On Propaganda (as trickery propagation in minds of man)

now compare the 9/11 spin with the freespeech on eforums, isnt spamming and trolling such approach in particular thread, quickly laying ground for distraction from the main topic but also by the amount of spinning with potential for instigating other issue as prime topic eg. in talk about elections dropping with far away (decades old) corruption charges etc. what as amorphous chitchat is ok maybe for soc.nets but on eforums is disaster making the thread hard for following! as if we programmed what kind of pattern should accept for debate [1][1] altho on every eforum exist moderation so would curb with such spinning, yet how some debate community rise so as the needs for greater moderation team but what nowadays how many are hooked on soc.nets is difficult to be arranged for free …

surely this is not good parallel at least coz in 9/11 there were victims (as in usA so as in Afghanistan) yet gives good notion that there is psyop on all levels that as propaganda is crucial softpower method in geopolitics for euroatlantic determinists as admiral Davor Domazet points in his book Masters of Chaos [3][3][3] (in mean time on xenphoro political eforums like PoHo or DTT there was change from 10 to 20 posts per page and while in the beginning the earlier address strings were pointing to the right new page I see now that is not case did someone intentionally disrupt the right path so the links would end up in 404 plane hm dont need to guess “who” if we know that Chip as tech admin is located in Washington on Historum too (lets hope the glitch will be removed) yet good point why archiving of links matters!) hek how “they” to explain that for “them” democracy is only fable and in same time not to provoke revo causality, what tho would be smooth way for exercising propaganda for citizens to be kept obedient altho on wide scale coz the aim of progress is wasted mindboggling amount of resources and time but which coz resting on wrong science are giving eventual results through invivo trial&error what as result brings dismissal of bioethics and ecothics while when the same will become too obvious to be ignored instead wrong side effects to be addressed even greater wrong experimenting is introduced or everything is buried by potent distractions that will occupy the mainstream media and defocus the attention of the public not rarely done by lusts bribery or fear in the last case most effective coz quickly people are locked through subconscious experience for what in context of psyop good simplified explanation can be seen in the next acroparagliding video but as such misused by the propaganda machines in nlp way [2][2][2]

when mentioned 9/11 I’ll try to elaborate that it was the first such huge psyop in the world that is precedent that still is kept as factual terrorist event (yes have logic if we see ea-determinists as western terrorists) that is question whether ever will be acknowledged as inside job [3][3][3] spinned solely coz tightening through Afghanistan and Middle East the anaconda doctrine against Russia [3][3][3] the collateral “they” dont bother about for “them” we are useless eaters worthy only for lab experimenting as hackable animals on the path towards superhumanity!

the assertion in this second 1st footnote has good point that social engineering was ancient practice that now mostly is poured in form of movies [1] particular example would be Contagion which was almost forced for h1n1 pandemic [2][2]-[2][2]

I'll take the liberty to assume it was possible (as spoiler read it after the last footnotes of the post)

hm who knows looks like even then we were prepared for the hackable animals meme [3][3] but probably the agitprop coordination wasnt on its level!? the problem then probably was that in context of Agenda21 “they” were surprised maybe as elites with the crash so tried to pack all in one spin but when was obvious that would not come to pass stepped back, the only difference is that now the order is opposite i.e. first plandemix then manufactured economic collapse, this time one would say “they” had all the cards in hand but again “their” determinism was confronted by surprises like dr. Robert Malone and all the alarming scientists also the censorship but above all the stupid health passport coercion, still the previous pandemic it could be as accidental lab leakage altho there are too many coincidences that open room for speculations, and if so like projection then we know how is the culprit behind the sars’cov’2 plandemix altho China was effectively framed between the two pandemics to take the blame coz the legal push by dr.f sponsoring of corona viruses in the wuhan lab [4][5][6][6][6] these footnotes imply eventual set up was secured how the research shifted from usA in China while is same time opportunity for military games to be seen as pivot, what points to framing by deePState euroatlantic determinists who misused whatever and whoever can be misused, thus per’se usA as plutocracy cant be blamed or [7][7] and if such projection is not case then the blame would end up to presidents eg. that if JFK is fit to be Constant Gardener [8][8] then DT was sprinter of the current ww-xyz [9][9] despite all prewarpspeedin inertia [9] but all truly independent to end up as villains hm impossible from many aspects tho remove the truly and everything is possible!


