Can HAARP experiments do greater good or greater evil?

in 50 years timespan normally this tech would reach various applications, with certain possibility to be used in mind’manipulation psyop too, my belief is that in the wake of forcible name change of Macedonia as country we were cooled down as citizens resistance exactly with this kind of tech but exercised on grander scale i.e. as riot control weapons function on narrow group in this case was applied wider radiation for lowering down mass will for resistance through demonstrations, almost unbelievable how just few took out on streets to protest that forcible canceling of our Sovereignty by local globalist stooges coz nato integration, if other nation would be even attempted to be suspended like that on small door without referendum for sure unrests would tear apart the country even 50/50 were the citizens about the issue, yet here the majority was against such lobotomy but the same eventually passed on without any huge citizens protests, at least we are example that “they” have means to cool out any protest momentum where have or want to put “their” colonizing nato flag!

probably till now mastered various applications of this tech, as ionizing weapon or conditioning vibe, I just have doubts whether dimensional gaps can be done altho potential analogy through philadelphia alike experiments exists, the question is whether there is huge momentum as in the space race earlier, what its quietly existing on west for quite some time [1][1] while on east just recently we are seeing some signs [2] at least there is no particular bulk of eastern evidence …

the problem is that as citizens we are not informed for what this is used experimentally or practically, also how safe or how useful is to experiment with the ionosphere and atmosphere, and in such clarity to be enacted some limiting if not banning un resolution against haarp alike tech, tho how un is in globalist hands normally the same would be tweaked to be easily braked and in the end its question if at all someone will respect it or how can be forced to! but think the main problem towards eventual such goal is mainstream particle physics and the need to be rewritten so the same could be reached otherwise who can prove that the experiments are dangerous!? handy towards such momentum could be ideas as those of dr. RogerS hm his has many [3] but without whole academia to jump in demystify mode and accept that physics was wrongly skewed since einstein&co onward defacto we will not reach anywhere and left mengele alike minds to experiment with all of us without any liability!

not that I am prone to revolutionary vibe anyhow on contrary I think nowadays the same can be easily misused as spin [1] so per’se I am not implying that the canceling of Macedonia as name needed to be opposed by burning down the pentagon assembly house, but knowing how we were denied as nation for two centuries and persisted that pressures now so easily in half year to be canceled coz nato integration wow that cant be storyline even for comic! but is good warning that all of You individually or collectively are next on “their” suspension menu while “they” rush to complete “their” n’w’o agenda!

yet here pops up one peculiar question, if “they” can use this tech for cooling then certainly can use it to for igniting anger and that is known as narrowed to individuals buzzing them coz whatever reason mostly experimental or dissident one, but what if with the same are trained plutocrats on blind servitude or Patriots to loosen or burst!? simply we are at mercy of “their” will and as consequence causally if this world is hit by disastrous solar storm or asteroid surely that is the reason So “their” wrong mindset would be removed promptly!

also emp frying of “their” elf bases could be case if ww3 reach hot phase, and probably thats why there is backdoor safety agenda for 5g infrastructure which as local and widespread can easily reemerge day after and through it at least population to be controlled by push’of’button, dont need to explain the possibilities or!? are there elf bases in cities nowadays? if so that would be wrong target mark of “their” own population! but are “they” at all tied to any nation or as euroatlantic neopagan determinist elites just hold as hostage all western Christendom, think yes!

I don’t even have a concept of who these “they” people are, who are they?

if You were part of americorps as foreigner (as You say) that gives good answer why havent heard who are “they”, watch not to end up like a.i. bot if its not too late :wink: anyway probably many similar guests on the forum will have issue with who are “they” so maybe these next footnotes will give suitable answer [1][1]

if by chance someone wants to narrow the scope on “their” owned plutocrats as deePState [2] it should know that all are tied in one dark bubble [2] thus its not useful to search among “them” and “their” stooges someone to judge but try attack the true’puppet’masters-anathema-to-them what ultimately is doable by Prayerful Focus … [3]

  • the risks from not getting now Inchurched and like that leaving “them” more and more free space to act are beyond food control as lever for stirring rigged economic crisis [4][4] per’se as always in time like these spiritual reasons are always prime pivot altho hidden far beyond the scenes!

