Occult Tesla - A preposterous reading of Tesla's Space, Time and Energy

Ehret is beginning to irritate those of us with a clear view of Tesla’s fundamental view of space as an energy medium qua Aether.


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must say nice share!, from few aspects … still text that projects wrong interpretation of his life and understanding …

Tesla in his time as scientists for sure was pulled by the prevalent socialpolitical and esotericalcultural trends on west, when indeed embraced the notion for technocratic superhumanity, yet didnt followed the rosicrucian blueprint for man-machine apotheosis!, but had have own understanding based on his practical insight as Orthodox Christian from his Childhood and his later intellectual contact with the vedic tradition, through which mindset was trying to postulate own understanding of physics for his inventions that obviously were indeed reached by state of spiritual contemplation, what was actually case since his Childhood … but by Ours Almighty Lord Providence it was given to us through him and his silencing enough slow scientific pace otherwise we would had have been already cyborgs [1][1] (use TOR browser for the archive.is/ph footnoted links)

on other hand einstenians were mostly deepen in strong rosicrucian vibe that as derived from the neopagan alchemic tradition were chasing precise man-machine apotheosis i.e. transhumanism that is reached by the means of western neopagan enlightenment era inertia, to which I’ll assume Tesla hasnt bowed thus was rejected as charlatan by “them”!, why I say this, simply “their” knowhow rests on reductionism and cartesianism, while Tesla embrased noncartesian knowhow i.e. didnt confined his experimenting to cartesian prism, what in effect was attack on the royal society (and its invisible rosicrucian college) scientific inertia, what for them was scientific heresy and especially coz the same was rolled out aloud in public by Slav as Nikola i.e. as enlightened elite “they” were foremost racist utopians [2][2][2] which saw themselves as western master race that couldnt accept that some slavic peasant ruled out “their” standardised knowhow!, altho defacto newton was “theirs” but “they” rejected his logic, while Tesla found ground through Maxwells line in his laws, still as could be seen from the proposed text even newton build his case from the keplers knowhow as forces in noncartesian system!

in a way Tesla was silenced probably due to his fast pace of inventions that threatened “their” unipolar imperial might at the time!, on top he was eager to free mankind from slavery, all his assertions for free energy goes in this line, so that was utmost huge risk for “them” and on one hand dismissed his physics while on other left him for a while to continue experimenting so would see what will come up with, and especially coz he was not using any known mathematical model to “them”, what in the end resulted with his scientific ban (by burning down his lab) and city custody (obviously giving him no room even for interstate movement), and I’ll juice up this assumption with the fact how he sabotaged the philadelphia experiment later once was called to assist!

now, with all my lowliness, coz dont have shear knowledge in physics, I’ll say maybe “their” cartesian system would be more complete and workable if had have 8 instead 4 dimension in “their” einstenian knowhow!?, for what projected to ChatGPT mine observational logic regards the basic physics [3] and maybe its applicable (tho I am not sure) to “their” knowhow, yet knowing how Tesla got effective defacto we should foremost have in mind his knowhow from which later is derived the scalar field theory (as radiant energy in noncathesian system) that once was rechecked by me with ChatGPT points to explainations for many events and processes in our reality!, do take time to check the next post and the pdf in it [4] and what to say maybe the answer lies inbetween cartesian and noncartesian systems or how where they could interact (hm go mix the umixable and enjoy the show) but I am nor physicist nor contemplate on the problem of someones neopagan lust for heaven on earth, thus dont need to chase the rabithole, tho its enough clarity for me so would dismiss “their” neopagan western scientificism as most comprehensive cosmological model to which sadly but all current academia blindly bows, hm cant imagine when will come the time for the einsteinians to admit that were in huge error, simply too many books and titles are brought on the same basis so instantly “they” would rest their case!, especially problematic coz as scientific peers of transhumanism that is in full inertia at the moment like that “they” would pause “their” so longed man-machine will for chasing apotheosis, what for “them” simply is not acceptable at all coz need stiff belief in “their” determinism so would have at disposal as many guinea pigs for “their” biotech experimenting!, just imagine mids all “their” current trial and error “they” would say voila all “our” physics polished for one century is wrong, yeah maybe if asteroid hits us and “they” and “their” deceptive might evaporates!

what I find interesting tho is how AlbertA twisted his gravity through various cartesian systems, what tho should be enough for every truly skeptic scientist to question the forced mainstream physics understanding as undisputable, luckily there are many that were but dont get any deserved attention but are instantly bashed as quasiscientists, for what latest example would be AlexU [5] anyway here is einsteins gravity castling so would keep his theory alive, yet again hit the wall, and after many are continuing to tilt on it as if with enough hits would break it and reach “their” eureka, yeah surely but in some bottomless pit where instead apotheosis will reach aponecrosis!