aside the e-realm, nowadays prime propaganda tool are movies&tv or/and music&radio, while the same earlier was dominant like theater and books, graffiti too [1][1] but probably coz the wide illiteracy more effective was theater as entertainment in which the animated one even more as puppet show [2] surely captivating as subliminal programing coz it could be easily reproduced anywhere … and it did coz such story telling popped up all around the known world and more famous propaganda example would be the ottoman story about the corruption between Karagyoz and Hajivat [3] so popular that in different place of the empire was dubbed by different names [3][3][3] what in effect became bumper for social folk tales i.e. that very same puppet show that foremost was delight for the aristocracy provoked narrative hype for the commoners …

in contrast to the simple proverbial theater it could be compared the classical one whether in antiquity or after renaissance but however cleverly was arranged it could not left such propaganda impact as the puppet theater could, normally short thought provoking tales even nowadays would leave greater impression around the message than any complex animation eg. who remembers what was the main premise behind animatrix shorts as condiment to matrix, while I am sure even for first time if You watch Louis the premise however interpreted will easily pop up around the archived memories in any time [5] what could be said for graffiti too [6][6]

I don’t really get all the Macedonian nationalism on this board. Maybe you should understand the sub groups in the Balkans better.

think as quick answer the one in the RSE thread should be enough so we would remove any mine possessive outlook of history, think my mindset is above any such typical for nowadays reasoning but its useful to be accented [1] so we could keep here ontopic flow … altho guess is difficult for all tilting in “enlightenment” vibe to grasp what I imply as unbiased, hm when they will become True Orthodox Christians will understand me, till then take Your time and through debate try to grasp how so even in 21st century exist such thing as ethnocide directed towards macedonians, usually we see negation of some territorial claims but to negate culture so would keep down own fears around own past territorial gains that hm is hilarious and probably this is on first hand prime reason behind the still alive macedonian question, yet in my opinion there is aethereal glitch in this still alive 19th century lobotomization of macedonians that as metaphysics cant be elaborated in didactive manner and that not to tilt away the reductionist mindset of humanists which nowadays is dominant trend for scientific research and understanding why or how the spiritual world plays huge role on every event in this one, that simply is adacta topic for “rational” debate so altho somehow mentioned in the RSE post think if we start deconstructing it in this thread we can end up in fictional guessing, hek we cant grasp the earthly physics in right way [2][2][2] what about metaphysics were the causality plays extra role that could be removed Only From Above Through Our Almighty Lord yet knowing that we have Free Will as beings that is done only if we strive to Prayerful Life but are we …

look how mindboggling would be this kind of metaphysical examination and that to bring clarity in case eg. of propaganda as tool in hands of fallen-angels-anathema-to-them what has reflex till nowadays if we have in mind the ideological flow through the past two millennia from akkadians till euroatlanticist (to what also exist counterpart too) [3][3] flow that again brings same destructing causality from the past if we know that through akkadians came the punishment to the world (for me seen as second chance) in form of Great Deluge coz akkadians summoned by fallen spirits tempted whole known world eg. then their magi is said went so far wrong that even children were capable of “woodoo” to put it proverbially ~ anyway if somehow root to ionians are phoenicians and their the akkadians then lets say existed possible causality that since the time of Herodotus is stirred false narrative about greeks as ethnicity i.e. all aegen civilization put in one mold [3][3][3] on which later their nephews would chase greek exceptionalism what as I can grasp is used to conceal the phoenician one so would not be easily catch the akkadian origin (what later lead to reinvention trough roman bump as further concealed) eventually what way later through renaissance lust for neoplatonism opened door for neopaganism as awakening of the ancient occultism and ideals [4][5][6] which in the end through freemasonry was standardized as neopagan religion (probably as in times of akkadians) so per’se the “greek niche” is used not only as disguising link but in same time defocusing one coz eventual antimonotheist agenda is covered by plentiful stories which in fun manner were captivating the middle age commoner mind - an conditioning needed so would be easily peddled to reach the next occult alchemic level what would be “their” neopagan sabeanism [6][6][6] the main problem here for understanding is how fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them were behind such agitprop that altho in plane sight is hidden from the reductionist mind just alone by secularism i.e. not to take in account possibility that behind the scenes are far from our reality agendas! yeah I know methaphisics is hard to be understood in simple day to day causality what about histopolitical one! so from side we can see how that wrong neopagan standardization among other led to the fake ideal of freedom by the construct nation which instead to unify divide and what was spin for overthrowing Christian Monotheism by divide&conquer tactics [7] plus by instigating secularism to bring forgetfulness as inertia for Christians about their true ideals in this life as first phase towards the neopagan goal for neopagan heaven’on’earth! something if it is overlooked as agenda is leveling everything to circumstantial geopolitics but that would be blind understanding exempt from the truth what is really happening as n’w’o inertia [8][8][8]