Who is a “foreigner” is relative, but I was born in america.

I’d guess you are talking about the Martians, are they the “they”?

whats the point with the spamming, open new thread, starting offtopic chitchat from one assertion is wrong thing! anyway I’ll throw another answer so this would not be waste of post! hm its fine with me You can call “them” if You like martians, tho there is good projection for “them” in independence’day through the vaporizing weapon (9/11 indeed just without nuke and cloaked ionosphere ship) [1] that could had have been even more ontopic if was added to the ships “their” ancestors phoenician swastika which wrongly “their” nephews thought is aryan [2] altho I am not sure from which neolithic culture “they” took that ornamental motive which later sailed around the world [2]


look keep ontopic and everything is fine, I’ve spend whole thread earlier to point why the fakebook alike chitchat is illogical for eforum debate, dont prove the exception, or maybe as “their” bot like this chase bonus, what else to think!? share some idea support or debunk some ontopic claim just leave the chitchat for soc.nets

I can’t tell what your reason in posting here is, if you prefer that no one responds to you why don’t you just turn off your internet and write with a pen and paper?

Ok I don’t mean to be disrupting any conversations by posting random off topic nonsense or anything, it’s just difficult for me to understand what you are talking about. Thanks for posting all this, I don’t usually click links but if there is stuff you want to talk about I can try to answer any questions you may have.

My understanding about Mars is that the most recent civilization there was taken over and destroyed by a.i. beings, and I hope to prevent that from happening again here on Earth.

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if You dont follow the links probably is hard to understand what I imply eg. how to grasp what are sprites if there wasnt for the RogerS video etc. so its better to avoid the thread till dont get some courage and look into the proposed footnotes that are the most compelling as argument to my assertions altho many times I am linking mine older posts where are shared other footnotes so will need to have patience, really its difficult again and again to repost all links so I am taking the liberty to use some older footnoted posts too so would make point supported by some source simply coz I am nor expert nor anyhow authority on top in topic that is still mystery for all of us, including the mainstream science!

not that You cant digress but do that creatively eg. try find some ontopic point to for debate and inbetween throw some digression to juice up the reading yes we are not in classroom so yes we can loosen a bit, but to throw the threads completely off rails that is hm at best defocusing spin! when evoked the a.i. mars suggestion I must admit You sound to me as a.i. bot :smiley:

tho it has some aetheral greeting even that! lets see, if “their” mainstream scientists are not on firm ground about the plasma physics and trial&error is still their main approach, then knowing how nowadays for models “they” not rarely rely on computers that are or can be additionally boosted by a.i. algorithms then what I can sense is machine went wrong scenario if its allowed a.i. formulas to be spewed from wrong mainstream physics chewing, for this ColonelZ posted good link today [1] and must admit this is scary how wrong it could get! hm maybe a.i. spit also “their” current m’rna agenda yeah as needed step towards complete screening of all of us so would share later better manageable social control solutions!? why not using it just for aicaramba stunts and leave it alone till we figure out why and where enistein&co got wrong! maybe if we see quantum physics just through electrons instead various particles maybe then more quickly we will exit the current relative loophole that q has with r [2] seeing entanglement possible only for electrons will bring if not else for start more clarity after all the same momentum is measurable! simplicity of electromagnetism bears way greater opportunities than the complexity of current partical physics …

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Why not use HARRP to create holograms or effects made with electro/magnetic pulses?


eventual spin can be used for psyop but only if all world empires have same agenda, and probably thats why the rush now is for holograms in the brain for what the nanobots in the m’rna jabs can also help, anyway how popped up BBBook as conspy concept in '94 [1] it could be said either someone was ultra inventive even back then or hopes were to high that quickly whole world will end up in n’w’o and by consistent projection all will be summoned on submission, but as we can see still west is alone regarding this projection altho the tech is getting more and more advanced two decades ahead [2][2][2]

and yes probably as psyop useful for warfare and consumerism, but to deceive all yep nanobots and graphene oxide could had have the potential for secured deception through elf waves too, I’ll not go offtopic to explain how this is possible [3][3] but this explains why such hysterical hype to jab us all instantly through “their” past failed plandemix, so useful as biotech not just for control but manipulation too!

