Can HAARP experiments do greater good or greater evil?

hm do we need singing, the problem with the modern tech as loud instrument in this context is the will behind it, So when militaries plays plus in hidden loop but above all of us, yeah what could get wrong, I cant imagine some frustrated general lusting for ultimate weapon at hand or as present for his neopagan mentors, stil now when we are pulled for a while for harnessing the possibilities only fine tuned asteroid can stop this inertia, and who knows maybe then things will get more free for those that will survive!? Lord Have Mercy …

wasnt NikolaT nerdding in vedic mode too, with pelasgian feathers tho, and not that per’se like that became neopagans, but on neopagan ground all such distorsionists are misused for sure! I just cant grasp why such amusement with the vedas (from mine Monotheist perspective) that is at least wrong spiritual exploring hoby if we know that the early monotheistic vibe got polluted and as Prophet Noah is witnessing what provoked misfortune to the world, not sure just were vedas postakkadian recidive that bounced to east day after the flood maybe some books fell eastward after The Great Deluge withdraw or was echo from the local eastern vibe, anyway its obvious got polluted what lead to various twisting of the oral tradition consequently leading to various wrong interpretations, from modern position now polluted water for spiritual healing!

its interesting some neopagans knew (who how) for natural visionary timetravel but probably coz such knowhow was/is not reachable for many among them and as skeptic alchemists blocked for higher natural vibes “they’ve” got consumed by the idea to open portals by push’of’button what is possible as long there is electricity around so at best “they” are mediocre in “their” approach, but go tell “dem” that the risks of reverse polar storm or emp weapons will reset “their” conspiratorial efforts instantly, probably still think “they” will catch neutrino and have sun in hand, yeah with when “they’ve” hit in wall with “their” particle physics and its standard model, supersymmetry of “their” extra corruptly spending of “their” fictive money, with hope now when will be turned from fiat in crypto will raise the bar for tilting in place!


as paused thread I can loosen probably too, so would say if PrestonN was part of the covert state project montauk then he succeeded their earlier esoteric approach [1][1] and if communicated with someone logically that were demons-anathema-to-them, also as from his so as from his autobiographer beliefs (first footnotes in post #6 above) it could be seen that they are heavily influenced by hindusim and new’age’esoteria So they are in the group of modern theosophs [2] thus very well the fax memo could be hoax shared whether as potent psyop for keeping the edge on disclosure or simply coz lucrative reasons, tho looks like both altogether! simply how was faxed he was obviously fed by cia with half truths what if was regular strategy in case of realpolitcs [3][3][3] then how more important would be when the system is neopagan freemasonic hands!? so my belief is “they” used him as pivot to stir interest in new’age’esoteria almost like post’hippie’trans for the hungry already conditioned scifi masses, what could be seen by the topics of his interest and how is connecting those dots, almost as he is more contemporary relay baton of the earlier euroatlantic neopagans [2][2] which were fiercely trying at least to defocus Christians from Salvation or at best to pollute their hearts to lust for “aliens”!

I can just imagine when someone that is not aware about the risks as awaken Christian and loosely diving in this kind of juicy neopagan phantasmagorias that such usually youth hek anyone how easily will end up tied in the nets of neopaganism which web by web are pushing them in exploring everything else except Christianity in worst case relativize their goal in this life what would be Salvation, wonder is more dangerous to lust after paganism or neopaganism, altho both are throwing You in certain oblivion, altho with paganism at least from start You’ll know that You have work with demons-anathema-to-them while neopaganism is such nicely wrapped waffle in healing cellophane that till someone wakes up already is too late for secured exit!