In July 1936, Albert Einstein and his assistant Nathan Rosen famously received a critical referee report for their paper “Do Gravitational Waves Exist?”, which they had submitted to the Physical Review several weeks earlier and in which they argued that the Einstein equations of general relativity did not allow for plane gravitational waves. This episode and the ensuing developments have been meticulously reconstructed by Daniel Kennefick, who also established the fact that the anonymous referee had been the American cosmologist H.P. Robertson (Kennefick [2007]), pp. 79–104).
Einstein reacted quite strongly to the referee report and withdrew the paper. Indeed, not every paper submitted to the Physical Review was reviewed in those days (Lalli [2016]), and it was the first time that Einstein had received such a report, despite having recently published two (not that uncontroversial) papers in the Physical Review (Einstein and Rosen [1935]); Einstein et al. [1935]). Einstein submitted the paper unchanged to the Journal of the Franklin Institute, but then—according to the recollections of Leopold Infeld, who succeeded Rosen as Einstein’s assistant in the summer of 1936—discovered a mistake in the paper. Robertson, who was a colleague of Einstein’s at Princeton, gave Einstein a decisive hint for fixing the mistake by “reinterpret[ing] [it] in a cylindrical polar coordinate system” (Rosen [1956], p. 172). Einstein then contacted the editor of the Journal of the Franklin Institute and presented him with a modified version of the paper in which the consequences drawn from the equations were fundamentally changed.[1] This modified version was then published and is the only extant version of the paper (Einstein and Rosen [1937]). The argument here is for the existence of cylindrical gravitational waves; plane gravitational waves are not discussed.

in context (altho not fully in line with all assertions in the text) I’ll suggest another quote where the noncartesian logic is pointed regards the opposites of the neopagan cartesian logic that explains the interest of Tesla for the vedic tradition …

I can go on and on, but you really need to look into those sources with an nondualist mindset and I don’t want to repeat myself of what Ken had repeated over and over ad nauseum. Understanding the grand unified field theory as outlined by Greek, Indian, Egyptian Monists and through the giants of Electrical theory like Charles Proteus Steinmetz, James Clerk Maxwell, Oliver Heaviside, Nikola Tesla, Eric P. Dollard, and even some basic understanding of Topology will help one realize Henri Poincare’s model of projective geometry, is exactly how Magnetism is emanated ideologically without any real “movement” in the 3-sphere that people like Alexander Unzicker has promoted some sort of mathematical expression to explain and simplify nonlinearity of curvilinear emanations and come to realize that our vain tasks in linearizing nonlinear systems had trapped us in seeing the world as an unreal tangent space that doesn’t at first appears to obey basic rules of a naive objective sense based interpretation of the world through abstractions of measurements of attributes of principles as principles which is a reification fallacy.


the mixing probably would be doable if the Math is reinvented eg. maybe in synesthetic context :slight_smile: like hearing colors and expressing them by some fractal calculus … I assume for someone doable approach, yet for the bulk of academia just fiction!, just as it was for Tesla fiction their mathematical approach i.e. didactic symbol expressions of some physical observation!, now, where how to be found logic that by such math could be found common denominator for expression between cartesian and noncartesian systems I am not sure, if at all is possible!, simply we have “their” wrong determinism topped by stiff reductionism and above all pushed by apotheosis premises resting on wrong esoteric lusts pulled from the dark side!, so not sure whether is close to possible anytime soon even “their” a.i.'s to bring upfront practical reinventing of the mathematical wheel!

anyway, the mainstream science is indeed struggling to find solution, altho as I’ve said fueled and hijacked by the “euroatlantic determinists” dont see certain way out from “their” own delusion!, simply “they’ve” invested too much time and money on “their” false physics so now would step back coz such move will bring steps out from “their” homosilicon transhumanism, what in essence if its done will pull avalanche in all of “their” wrong scientific knowhow as from chemistry through biology till sociology, and that for “them” is no go till hold the western geopolitical strings in “their” hands!, but people are aware for the problem, and shamefully trying to point to, yet it will take some time things to get in the right track, maybe as I’ve said after eventual next asteroid or solar cataclysm if not else!