but as always will be combined different tech - as above so as bellow like freemasons want to say [4][5] as suggested in 3rd footnotes tech that can I guess also involve m’rna cell printed drugs [6] and we dont have to have doubts that freemasons as neopagans lusting for few centuries to erase Christianity are wiling to go to such extremes so would reach “their” utopian dream for “heaven’on’earth” aside that for “them” sacrifice is seen the human blood, so be clever grasp who are “they” and whether “they” dont have grip on the current euroatantic system [6][6][6] who would say that pikes letters are not genuine [6] now when we are seeing whats unravelling in front of our eyes as genetic&bionic revolution ignited by great’reset agenda! can we hope “they” will step back hm can exposed wrong ideals allow itself to faint away or will try to plot till extremes So we cant rest loosely coz now “they” hit a wall!

in the 3rd footnotes above is pointed to optogenetic and sonogenetic activation of proteins targeting specific neurons that can be achieved by laser and satellite beams or elf (haarp alike) waves, yet is not offered more understandable ontopic explanation but few studies just as pivot for further research, so think the next videos can get handy to all that still cant understand how is possible to be reached mind’manipulation by particular tech …

another useful point for reemphasis would be that vlf/elf bases are decimated indeed 5g/6g microwave tech will be reserve substitute for any next panopticon, even for greater precision as street level network coz not sure that with elf or vlf can be reached such precise ultrasound propagation and scanning as with microwave [1][1] actually the second could be prime option if nanobots are already in place (logically dod darpa jabs) that when have braingate’cortical’modems in place for all citizen will not need to chase them around but just greet them eg. with fear or delirium if somehow are unfit for the system agendas!

the possibilities are endless (“they” think) if internet’of’bodies (euphemism for homosillicone transhumanism) is reached with the bionic&chimeric jabs, as noted previously by specific proteins the consistency of the projections probably will reach higher resolutions for the holodeck around and probably thats why all that gmo noodles must be secured by whatever means (droughts,failed’supply’chains,chemtrail’metal’poisoning etc. crop failures) in which place normally after rigged economic collapse will be shared the right cans (guess full of chimeric gmo proteins and bionic graphene’oxide nanobots) and thats why rural selfsufficiency matters! but what if for enforcing such agenda are used bionic delivery mosquitos and thats why elections matters!

Wow, establishment of an inventory system would be mighty helpful to run the business of life on :earth_africa:.

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only logic to be explained “their” behavior of fear&panic is through “their” neopagan enlightenment ideals for “their” superhumanity coz “their” heaven’on’earth now in distress coz the rise of the eastern empires …

and thats why we see such wide experimenting on all levels i.e. in same time …1. rushing to have functional tech for terraforming of other planets (“they” hope) if cant have control over this one …2. but also by archiving (whatever can be archived) trying to manage this one in such way so “they” would stay in control as euroatlantic elite even beyond hot ww3 (some complex of “theirs” that that is “their” destiny) ~ how else to be explained projects like solar system beaming [1] or hdd earth simulacrum [2] maybe want to reupload us on mars :smiley:

some will say I am speculating without care yet when we are confronted with elits who in “their” reductionist humanistic mindset see us as useless eaters one cant put pink glasses and say nah its impossible “they” to have such ideas, I’ll use one strangely fitting logic to explain “their” wrong experimental mindset that “they” follow " This probability was imagined, therefore, it already exists" [3][3][3] ‘neopagans’ what else to say!? turbofolk employed in wrong manner through trans tech!

