On Propaganda (as trickery propagation in minds of man)

propaganda was always present through the known history, but just after the renaissance started to be employed on grander scale and with way subtle approach, nowadays reaching even deeper levels like subliminal lnp and lobotomizing levels, among which predictive programing too which if earlier was done mainly through newspapers nowadays think its done throughout all media constantly but so would be not noticeable are used modern propaganda techniques as I am guessing that is case with game’of’thrones [1][1] not far from reality how subtle is done now, surely authorities will never acknowledge how versed are in practical social engineering coz gaining particular political goals and support of the masses coz after all their resources in the end are spent, but alone if the same is present like war psyop against enemy population then why not to be used on its own citizens towards needed wanted secured acceptance of some change or fixed manufactured reality eg. switch from homosapiens to homosillicone as transhumanist shift towards supehumanity, something that if was stated two years ago would be ridiculed but now is obvious as agenda after w’e’f shout about hackable animals along the following introduction of bionic m’rna jabs >

< what actually is stretching this topic further till conditioning by future tech so it would be reached greater submission [2][2][2] needed eg. for smooth shifting from democracy to technocracy or capitalism to socialism or pharma to bionic&genetic medicine (and all that to pass without questioning or turmoils) starting from behind as first phase already was released and embraced almost without any strong opposition and mostly coerced by fear propaganda but after the vast collateral it got exhausted at least east from usA altho even in usA there is huge resistance for boosters now [3][3] then in row are quietly announced digital economy [3][3] and n’w’o technocracy [3][3] after we would be all instantly monitored trained and manipulated by push’of’button!

maybe this is known but its useful as opening for all that are unfamiliar with the propaganda realm which defacto its kind of magic that elites are exercising on various levels [3][3][3] or in modern terms in context of social control we can labeled it as gaslighting [3][3]

on this forum there is only one ontopic thread [4] but think it should exist in this subforum another general one where can be explored more widely as the genealogy so as the techniques for controlling or playing the masses where is exercised precisely since antiquity [5]


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Internationally, I am finding no lie is too big to carry to conceal the agenda- space, virology, agriculture, finances, etc. Keep us confused and we might not ferret out the lie.

AH. But wrong, Mr. Globaloney. There are a BUNCH of ferrets out here.


in the last link above is mentioned ww-I and I will take one example so we can see how potent spin was steered through newspaper hype even then that has been used even nowadays for pressure and potential geopolitical conditioning of Turkey i.e. the armenian genocide that was probably retaliation massacre as turks are claiming as response to

armenian cleansing of turks

In March 1915 the Russian forces began to move toward Van. Immediately, on April 11,1915 the Armenians of Van began a general revolt, massacring all the Turks in the vicinity so as to make possible its quick and easy conquest by the Russians. [1]

but also

greeks and jews

Nor did these Armenian atrocities affect only Turks and other Muslims. The Armenian guerillas had never been happy with the failure of the Greeks and Jews to fully support their revolutionary programs. As a result in Trabzon and vicinity they massacred thousands of Greeks, while in the area of Hakkari it was the Jews who were rounded up and massacred by the Armenian guerillas. Basically the aim of these atrocities was to leave only Armenians in the territories being claimed for the new Armenian state; all others therefore were massacred or forced to flee for their lives so as to secure the desired Armenian majority of the population in preparation for the peace settlement [1]

yet coz Turkey is crossroad between Asia and Europe still when is needed fhis issue is promptly evoked in one or another form! indeed this topic as uniquely exploited negative geopolitical propaganda can be discerned by the still not historically verified armenian genocide which I must conclude is similar to the ea-determinists colonization blueprint for the srebrenica massacre where serbs were lured to revenge after bosnians massacred few villages and later that revenge to be used as pretext for direct nato involvement [1][1] but as we can see from the example of Turkey if anyhow is not following blindly the ea-determinists agenda instantly is pulled from the basement as bashing narrative without any concerns whether the same will provoke animosity among the neighbors, not that atrocities werent present but genocide cmon tho the same couldnt be said for the euroatlantic empires in their colonial past yet by contradiction that is overlooked as slave trade or war collateral!

alone by the first 1st footnote cant be clearly explained that indeed propaganda was used so here are few other quotes from the same book … not that people didnt died 300k turks are saying but on their side 3m laid the life - check the last quoted paragraph …