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I regard ChatGPT’s perspectives on physics with skepticism, as it is an algorithm designed to filter and alter information.

Additive dimensional mathematics pulls systems of formalism away from the realities and into the abstract; there is no need for 4, 8, 11, or any other dimensions. An accurate representation of Nature’s energy format can be dealt with using symbolic algebra. The Calculus is in total disrepair, particularly in its modern neo-Cartesian format. Just as the Hegelian dialectic was conceived initially to deal with the movement of spirit “geist,” The Calculus was originally developed by Leibniz to integrate and express Monads, analogs of Platonic Forms. Using Calculus to track physical systems in continual motion was a post-hoc British addition after the invention of Calculus was ascribed officially to Newton, for whom the original system did not make sense, nor did he ever demonstrate a working understanding of its use.


I think atlanticists, from breakaway civilizations are quite aware of unified field physics since they use it in their own aircrafts. The transhumanism agenda is something they try to install for the rest of us, for the sole purpose of controlling masses. That’s new way of slavery in modern times to be exact techno slavery, not even neo techno feudalism, since medieval lords usually allowed for some freedom and personal wealth growth.


yes omnimatter I see the open a.i. also as biased and short effective (coz the short conversation token timeframe for continual analysis), and in this context I do see even the supposition for 8 dimensions in cartesian system not so effective understanding for einsteinians (that would be the chitchat from the 3rd footnote), while for more effective exploration I take the noncartesian scalar field prompt (chitchatted in the 4th footnote post pdf) where lets say the inertia from the Tesla physics gives correct explanation for all processes and events in our current reality!, now Leibniz, hm cant say he is to blame, but Descartes per’se, who in the end tho refused to accept his own logic, as paradox to all that follow the cartesian systems i.e. the seeder debunked its seeds, yet many after him took for granted their fruits, delusional enlightenment of didactic mathematicians and physicists, which actually took as pivot the neopagan rosicrucian hype for chasing acclamation to the apotheosis meme mids mechanistic cosmos supported by reductionist empiricism as if micro and macro cosmos by default have same laws or flow of energies, and to be even more mindboggling after that tried to impose unskeptic but deterministic direction what is accepted scientific truth regards everything in the natural science!, hm probably I can go on and on juggling with labels for “their” invisible college complex of superiority of “their” natural isis philosophy and derived from it empiricism physics and math to it, but eventually will not come to solution how now “they” would accept that “they” are in utmost huge error!, maybe someone has some idea, altho always have in mind that “their” exceptionalism goes along with “their” grip on the financial realm i.e. would anyhow “they” risk to loose belief in “their” economic theories and from them derived power over many for the sake of the scientific truth, think not, and for sure will supress such inertia in the mainstream quackademics or quakish phylosophy!, still “they” can try to secure further from “own” fears mass brainwashing but eventually will get burn by the weight of the hedonic treadmill, and that will look like aha here we miss “our” great reset but here is ww3 so masses would be kept defocused and obedient, simply its word for stollen perception so the belief in “their” systems would stay alive and like that “they” would keep “their” power&control over the western realm if not elsewhere!, what asks for our apophatic focus before everything else i.e. to help “them” around “their” fears and evade geopolitical cataclism!


I believe there’s been a misunderstanding; I have not accused anyone of blaming Leibniz. It appears the issue is the misappropriation and incorrect application of Leibniz’s mathematical contributions to physical systems, for which The Calculus was not intended.

“Just as the Hegelian dialectic was conceived initially to deal with the movement of spirit “geist,” The Calculus was originally developed by Leibniz to integrate and express Monads, analogs of Platonic Forms. Using Calculus to track physical systems in continual motion was a post-hoc British addition after the invention of Calculus was ascribed officially to Newton, for whom the original system did not make sense, nor did he ever demonstrate a working understanding of its use.”

