Who is Mr globalooney in your opinion?

We have been fed the story that families like Rothchild and Rockefeller is the top of the pyramid so to speak.

Even 10-20years ago before, when conspiracy theories were alot more niche alot of people had heard of them.
The Rothchild banking family who somehow have been in power since after Napoleon etc.
And Rockefeller mostly known for their control over big pharma.

Now all of this is fine and dandy, but if you dig around there is obviusly another layer above them.

Im not talking about shape shifting lizards or mystical black magicians either.
Im talking about interest groups and families who are proven to control the most vital of infrastructure in over 180 countries.

Im not going to spoon feed anyone here, im looking for discussion and will put together a water proof narrative.

I can start by asking what industries does someone need to control to rule the world?


I’ve heard if you start to try and go higher up then the Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s and so on you start to get into very old Roman families and stuff like that. A lot of the type of tracing you’re talking about requires going through history. As far as understand it, there are other entities that run things beyond the Bilderberg group, Davos and the World Economic Group and so on, like the Vanguard Group.

Note that Mr. Globaloney isn’t just one faction either. There are several. The Anglo American banking empire people are only one branch. There are different factions that sometimes make common cause and at other times fight amongst each other.

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Thanks for the reply, i agree that if we go very far back it gets alot more murky.

But lets focus on the last 200 years or so for the most part.

Lets start with the opium wars and what interests benefited outside of the brittish in the end.

History says it was England who fought against china.
This is correct, but after they won there was actually 3 countries who got to sign contracts allowing them to ship opium to China.

One of these countries were also playing all sides during both world wars etc.
Now im just mentioning countries to give crumps that this is open in plain sight if you know what to look for.

But in the end its a family that slowly has taken control of the so called deepstate and therefore the world.

I could just share names and sources right off, however i feel i need to explain why they have so much more power then any other entity has on a global scale.

So lets start with the fundamental needs of a modern society.
What is the absolutely most vital components that a country needs?

The real top inner circle of Mr Globo changes from time to time. Because even this evil scumbags have to die.

For example great researcher Eustace Mullins wrote in his awesome book (in 1992)

The World Order - Our Secret Rulers: A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism

that his researches have shown that 5 Men are in the centre of who rules the world.
The Council of 5 cinsists of Baron Guy de Rothschild , Evelyn de Rothschild , George Pratt Shultz , Robert Roosa (from Bush’s family firm of Brown Brothers Harriman) and one vacancy, at the time of him writing the book.

Mullins was also very convinced that before this 5 Men, in the past several years, members of the Council who have died include Averell Harriman,Lord Victor Rothschild & Prince Thurn and Taxis of Germany.

The World Order - Our Secret Rulers: A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism von Mullins, Eustace Clarence: New (2016) | Irish Booksellers (abebooks.de)

Since we are now in 2022 and Psychopath Scumbags like Baron Guy de Rothschild & George Pratt Shultz are in Hell,
it is difficult to tell apart from Evelyn de Rothschild who is still in this circle of Men (the inner circle of people who control the plant)
The probability that it is a white anglo-american/German Man is in my opinion & also in Mullins opinion >98%!
It could be even that one of the 2 most important Rothschild sprouts are already in this circle too.

Both are already insane sicko Psychopaths (at least in my opinion & what I read about them)
—> Nathaniel Philip Rothschild (son of Baron Jacob Rothschild) and
—> David Mayer de Rothschild (son of Sir Evelyn Rothschild)

I am very sure one at leadt or maybe even both sprouts are in this inner council who controls the planet.

One important inforation:

Amschel Mayor James Rothschild (son of the Lord Victor Rothschild, the guy Mullins mentioned)
should have been promoted to take over also the lead of the rothschilds & also surely “a position” in this council.

But Amschel Mayor James Rothschild was too nice & He lacked the Psychopathy of his relatives.
So the Rotschild murdered him.
Amschel Mayor James Rothschild “suicided” himself, hanged himself with a towel on a doorknob in a hotel in Paris,
(like so many Illuminati vitims like Anthony Bourdain, and the neswpapers wrote nearly nothing about this “suicide” Crazy story, You can check this by yourself).
This “suicide” method to hang a person on a low doorknob, mostly with a towel or scarf, is actaully a message of this illuminati Psychopaths that the person was murdered becasue of treason or other “lack of cooperation”
Btw. remember Anthony Bourdain was 6.4 feet (and He hanged himself on a doorknob?) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Guess there are eaier ways to do a “suicide”
Or what do you think?