luckily I havent read nothing from him, wasted time anyhow regarding this topic, altho I stumbled on his fax, yet maybe useful so would point dont fall on whatever is shared on net, but now go someone get back the thread on haarpeans and probable possibilities wrongly to influence with “their” tech this realm! I’ll wont bother for sure coz simply its useless to try to puzzle out what can they do with their tech by fragmented puzzles, what I do know is that “quantum” medical devices are healing thing when similar tech is in question that is at disposal for people to try it, yet how far can reach military with its vibe cant even imagine but just guess, I know only that when fenced with enough Grace cant take Your Patience Peace and Salvation …

probably right ontopic uturn could be through this passus of the second post in this thread …

but more factual suggestion to it would be seeing their wrong approach through plasma physics i.e. as is wrong “their” fundamentals about cosmology through einsteins particle prism but also wrong force explanation through his grrrrrrrr theory so is “their” plasma physics! which now also is simply debunked in its neopagan basis that lead to plasma physics chasing now even black holes dark matter dark energy and etc. alchemic neopagan reasoning resting on quintessence [1][1] but seen heavenly as could be seen from dark perspective aside that is fundamentally flawed, hm go tell this to AristotleM or NikolaT that the Holy Spirit is dark vibe, what a mislead (intentional or not), and unlike A&N simplicity the “enlightened” old and new alchemists saw the aether through naturalistic neoplatonist mindset exponentially upgrading on the enlightenment neopagan mood for natural mimesis [2][2][2]

anyway altho I am not physicist so would claim complete validity and certainty of electric universe theory as correct fundamental cosmology, I do grasp its simple basic points around electromagnetism and as could be seen from the next video there are good counterarguments (at least as I can grasp) by the physicist Gareth Samuel who is pointing on limited understanding of the current mainstreamers regarding plasma physics [3][4][4][3] just not sure whether he is part of the thunderbolt crew from start or later join their opposition to the current at best half true space time which sees portals in way wrong phantasmagoric way, hm maybe better coz who knows what could “they” have done till now if left NikolaT to lead “their” way, Glory To Our Almighty Lord that prevented those neopagans to grasp the essence leaving us as mankind greater space for exercising freedom and free will … otherwise til now we would had have been borgged down in some of “their” transhumanist’homo’silicone utopianism!

listening the last JayD open public chat, in the first question popped up nice explanation why neopagan cosmology hit such wrong path on which stepped many and sadly still many are walking, aside that are tiling it with exceptional amount of academic military and public debt! I’ve maid videoart point from the part >>> why&how “their” selfdelussion causally went as ultimate enlightenment departure from The Truth …

think on dailymotion by default the sound is muted so click the speaker thumb! >>> GRRRRRRR ~ Why Einsteiners Were/Are Deceived! >>> general relative relationship with corruption indeed!

the problem is that now “they” experiment enmasse with all of us (through “their” delusional cosmology and plasma physics along its lab tools like haarp) but without consent - altho what causally for sure will fireback to “their” neopagan humanism! ~ when wasting space on this digression will add another interesting point from that episode about the free will of angels [1] which think “they” dont have it as we are i.e. its not pointed neatly by Jay that angels must obey or instantly fall, so in essence if have it is like existential choice to fall if dont follow the Almighty Lord Will!

I see SciFo is down so here are archived links for these footnotes [1][1][1]

one might say “they” are aware about the fiasco with one century old mainstream astrophysics [1] thus know what “they” are doing ~ eg. coz playing with “their” ufos for a long time [2] are aware how to manipulate plasma thus know also what are doing with their haarp alike tech, yet the recent malfunction of “their” jwst is proving that that is not case [3] one would say its impossible such waste if “they” were aware about the flawed particle physics model and approached from electromagnetic universe perspective too thus would anticipate the risks, yet by the jwst malfunction obviously that was not case!

except if there is need to hide that einstein fiasco (what are 10 billions for “them”) coz various of reasons and let the mainstream scientist further to chase that same nonexistent rabbit eg. risks on the citizen belief in “their” scientificism as most progressive vibe in this world which now as such is utmost needed coz belief in “their” next technocratic system waiting to jump out from “their” euroatlantic deterministic menu, actually as modern alchemists “their” whole exceptionalism rests on the assurance of “their” unflawed empiric stamina on all levels, yet when the same rests on flawed model like that of enstein&co logically all derived astro and plasma physics will be wrong …