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… you are not alone I assure you. Ehret irritates many who have a clear view on a thing or two.

… Forgot to add this … maybe it will help:



Not sure what game he is running, here. I suspect his interactions with the physical sciences are extremely weak, and are based upon the LaRouche organizations appeals to a Leibnizian interpretation of the Copenhagen.

Its interesting how one error lead to another and on and on goes “their” wrong logic, which started not in the enlightenment era but way earlier with the wrong model of salvation introduced by “Hugh of Saint Victor” [1][1] that through scholastics thrown inertia towards alchemy and natural philosophy trying in various ways to reach some delusional apotheosis [2][2][2] (use TOR browser for the archive.is/ph links)

seen like this (what is the basis of the current mainstream scientific thought) as descartes so as leibniz are in error too, thus errored philosophy lead to errored math models, eventually leading to einstenian fallacies!, tho think descartes had far greater influence on the overall shape of “their” current wrong cosmology!, yet again the trap now is not so in the model, but how “they” would acknowledge hey yo all “we” were wrong, especially coz all “their” exceptionalism rest on the mainstream science belief in that very same errored inheritance!, grrrrr its cold outside [3] till the Sun dont shine “them” away from the scene … till then many will just turn around in circles, usually coz lust for “their” funds, but up until “their” derivative bucket can hold belief in “their” wrong economic system of ownership, yeah once the Sun will boil up and evaporate “their” gambling skims I am certain “their” deist delusion will burst too along all its wrong scientific knowhow!, when eventually we will see (i.e. will pop up) completely different mathematical models too, which currently are either suppressed or silenced when come to light ,

here again I am must repeat, dont read me as some mathematical or scientific authority, these are solely mine non-expert observations, and as layman I do want to hear heated expert debate on this issue, so would grasp more clearly whether is possible unified field theory derived through common noncartesian and cartesian system as mathematical expression, altho first we need to figure out which model of derivation could provoke such smoothing out, if at all is possible!


so now who is more occult :smiley: the problem simply is wrong or correct cosmology and from it derived physics and on it projected math, on the bright side, “they” do found “themselves” some work to do, however mediocre it is in its effects!

maybe we can compare the 4D and 8D system eg. with wheel, and altho in both cases carthesian derivations still the motion will be more smooth with 8 sides, with 16 even smoother :sunny: so if we want to reach noncartheesis system flow as Tesla was waving, then we need to expand the einsteinian 4D, but go reinvent his fallacies, maybe while drinking beer at the local maltshop :smiley: anyway think there is way to reinvent the math, and as model (in reverse engineering) to be derived from noncartesian system plausibility regards energies!, here I am just juggling with assumptions how could be reached firm smoothening between aether and electromagnetism, but cant postulate idea how such reinventing should start!, hm again maybe through the scalar field physics that was chitchatted between me and chatko [1] also cant say for sure where eventual overlap will popup in the spectrum of frequencies i.e. how eg. we could interpret various speeds in various fields and bending them to reach different velocities etc. etc. is this doable dont know but looks to me possible if and only if we leave the current mainstream physics for the historical museum shelves!

hm I do find interesting all kind of alternative thinking regards various topics that are incompatible to the mainstream flow, but really cant tell which has greater potential for reaching effectively correct understanding of our reality!, such attempts tho it needs to be analyzed and compared how probable would be!, here eg. is one just for fun [2]

almost as if I tend to debunk the current mainstream physics as wrong through simple logic i.e. we need theories and laws that can be observed and explained in simple way, instead as now in complex ineffective assumptions of einsteinians!, as if they enjoy to tilt in “their” selfdelusion till eternity!?, do “they”?, look just how mindboggling sounds the next quote “The intuition for understanding Special Relativity is not profound, but it has to be acquired, since it is not the intuition of our everyday experience. In our everyday lives velocities are so small in comparison to the speed of light that we don’t notice even a hint of special-relativistic effects, and so we have to train ourselves to imagine how things will behave when the velocities are large” [3][3] imagine icecream balls served at pub counter on fifa championship, it would be scene indeed :smiley: not plausible even under the counter in microcosmic version [4] yet many enjoy “their” show while writing and reading tons of books about, surely many dont even care, so in the end the question remains who is more wrong the educated or those who had have luck to evade such education :wink:

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You needn’t go any further in the debunking of modern physics than its non-topological interpretation of the early 20th century nuclear atom, which has remained totally linear, un-evolved, and inadequate since the turn of the 20th century.