now if this becomes examined anyhow by the current “empirical” humanism for sure from start would be dismissed as false premise, yeah false reductionism brings false conclusions, but isnt that the idea behind the “enlightened alchemists” while claiming are freeing people from dark age throwing it in such one [9] or while promoting freedom bringing slavery [9] and finally while waving safety securing perdition [9] of mankind!?

as annex if we reason with sceptic humanistic view towards spiritual causality we should ask what if that akkadian lineage was intentionally buried by the Angels so would not surface easily again!? but if we now know that surfaced as neopaganism eventually we can say if that was case then is employed wrong spiritual agitprop, yet if we know “who is the father of deception” it is obvious was skim of the fallen-angels-anathema-to-them so through new attempt would bring “their” agenda for superhumanity and heaven’on’earth yet again!

seen like this the most compelling question regards deciphering histopolitical metaphysics is not who brought what through centuries but which ideology strives for heaven’on’earth what by all means is freemasonic enlightenment ideals, and that should be enough as pivot to see the connection to akkadians altho as freemasons “they” are pushing even further in history till the atlantic mythos and thats why we can call them euroatlantic determinists which chase the same fallen ideals!

still I am also trying to remove the genealogical momentum coz its always leads to some other exceptionalism as trap for counting unworthy people communities or ethnicities what by all means as generalization cant bring clarity but wrong accusing inertia coz not all are followers of certain ideology even enslaved by it, thus the I am mostly focusing on the repercussions of particular ideology that is trend, altho we cant be always correct what leads to what and why, as we know what was trap for dismantling Monotheism as nationalism now is obstacle for euroatlantic globalism, in a way Everything Is Our Almighty Lord Providence how we are misusing our free will i.e. it is left to us to see that with our wrong determinism will end up nowhere and like that to come to Repentance coz selfrealization what is case with every Soul respectively is with Communities so as with Ideologies coz Our Almighty Lord is foremost Love and then Law thus we are not judged beforehand but even to our selfjudgement is given chance for Repentance …

hard to explain except to grasp metaphysics even more when we would try to reach its influence on propaganda, but if one is fenced by Grace (even dont aware that through geopolitics or histopolitics is regularly conditioned for accepting someones truth) will reach clarity that we are bound to causality to which is useless to act in anger, so its better to keep calm even when its obvious You shouldnt, almost like DoNothing approach as taoists suggest or toltecs say [1][1] or when You want to act do it with calmness so would keep the focus, hm Bruce Lee comes to mind, imagine You have job with hungry lion 5 feet from You yelling or running will not help but calmness will give You chance to choke him with Your Belt, potentially if have belt at all, probably thats why instead of belt its good to have chains on Your pants if have habit to stroll in savanas … think russians and chinese employ this strategy … still the knowledge that we are all guests on this world on top that life goes on will give You Peace to embrace the inevitable, what it would be feat if You are diving mids geopolitics so would help someone eg. in my case to point to mankind Salvation is goal in Your earthly life so focus upwards and have understanding that some things are as they are not coz someone wants to but coz are tied to particular causality or by Our Almighty Lord Providence … stop chasing heaven’on’earth by any means altho that dont means You dont need to rise or getting better but one should know that not all enthusiasm is healthy, as we are warned by Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ choose the middle path yet extremes became norm in these times and that is leading us in oblivion as individually so as collectively sadly in case of elitist influence till cyborg lobotomy!

now how idealistic was rand corporation when tried to make historical overview of propaganda as manual for “their” future md’s, at least thats how looks this public 3 tome edition [2][2][2] guess in the basement archive have greater psyop depository for different clearance personal! register so would access the book hm thats telling something!



