlinked all ontopic threads, there is at the end of my post also link to the svb digressions in the OnEconomics thread, and actually the reasoning can flow in various aspects in every other thread, in this one eg. we can juggle the probabilities how SVB crush will not bounce around and actually the bank would survive as is speculating JosephW in the OP videochat …

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Yes @Pelister it’s me, ebmason! For about the 900th time, my computer crashed and I couldn’t get back into the old account and just made a new, OBVIOUS one. Not hiding anything, even got PM’s asking if it was ebmason. Didn’t feel it was necessary for me to ‘announce’ myself. (puuulease!) Not sure if you were here when it happened. As for the rest, some people just have nothing better to do other than back-stab, cut-throat gossip; true professionals. I’d just as soon say it to someones face. No matter, my self esteem and confidence are not based upon the opinions of people on this site. I will post and others can read or not.

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