Who is Mr globalooney in your opinion?

EB, I have a sneaking suspicion that the mentioned Payseurs is a transposition from the Piso family line. ( in simpler words, Payseur = Piso.).

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Bob, that’s like straight out of Zappa, isn’t it.

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@WuWu Anything with the families is possible. Love the Zappa reference. It’s perfect, isn’t it?!

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well people
reading through ur posts about mr g, i tend to ebmason’s opinion about opinions…
but on the high end, there is a possibility of non-human actor(s), which r ancient and unto our best understanding: ‘evil’
trump may not be over at all

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Sorry, to be late to this discussion, but very interested. Don’t be deterred by perhaps some attempts to move to away from the original premise.

When it comes to other persons or families, the usual subject family is Rothchilds. The thing is that many noble or quasi-noble European families are known by the names of ancestral castles or regions they ruled. Think Rothschild’s real family name is Meyer.

However, there are other ancient families of interest that pre-date Rothchilds: Hapsburg, Thurn, Guelph. The Hapsburgs, (the name of their castle; can’t find sur-name right now) have a history of marrying and/or gobbling-up the lands of old and powerful noble families like Kyburg, Rheinfelder, Lenzburg, Klettgau, Nellenburg… and of course marrying close relatives. They seem to have their names in everything. Many families the Hapsburgs married into (formed a contract with) were noble French and ruled most of Europe over time. Reportedly, the Hapsburgs were anti-Nazi.

The Thurns were related to Napoleon through his brother and are also known as Taxis, della Torre, Hoffer, Valsassina…. One might remember them from JPF’s books with regard to ancient Roman families. Another example is the d’Este/Welf/Guelph family who married with aforementioned as well as noble families of Bayern, Savony,…. Another commonality is that they held lands in Switzer – bank- land. The Hapsburgs originated from Alps Land. Where is the headquarters of an - into everything telecommunications type company? Does the name Bayern remind you of a pharmaceutical company - one, which came to prominence in Nazi Germany? These families and their respective related families became immigrants to the New World, as it were. Remember they all had surnames different from their von name, de name… and may …


See, this is what I was saying near the beginning of this thread. This goes back into the very distant past. One has to dig and sift through history to find these people, especially if you want family lines in particular. It goes back to ancient Roman Families and probably even farther. The old Noble houses and families are far from dead, and have been skulking in the background for ages.

Thanks Rheba for throwing some familiar names out there.

Some of the families mentioned in this thread are newer to me though, like the Palme, Payseur and Wallenburg family.

Interesting stuff.

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Excellent. I am still formulating my response.

Erev Rav, in time of Exodus, at least

interesting Sal2lee. this south carolina nexus is not far from the Georgia guidestones

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The most basic of needs. Food and water.

fundamental needs of a modern society?
and u think thats a country?
and what is modern, and what is society?
after all your question gives its answer: fundamentum.
that is the need(s). metaphysical and physical, as above, so below
and there is no ‘modern’ fundamentum. sadly :rofl: :innocent: :pray:t4:

To everyone who are giving names etc…

Please present a viable theory why those people have any real power.

What i mean is how does that specific group have any influence that they can use to force their agenda.

For example my contribution with the Wallenbergs builds on their control over major vital infrastructure all over the world.

Rothchild has for example nothing more then some banks.
But can they really control anything with just banks?

Because if you own banks today its going to be hard to send assets without electricity and internet.

Who controls those?

Wallenbergs is the ansver…

Someone else mentioned food and water…

Same there, its hard to produce food and water without a powergrid nowadays.
Sure you can do small scale farming etc.
But we are not talking about small scale stuff here.

Another thing is the blackmail industri, its becoming more obvious that this is the main tool of the deepstate.

So who could possibly have the best oppurtunity to listen to everyone?

Maybe the People who controls the flow of information through the Wires?

Will keep sharing links and pics to make My point…

have u seen the new (2021) netflix ‘ragnarök’?
thats what came into mind sifting through the ‘walls’
was an interesting watch.

No, what is it about?
Netflix is such hit or miss, they have great to awful content with most being pc shiite.

Most of my information is in Swedish, i have alot of lectures about the vikings.

Evidence that the modern deepstate is remnants of viking power.
They infilitrated christianity and then went dark.

Basicly Sweden was europes superpower untill the 16th century.
Then for some reason we became “neutral” and started playing nice lol.
I can see what i can find translated…

But before that i can give a few interesting facts about central banks…
You can never guess which country was the first to have One :sweat_smile:

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