England in particular came to consider the “Armenian Question” as a useful tool to advance its own ambitions, and to regularly intervene to secure its solution according to its own designs

There were many honest western diplomatic and consular representatives who reported what actually was happening, that it was the Armenian revolutionary societies that were doing the revolting and slaughtering and massacring to secure European intervention in their behalf.
In 1876, the British Ambassador in Istanbul reported that the Armenian Patriarch had said to him: “If revolution is necessary to attract the attention and intervention of Europe, it would not be hard to do so.” On 28 March 1894 the British Ambassador in Istanbul, Currie reported to the Foreign Office: “The aim of the Armenian revolutionaries is to stir disturbances, to get the Ottomans to react to violence, and thus get the foreign Powers to intervene.” [1]

Finally, the Dashnak ideologue Varandian admits that the society “wanted to assure European intervention,” 15 while Papazian stated that “the aims of their revolts was to assure that the European powers would interfere in Ottoman internal affairs” 16 At each of their armed revolts the Armenian terrorist committees have always propagated that European intervention would immediately follow. Even some of the committee members believed in this propaganda. [1]

In reaction to these revolts, the Ottomans did what other states did in such circumstances, sending armed forces against the rebels to restore order, and for the most part succeeding quickly since very few of the Armenian populace supported or helped the rebels or the revolutionary societies. However for the press and public of Europe, stirred by tales spread by the missionaries and the revolutionary societies themselves, every Ottoman restoration of order was automatically considered a “massacre” of Christians, with the thousands of slaughtered Muslims being ignored and Christian claims against Muslims automatically accepted. [1]

Talat Pasha, in a report presented to the last congress of the Union and Progress Party, stated that this number wasestimated at around 300.000.
Bogos Noubar, head of the Armenian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference, declared that after the war 280.000 Armenians were living in Turkey and 700.000 Armenians have emigrated to other countries. According to the estimation of Bogos Noubar, the total number of the Armenian population before the war was 1.300.000. Therefore, it can be concluded that the number of the Armenian losses was around 300.000. This figure reflects the same proportion, according to their total population, of the 3 million loss of Turkish lives during the same period. [1]

but coz official turkish response these points need further elaboration so we can conclude that its word for propaganda So if we know how freemasonry infiltrated in Russia and Turkey as last Monotheist Empires mids romantism and even indebted and turned them against eachother so later would be easily exploit their vulnerable inner cohesion so as empires would be kneeled down [2] its not hard to assume that in place was also huge psyop, in both cases also infiltrating freemasonic stooges like bolcheviks or young turks altho even earlier there was plot in place first by westernization as of Russia so as of Turkey here comes to mind the trade and through it western trends like humanism for russians but also baroque for turks (tulips comes to mind) but defacto even since crusaders the aim of vatican&co was to reach beyond europe and secure every place as colony so would exploit whatever can, and when wars werent potent tool then cultural infiltration was at scene so from side by bribery of trendsetters to be secured pawns that will be used later as fuse for sabotages revolts and revolutions!

its interesting that such spin were armenian freemasons who organized their resistance through swiss lodges [3][3][3] (as could be seen very alive vibe even nowadays) which actually were under french and english control after the enlightenment era i.e. altho in the teuton realm still the main word was theirs, after all the dissolution of hapsburg was also “their” skim so was the grabbing of Levant and Arabia! yet another infiltration was executed by vatican and through missionary vail jesuits were gathering intelligence that later would be exploited by freemasons what also was recognized by Russia and in bulk jesuits were expelled from there [4] altho earlier even were helped [4] mostly as reflex to the westernization trends and as consequence aliances [4]

but not just russians and turks that were only one played by indirectly by debt but directly all nations in birth eg. greeks as revolutionaries were more obvious example [5] and almost all were peddled so would become owned! but to be more hilarious turks were peddled even from within the palace towards rage, altho as empire in war the Ottoman was always in similar circumstances ruthless against the rebellious people and if turks were genocidal it would had have such stamina towards all rebelling vilayets eg. knowing the similar macedonian case from 1903 defacto from 2 million macedonians back then [5] should left none if from 1.3 armenians were cleansed 1 million … still its fact that armenians were butchered but as result of wrongly steered revolution deep within Turkey by the freemasonic agenda for substituting independent royalism by owned republicanism!

