Can HAARP experiments do greater good or greater evil?

more elusive logic how possible mind control can be executed by elf waves is if supposedly is used bio-feadback as some claim like AndreaP did [1][1] (or use some mkultra knowhow of his [1][1] tho I would not put anyhow credence on him as niner [1][1] yet the term bio-feedback sounds similar to the soviet one “time-reversed death photons” pointed in the second 10th footnote at the end of this post) but stil this is not even close to holodeck simulacrum but eventually for pushing us from alpha till theta brainwaves (i.e. from trance till astral) turning people in sleepwalking zombies yeah that would need to boosted with prion side kick to become real zombies [2][2]’[2][2] (in this last archived transcript switch pryin with prion while pizza with piezzo ~ simply its utmost important info for those who rest their hope alone on nutritionism) yet such possibility is not effective even as weapon unless is introduced some genetic regionalization [3][3] yet as we know every current empire has own jabs but also gmo is forbidden in Russia while China has own, thus only eU or Japan can become collateral to eventual zombification by usA if anyhow show fierce unobediece, still even this is possible its more logical to be introduced by 5g/6g tech than elf/vlf one coz the second can be always jammed promptly!

now how goes the jamming of haarping, in the first 4th footnote HaraldKV points that the chernobyl woodpecker was jammed by asraelys [4] probably got the info on some conference where is mentioned as time’reversed’waves [5][5][5] yet knowing that since '60s usaf already had have elf/vlf tech [6] hm this Werner Altnickel assertion could be just public derailing of usaf guilt or maybe bragging how zionists since then have share in the game coz simply cant be found any other info on net about except possible bumps [7][7][7] so it looks like speculation, unless got “spied” blueprints from general electric for what would be normal assumption [8] through eventual british pipeline for what tho exist only later analogy …

... about the eventual british connection

… later analogy [9][9][9] or maybe if GE even earlier crossed in rockefellers hands (I’ll speculate since 1933 when moved officially its office in his center as statement of ownership, probably due to the banking diversification back then [9][9][9]’[9][9][9]) I’ve listed these assumptions just to point how problematic would be anyone to allocate this kind of logic even more eg. in context of the last 9th footnote where also is shared suggestion that ea-determinists had have hit fukushima plant (altho plausible in context of geopolitical blackmail [10]) still what if was the case it would mean that “they” struck own boilers what would be bad marketing - tho opportunity too [10][10] I really need small font for these digressions!) maybe it could be that the fukushima plant was used as shield and just like the proposed case with chernobyl some wave to got cut out and burst back!?)

another speculation how eventually as tech could got in zionist hands earlier it could be through ussR i.e. once was standardized in ussR and coz zionists there in that time had have grip [9] first the same knowhow ended up in asraely hands and then after reaching usA (in reverse process probably the atomic bomb knowhow reached ussR) …

now the question is is’ that TR waving effective just as weapon or it could be used for mind manipulation, and here we can also just speculate having some earlier info from ussR [10][10] but somehow while seeing some bump about timetravel in context of the freemasonic agitprop or better said “their” projected wet dream for timetravel [11][11][11][12] guess some surely assume TRW it could be used for such trips too, to them hm potentially only one spammer response can give greater side kick [12] yet however this looks possible to someone still timetravel for me as Orthodox Christian is mere neopagan lust resting on the past clairvoyance reincarnation mediuming by the fallen-sperits-anathema-to-them, and not that is not possible but for sure will be forbidden by Our Almighty Lord Angels if we are aware that this world is our chance for Salvation thus cheating and avoiding Judgement with timetravel is lets say not allowable, let me be clear, if we need something to know that is that we are Creations thus as such cant escape our earlier fall from higher realm thus as such even it was possible timetravel it would not be allowed, unless its allowed from Above coz whatever reason to whomever, but to/for neopagans hm think not doable even by trickery, and indeed “they” have used only imaginative ways to do such stunts either in stories either in dreams, tho never stops to amuse me the passion to tilt in place [11][12] imagine someone can travel back and while in same time having at hand some haarpean toy click the dino asteroid would be now then we having trexs instead ea-determinists, dont have doubt slavs like NikolaT would know maybe followers too [13][13][13][13]