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in the last paragraph of my last post in the propaganda thread I’ve shared one nice 2001 docu about tv as hypnotizing medium, the first 3rd footnote in the next quote, in which second part of the docu is tackled general’electric’locust and its later will to exploit the media per’se as psycho conditioning tool, the question is whether the tech was ever seen also as potential tool!

if dont have time to watch it I’ll point to the fordham experiment in 52nd minute [1][1] i.e. that direct light is inducing trance, or in case of seating in front of tv through alpha state mode we are fixed for programing of whatever is poured as message, hm maybe thats why movie piracy is not so neatly cornered by the police as potentially way greater tool for indoctrination than the silverscreen but also probable answer why we see in the past decade greater effort for highend series production than earlier as better agitprop approach [2][2][2] yet again like this not all public can be trained nor anyhow observed the end results and expected particular indoctrination for certain …

… So if in question is need for total psyop above all the regular lets say counter culture skim its not enough i.e. another excuse for the need of cortical modems shared by the bionic&chimeric m’rna jabs so day after any hacking of citizens brains would go smoothly and cheaply even without the need for expensive media psyop skims! but about eventual sars’cov’2 vaxing spin for fast implanting of cortical modem nanobots, we need to prove that such possibility is logical for what there are few arguments like 1. usaf psyop doctrine [2] and 2. darpa projects [2] among which 3. ElectRX now awarded to GE as dods safehouse for similar late stage military projects [2][2][2] practically knowing “their” globalist employers have particular hackable animal vision but also agenda for technocracy its not at all strange that is prepared (altho in rush) terrain for human 2.0 (homosilicone) among others for easier penetrations in minds of men, what would be just upgrade to the earlier heavy invested mkultra social engineering experiments, but then again coz we witnessed failed plandemix spin right after pops up the question what is “their” plan b c d e etc. backups for wide implanting of nanobots (needed as cortical modems)!?

now particular modulation of some frequency can be used even now through graphene oxide for conditioning of the masses i.e. calming or inciting reaction either by 5g/6g networks but also elf/vlf frying, yet not sure that in the later haarp alike case we can be programed by particular frequencies hm maybe like that to be put in alpha brainwave mode and after to be radiated with particular program either by tv maybe led bulbs and as I speculate even by satellites [3][3] but here we talk only about bionic tech correlation between cortical modems and radiated light, and as could be seen from the last footnotes there is possibility of chimeric skim like programing on dna level just by light [4][4][4] without any change of the dna itself, I’ll say way greater possibility “they” have now for printing needed proteins inside the organism than pushing it through gmo tho it could be secured also like that the need so people would be more easily manipulated by led and laser lights, speculation coz still there is no at least nonepaper even less some disclosed military project what about ontopic study, altho if by the morning we can sense the day and how bioethics is already removed from the big’pharma equation with the emergency authorization for genetic splicing [5] we can expect soon such skims to be revealed as possibility, for what tho probably ideal derailing of any public panic would be eventual global turmoil (economic political or natural) so the successors of mengele&co would hire as many devoted scientists to “their” cause for chasing multilevel push’of’button superhumanity! tho for now general electric is some good multitasking nest even for warp’speedin [6] and surely have upper hand in optogenetic reserch too [7][7][7] and use this last footnote to search its vast ties since its founding, thus logical that its hard to be found specific synthetic telepathy info coz as well such projects could be diversified across its subs like aec nec etc. and here and there exist earlier info where is mentioned just in context of reading thoughts [8] yet if we know it master tomography it could very well mastered reverse projection, and it would be logical such company to lead such projects if we know eg. its past involvement in the nuclear field as in uK so as in usA [9][9][9] (as always in arms of “the crown” what would be city’of’london [9][9][9]) thus normally with such portfolio would lead the haarp knowhow [10][10] as is suggested in the video of the last 2nd footnote since '60s altho then purely from geoengineering perspective while now this could be also crosslinked to “their” braingate research too! altho we can speculate just how i.e. if haarp alike tech can be used as radar and like that propagating audio [11][11][11] then what it would take to be reached auditory hallucination alike state that will need just stable laser projection so through the braingates people to be pushed in holodeck reality!? hm can we hack the light frequencies with sound and vice versa!? and this could be issue for stable noise’to’ratio vr simulation if so! hm if IOT is “their” game so is IOB too [12][12] just not sure was the term plasma coined in or in front of “their” labs [13]

manufactured reality through alchemic transmutation is understandable goal of the neopagan euroatlantic determinists which is codified as empirically so philosophically [1][1] which in various means is projected in the western realm (if not beyond, til “they” dont impose it through mineral man safely so would reach quicker “their” androgen level, “they” hope), but once became obvious to “them” that their standards are flawed now we see trial&error on vast global scale trying to find exit out from “their” mess of false esoterical “knowledge”! how else to be interpreted the failed plandemix cyborgization!?