… hek just how much money is spent till now on physics and physicists that were wrong till bone So if by any chance “they” would reveal that particle physics is wrong that would be ultimate risk for whole of “their” science methods and laws to be questioned and by domino effect all “their” exceptionalism to burst as bubble, name it chemistry biology mathematics even economy could get revision momentum, so “they” are keeping any challenging hype down so the flock would follow even the long imbued mainstream phantasmagories, the problem is that its 21 and not 19 century so “their” vacuumed fog cant be sold like popsicle! not that i negate in bulk whole science but defacto “their” exceptionalism dont leaves place even for debate, yes there are many improvements on all level of technology since the industrial revolution but that is engineering knowhow and per’se not fundamental understanding of all reality but derived perfection by trial&error, what on small scale lets say is understandable as acceptable (aside all unethical measuring when experiments involves biology) but when the same is employed as such on global level the risks from disastrous debacle coz technical and colateral errors are exceeding any reasonable acceptance of “their” lusts for ultimate control and harnessing of forces like aether but through “their” flawed physics!

can haarp alike tech be used for ionizing our atmosphere till level of silverscreen for whatever projecting purposes, think yes. check the 4th footnotes and those after till the 9th so would catch this logic … disclaimer: I am not devoted researcher on this topic So dont take me as some authority, simply trying to grasp the possibilities by fractal reasoning through all available info on net, is the same possible doable and true for that time will tell how much of my assumptions are real …

anyway in context of the previous post I’ll add ~ “they” will fool us till “they” need until “they” can logically till “their” empire dont collapse, its simple propaganda is “their” main tool and simply with too many fraud in place what else “they” can do but gaslight all 24/7 [1][1] and “they” will exploit it till can especially when “their” long term utopian agenda is in question i.e. the wrong neopagan ideal for superhumanity achieved by “their” exceptional scientific mindset [2][2][2] after all the conditioning with superman and x-man movies its hard now to stop, altho the alien hype will go along so as much as possible would accept “their” narrative coz reaching safe “heaven’on’earth” as “they” hope, but wrong science brings wrong utopia for granted, probably thats why brainwashing by all means is “their” only safe solution for “them” now, the question is how will stage “their” skim, hm, can the sky be turned in plasma monitor, guess depends on the charge!?

I just cant grasp for what would use blue beam alike projections fear&submission or fun&acceptance of “their” technocracy in birth [3][3] in a way ionizing projections are possible i.e. “Lasers Ionize Mid-Air Molecules to Make Moving Holograms” [4][4][5] but this is just commercial effort to bring such possibilities to the market, altho there is no mainstream media hype, while we will be for sure not informed how advanced projection tech “they” have in the military labs [6][6][6] and if “they” use such spin the question is could starlink or will the next google bulk of satellites be used for wide projection mapping on the sky? still so the consistency of the projection to get real probably would need some focusing ahead [7][8] homosillicone is now not some transhumanist paranoia so who knows maybe soon in the m’rna boosters such nanopatches will hit the eye ~ sorry for my projecting like this but its fact that now only by trickery “they” can pull “their” great’reset wheter through fear or fun. altho for fun think lost the momentum … hek how technology is ff’ed in hedonistic treadmill context I really would not be surprised to see projected holograms in our heads [9] and altho one could hope that tech is and will be used for good defacto the most advanced as usual is used for submission control and manipulation normally by default when in hands of neopagan elites ruling above Christians what else could good come from that than greater evil skims!?

maybe I sound as proponent of the electromagnetic cosmology how I’ve started to point to it, yet I cant claim that I am anyhow insightful of it i.e. anyhow ontopic researcher, just know particle physics has huge problem while indeed exist alternative cosmologies, and as observer I can just wonder why such exceptionalism among current mainstreamers, what by inertia puts me instantly in opposition mode i.e. while millions are even now starving the bulk of wrong science is throwing billions in bin while chasing free energy example by wrong basis and methodologies!

maybe “some” are aware and probably are that all of “their” approach is postulated on wrong alchemic basis, yet not just from fear that “their” exceptionalism will crumble but also from fear how “they” would control the masses the current wrong if not fake narrative is kept in place, as morgan stressed to tesla if I cant put meter on it whats the use of your invention [1] here probably we need to have in mind that the bank’corp cartel as jekyl island monster seeking to put lid on all through private fed were resonate in one voice through morgans head, guess if there was agenda how to control all through “their” monetary black magic that also popped up one to control the science world thus invested extra funds in whatever “they” could just to be suppressed teslas inertia, altho in same time normally tried to get what is in his head, keeping his knowhow for times when “their” inherited freemasonic dream would reach crescendo as superhumanity through eugenics and technocracy through controlled scientific dictatorship, and thats why we have still in place such wrong science as mainstream authority, aside the fact that from the very first moment as neopagan enlightenment momentum was put in wrong esoteric shoes!