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if U see I’ve started my row of posts through the last paragraph of my first post ~ about cartesian and noncartesian systems, flushed so would point that the OP text has wrong premise i.e. so would point that Tesla per’se was not occult at all, but while acting as scientist (logically) was deriving basis for his knowhow from different epistemology than that of the “enlightened” royal college, (probably) he was tilting around the issue how to confront “them” in bulk but obviously alone he couldnt, and more probably coz he was above all practical and not theoretical scientist … chitchat logic that later got me hooked to explore the possibility how such different positions eventually could be smoothed out, if at all …

so foremost I am not trying to debunk the mainstream physics meme later, but exploring whether is it possible to be cushioned the shear egomania of the current mainstreamers, practically I am trying to contemplate whether is possible to be found cushioning for “their” fears as faster as possible so we would pass beyond the wrong geopolitical reality that at the moment is holding us all on the edge of noreturn regards the chance for earthly Peace and transcendental Joy … simply the current geopolitics is strongly tied to republicanism (and its next level technocracy) which draws heavily from the age of reason and the scientific revolutions peddled by the neopagan rosicrucian knowhow of the western scientific elites!, thus in a way I have fear too i.e. its wrong to expect that “they” would accept to acknowledge total error coz that would mean suicide for “them” whether on level of cosmology whether eugenics whether virology whether economics etc. etc. on error raised knowhow coz built up on wrong basis!, and if we wants something soon to change we probably need wide and continual scientific reevaluation or better said inspection of the current mainstream dogmas in many fields, for what think conferences are not anymore suitable way for ironing of the imposed wrongness in the scientific realm, but we need active academic use of tool like eForums where we would see open clear public clash of opposite arguments hour by hour not year by year as now usually on conferences or through biased’peer’reviewed portals, eh I would really like to see such approach by mainstreams at least regards general relativity and all the debunking papers that appeared since its inception, I’ve already pointed to the first kickback and squeezingback day after (in the first quote of my first post here), but would enjoy to see some eFestival of debunking through all the existing throws that dispute GR “in one way or another, whether it be the math, logic, or even the philosophy of relativity – there is more written material on the subject than one person can read in a decade” …

I appreciate the willing interaction in physics, and please do not take offense to the following. I suspect that you, like me, are not a native English speaker, but I am struggling to decipher what you are trying to convey.

There’s an application called Grammarly that may help us communicate. Essentially, you’re feeding back very long run-on sentences, and I’m struggling to figure out the premise of your arguments and how they appeal to the articles you’re posting along with the text.

I’m all too aware of the occult leanings of both Tesla as well as the British Royal Societies, their occult nuclei, and the suppression of actual physico-mathematical treatment of Energy qua Aether.

So to address the points you’ve made that I can understand:

  1. Tesla was suppressed due to the public Nature of his inventions
  2. Relativity and its purveyors derive the occult basis of their physics (Relativity, QCD, and String Theory) from Luranic Kaballah, specifically the Zohar, derived from Bon religions of the near-east and the ancient Egyptian cults, from which modern Rosicrucian and Free Masonic thought emerge in Europe. In short, it is an impersonal ‘applied metaphysics.’
  3. Tesla’s Orthodox background, even as he was not a practicing Orthodox Christian, inflamed the ancient hatred of the Babylonian (Cannanite) mixed races of the less degraded Indo-European caucasian races who dispersed after captivity and became gentile Europe (Christian).
  4. Einstein is merely the early 20th-century version of Neil Degrasse Tyson. He popularized an occult interpretation of relativistic physics and ethics and a means of social engineering in high academia. High physics after WW2, like most things in the West, is heavily Jewish. Physicists are the neo-Egyptian Pharisees. The Canaanite antecedents, Jewish or otherwise, targeted Orthodox Christianity for eradication. The infiltration of the destruction of Byzantium, the infiltration of the Vatican, the Protestant Reformation, and the ensuing mass insanity of dispensationalist Anglo-Zionism were all aimed squarely at followers of Christ.
  5. Nominalism and its offspring in economics, medicine, physics, etc., are merely attempts to revert the interpretation of Nature through the Kaballah, which is an endless Will-to-Power process of Gnostic deviancy. Ein Soph is just ‘the void’ and nothing more.
  6. Scalar concepts are unnecessary in physics. A modern theory of the energy medium of the aether and its derivatives (plasma, longitudinal and transverse waves, and life) already exists. In nonbiological systems, physics was always missing the term that is associated with the replenishing of the internal energy of the system, energy which is spent, in turn, in counteracting the negative work done - through local gravity, for example - by the environment on the system. In living systems, this occurs naturally.