The idea of this series originated twenty-five years ago at Stan- ford in the course of a research project on the world revolution of our time. Lasswell and Lerner were then, respectively, senior consultant and research director of this project. Speier was then head of the social science division at RAND; he joined Lasswell and Lerner as coeditor in 1967. Although the editors have since lived through changes of venue, they have not suffered a change of heart.

Our purpose, then as now, has been to fill the great void in our knowledge of the historical contexts from which our present preoccupation with communication and propaganda evolved. The literature in this field is barren save for the unique book en- titled Die Gffentliche Meinung in der Weltgeschichte by Wilhelm Bauer, which proved to be fertile but not seminal— without offspring. This book has never been translated. Published in 1929, it antedated the rise of Nazism and its ‘“‘propaganda state,’’ the subsequent global diffusion of ‘‘psychological warfare’’ in World War II, and the ‘‘cold war’’ that shaped the postwar quartet century. Beyond its isolation in a language no longer lingua franca, Bauer’s book broached a subject that has since grown beyond the reach of a single scholar.


What accounts for the rise of defense intellectuals in the early Cold War? Why did these academics reject university life to accept positions in the foreign policy establishment? Why were so many of German origin? The Night Watchman answers these questions through a contextual biography of the German exile Hans Speier, a foreign policy expert who in the 1940s and 1950s consulted for the State Department and executive branch, and helped found the RAND Corporation, Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and the program in international communication at MIT’s Center for International Studies. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, witnessing ordinary Germans vote enthusiastically for Adolf Hitler engendered a skepticism of democracy in Speier and a cohort of social democratic intellectuals. Once Hitler assumed power in 1933, Speier and his colleagues were forced to flee Central Europe for the United States. In America, a number of these left wing exiles banded together with U.S. progressives to argue that if democracy was to survive as a viable political form in a world beset with “totalitarian” threats, intellectual experts, not ordinary people, must become the shapers of foreign policy. Only intellectuals, Speier and others argued, could ensure that the United States committed its vast resources to the defeat of totalitarianism. [1]

Seems that plan didn’t turn out too well, now did it?

well the us’political’elites got lost in plutocracy that was/is shaped by euroatlantic determinists coz beyond usA agendas, altho some argue that this is result of scientifically wrongly employed elitism [1][1][1] and if HarroldDL was wrong [2] then we can assume that those working for rand (which thinktank had upper hand on advising the foreign policy) laid wrong path forward! but again if we know who truly owns usA as bank’corp catel then we cant make simplistic judgement why something went wrong, simply too much free will pluse extra freemasonic and zionist causality and here we are trying to figure out what will escape from “their” kitchen!

yeah good typo to forget editing coz if “they” are fake cartel then must be some other behind the scenes and yes that are legions-of-fallen-angels-anathema-to-them! so get Inchurched if You are after true resistance [1][1][1] yet for greater motivation alternative history is must read too [2][2][3]

also good notion in context of the last footnotes is the wrong scientificism of the euroatlantic experts what has own darwinist inertia leading to social darwinism and all its vices as result [4][5] eg. like that of HaroldDL [5][5][6][6][6] with only virtue to be argument in defense of the neopagan euroatlantic strive for n’w’o as ultimate totalitarian goal!

amalgamation of this kind of neopagan elitism with eschatology normally will lead to Apocalypse and subsequently Armagedon, the question is is it avoidable what could be narrowed to impossibility knowing how huge grip have now ea-determinists on “their” bionic&genetic revolution thus even anyhow evaporate from the scene “their” vials can resurface from some bunker, so only logical thing for us as Monotheist Mankind is to focus on Salvation as individually so as socially what think is doable even mids all “their” transhumanist traps!