holidays are nearing So here is nice article about NikolaT [14]’[14] translation of some archived link [15][15] plus some info how was done [16] and when searched the names its obvious that the article is mix of various sources predominantly the japanase involvement [17] but it has also slip from ThierryM -----, interestingly on his site it could be seen few public slips by LeurenM and YoichiS guess someone needed to stir his info further [18][19][20] probably good shows for listening, but its strange how there is no further exploration on this japanese connection in the past decade, even less assumption that was similar event as chernobyl in question i.e. something or someone cutting out the radar vibe shielded by nuclear plant … in my opinion that was noone from the states but here it would be too small space to elaborate that plus to make sense that elaboration … I mean we are still thirsty for physical revelations about the mechanisms and mechanical workshops what about chasing metaphysical beforehand, I mean as public, military labs surely chase metaphysics too, anyway can someone share some thought how correct is David Guyatt reasoning about japanese russian connection in '90s, or is it word just for agitprop so people would be defocused from the rest prevalent agendas and producers!? some connects in that time the darpas mitre with haarp thus we can speculate about operative mind manipulation experiments that fired back through such pipe in Kobe, who knows, I can just speculate in this respect coz haarpen mind manipulation knowhow would even deeper buried in the mil.labs than the weapon use! ----- must apologize wrong grasp of the names it was no slip from ThierryM in the text (tho probably came handy those 18-20 footnotes and the assertions along) but it was word for Harry Mason in the second part of the original article [21][21] probably there are anexes to this [17] and [21] two part article on the forum of Deep Politics where as I can see David Guyatt is admin [22] tho dont have time now to search for, plus guess this kind of info it would be rare to be debated freely, even less as such to stay further alive on net, at least not as puzzleout big picture … and if anyone has good ontopic dotting site You are welcome to share it in this thread … what is interesting for contemplation regarding metaphysics is whether ancient people as spiritually awake had have potential for using resonant energies eg. for building megalithic structures, or it was word only for simple physics in question after all [23] maybe combination of both!?

I find this next info of DavidG as worthy for examination, predominantly about the control group in “their” experiments i.e. how indeed we are just statistics mids “their” agendas, tho its question whether here is word only for buzzing by non’leathal’weapons or mind manipulation too!?

During 1989 CNN aired a program on electromagnetic weapons and showed a U.S. government document that outlined a contingency plan to use EM weapons against “terrorists.” Prior to the show a DoD medical engineer sourced a story claiming that in the context of conditioning, microwaves and other modalities had regularly been used against Palestinians. [24]

Think This Thread now should be renamed from can-haarp-experiments-do-greater-good-or-greater-evil in can-haarp-tech-do-any-good-except-greater-evil!, what I am basing it on the last catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria for what there are particular suspicion that was used elf/blf tech and why such possibility is logical [1][1] altho I cant point by whom it was used and whether in question is only ionizing f-weapon or some radar hack or both [2]

Now I can only assume, and we need to wait on any eventual investigation by Turkey, tho I do see some hints by the government officials [3]-[3][3] what additionally adds to the earlier JoeB gnawing in 2021 “Turkey is the real problem here. And I would be having a real locked-down conversation with Erdoğan and letting him know that he’s gonna pay a heavy price for what he has done. Now. Pay that price” [4][5] statement that now sounds convincingly correlated with the earthquakes and the beginning of the turkish demilitarized zone in the kurd controlled areas of northern Syria [6][6] is this enough to be excluded some shadow’ea’determinist faction but searched direct implication of d’e’ePState plutocrats, still so would not lose Grace I’ll not judge anyhow without any clear smoking gun so would say JoeB done it, yet again Turkey need to make the case, I can just say now is the time Patriots in usA to get open in public about the haarp alike weapons and like that to tie the hands of globalists which I assume at the moment are also executing pattern of “shut’up” attacks on Croatia [7]-[7] and Romania [8]-[8] what if true in essence is pointing that we are on the brink of nuclear ww3!, LORD FORBID!!!