in essence parallel to the wrong mainstreamers hypes, probably through the military groups were tasked in covert blackop teams to work with different physics models so whatever would come out from those would be kept in vault for future when will be secured “their” current system from any potential popular risks who could overthrow easily “their” plutocrats if are not indebted or have spare time on their hands, so “they’ve” pushed hard to get everybody occupied by various means while pushing for “their” neopagan new’atlantis blueprint, almost seen as joint enlightenment goal of all euroatlantic neopagans culminating now when is obvious “they” cant manipulate whole world as “they” were doing it one century ago!

now what “they” can reveal from “their” military labs so would impose further exceptional authority as elites its really question, but seeing how defunkt are “their” transhumanist jabs coerced without mercy even for newborns that gives hope that “they” will fail to stay in power, if cant jab all of us why expect will control all of us, and even whole world to be thrown in homosilicone reality again that will not bring nor superhumanity nor heaven’on’earth but only misery, the problem is that they are willing to bargain coz are certain that ahead we are cornered as by anthropological and political so as by natural cataclysms thus dont even care what will happen now with us solely from reductionist stand point, while from esoteric neopagan inheritance there is not small majority among “them” that lust for total’reset and bringing new’atlantis as risen phoenix from “their” ashes, just cant understand that after few failed attempts in the past century for reaching such n’w’o why “they” are so stubborn and expect that in world bound to causality that “they” can bring equilibrium anyhow, simply waste of time energy and will, yet elites without plan cant have meaning in “their” life thus thats why we see such stupid determinism, what a dumb momentum to expect that coz bionic&genetic revolution “they” and those ready to become lab rats for “them” would get smarter now, no tilting on wrong science will just make all even dumber indeed leading to idiocracy if anyhow “they” bring “their” utopian dreams alive, but havent already done that with this system and “their” bots of plutocrats!? if JoeB is epitome of “their” philosopher king then good luck! what I know tho is that “their” utopia will not last long enough even to be felt as way of life, for what we are warned in The Bible Revelation as comforting message not to chase future miraculous fake one love ecumenical christianity and the false-prophet-anathema-to-him that probably will steer it the same from behind and on the scenes!

while posting disclaimer about mine scientific stamina in the thread jwst [1] used Roger Spurr ideas as lever for my logic, and must say regarding his atomic theory that he has point around the frequency as locking mechanism for stable bond [2] that in effect can be keept or disrupted by ionizing tech i.e. the point about frequency weapon used on the twin towers in 9/11 to vaporize them as is suggested in the last 6th footnote docu in post #16 above, tho the same could be used for good too eg. healing as is suggested by the “quantum medicine” mistaken label actually for electrotherapy [3][3][3][3][3] think the problem with label quantum arose due to the need explain this effects by merging them with the current wrong mainstream physics, even scalarwaves come in line like this when someone tries to put some theory [4]

yeah experiments never enough, as I am pointing in post #3 above there could be risks like this with oxidized water, the question is why scientists cant focus at least in this medical context probably not all are on big’pharma’payroll and its chemical balance [5][6] misconception of healing!? and if this dont becomes case then trial&error or better said trial$error will be norm also for this potentially unique approach of healing, but how when “someone” rushing to depop us til golden billion [6][6][6] are “they” willing to risk our health to be so easily reparable, yeah risks to “their” medicine as control mechanism even when alone CBD is in question [7][7][7]

I have never really experimented with plants and how potent can get, altho possible know how could be reached from good vibe and animals [8][8][8] while about wrong frequencies can be found logic in wifi side effects [9] in a way we are so polluted by bad vibe from “their” standards&tech that now we needed just ionizing elf/vlf radiation so would rest assure that oblivion follows how “they” play “their” haarp!

when I am close to the electrotherapy … its interesting that there are earlier reports about Neutralizing Venom Poison With Electricity in the body [1][1][1] (was that last study published by dr. Roger Guderian) yet as could be seen somehow they are disappearing from net, and subtilty are debunked [2] altho one cant escape the feeling that in the same field intentionally is suppressed any research even private [3] long story short if we can brake poison by electricity then surely haarp alike targeting and 5g or 6g tomorrow in quiet way are disrupting our organism, yet we dont know how quick in which circumstances!

