Who is Mr globalooney in your opinion?

@ebmason Many Thanks Bro! I give my best. Let’s see if anyone can track this many assets down one day!

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I feel I’m terrible at research but came across this article I found very interesting. I hope it helps.




Sorry zaros, but The U.S. has France beaten by many miles when it comes to child sacrifice.
Agree 100% with you!
Devil worship has long tradition in France.

The french revolution was one huge satanic butchery of christian priests, women & children.
In many good books the “true french revolution” was written & btw not the usual Bulls…t we learn in school.

Also in in this awesome book there is a chapter about the french revolution.
—> For example alone in ONE DAY in Nantes
500 Children were murdered in one butchery!
I read in another book, they were beaten & clubbed to death (like the canadians do to baby seals),
and 144 poor women who swed shirts for the army were thrown & killed in the river.
The true historians & researchers guess that at least 400.000 peasants, many many Children & Women were MURDERED!

There are not few people who still think that since this “french revolution” which was actually a great satanic ritual butchery,
that France is cursed & still the negative echo of this huge Butchery is still in the psychosphere of this country!

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yeah I agree USA has beaten France indeed in Child sacrifice!
At least in the last 60 years the psychopaths in USA went really mad beyond limits!


What Christians in USA do not understand is, no matter how hard they pray, no matter what they say and do, God will NEVER forgive or bless a nation that practices child sacrifice. LEGAL abortion of any kind must become a thing of the past for us to even have a chance of gaining Gods’ Grace. At this point in time, we have likely outdone Stalin’s 80 million murders and all are children. Lots of people don’t like this opinion, but if you take a true, biblical look at it, it’s true.


He most definitely was and those rooms could be found in the backroom of a dingy bar, across town in the university, and to the buildings belonging to a church (big or small).

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I agree in all the points you mentioned!!!

Only “officially” abortion numbers are sky high & in the millions per year! abortions have become a HUGE profitable industry!
We live indeed in Nazi Dr. Mengele 's most favorite world!
Imagine the real numebers (officially & unofficially) in one decade!
Absolut insane & disturbing beyond imagination!

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@Sal2lee Yep, that’s the common legend. There was woman who used to follow Q who traced the other 2/3 of the assets & it’s breath-taking. Who knows who these people really are? BTW, thank you for presenting the correct spelling; I have trouble with any spelling remotely related to French for some reason.

I look at all those railroad holdings and I have to default to Warren Buffett. Wonder if there’s a connection?

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@ebmason Thank you for reading that article. I thought of Buffett right away too when reading about the railroads. I was trying to figure out how the Vanderbilts (Biltmore East) fit in. I remember looking at a Napoleon chess set in the home when visiting there. I’m terrible at research but learning!


@Sal2lee The Vanderbilts are one of the 12 families and the trust fund just passes back into trust as each member dies. Nobody actually inherits the assets.

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Im glad this got traction!

However im still waiting for someone to follow My lead and ansver My questions…

But i will make it more obvious and maybe someone will start to get it.

Basicly modern warfare has 3 components, in movies and media they usually focus way to much on the least important today.

We have 80% of it which is basicly information control. (Propaganda, Wire taps, blackmail etc)

15% economy (flow of money, control of shipping of goods etc, sanctions)

And the last 5% is whatever kinetic warfare that may happen.

So whoever controls the flow of information has a major advantage over anyone on this planet.
This in non debatable, you cant deny this fact.

So how would a private entity control this?
Phones, internet etc.

So is there a dominant player in this arena?

Yeah and since the spread of telephones there has been one major player who has always controlled the core technologies for this.

Still today with the 5g rollout all companies use their core tech to build their 5g.

Now of this family only controlled the information i could agree that its not enough.
However they also control the powergrids.
They make grid control systems that are used in many countries (+100)

On top of that they also control one of the major big pharma companies.
And a huge shipping company, oil and major mining firms, weapons/aerospace etc.