I know only that “their” great’reset’agenda for “them” is too big to fail one how are escalating the ukrainian crisis but also earlier how flushed “their” plandemix, and knowing that we have work with deists [9] who see “themselves” as gods thus all these assumptions are more than plausible, another one that see it personally as argument plus that is “their” skim its how “they” are trying to silence me by stupid spin how my eforuming has something to do with the quakes [10] for which reality show I am not aware where or how is pushed but sense is rigged as punishment for my demystification of “their” neopagan deist monstrous stamina!, but I fear only from Our Almighty Lord Judgement and not from “these” delusional demonized euroatlantic deists!, “they” can only accuse plot or kill but cant show “their” face only using plutocrats to push “their” covert agendas thats all from “their” exceptional godly might, deceivers “which” deceived even “their” own pride i.e. are just fake as fake idols as “they” can be!, and the reward it will be Fierce Judgement and Eternal Punishement upon “their” miserable souls that dont want to repent, along all “their” fooled stooges who fear “them” and dont fear Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ!!! Thus I’ll Freely Say People Focus On Salvation Rush For True Orthodox Christianity and dont give “them” anyhow support tomorrow even You were blackmailed even You are threated by death Take Your Martyrs’ Cross and Earn Crown Of Glory …


I must emphasize dont rush to judge!, JoeB could be as well just victim of his long tongue and “someone” to exploit that so he would be scapegoat while “they” are pushing all towards nuclear ww3!, maybe blackmailed on such rhetoric by his cousins [1][1] that day after saw his late pressure as excuse for bloody blackmail of Turkey for instant submission, gambling maybe that will achieve Erdogan removal before gets another mandate so as fast as possible “their” geopolitical puzzle would be secured for global clash, gambling coz if Turkey enter Syria the elections can be postponed!?, but if we know that per’se the base of this World is the Spiritual then defacto “those” who are fixing the things how all to be peddled are demons-anathema-to-them!, Mankind in essence is hostage and all leaders that are not fenced by Grace plus corrupt or proud till bone then as plutocrats they are just executioners, normally always above them would be “those” shadow’euroatlantic’determinists for which we can just guess who “they” are as direct link to “their” demonic’pupet’masters-anathema-to-them, thus thats why I am always pointing Raise Your Prayerful Shield and The Sword Of The Truth!!!, doing it by becoming accusers or revolutionaries will just deprive You from Grace and like that ineffectiveness to attack “them” with Help From Above …

… also important thing is opening of the system so “that” evil would be deprived from chance to manipulate all that got corrupted blackmailed or possessed i.e. so through such man would not manipulate all rest as I assume till nuclear ww3!, just alone reveling the existence of these f-weapons and ways how to be misused all lost borgged or enslaved plutocrat would have huge issue to be easily manipulated and played!, but how if You wait other to do that for You as citizens!?, altho in one or another way some had have done that [2][2][2] but almost noone is willing to risk and start demystifying that covert skim of military scifi weapons!, as if there are no freedom idealists that are aware what means to Earn Salvation by Fearless Feats what for Christians should be norm if we know that we are all guests in this World, so if You are aware about this issue of secrete tech and weapons be above all True Christian Peacekeeper even not Patriot coz at stake is whole Life and not some local idolatry!, its really bizarre how from patriotism many are simply making compromises and evade their Christian Duty everything to be Public if we claim we are followers of the Truth, thus if and when we are silent we are giving consent to the hidden covert means of “those” that want to push us in slaughterhouse!, Be Brave and Bold these are the times for cosmopolitan feats against deist imperialists instead letting “them” to roll out malthusian inertia towards “their” false utopianism!, anyway if keep silent sooner than later again You will suffer but then without any chance to make difference even if run in Public and reveal what “they” have in possession as f-weapons! Dont Waste Time!