Fear Not dem!

tho dont underestimate “their” devotion to “their” false cause, if not else coz for half millennia is chased as neopagan inertia and not by some fringe group of intellectuals but the bulk of european elites which accidentally or not became neopagan adepts too, which actually are still heavily subsidizing the alchemic scienticism to chase “their” ideals for “superhumanity” and heaven’on’earth, hm just wonder how many times stumbled on that path yet still stubbornly keep on pushing the limits of selfdelusion, for what only viable answer is that “they” are kept in error coz as possessed are good joke for the fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them while through “them” are trying to harvest more and more souls thrown in apostasy coz idolizing false beliefs and goals in their life, essentially its word exactly for spiritual battle coz the essence of this world is the spiritual … but go explain this to the reductionist mindset that is propagated through the education for quite a while! for it from blindness wrong trial&error is acceptable risk despite the vast collateral in the process on all levels, some among “them” simply dont care while there is enough bribe around, while others probably dream with open eyes that superhumanity is just around the corner, surely there are such that are awaken psychopaths and play in “their” game as devoted followers of luciferianism, and if try to measure out “them” all its word usually for elites that can fit in one neopagan novel, far from library, thus dont see why anyone would fear “them” and “their” agendas!?

I’ve mentioned earlier that “their” haarping is also such massive trial&error how rests on the current mainstream physics, altho its arguable that as academia have also factions that instead through particle physics would chase opening portals through aether physics [2][2][2] whether aware or not for the wrong side effects of the haarping!?

in this context are popping up various questions eg. if are aware what “they” are doing then maybe “they” are trying how to work out stable photon tunneling [3][3] through aether i.e. radiant energy [4] and if so could it be that like that would circumvent the need for laser programing through satellites but just radiating particular vibe horizontally from point a to point b without the need for medium but just receiver in the head or not at all if we know that our skin is also receiver [5] from which aspect and regarding the fordham experiment conclusion (of projected and reflected light effects on the receiver) making silverscreen from the sky through haarp alike tech would be not so effective, instead is more logical that “they” are dissipating chemtrails upon us bellow so would ionize them and make from us silverscreen on which would be projected in whatever way!? must accent that these speculations are just that coz in the realm of possible but not finite, simply if we know that light is sound and if “they” are trying in whatever way like this to lobotomize Mankind for sure we can oppose it with Graceful frequency thus dont be shy to Chant eg. in byzantine Orthodox Christian way so would fence Yourself from “their” wonnabe manufactured reality but also to dismantle it easily, aside that in such mode You are cleaning and renewing your surrounding and environment from archaic evil vibe, what actually asks for greater focus and will to oppose it with Grace coz now we are at attack as spiritually so as by trial&error tech in neopagan hands which lust for some heaven’on’earth of “theirs” and eager to impose it while still “their” fallacy of exceptionalism is imposed as mainstream science tied to hijacked economy and plutocratic politics while all of those based on alchemic inertia standardization and ideals, thus wake up to the fact that only viable resistance is true Orthodox Christianity employed through Inchurched Consecrated Feat so would Chant down babylonians with ease!

The only viable solution to all this crazy technology is to make it transparent and open source.

We cant stop the progression of Star Trek level tech.
Ai, cern, haarp etc is here and wont go away…

But if all these systems would be available for everyone to monitor we could at least keep an eye on it.

Same with some kind of global digital currency, i dont like it but its happening in some form.