During the First World War, Ottoman special units called Teşkîlât-ı Mahsûsa are used and these are made by secret units (Special Organization) planned for this job. [98] The organization, which is the secret service of the Ottoman Empire, is an irregular war unit established with the suggestions of the British ambassador Canning Startfort (Civinis Efendi). [99] It was established on 17 November 1913 under the administration of Enver Pasha and the organization under the responsibility of Süleyman Askerî . [100] The human resources of the Special Organization units are composed of Kurdish tribes, prisoners , and Caucasian and Rumelian immigrants .is formed. [1]

Well guess we can blame Gutenberg for adding fuel to the fire of the age old use of propaganda. Maybe it all started with gossipy natives and kingship courts.

as with the photography what matters per’se is the eye behind the camera so is the narrative behind some propaganda, the press is just tool as is nuclear energy so always depends who is laying the template why … also this turkish book can be seen as propaganda too but from perspective of defendant has substantial exclusivity when admits it was not case for one nor half but quarter million casualties the question is how much from them were tied to the revolution thus guilty or innocent, and if we compare how much people were dying in the rest revos and wars around europe in romantism this case indeed is used nowadays for blackening propaganda of Turkey an antipathic marketing pressure tool by ea-determinists so nato will be kept in line and compact in the current ukrainian spin, just cant understand why Turkey dont take more effective mirror in hand!?

what is interesting from the armenian revolution is that armenians are melting pot in Caucasian realm as greatest crossroad between Asia and Europe still kept cultural uniqueness that most probably is due to the pelasgian roots [1][1][1] and probably will stayed more unique that werent other local cultural influences eg. the persian mazdaistic influence stirred there paulicianism that coz dualistic infiltration mids Byzant pushed the Tsar to resettle them back from where they earlier came altho mostly at the western fringe of the empire in Macedonia where due to the cultural drop popped up bogomilism that further was expelled later to Bosnia and from there in Europe [2][2]

I’ll use one example in context as middle ages propaganda that was result indirectly from that armenian resettling from Caucas in Thracia and Macedonia i.e. Tsar Samoil an rebellious duke from Macedonia by father with slavic while by mother with armenian roots tried to defy Byzant by taking crown with blessing from vatican - 1. which so would keep open cards for greater jurisdiction later forced Samuel to proclaim himself as Tsar of Macedonia and Bulgaria while - 2. byzantines so would stop greater slavic unification labeled all slavs as bulgars (altho bulgarian ethnos is defacto turkomongol) but also coz the byzantine Tsar wanted glorified roots coz born in the earlier roman swap of name of the regions here (an antiquity attempt to erase the true location of Macedonia that later was projected how was suitable for whom) on what Basil2 built his glorified narrative [3][3][3] So we have twofold middle age propaganda spin that - 3. to be more ridiculous even nowadays is exploited by the modern bulgarian nation so would not loose cohesion i.e. claiming all slavic languages are bulgarian or macedonian population bulgarian even tho the true bulgarian roots are turkomongol and not slavic but what was supressed by the dominant slav population yet that dont give excuse slavs to be labeled as bulgars that as toponym is way newer in comparison to macedonian one [4] yet in the enlightenment era coz seeking glorified bulgarian past Bulgaria as modern Nation incorporated the slavic literacy as own altho defacto is not, instigating wide historical propaganda based also on the greek spin to label all south slavs as bulgars [4]

paradox that now is used even for manufactured historical acclamation coz as modern Macedonian Nation we are fooled to join the euroatlantic cauldron while on that path there is bulgarian ramp with sign “selfdenial is ur destiny if u want to enter in eU” [4] yet unlike most of my compatriots who see this with envy I see that blockade as Our Almighty Lord Providence so Macedonia as Holy Land would not enter the neopagan humanistic club [5] stil coz our local bureaucrats are lost in space as incompetent to secure economic growth like independent now are ready to push even for ultimate selflobotomy hm halfway there are already in the process coz already accepted the greek veto for name change and after the humiliation on the greek ramp now are ready again to finish what have started so would throw Macedonia in european treasury as soulless entity waiting by whom later will be reconditioned from the neighbors once eU will faint i.e. while surrounded by ultra nationalistic neighbors adoring anational civic stamina which experiment actually is blueprint what will happen with all national states in federal europe if the same anyhow becomes reality, and isnt this good conditioning as predictive programing to all next in the row like look didnt hurt macedonians why anyone other to object to become tabula rasa global citizen!? long story short skewing the free will is not something new but to convince yourself that You are not what You are coz whatever political historical or cultural circumstance is beyond logical comprehension, simply everyone has the right to see himself as he wants but somehow even in this century this is objected by someone what points how huge role plays propaganda with which we as macedonians were subjected actively for few centuries coz our neighbors had and still have territorial pretensions altho per’se is fear anyhow not to loose tomorrow what gained in the balkan wars so what would be more secure approach than denying existence of macedonians!?