I’ll emphasize again most probably in question are shadow’elites of euroatlantic determinists that manipulate all towards “their” utopian goal, actually on one or another way whether by blackmail and/or corruption pushed the current euroatlantic plutocrats on submission to follow “their” great’reset blueprint first secured by bilderborg meetings then promoted by w’e’f and now pushed by usA&eU d’e’ePState [1][1] what if for “them” is too-big-to-fail agenda its not at all strange how such elite of utopian globalists are ready to stir plandemix and ukrainian crisis or cataclysmic quakes so would secure path towards “their” great’reset!, now is JoeB “their” stooge it would be logical to be assumed but again it could be blackmailed so would follow, altho his past screams he was puppet long long ago altho maybe just as neocon cia stooge [2][2][2] tho reason more to be pushed as quick as possible wide opening of the system on west as I am constantly pointing through eTOS momentum ~ ideally if DonaldT do that immediately with gop, I really dont see how else to be stopped “their” rigged plutocratic agendas!?, normally foremost by Grace but are we now focused on Salvation or still tilting on soc.nets waiting for some revelation of corruption and to it agitprop pin that is derailing any hype instantly that is opposite to “their” agendas, and if are not aware that need to act through Grace and longing for public decimation of “their” stamina knots and strings then focus on independent eTOS, how else You will reach the Truth that f-weapons exist!?

  • … surely if “such” cabal have such tech at hand that usaf now will keep quiet afraid that it could be blamed altho maybe didnt use it, it need just JoeB to be silenced on whatever “they” had have in mind ahead [2] and voila “they” can act without fear that will be exposed!, in similar but greater way was coerced DonaldT through plandemix on warpspeedin’, and surely we will not find whats happening notime soon unless People get bold and start to concentrate debate at least on expert ngo eforums and at least about the m’rna jabs and whether those are not risk for all to be thrown in “their” metaverse [3][3]-[3][3]-[3][3] in essence the very same skim of peddling of WoodrowW for lon after ww1 [4][4][4][4][4] or through d’dulles’bros all west for ww2 [5][5][5] and u.n. day after as skim towards one’world’government [6][6][6] now as ww3 attempt to throw all in ultimate chaos coz chance for reaching “their” utopian lusts!, seen like this if earlier the economic spins and terrorist attacks were prime slipping oil now in “their” sleeve are also haarp alike tech and nano’chemical or crispr’biological tech, normally what should be exposed and neutralized by dia cia hek 007 type of state servants, but how so if we have in mind that since the enlightenment era all those agencies were infiltrated if not managed by “them”!?, on top of that the risks we are all splashed by “their” ultraliberal trap for graceless momentum thus states ae becoming more and more deprived from certain chance “those” shadow factions of euroatlantic determinists to be exposed by Help From Above or when that is case by prompt agitprop that momentum is derailed deflated or downgraded as public awareness that we need to understand that we are not at war with people but powers&principalities-in-higher-places-anathema-to-them which cant be confronted and anihilated anyhow else but through Grace and The Prayerful Sword!!! and in times like these we all need to raise above our fears and Focus on Such Feat i.e. get more and more Inchurched as Christians what in fullness would be through Orthodox Christianity otherwise per’se fencing ourselves with Grace and focus on Salvation and like that leaving the spiritual battle to Our Almighty Lord instead we to act like some crusaders that will count wrong elites or their assets!, as if by statistical operation it will be reached justice harmony …