@dinska FYI: Few posters or subscribers understand most of what the principal poster on this particular topic is talking about, and few posters or subscribers read the long, long, long posts mostly because they mostly don’t make sense and are often laced with personal attacks.


He’s our dear Brandolino, or, his twin brother.
I don’t read the posts either anymore.


I really cant grasp what You are doing on GDS if I am difficult for understanding, cant imagine how mindboggling are dr. Joseph Farrells book for You, unless You are here in role of ss-stooges that need to adhom labeling strawing gaslighting or whatever psyop need to use so would derail the thread Altho I Apologize if hit some nerv …

… otherwise dont see the need someone to troll just so would say You have some issue with the syntax or sense! Anyway for change try read the proposed links to the sources I am using as excuse or acclamation to my points, then politely ask for clarification what cant grasp in my mosaic reasoning, maybe I’ll take the time to put more cohesive answer for collegers …

no need for elaboration … we can only shut the switch!

to those in general pivot books one thing that we need to have in mind in context of philosophy and psychology are Emotions, and think emotional intelligence plays prime role as regards propagandists so as propagated minds! for what there is no need for some special psyop but graphic coaxing that exists since the appearance of the Poster as advertising medium [1][1][1] > “Coaxing power of the propaganda is stuck in its ability to evoking emotion and using the symbols important for the given society, value and myths.” i.e. making useful idiots from the consumers for whatever goal strictly by fine street art! what is prime technique till nowadays not just in advertising but also mainstream media narrative, explicit example is the past sars’cov’2 plandemix and respectively in row the ukrainian crisis and how the public is steered to follow acceptance or in the later case wide russophobia, doable nowadays through soc.nets alone by meme dissemination even through cheap but appealing gifs, some sort of fastest kind of brainwashing for those that are not hooked on tv’s but smartphones! here are eg. mine unintentional interventions as response to the coerced m’rna hype [1][1][1] cheap indeed but think effective for making point if not spreading the word or achieving influence what is even more effective when is backed by articulate ontopic info or alone just by making from the image montages clips which will be accented by audio message in background [1][1][1] even more effective as animated 2d collage or cheap videoart [1][1]’[1][1]

as wartime technique was also widely used as on the foreign so as on the domestic population by placards and leaflets [2][2][2] altho by the ‘expert’ in this last footnote is probably intentionally shared misinformation yeah that usaf never lie coerce falsify narration, simply its the most potent tool that could be used also as demoralization or weakening by appeal to fear mix [2][2][2] altho here we speak for frontline soldiers back in the day when they havent yet seen tv or have way how to loosen on the battle field thus dropped leaflet would produce projection and reaction easily! nowadays eventual simply graphic psyop guess could be generated by a.i. bots intended for manipulation [3][3][3] altho as deepfakes cant be effective on long run as investment coz the presence of emp weapons emf jammers or net censorship that can block infiltration behind enemy lines, yet on the horizon are other futuristic ways for propagation in minds of men thus cant be certain how obsolete can become deepfakes if are directly projected in the brain due to presence of nanobots [3][3][3]

I’ve tried to find at lest snaped cache of propagandaposters_com where many were earlier neatly categorized by country type and date as war propaganda but as I can see summary-url-finder there is robots.txt thus all archived pages are not displayed by archive_org so till someone dont make another global poster propaganda site You’ll need to search them on different places, among them most viewable is the us’congress’library tho dot have tags on the type [4] and here are other probably from there derived examples [4][4][4][4][4][4] here are bolshevik posters which till 1930 produced 250k different prints [5][5][5] and soviet [5][5] plus ccp posters [5][5] while nazi one and the japanese can be now searched on allposters_com [6] there tho here and there that can be picked by accident [7][7] yet far from the bundle earlier on the propagandaposters site, hm probably poke in the eye of uncle’sam’nephews so end up in dump coz indeed had have very wierdo usaf placards! maybe so would hide how ineffective were in Vietnam coz think only effective resistance with own agitprop had have vietnamese [8][8][8]

anyway if in and after ww2 people could be easily manipulated with posters its question whether in ww1 due to wide illiteracy the same approach was effective [9] tho for sure was entertaining for the soldiers and the masses under psyop attack!? the next footnotes are interesting seminars [9][9][9] which only tribute to the inciters of all that madness as agenda [10][10] which exploited even kids [11][11][11]

fast forward in South Africa obviously poster coaxing had have effect!