its interesting that macedonians have similar distant roots to armenians through pelasgic line [1] altho the cultural gap throughout the centuries changed significantly as cultural mix, and only similarity nowadays to some extent are our neighbors i.e. think that part of the albanians nowadays as Gheg Tribe [2][2] came with ottomans from Caucasian Albania i.e. Azerbaijan [2][2] what deffinetily cant be easily catch as linguistic theory simply coz the various influences in the albanian language yet through costumes should be found correlation i.e. what was local and what where imported influences among the broader albanian ethnicum eg. the gheg hat Qeleshe that is similar to the caucasian hats [3][3][3][3] altho havent researched was the scarf typical for azeris as for Ghegs [4][4] still as logic is not observed in the main caucasian origin theory [2] that wrongly see all albanians as newcomers instead just one Tribe that later became main constituency ot the albanian genesis, another logic is why no other ethnic group hasnt reached such status as albanians had in Ottoman Empire what points to special relation [2] yet turkish archives can easily give the answer but somehow such exploration is for now ignored by the albanian historiography …

now this last suggestion is mine interpretation and not official albanian stance, altho myself as Miyak thus cousin to albanians trying to point to common link altho this is still not recognized by the albanian historiography as official i.e. that Miyaks Tosks and Ghegs are part of the modern Albanian Nation but see just the last two tribes as dominant, and this could be seen through the Miyak costumes and customs still present in Albania, but probably coz that was risk anyhow Serbian Nation to make claim (they see also macedonians as southserbians) all Miyak notion is dismissed by albanians altho even nowadays present, But in the end its their call how want to see themselves as modern nation and built own mythos that noone should forbid them, plus there are fresh wounds altho steered since the enlightenment era onwards that are keeping any common ground buried, but what is interesting tho even for this kind of reasoning macedonians would be seen as enemy by albanians what about to coerce them by blackmail like bulgarians are trying now with macedonians, So indeed this proves how history can be wrongly navigated so one would put claim on some theory and by enough propaganda the same to move out from historical debate to real life animosity, defacto that is now case on soc.nets or eforums instead these similarities or differences to be part of regular academic debate on higher level than local [5][5] coz otherwise think we will never agree coz already established trend of building possesive national mythology if not else as one that will be used as turist marketing spin altho also important issue is patriotic will for sucriface for the homeland that if it is not pumped by the past victories of the ancestors cant reach “cyborg” level!

but aside own mythos, almost if we cant see how western empires tried to peddle all of us here coz their interest as “they’ve” seen fit that to be done (eg. austrians regarding Bosnia and Albania) so would secure own local pawns, and only macedonians were left without sponsor and as consequence were thrown to the enlightened neighbors as reward so the macedonian question would be closed quickly but luckily serbians in and after ww-2 were struck by socialist instead nationalistic vibe so left their balkan wars concession Vardar part of Macedonia to become independent, still that didnt become case with bulgarians and greeks so now we are denied as existence altogether usually by claims like You have obtained state coz tito thus fake nation as if they coz backed earlier by Austria Germany France or Uk are more genuine, simply even if we were Eskimos living in Macedonia we could call ourselves macedonians, but gaslighting is potent propaganda tool when geopolitics is at hand thus ridiculous blame game is wide spread trend [6][6][6]

indoctrination comes in many forms but from philosophical aspect projection matters [1][1] so individualsd groups governments ideologies all are trying to impose such beaming continually, most easy doable when is propagated through colorful way ~ whether in fictional [2][2][2] whether nonfictional [2][2][2] or even in horror mode [2][2][2] and only way one to stay with unbiased free will is to be wakeful whether there are no traps where he is oscillating …