But now back to the circle, the inner Council of Mr Global.
My Guess is that still

  1. Evelyn de Rothschild is in this council
    2/3. —> Nathaniel Philip Rothschild (son of Baron Jacob Rothschild) and
    —> David Mayer de Rothschild (son of Sir Evelyn Rothschild)

But I have to admit I have no clue who else is in this Council!

I have to think a bit and if I get to more name/names & think that this people are also inside this, I will mention it,
I still think there could be one of this royalty Parasites (like this Thurn and Taxis Guy), maybe one Netherland/German (english—> the british royals are anyway germans) parasite again in this council.
And surely there are one or two elite Anglo-American Psychopaths in this Council too.

But right now I have really no idea, who else could be in this council.
But I am pretty sure that now there are more than 5 in this council, compared to the 1992 knowledge of *Eustace Mullins


Okay, so France, Russia and the United States also benefited in the treaties after the Opium Wars. The Bonaparte line still ran France at the time and it was the Romanovs running Russia. The Bonapartes certainly seem to be pretty powerful historically. But there are some that argue that Napoleon III was a creature of Lord Palmerston, and Britain. There seems to be something to that argument.

Where are we going with this? I’m interested. What family are you referring to?

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This is in my opinion also very true!

You have indeed one big Anglo-American banking/military circle & also a very powerful Zionist circle.
Both groups can also be mixed.
But I still think that at the very center of this circle there are White Men like Evely Rothschild who are at the Top Circle.
If above this Top circle there are any “other” Humanoids, I really do not know. But I also think that at the very very Top is nothing human left.
I think that at the very Top is some ancient evil entity who is able to plan this over decades, centuries & millenials.
Even this generational satanic Psychopath-families are in my opinion not able to plan it this longrange way without being able to live that long. There have to be one “thing” that lives or better says “exists” far far longer than anything we humans can.

The Napoleon relatives are not important anymore. the Illuminati & Rothschilds hated Napoleon, they arranged that He got posioned! In my opinion no way that some of this descendants play any role.

I think when you have to search in France, then you have to search ancient families in the southern France where most anicent satanic families have their chateaus & locations.
I heard that there is one very scary & very powerful french guy who lives there & He is up to the Top of this Psychopath mad circle too.
The other old family name I forgot (my memory is already like s…t)
Maybe I can manage to search his family name. Around the category of this kind of ancient french family, is in my opinion the french person of the upper circle to find.
I also think that very ancient british families like the Grosvenor 's & their sprouts like
Hugh Grosvenor could be soon candidates for this top councils.
Or the one who in reality own the hsbc (also very old british family).

I also made a connection that all the ancient families who were important to William the Orange in his conquest of thrones, are still all very very welathy powerful & in complete control behind the scenes of the anglo-american even Chinese military/intelligence/banking /corporations powers!


As you know, I do agree about there being no “human” element being left at the top of all of this. I also agree that Napoleon Bonaparte and his ilk were hated by the Rothschilds and the rest.

One of, if not the main epicenters is certainly England and the British Empire. Its hard to ignore that.

There definitely is some element of this thing in France though. Whether it was of foreign origination in the time period we are discussing or whether it had been there for a long time, I’m not sure. I think you can see a lot of the french element by looking into the French Revolution. The Jacobins are particularly important in all of this. There seems to be a Satanic element in France around the time period. I’m reminded of characters like Marquis de Sade, or Antonin Artaud and his Theatre of Cruelty.


Agree 100% with you!
Devil worship has long tradition in France.

The french revolution was one huge satanic butchery of christian priests, women & children.
In many good books the “true french revolution” was written & btw not the usual Bulls…t we learn in school.

Also in in this awesome book there is a chapter about the french revolution.
—> For example alone in ONE DAY in Nantes
500 Children were murdered in one butchery!
I read in another book, they were beaten & clubbed to death (like the canadians do to baby seals),
and 144 poor women who swed shirts for the army were thrown & killed in the river.
The true historians & researchers guess that at least 400.000 peasants, many many Children & Women were MURDERED!

There are not few people who still think that since this “french revolution” which was actually a great satanic ritual butchery,
that France is cursed & still the negative echo of this huge Butchery is still in the psychosphere of this country!

Here you can borrow the book, else it is even second hand around 90 € & too expensive, if you get this book.
Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World. : Ted Flynn : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

else you have to check if you can buy it somewhere: it is very expensive & hard to get.

Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World. : Ted Flynn : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


Yeah, I haven’t looked into it as deeply as I should have, but the French revolution always seemed off to me. It certainly wasn’t the positive thing they say it was in public school. It seems like the monarchy of France at the time were actually trying to tax the rich and landed class, and aristocracy, and other wise enact reforms. Their buddies seem to have started the revolution to stop them and get back at them. There were only a handful of people in the Bastille when it was stormed. Marie Antoinette probably never said “let them eat cake”. She and Louie XV were not that out of touch with the poor. She took poor children into their home and fed and clothed them. The French Revolution resulted in the deaths of tens or as you say, maybe hundreds of thousands in the short term, and millions throughout Europe. There was no freedom to be had, and it seemed that Napoleon actually fixed things, despite is later imperial ambitions.

The Enlightenment in France and the rest of Europe is a movement relating to this. in Diderot’s encyclopedia, which has been credited as being a major work that pushed the enlightenment forward, there is a dedication to Lucifer. Enlightenment is just referring to Lucifer the light bringer. Its a big trick. The The Cult of Reason appeared in France during the French Revolution to try and replace Christianity. Replacing higher spirituality and morality with material and “rational” judgement is just a way to destroy humanity. Remember, if one is dominated only by mere ratiocination, and nothing spiritual, emotional, earthy or intuitive they aren’t much different from a psychopath. Anything, no matter how horrible, can be rationalized or argued for. Conditioning, and Rhetoric can be used to sway the unknowing masses into doing anything, and thinking they are in the right. That would include going along with an unnecessary and unjustified Revolution and reign of terror. Without God, or some higher form to tether oneself to, its easy to become rudderless. The Age of Reason, especially the Enlightenment portion was a scam. It laid much of the groundwork for many of the cultural problems we have in the modern and ‘post modern’ eras. The French Revolution is essentially the founding myth and origin story of that entire age. This is why it has to be interrogated.

Thanks for the book recommendation! I will try to hunt it down.


A “water proof” narrative? How would you do that? All you can gather is opinions, which are not the same as facts. I admire your tenacity; give it a shot (no pun intended).


It’s fun to see where everyone sits on these issues and share sources. At the very least it will yield some different things to research. Its probably impossible to complete bullet proof any narrative, though.

Don’t forget The Paseur Family. They seem to be ones we never see or hear from directly, which I suspect is the case with the top of the pyramid. Not saying they are, but given their history of holdings here in The USA, it’s certainly possible they have a lot of control.


very interesting.

But I have to admit that I have not heard anywhere from the pasteur family.

If they are really that powerful then they did hide incredibly well.

@ZarosTheForgotten That surprises me, as you talk about The French Revolution, etc. in a post above. Check into it. Here’s the question: Who adopted and secretly hid the son of Louis & Marie Antoinette?

In my speculations this would include, people who have controlling shares/many voting shares in large corporations who are able to remain anonymous because their shares are hidden behind ‘private’ corporations thus their names don’t have to be revealed. I’m thinking along the lines of Vanguard and Blackrock.


@bluenose Yep and even more hidden. My stepdad used to say, “A small number of men in a smoke-filled room whose names we’ve never heard, nor faces have we seen”. I think that old man was onto something.


To my way of thinking, the most important industries needed to control the narrative of just about everything are communication and education. About twenty years ago, in the USA Congress rescinded antitrust laws related to media ownership (newspapers, broadcasting, etc.). Nary a peep from the Press, or anyone else. I thought, what a disaster this will lead to. Turns out, I underestimated the dire consequences.

Another: The k-12 education system (Skinner and his gang of control freaks come to mind). I need not cite the well known horrors of this to any thinking person. Socrates comes to mind (“Hemlock, please”).

Lastly, somewhat off topic, the current situation in Canada, where clergymen are arrested, jailed, assaulted and harassed for refusing to acquiesce to orders to say or not say one thing or another is an affront to humanity. And the horrors in Australia and New Zealand are unspeakable.

As to who are the crisis actors behind the curtain in the world beyond Dorothy’s Kansas? Ah, for me, that’s the $64 question. If anyone has a clue, beyond we are in a spiritual war, please advise.


On the education system, don’t forget about John Dewey.

Ok thanks I will check this!

@ZarosTheForgotten The “adoption” is the subject of much speculation and gossip, but the financial holdings shortly after TFR were massive. Good luck, My Friend. I do not have that many years left to track down all of those assets.