My point is that most deepstate families gets one or maybe 2 industries that they can use to get ahead.
This family is different since they have major influence everywhere.

Their family motto is latin for “to be but not seen”

Remember when Trump was talking about the invisible enemy???

Next post will be with links that will make sense of it all.

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I forgot to mention…

When most companies get sanctions to not sell things to so called dictators.
Then these guys swoop in and get the deals.

A few of their more known deals are:

Selling nuclear equipment to Iran and North Korea.
(We all know someone sold reactors to these countries, but they rarely mention who sold Them)

Telecom infrastructure in the same countries aswell as the rest of the world)

They built up germanies defence industri after ww1 when germany was forbidden to produce arms.

They sold “global eye” weapons steering systems to Saudi.
The one used i yemen to bomb school buses.
(Im sure Trump mentioned this, he Said its our bombs but someone else is dropping Them)

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We can say this too, “if” the Palme family rigged the Communist backdrop and the Soviet Union had access to cryptographic machines - they had, well then there is at least a lot that is not as many people think it is, very much in fact - to not say basically everything.

“A decade ago, I argued that Crypto AG had rigged the equipment used by diplomats around the world so that” US "intelligence services decoded their messages in real time.

This week, the Swiss public broadcaster SRF Rundschau, the German channel ZDF and the Washington Post confirmed many details in the story after gaining access to a classified, comprehensive CIA story for the operation with the code name “Tesaurus” and later “Rubicon”. There are many issues to discuss. I will address them one at a time. In this post, I will examine the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Boris Hagelin Jr. just a few months after the Swiss company was sold to the CIA.

"Even today, the documents are partly classified and the operation is described as one of the most well-kept secrets during the Cold War.

The operation would later go by the name “Rubicon” and Sweden was one of at least four countries - along with Israel,
(CIA) had used an encryption company - Crypto AG - to spy on several countries for decades, despite US officials accusing Huawei of spying on clients of the Chinese government. . Both Huawei and the Chinese government have sharply and repeatedly condemned the allegations as false.

So first the opinion of the actual existence of the instance must be established, then one can take the next step.

The company Crypto AG has been criticized for selling backdoor products in favor of the US, British and German national signal intelligence agencies, the National Security Agency (NSA), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and BND respectively.

On February 11, 2020, the Washington Post, ZDF and SRF revealed that Crypto AG was secretly owned by the CIA in a highly classified partnership with West German intelligence, and the spy agencies could easily break the codes used to send encrypted messages. The operation was first known by the code name “Thesaurus” which in turn comes from the Greek θησαυρός (thēsauros) “treasure, treasury, warehouse” and later the “Rubicon” point without return.

We need to make a little detour here which is important:

Yves Gyldén was born while his father Olof Gyldén (born 1867) served as a Swedish diplomat (ministerial resident) in France, and had a French mother, Yvonne Hédal. His grandfather was Hugo Gyldén. As a young man he also lived in Argentina (1908-1911), during his father’s service there.

He graduated in 1914, became a reserve officer in 1917, and graduated from the School of Public Administration at the École de préparation à la vie publique in Paris in 1924. With his international background, Gyldén worked with exports for various companies. From 1919 to 1927 he was export manager for the Huileries de Boubaix et d’Odessa in Paris, from 1928 to 1939 he was a partner in his father’s company and from 1932 to 1939 as a certified translator (French). From 1939 he was export manager at Astra …, and in 1940 he served as a conscript lieutenant.

Yves Gyldén had a great interest in cryptography, in combination with both linguistic and mathematical talent, and is said to have started with secret writing as a child. His father Olof Gyldén is also said to have shared the cryptographic interest, and was at an early stage a business colleague of Arvid Gerhard Damm in his company Aktiebolaget Cryptograph. Yves Gyldén wrote several articles in French on the subject in the Revue International de Criminalistique, and in 1931 published a Swedish-language book, Chifferbyråerna’s efforts in the world war on land. He was hired as a teacher of cryptography and cryptanalysis at several military schools, and during the 1930s was counted as the Swedish pioneer and foremost expert on the subject.