to all this technical surface of graphic coaxion as medium what is not suggested above is the background behind it i.e. the ideological vibe behind some agitprop campaign ~ which when consumerism is in question is less obvious that is resting on particular ideology ~ but what mids war it can be seen easily if one is aware that when empires are marching surface all the real elitist animosity towards particular enemy mostly as result of the past confrontation but in my opinion per’se coz the mindset (check the last 8th and 9th footnote below) eg. of the euroatlantic elites which is shaped not just by darwinism but the alchemic neopaganism as root of the western philosophy [1][1] which brought ideals as heaven’on’earth in form of new’atlantis [2][2][2][3] and superhumanity in form of eugenics [3][3] what by all means suggests exceptionalism and monoculturalism what in effect brings despise towards all different ethnicums as barrier towards “their” goal and as consequence elitistic animosity that in times of conquest is projected to the enslaved masses needed as cannon fodder from xenophoby even till level of misanthropy depending how huge conditioning is needed, what can be seen easily by the negative propaganda poured in times of continental wars, so geopolitical clash not just by earthly interests but ideological one too [4][4] i.e. we all should be if we are not aware that euroatlantic elites since the enlightenment era rush to impose exceptional monocultural new’world’order [5] now upgraded till transhumanism [5][6] what is done on all levels and not just cultural philosophical material but also spiritual in face of one’love’religion what in essence is nothing else but freemasonic push on Christianity in universalist apostasy [6][6][6]

knowing this as background its indeed easily understandable how so mids the euroatlantic realm popped up such exceptionalism [7][8] and as adjunct to it complex of superiority and projection of inferiority to its obstacles on the way while rushing towards neoplatonic new’atlantis as neopagan euroatlantic utopianism, obstacles as the eastern empires like Russia China India Turkey and Persia, what in times of war propaganda can be seen more clearly eg. the current russophobia or earlier sinephobia for which as nowadays so as earlier the culprit are/were euroatlantic determinists as western elites but sadly that are brainwashing and coercing own ruled masses by own plutocratic pawns in “their” realm of influence … hm some surely will say this is pseudohumanism but I’ll point if the seed was platonic (citizens vs barbarians) then the stem as neoplatonic for granted will be racist!

still nowadays the same animosity is less exploited in pejorative way as earlier, probably coz the risks of contraeffect if the psyop potentiometer is pushed too much in context of ethics, altho now when the same is suspended in form of removed bioethics coz the bionic&genetic m’rna hype, it could be sensed that these strings are again loosening and by generalization is stirred haterate stew as in earlier times when eg. euroatlantic determinists laid firm mocking depreciation and xenophoby towards asians as yellow menace [9][9][9]-[9][9][9] that should be eradicated as pests normally so “they” would colonize whatever left independent from “their” imperialistic and totalitarian hegemony in romantism upon the known world! somehow myself used similar projection but towards globalist pawns of the euroatlantic determinists [10] so per’se against particular wrongdoing of particular transhumanist elites, while “they” are stearing hatrate on civilization level hek werent “they” standardized the meme clash’of’civilizations thus logical outcome would be propagandized racism when marching towards “their” globalist utopianism! and as could be seen from the last 9th footnote coz that skim are under attack not just ethnicities and races but also religions i.e. arabs as Muslims, what eg. still hasnt reached such level against russians as Orthodox Christians altho we can expect that once when nato will brake up and Eastern Europe depart from euroatlantic influence thus the slavic etnicity to be seen also as compact Orthodox Christianity per’se which now is by huge margin subjugated under papal submission once some eastern european nation is integrated in the euroatlantic cauldron!