… sadly but even md’s can do evil in this way eg. earlier electroshocks misused by psychiatrists for lobotomization [4] and one can just speculate when science is in neopagan hands till which extremes can be used wrongly, still for now greater unknown is why electrotherapy is suspended field of research around the world except in Russia, but its obvious in the euroatlantic realm the public health is not goal but the public patients means for profit and like that medicine far from reachable, hm maybe better if we know what kind of generic molesting is prescribed as response! hm probably if alchemist didnt experiment with chemicals in pharmacology electrotherapy would have greater chance [5] yet again its question how darwin&co would apply it for eugenics!? anyway shamely at the end of the past and predominantly in this century we can see in Russia there is trend in this medical field tho if big’pharma get crippled by the next rigged economic collapse maybe we will see rise of research, altho one cant be certain how now all those vaxed with graphene oxide will react to this kind of therapy [6][6][6] actually the bloodclots are due to wifi or eventually any emf exposure of those that are vaxed … at least we know it could be disposed by l-gluthation [7] hm was GO released so we would stay dependent on big’pharma even after “their great’reset” cant argue didnt existed such variable in “their” eugenic labs!

if there is such effective way for removing toxins the question is why is not extensively researched, and only viable answer would be even if it was simply coz the globalist need for population control its thrown adacta so longevity wouldnt be obstacle to “their” ideal for golden’billion’earhlings that with effective toxin removal as tech [1] is far from reachable, on contrary we would get more and more healthy and as consequence more and more multiplying …

this docu indeed raises eyebrows in context of this thread, was used elf weapon on the twin towers to vaporize them, was ua’93 flight downed and melted as well, or was pentagon fuselage also buzzed, the question is from above or beneath coz the strange roof damage!? also on 1h37m in the docu the witness has interesting observation …


… all of that aligning with the next video from RogerS about sprites …

here we can speculate just whether such weapons can be initialized from above or bellow, from bellow would be as pressure to faults or loosening bonds of particular minerals and gases in the earth eg. the first footnote logic above, tho when we are in dark regarding this plasma physics we can just guess like this trying to grasp whats happening and what are the risks …


… more interesting point is that “their” trials and errors lasts all over the world for a while, and one thing is when is experimented with ships planes cars etc. but another with cities, about what I have some strange suspicion that started with 1963 Skopye Earthquake …

was this just accidental collateral or some showcase for the new ally tito, maybe greeting not to seat on two chairs after turned to west, eventually ussR retaliation for his stubbornness to withdraw from politburo, but if soviets targeted Skopye surely Kennedy would arrived first on the place instead Khrushchev … but what is more strange is that even nowadays Macedonia was coerced on nato submission by force integrated through rigged plutocratic selfdenial [2] once victim always victim, or. yes but causality rulz in this world and surely sooner or later will fireback to “their” intentional or unintentional skims!

in 50 years timespan normally this tech would reach various applications, with certain possibility to be used in mind’manipulation psyop too, my belief is that in the wake of forcible name change of Macedonia as country we were cooled down as citizens resistance exactly with this kind of tech but exercised on grander scale i.e. as riot control weapons function on narrow group in this case was applied wider radiation for lowering down mass will for resistance through demonstrations, almost unbelievable how just few took out on streets to protest that forcible canceling of our Sovereignty by local globalist stooges coz nato integration, if other nation would be even attempted to be suspended like that on small door without referendum for sure unrests would tear apart the country even 50/50 were the citizens about the issue, yet here the majority was against such lobotomy but the same eventually passed on without any huge citizens protests, at least we are example that “they” have means to cool out any protest momentum where have or want to put “their” colonizing nato flag!