A good solution could be a blockchain based system where everyone has their funds on a hardware Ledger.
Only you have your keys and you could spread your funds on several ledgers to increase security etc.
That way noone can shut down your account but all transactions everyone does will be public.

however You would flip the lid if mammonism is present still many will not reach happiness as addicted with possessiveness coz fear from scarcity aside the potential to be controlled through by the elites, the sad thing is that like this we are kept down on the spiritual ladder and those that think as wealthy have reached happiness surely forgot that like that gamble with chance for eternal life in Bliss if bowed to mammonism thus as such worthy only for oblivion as we are warned by Jesus Christ parable about the rich and the camel, now go escape whatever is thrown as bait ahead by the neopagan globalists as secured conformism through full digital economy!

on other hand saying “they” will allow as modern pharaohs to the serfs and slaves beneath any ultra advanced tech to be freely at hand is like expecting libertarianism to prevail mids “their” plutocratic republicanism or democracy mids “their” future now in birth technocracy, hek “they” alone by “themselves” didnt mastered the haarp juggling with matchsticks, what about to share it as halfliterate with the long fooled masses, aside that at place in this world is stil present huge fear and animosity of world wide imperial geopolitics i.e. not all world elites row in same n’w’o boat nor have same ideals agendas and eschatological expectations! So to expect “they” would allow any powerful knowledge technology or resources to be shared freely is on level of fairytail even all were borgged down and controlled in some nefarious a.i. panopticon society, possible only if its Our Almighty Lord Providence but that would mean heaven’on’earth exempt from any inherited sinful causality in which case if there are not temptations around then what would be the reward for those who seek Salvation, altho now we can and need all to ask for Mercy so the suffering would not be extreme coz some neopagan elites are so stubborn in “their” selfdelusion while in same time keep us all as hostages ~ tho on our fault coz we are allowing ourselves to be hijacked how without objection or regret are swallowing “their” baits and not even trying to raise our voice at least through debate about “their” wrong agendas (what if it was case many would wake up to the fact that need to focus on Salvation coz per’se that is the solely purpose of our existence in this world) yet many are overseeing this need chance possibility and through silence giving advantage to “their” utopian idylls on top as concrete jungle hype, what a misjudgement I’ll say!

hm, not long ago I was certain that balance will prevail, but for a while I see that that earlier understanding of mine is just a mirage, simply questioned ~ balance among whom, “their” dialectic capitalist vs socialist hype is stil “their” game, and as driven by humanist neopagan elites behind the scenes in such circumstances even eventual complete honesty through wide opening of the western system will not remove “their” alchemic and neoplatonic agenda for chasing “superhumanity” and heaven’on’earth! as probable balance for that as first step we would need to remove secularism coz secular republicanism is religion that cant embrace even status quo with Christianity anyhow, at least now this is my impression after became utmost aware that republicanism as enlightenment era (freemasonic luciferian) layout is complete opposite to any Christian Koinonia, plus how hedonism mammonism and exceptionalism to be balanced now when “they’ve” became long projected secular norms for the masses, hm maybe possible if Agrarianism is introduced as balance to industrialization and its peak trough automation, but what guess is huge risk variable for “their” bank’corp casino coz it would mean huge independent space for the masses ~ what for the neopagan elites that inherited “their” power by revolution is beyond existential fear, so till “they” have the strings in “their” hands think will push own neopagan determinism as n’w’o agenda, probably using “fraudalism” till “they” can, or better said till we are ready to choke in “their” frauds with smile! imagine “them” as foxes among lions or wolfs among elephants, seen like this dont need to wonder why “they” want to make chimeras from all of us [1][1] while finally in context of my last two posts think now the scariest thing in “such” chimeric scenario is that by stirring in the bioresonance jar “they” could attempt to mess on dna level while experimenting towards transhumanism, altho through “their” blind trial&error empiricism surely again and again that will end up in havoc, for which probably “they” dont care coz surely laid hope on solar system colonization meme in case lost ground in this world, but that selfdelusion of “theirs” is not reachable even on silverscreen as potent solution to “their” wrong neopagan stamina, simply Angels cant and will not allow any transgress to other realms of existence just coz some elites wanted to on top apostates like “them” even less, eschatologically speaking “they” have free will to dream about but that will push us all in oblivion while “they” are sleepwalking in “their” alchemic nightmare, when nomatter which ring will choose logically as apostates will end up in the underverse [2][2][2] altho even that is questionable coz as Christians we are warned that we will be thrown by Judgement in eternal oblivion coz our apostasy and not coz we can reach there alone i.e. those who will chose to embrace false ideals of worship and selfrealization will not become compatible for higher realms but even bellow the astral realm, tho as we can see many of “those” dream to reach there even beforehand!