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@justawhoaman to be honest this is strawing :smiley: You hijacked the thread with docu that could be used as counterpropaganda but it asks if not for new dedicated subforum at least whole separate thread … my stance tho is that the earth is round [1] but it would be too offtopic to pass widely these digression in this thread, altho this is good point that demystificators should be flatout with extreme spins, but above all this opens another crucial question i.e. why there are no institutional science eforums where all alternative theories will be tackled by debate in public among the very same academicians that are behaving authorities with their standardized knowhow, personally I am more concerned with the mainstreamers particle physics coz for it still are thrown ultra huge amounts of funds energy and thought altho its clear that is bogus [2]

~ back ontopic ~

as could be seen from the last 10th footnote in my previous #23 post where I am using in selfdefense meme even dont want or need to coz The Truth is indeed like Lion so dont need skims to be propagated, yet unconsciously reacted in such “pips” way and probably coz we are enmasse lobotomized by triviality and propaganda through memes that is good example that it can pop up such reflex even someone per’se didnt have such mocking will! in a way that is last defense approach i.e. to survive by whatever means, but this gives good answer why “they” are holding fiercely to propaganda as prime approach i.e. its obvious to “them” that “their” fake science ideals and power is in dead end so “they” have no other way to keep the masses obeyed and calm but to lobotomize all constantly, and now when literacy is wide thing defacto whats left for “them” but to switch even on more evil way of propagation what would be nanobot lobotomy (projecting through braingates) coz stable propagation of “their” fakery of utopianism!

also post earlier my mocking video suggestions as improvisation are far from effective nor the mocking is utmost negative but foremost comedy where I am using local plutocratic broilers as actors on themes that have already passed when those two videos are upped, simply the way I’ve used particular agitprop is just as showcase how can be done, eh if only we were pushed to laugh like that instead to be constantly driven by fear propaganda through the mainstream media, yet coz “their” science says fear is more cheap way for exploiting obedience so fear it is, sometimes even with real horror spins like active ukrainian crisis coz cover up of the failed and deadly provax campaign for borgging down whole world through bionic&genetic m’rna jabs [1][1]

till some respect the plain philosophy behind all this is existentialism as survival of one power center like neopagan luciferian freemasonic abomination that is thriving since its esoterical standardization and ruling establishment mids the enlightenment era i.e. when Monotheism and Royalism were substituted with atheism and republicanism [2][2][2][3] what tho has own causality how and when vatican fell in apostasy in face of the Great Schism but what also has own causality [3][3] all in all its noones fault that we are where we are in context of the current wrong elitism it is as it is but again and again people to swallow “their” fake principles of manipulation that hm is indeed case for observation how even in 21st century is done over huge population mainly through mainstream media but also movies music and video games, almost if there is no space that is not engaged towards “their” utopian goals and to be more ridiculous people love it, normally till the deception is not demystified when in place are rolled more totalitarian means for conditioning manipulation and control what till some extent as skim is already in place and even cant beam by satellites [4] already have backup systems i.e. if not through satellites then through G milimeterwave minds will be trained [5][5]

The Ministry of Truth has been globalized.
Plus, the technocrats have new toys in mind manipulation sciences; both hard, and soft; not to mention electronic entrainment; optic’s entrainment; Skinner[scaler] boxes of all[topological] shapes & sizes; and a blitzkrieg of medias: screens, ink, wifi, radio waves, and cutting-edge communication technologies coming at you from 360 degrees, in never-ending 24/7/365 cycles of nauseating brainwashing repetitions. And, did I mention the chemtrails[what’s in those?]; the GMO foods[what’s in those?]; the pesticides[what’s in those?];
the…; well you get the idea; you get…
the technocratic shaft!

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Geez, propaganda is simply to propagate an idea. The reason an idea is propagated is to gain believers in the idea. Realistically the number of believers props up the idea, especially with those unable to access and/or use the brain’s capacity for critical thinking through faulty education or lack of first hand experience. Most of us are/were subjected to both, hence the effectiveness of propaganda.


Well said, Bill!