probably till now mastered various applications of this tech, as ionizing weapon or conditioning vibe, I just have doubts whether dimensional gaps can be done altho potential analogy through philadelphia alike experiments exists, the question is whether there is huge momentum as in the space race earlier, what its quietly existing on west for quite some time [1][1] while on east just recently we are seeing some signs [2] at least there is no particular bulk of eastern evidence …

the problem is that as citizens we are not informed for what this is used experimentally or practically, also how safe or how useful is to experiment with the ionosphere and atmosphere, and in such clarity to be enacted some limiting if not banning un resolution against haarp alike tech, tho how un is in globalist hands normally the same would be tweaked to be easily braked and in the end its question if at all someone will respect it or how can be forced to! but think the main problem towards eventual such goal is mainstream particle physics and the need to be rewritten so the same could be reached otherwise who can prove that the experiments are dangerous!? handy towards such momentum could be ideas as those of dr. RogerS hm his has many [3] but without whole academia to jump in demystify mode and accept that physics was wrongly skewed since einstein&co onward defacto we will not reach anywhere and left mengele alike minds to experiment with all of us without any liability!

not that I am prone to revolutionary vibe anyhow on contrary I think nowadays the same can be easily misused as spin [1] so per’se I am not implying that the canceling of Macedonia as name needed to be opposed by burning down the pentagon assembly house, but knowing how we were denied as nation for two centuries and persisted that pressures now so easily in half year to be canceled coz nato integration wow that cant be storyline even for comic! but is good warning that all of You individually or collectively are next on “their” suspension menu while “they” rush to complete “their” n’w’o agenda!

yet here pops up one peculiar question, if “they” can use this tech for cooling then certainly can use it to for igniting anger and that is known as narrowed to individuals buzzing them coz whatever reason mostly experimental or dissident one, but what if with the same are trained plutocrats on blind servitude or Patriots to loosen or burst!? simply we are at mercy of “their” will and as consequence causally if this world is hit by disastrous solar storm or asteroid surely that is the reason So “their” wrong mindset would be removed promptly!

also emp frying of “their” elf bases could be case if ww3 reach hot phase, and probably thats why there is backdoor safety agenda for 5g infrastructure which as local and widespread can easily reemerge day after and through it at least population to be controlled by push’of’button, dont need to explain the possibilities or!? are there elf bases in cities nowadays? if so that would be wrong target mark of “their” own population! but are “they” at all tied to any nation or as euroatlantic neopagan determinist elites just hold as hostage all western Christendom, think yes!

I don’t even have a concept of who these “they” people are, who are they?

if You were part of americorps as foreigner (as You say) that gives good answer why havent heard who are “they”, watch not to end up like a.i. bot if its not too late :wink: anyway probably many similar guests on the forum will have issue with who are “they” so maybe these next footnotes will give suitable answer [1][1]

if by chance someone wants to narrow the scope on “their” owned plutocrats as deePState [2] it should know that all are tied in one dark bubble [2] thus its not useful to search among “them” and “their” stooges someone to judge but try attack the true’puppet’masters-anathema-to-them what ultimately is doable by Prayerful Focus … [3]

  • the risks from not getting now Inchurched and like that leaving “them” more and more free space to act are beyond food control as lever for stirring rigged economic crisis [4][4] per’se as always in time like these spiritual reasons are always prime pivot altho hidden far beyond the scenes!

Who is a “foreigner” is relative, but I was born in america.

I’d guess you are talking about the Martians, are they the “they”?

whats the point with the spamming, open new thread, starting offtopic chitchat from one assertion is wrong thing! anyway I’ll throw another answer so this would not be waste of post! hm its fine with me You can call “them” if You like martians, tho there is good projection for “them” in independence’day through the vaporizing weapon (9/11 indeed just without nuke and cloaked ionosphere ship) [1] that could had have been even more ontopic if was added to the ships “their” ancestors phoenician swastika which wrongly “their” nephews thought is aryan [2] altho I am not sure from which neolithic culture “they” took that ornamental motive which later sailed around the world [2]


look keep ontopic and everything is fine, I’ve spend whole thread earlier to point why the fakebook alike chitchat is illogical for eforum debate, dont prove the exception, or maybe as “their” bot like this chase bonus, what else to think!? share some idea support or debunk some ontopic claim just leave the chitchat for soc.nets

I can’t tell what your reason in posting here is, if you prefer that no one responds to you why don’t you just turn off your internet and write with a pen and paper?