… maybe this will help all concerned:


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@omnimatter sorry if I am overwhelming with my grammatical juggling english indeed its not mine 1st com link, but think for those that is they dont have problem reading me … now, about Ur numbered points think I’ve left wrong impression on top wrong interpretation!

simply I am pointing that the western neopagan thought influenced the current scientific vibe, which in various ways in various times, lets say in full swing since renaissance, shaped the scientific trends among other eg. also newtons mechanistic cosmology which actually was descartean [1][1] but as could be seen from history as descartes so as newton in the end depart from such view, what must be pointed is case with many early natural scientists i.e. not all of them were choked by deism or determinism, but as open minded shifted regularly their knowhow trying to bring smooth knowhow that will be more or less compatible with the popular trends, but sadly some rosicrucian invisible college decided “they” needed strong scientific departure from Christianity thus imposed wrong standardization that would give credence to “their” deistic fallacies and through the first industrial revolution and the grip on the intellectual world back then by city’of’london succeeded to secure mainstream physics that would be followed till these days, all that wrapped in fine enlightened “reason” propaganda of particular wrong scientific exceptionalism!

neopagan flow which must point was never close to the hearth of Nikola Tesla, altho as every scientist back then surely he was influenced by all the popular trends, if not else to contemplate how much they hold water, especially in context with his experimental knohow!, here I’ll add even aether for him was way how to come to unified field theory, but foremost coz didnt used cartesian logic and system but noncartesian … eh maybe if he didnt went in usa things would had have been completely different nowadays, at least far lesser he would need to waste time on indoctrinated neopagans among his friends, aside that would not be dependent from the city’of’london fundations which were investing in scientific research, maybe he would stayed local homeboy tho :slight_smile:

also I’ll need to add, I’ve dont claim anyhow that the neopagan inheritance in modern mainstream science comes from kabbalism, but scholastics ¬ which later opened door on the western universities for flirting with various pagan esoteric knowhow, what as inertia think started with formalism [1][1] then spilled in nominalism [1][1] and like that drop by drop reaching to alchemy and deism [1][1] which introduced the emergence of “naturalism” and humanism, which flow shapeshifted in many later forms even till extremes like atheism and nihilism!

yes we can argue how much Tesla was in this or that ism deepened as spectator, but as I am aware he was never blind follower of “their” rosicrucian knowhow, and if so he would had have used cartesian system for elaboration of his knowhow, but obviously didnt!, on top he ridiculed as well “their” delusion of exceptionalism as “they” didt regards his noncartesian approach, some say!, must acknowledge this puzzle of his mindset and physics is knew info for me, but as puzzle fits smoothly in the complete picture why we still tilt in such wrong mainstream physics!, still as I’ve said it would be ideal we to see some heated debate among dedicated scientists on this subject, instead halfliterate like me to make claims!