In the early 1920s, Boris Hagelin took over the management of AB Cryptograph, made “own” inventions and later slimmed down the encryption machine to an absolute minimum. It went into the pocket of a soldier. He “received” through Gyldén and

" through Gyldén and Investor an order for 5,000 machines from France, which funny enough - and just so very fitting, tadaaa - LM Ericsson in Colombia would manufacture. Not a single machine was then made in that factory … Not all were delivered before the collapse of France in World War II, but Boris received the French Legion of Honor in 1934 for his efforts.

The machine was also ordered by the Swedish state, which in 1939 made him a knight of the Vasa Order.

The operation would later go by the name “Rubicon” and Sweden was not exactly astonishingly one of at least four countries - along with Israel, Switzerland and Great Britain - that knew about it or received secret information from the United States and West Germany. "Having access to the construction in question could possibly have constituted an argument in the matter,

During the 1960s, Crypto AG began to cooperate more openly with other European communications companies such as Siemens, Ericsson and Kongsberg - companies that in any case have since been completely controlled by Investor.

Fast forward to today:

So we start like this, we ask ourselves the question - if Huawei is spying on the whole world for the Chinese state, according to the Deep State, then why is Ericsson even allowed to remain in China at all? So the Chinese see no risk at all that Ericsson is spying on them?

And then you have to be completely clear in this that Ericsson actually went to China to intercept through its transmission already in the early 1990s …

And the American companies that are accused of these espionage on behalf of the United States, they would then more precisely be who then?

Yes, because it’s still not the case that the United States actually uses a special and foreign contractor regarding the transmission to conduct this type of business, kind of like a company that is still a national American security interest, but it can be so bad still not be … - we can say that the risk that Ericsson’s price development will be declining, it is probably mild to say the least right now.

If we then add that part together, with China also actually investigating Ericsson for the license fees required of those active in the systems, well then it looks a bit wrinkled actually, to put it mildly!

Ericsson must reasonably be present in the systems in order to be able to demand fees from others …

BTW: In 1994, Crypto AG bought InfoGuard AG, a company that offers encryption solutions to banks. They must be able to communicate with each other …

And as usual:

"In 2009, a company called Ericsson received permission from the US government to sell telecom equipment to several oppressive regimes, including Sudan, Syria and Iran. Some of these regimes use that technology to eavesdrop on and control their own people. "

Said Trump in 2016 to then focus the world on Huawei…

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Here is a short video om their part of ww2.
Its in Swedish but with English translation.

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We read this in 2018, then, leader of our reading group put out this video, so, I give little credence to what Trump says. Why is it nobody will read the legislation, but they’ll read every other damned thing and think they have real answers?!



We are not talking about Trump being a White hat or not.

This thread is about the controllers of the system.
Trump is just a player on their gameboard.

Whatever part Trump played will be revealed in the future.

Trump has however mentioned these guys in various ways.
And obviusly it didnt help his popularity in the mainstream.

But him using Ericsson as an example before he became president is telling.

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I do not try to determine the absolute person or persons of cause anymore. Nobody on this board, including you, knows this. I try to put together what I can gather from observation and what sources I might obtain. If Trump is not important, then why do you keep mentioning him? You make no sense.


If one looks at the current state of affairs as similar to a theatrical production, characters enter and exit the stage as needed to carry the plot. The dialogue and scenes are constructed by others, rarely getting the same billing as the stars, writers and directors, nevertheless very important to the overall success of the endeavor. Trump’s dialogue and time on stage is almost over. But “the show must go on” and the cast will be replaced with the appropriate people to continue the profitability of the production.


Exactly what’s happening! The best description of circumstances I’ve heard in a while.
Thank you!