what is interesting in context of disclosing the purpose of elf/vlf tech as classic assault or deternce weapon [3][3] that probably will be revealed, but even that is risk coz like that will be opened room for questions about the mind control manipulation and frying, aside that if and when eventual possibility of portal skim would need to be executed people would not buy it, so keeping us blind even about the weapon use is somehow ace for shock&awe scenarios later, aside that we will see rise in interest about electric medicine or open health risks from the current covert experimenting thus calls for bans of the still not perfected tech, if ever will be, coz if we know how more and more portable it gets as such cant stay confined only to the military labs thus from fear not to fell in “terrorist” hands even greater reason to stay undisclosed, ultimately as denied or cloaked is good excuse for further trials&errors ahead as still not fully mastered! the question is till which extent as humanists “they” are ready to push the limits and whether “their” game will not cross in wide esoteric hype!? and already there are various speculations in this respect, but one is most compelling i.e. that we have work with neopagan elites so as Christians we should expect the worst in form of spinned second coming delusion so as many would fell in apostasy whether that was executed as brainwashing or portaling coz easier brainwashing, just space radiation alone to be allowed to penetrate the atmosphere and that could be good reason people to accept day after dna patches or bionic implants so would survive coerced on transhumanism by medicine or food, stil lets hope reverse polar solar storm will fry out their haarping hype So Pray for Miracles in time …

probably if there was not such hidden hype plus the euroatlantic elites werent neopagans then maybe we would had have greater belief in eventual good intentions by dod eg. keeping us safe from some evil attacks of spiritual nature, what as possibility would be logical if and only if freemasonry was not “their” steering wheel, impossible even there were only atheist around the western elites coz still neopagans would infiltrate such blind flock by the HaraldKV onion logic [4][4] logic that actually is not affirming towards “them” yet opens possibility that there is factional struggle for chasing various agendas regarding transhumanism or how could be employed haarp alike tech inbetween, hm more interestingly he has himself neopagan knowhow for bioresonant deactivation eg. of sars’cov’2 side effects [5] overall theoretical one tho to the practical one of my ex-neighbor [5] stil unlike my ex-neighbor who as long astral diver gives more emphasis on demons-anathema-to-them, in contrast HaraldKV vedic and hindu share is far more technical, altho in my opinion as every neopagan teaching in error how is trying to puzzle out history or science as reader with great confidence in the available info eg. space time grrrr idea of einstein&co etc. yet in the beginning of the interview in the 5th footnote has logic that we can program or deprogram our wellbeing. yet as healing vibe is far from easily doable coz we are constantly bombarded with various signals from all sides, thus it sounds like bioresonance hypochondria employed through technical terminology as repair or defense, instead in my opinion and experience all nature is ultra fast renewed by Grace thus doing that by Chanting in Christian mode is way more logical approach, and more effective if its done through Orthodox Christian Liturgical Way, even just as present what about if one takes part in the Ologocized Chanting when the cleaning and repairing goes far way faster … not to digress too much but will state if by any chance haarping is used for chasing any evil still coz the trial&error approach even it was word for purely for atheist elites “they” again will bring greater evil than good, yep the matchbox could unintentionally burst if some neopagan pour oil on it, while knowing that unshielded by Grace many of atheists are easily hijacked spiritually then what are the odds “their” good intentions to throw us in oblivion through “their” empiricism, yet again as alchemic standardization even “they” dont want to “their” science is neopagan inertia that eventually will bring misery, altho defacto “those” who are in charge play for a long time an utopian neopagan agenda thus per’se now we are just “their” experimental broilers, So dont waste Your precious time and focus on Salvation of Your Soul …