on other hand yep probably zoroastrian (not kabbalistic) as dualistic knowhow influenced the western european neopagans (kabbalists were inspired by them too), altho such inertia in west first was rooted through paulicianism (and how crossed in europe through ermen’dualists bogomils patarens cathars) and then after as known to templars merged with the zoroastrian leftovers that popped up on east [2] and probably such vibe bit by bit influenced scholastics and eventually with infiltration of esoteric elites in vatican was secured fertile ground for heresies to sprout on the medieval european universities finally bringing full blown alchemic inertia and complete divorce from Christianity, also emergence of rosicrucianism, and finally standardization of the “age of reason” and all fallacies of exceptionalism that followed day after!, was Tesla under pressure from “them”?, surely!, after all he was educated through “their” curriculum, but did he accepted “their” memes as fix, think not, finally he did not embraced the wrong neopagan thought, yet didnt stayed completely on the OC roots, but tried to reach clarity through pagan vedic knowhow, for what again I am not sure how true it is i.e. how some swami influenced him in n.y. follow me, but probably as scientists was fascinated by the kinetic juggling of yogis and tried to figure out if he could too experiment with “their” prana, thus if so he was pulled more by paganism than the falsely occult neopaganism!, I am really bugged why he didnt stayed OC till bone, but yeah go stay completely sane scientific dolphin mids pool of insane occult sharks, he should have turn from time to time in e’eal so would clear his way out, but it is as it is, probably coz if his knowhow got mainstream then without any merit the western occult elites would secure “their” power&might for long and wide, what by “their” own causality would be impossible knowing how rejected Christianity and embraced the fallen metaphysics as deist apotheosis, echoes that keep “them” still locked to tilt from wrong to wronger circles!


@Scarmoge interesting share, where I’ve found nice point about aspect of the rosicrucian flow, dont know just how roger bacon instead francis bacon would jump in as ancestral quantum spin :slight_smile: maybe some kabbalist thrown “them” kind of fresh barley entanglement in “their” maltshop :smiley:

Concerning the Cartesian/Baconian metaphysics, Robert Markley (1991, 6) has observed that
Narratives of scientific progress depend upon imposing binary oppositions – true/false, right/wrong – on theoretical and experimental knowledge, privileging meaning over noise, metonymy over metaphor, monological authority over dialogical contention. … [T]hese attempts to fix nature are ideologically coercive as well as descriptively limited. They focus attention only on the small range of phenomena – say, linear dynamics – which seem to offer easy, often idealized ways of modeling and interpreting humankind’s relationship to the universe. [2]

is this grammatical logic possible in the english language, maybe if in our sleep we dont dream but just speak :smiley: what is then language?, and who made the mainstream standardization fix?, how at all we construct in our minds what means what!?, as if I was more precise with my english then all will get my points!?, yep like vine in pie, so just few!, unless the only way to reach vine is through pie …


I tried to find where Tesla dropped hint about noncartesian system for his knowhow, but found just analogy about light and descartes, and lets say for me that is enough so would point that he obviously wasnt blind follower of reductionism, but differs quite from the bulk of neopagan western scientific thought!, if other have similar info Please do share it …

  1. Contrary to the most important tenet of Cartesian philosophy that the perceptions of the mind are illusionary, the eye transmits to it the true and accurate likeness of external things. This is because light propagates in straight lines and the image cast on the retina is an exact reproduction of the external form and one which, owing to the mechanism of the optic nerve, can not be distorted in the transmission to the brain. What is more, the process must be reversible, that in to say, a form brought to consciousness can, by reflex action, reproduce the original image on the retina just as an echo can reproduce the original disturbance If this view is borne out by experiment an immense revolution in all human relations and departments of activity will be the consequence.
    How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies | Tesla Universe

also maybe after all my broken english has useful side, thus this typo from the 2nd paragraph from the 2nd post in this thread, gives hint that he was not alone in his knowhow but “they” couldnt silence him easily coz he was bringing practical inventions in fast pace … and this would be correct logic around the burst of the neopagan transhumanist era to which Tesla dont subscribe!, yet not sure how he accepted eugenics, if at all, maybe just tried to be appealing to some benefactor to invest in his lab or ideas, and/or he was bipolar, what tho is less probable, but whatever was the case, solely by contemplating his knowhow around conscious cosmic forces he is departing enmasse from the baconian cartesian newtonian manmachine (deus’ex’machina) meme, and just coz that he was labeled as looney!, wait the day tho when “they” themselves will see in “their” own looney mirror!

so dont mind my english, but do try to find some hints in it, if that is possible or doable, hek if we dont have ability to decipher this kind of unstandardized forms of english, then how we would expect to resolve cosmic mysteries :smiley:

Thank you, Scarmonge and associates. I have a detailed response enroute.

… the article link I posted was by Alan D. Sokal … as in The Sokal Hoax. But if one wants to wade on in … How Alan Sokal Won the Battle but Lost the ‘Science Wars’ – Commentary Magazine