… yes in general it should be exposed “their” wrong ideals or agendas and how covertly are employed upon all, but again and again I see how many pump up revo mindset or judging flags like noamnesty for noone, at least it sound like that [7] cmon like that first all tied in “their” net from fear would keep silent, then by causality its wrong presupposition that whole system is rotten what even it was case as corrupt trend that dont means it should collapse coz obviously many are involved from mainstream media till dod (and it will if by fear is drained the swamp) but per’se needs to be opened so it will be ventilated and aired, plus not all in it done atrocities nor all knew to whom were serving, many simply by hierarchical obedience executing orders, thus saying all should end up in bin is not just unchristian but will only stir further stiff opposition till Free from corruption democracy!, simply fear and plots are not effective path ahead coz like that it will be reached just simple swap of one elites with other and sooner or later such causality will fireback, thats why we need eTOS environment so in Right Way will be restored The Law and Order while in same time given greater emphasis on the undoing of the wrong policies doctrines and agendas eg. how to revert the harm from the faulty&deadly jabs [8][8][8] as proactive inertia towards questioning and resolving the covertly slipped bionic&genetic revolution instead all the accent to fell on chasing witches i.e. now we all need to focus how those harmed will dispose the graphene oxide that in my opinion is leading to blood cloths [9][9][9]-[9][9][9] but also how the genotoxicity of the spike protein is overburdening the immunity and its lymphocytes [10][10]-[10]-[10][10] and again not that those who were as I’ve said ultracorrupt should be pardoned but to chase heaven’on’earth as ultimate goal that again will stir chaos tho I’ll say do expose immediately the big’pharma’peerreviewing [11] so Open as wide as You can the System and less and less people will have chance to fool us again and again so we would blindly or by coercion follow some wrong agenda!, just like that we can expect that all now that got corrupted will Repent and start working for the citizens instead for the utopian elites that hijacked the euroatlantic realm! Be Aware evil mood brings only evil fruits, so stop asking for revenge or gallows but focus how You can help the community so would endure whatever spinned crisis ahead, in my opinion by pulling eTOS momentum getting chance in whatever circumstances all to give a hand eachother instead again and again waiting some from the top to give You solution!, and how You are all asleep in or addicted to the current global soc’nets simply the current system is revealing exit agendas that goes in favor of “their” utopianism, so start debating enmasse till You still have electricity or internet i.e. till still can see benefit from e’tool like e’forums!!!

Brooks Agnew talks about Harp at 38:00 minutes. "Tectonic Weapons and Biden in Ukraine" ft Brooks Agnew 2/20/23
He said the SSNimitz pulled into Turkey a few days before the earth quake. He said the ship was built for that very reason… To send frequencies underground to work with HAARP.

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If we take as pivot the points in the last link interview of BrooksA along his experience with georadar seismic possibilities [1][1] we can assume that it dont need high powered haarp alike tech to be employed but by particular resonant marker on field to be triggered wide activity even with small signal i.e. by multiple implanted small radar rodes on ground the same to be activated by smaller frequency and trigger indirectly strong resonance directed towards the faults in the case of Hatay region continental rift!?, what as speculation fits in the theory for shadow euroatlantic determinists faction that holds the euroatlantic realm in pocket executed the attack coz ww3 geopolitical agenda of “theirs” [2] assuming “they” dont “own” usaf, or are “they”!?, practically swampington d’e’ePState as plutocratic band is indeed in “their” pocket [2] but who in the world among the current plutocrats would give consent for such monstrous conditioning of own ally!?, and even Turkey wasnt cooperative or going in opposite stream to the western geopolitical will its really unimaginable to be punished like that by official euroatlantic elites, yet knowing that as always behind the scenes various factions are executing dirty works so would stirr particular change it dont takes too much to act on “their” own while eg. if now someone wanted to expose “them” in usA probably promptly was greeted with the acid’train’derailment on silence!?, still all this is speculation till not proven, and I can only say that only way we can confront such monsters-anathema-to-them is to fought back through Our Almighty Lord i.e. by Invoking extra Grace upon this World “that” evil to be restrained and rooted out!, and it would be ideal “those” to be exposed and judged but how if “they” hijacked by infiltration whole euroatlantic realm what obviously was case for half millennia at least [3][3]

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