while suggested this quoted GeneralElectric connection to dod’s nanobots in post #36 normally pops up question was “the” corporation involved earlier in NikolaT hijack of his lab i.e. his papers ending up in “their” labs - for which strangely I can find only one indirect mention on net like low’frequency’lab in context of television invention [1] and another about later hyper’frequencies’lab [1] (in context to this last link its really appealing the shifting even of scientific research groups by the honeycombing blueprint [2][2] useful for covering any tracks of tech that surfaced from the military labs [1][1]) tho I’ve havent put extra effort to find GE departments evolution or how are tied to “frequency academia” logically nested in Stanford [3] yet its more than logical GE involvement in elf/vlf or even philadelphia alike experiments if not else as hardware supplier [2] and any public investigation asks for extensive puzzle search so we can anticipate how particular mind control can be executed, altho even without such approach and just by glimpse in existing theories it could be speculated how eventual holodeck simulacrum as radiated energy can be used or misused eg. if we are now by nanobots walking cortical moderms we can be pulsed with projections by one channel [4] or I would not exclude streaming on all bandwidth what as possible approach was envisioned for tv signal in the wake of the tv invention (noted in the first 1st footnote of this post) by EdmundEFA who envisioned tomography alike signal [5] now the question is would dod use this kind of upgrade to their IoB version of internet and at least we can guess through whom will be pushed such skim if so [6][6][6]’[6][6][6] tho must admit here I am projecting possibility and not certain mechanism simply we are kept in dark for “their” transhuman agendas thus we cant never be sure what is “next” on “their” menu in the wake of “their” great’reset! just wonder till what extent “they” could envision “their” simulacrum of reality normally run by a.i. bots and “quantum” encrypted signals [7][7][7] still even the projection was secured as stable its question how would be kept alive mids emp blasts (natural or anthropogen one) but also whether space radiation can disrupt the signals, So too many variables for secrete employment of eventual “bluebeam” alike mass manipulation agenda!

yeah I find amusing this next quoted idea by EdmundEFA for all bandwidth to be used, probably now possible, but with risks of various interference, tho maybe doable to be employed after eventual intentionally induced emp cataclysm, but if this was part of some panopticon simulacrum agenda then we would had have learned at least for some control group experiment far greater than the dod’s jump rooms [8][8][8] on contrary we see inertia how such projection to be executed in bits and pieces in which would fell maybe GE acquisition of US [9][9] or maybe this is just backup in “their” holodeck puzzle!? now imagine westworld scenario where as walking cortical modems people are projectors tomorrow of the elf waves i.e. could “they” try to make from us haarpeans!? x-man meme comes to mind!

p.50/51 … News of the work in America came over only in muted echoes, but in England there were others trying to crack the secret of seeing by wireless. Foremost among these in 1925 was Dr. E. E. Fournier D’Albe, who published an article in Nature proving that Baird’s system could never work. Dr. D’Albe attacked the one concept that Baird had right: sending pictures by scanning, by breaking them down into small parts that would be sent separately and reassembled on the receiving end. In this procedure, the sending and receiving apparatus must be synchronized, so the question arose as to just how perfect the synchronization needed to be. D’Albe showed that any synchronization less than absolutely
perfect would result in a scrambled picture, and since perfection is unattainable, it followed that the concept of scanning was fatally flawed. It did not follow that television was impossible, only that scanning had to be avoided.
D’Albe was working on a system in which the total picture was to be broken down into small parts with each part transmitted simultaneously instead of in a scanned sequence. To achieve simultaneous transmission, D’Albe suggested that each picture particle be transmitted on an individual frequency.
If this system had succeeded, it would have meant that the entire spectrum of wavelengths would have been taken up to transmit just one program; it would have been impossible for different stations to transmit on different channels (that is, at different frequencies).
D’Albe’s was a hopelessly complicated idea, from which no workable system was ever developed. Still, D’Albe’s article in Nature seemed quite convincing, even though by the time it appeared, Baird had shown that slight errors in synchronization did not scramble the picture at all but only added a small vibration to it. [1]