… but if we know that whole world is full of such levers for manipulation of the whole vibe, then except this awareness most needed thing is to shield himself with Grace what if he is Monotheist is easily doable even he is illiterate coz as Inchurched will start to gain knowledge from above as metaphysical pivot for survival ~ that sadly is less or not at all understandable for the reductionist mindset (what about grasping that spirits are behind particular narrative) thus many fooled by the meme seeing is believing will not even try to stay Truly Free yeah how would they see something beyond this reality if continually dive in the earthly things and not even little in the spiritual or even when do usually lust after the neopagan or worst pagan fallen esoteria normally coz the same is sold in colorful package as consumeristic add, in which case there is also help in form of education through debate but who where to debate when intentionally or not even in these times of wide literacy we are leveled on soc.nets hood hangout where triviality rulz!?

still it could be found some yt corner [3] or eforum glitch [3] yet its pity that there is no huge will for thematic eforum inertia [4][4] tho these last footnotes points that there is still narrow space and potential to burst neat open debate on wide level, the question is whether it will get useful if is not institutionalized, to some extern quora and stackexchange are promising platforms but as Q&A places are less potential for demystification through debate also problematic as global and centralized e-tools useful for students but not for continual opposing debate especially not coz lack of compact topic navigation like the standard eforums have with categories and subforums … in the end without good moderation what use even from eTOS environment [5] and for sure elites would love everything to stay murky so would easily block any questioning of “their” policies and agendas normally most of that backed by black funds or corrupt plutocratic vibe!


intentionally or not good example of propaganda technique as distraction by offtopic spamming are few recent posts in the thread RSE [6] but what is interesting such trend is following me recently on other northamerican eforums where I am demystifying euroatlantic determinists and “their” agendas ideals genealogy, not that this bothers me but is good example how any debate can be skewed for bin altho in my case its word for forum blogging so such slips cant do harm yet imagine such behavior overall i.e. by trivialization leveling eforums to soc.nets lobotomy, and the more ontopic question would be are secrete services not having already infiltrators in every public political eforum hm it would illogical for western empires with wast psyop possibilities to leave the few political eforums in the euroatlantic realm to flow freely, in this case to block any freethinking vibe to build up as risk for the mainstream narrative coz eforums are like no other etool compact and easily searchable thus longlasting info or debate that on top can be archived … but guess what that is problem for ea-determinists! to be more ridiculous I’ve noticed also employment of unintelligible a.i. bots that cant put even small effort to decipher poetic flow in my posts [6][6][6] maybe used in two state mode as operator and a.i. simultaneously so wouldnt be obvious the infiltration or eventually is just another spin for derailing some thread, tho if now experiment with a.i. enmasse commercially why not in the psyop realm too!? also defocusing can be done in various ways check the clock links in the next footnote [7][7] but what is striking is not the controlling of the narrative as localizing particular citizens as freethinking and like that exercising on them further ofline conditioning if someone is trying to be too clever in public, hek people think on fakebook are safe but on contrary like that “they” can monitor You even deeper thus cooling You even easier i.e. easily spotting Your weak points or defocusing You eg. by decadent mammonistic or egoistic algorithm that will keep You occupied! So Be Clever …


now compare the 9/11 spin with the freespeech on eforums, isnt spamming and trolling such approach in particular thread, quickly laying ground for distraction from the main topic but also by the amount of spinning with potential for instigating other issue as prime topic eg. in talk about elections dropping with far away (decades old) corruption charges etc. what as amorphous chitchat is ok maybe for soc.nets but on eforums is disaster making the thread hard for following! as if we programmed what kind of pattern should accept for debate [1][1] altho on every eforum exist moderation so would curb with such spinning, yet how some debate community rise so as the needs for greater moderation team but what nowadays how many are hooked on soc.nets is difficult to be arranged for free …

surely this is not good parallel at least coz in 9/11 there were victims (as in usA so as in Afghanistan) yet gives good notion that there is psyop on all levels that as propaganda is crucial softpower method in geopolitics for euroatlantic determinists as admiral Davor Domazet points in his book Masters of Chaos [3][3][3] (in mean time on xenphoro political eforums like PoHo or DTT there was change from 10 to 20 posts per page and while in the beginning the earlier address strings were pointing to the right new page I see now that is not case did someone intentionally disrupt the right path so the links would end up in 404 plane hm dont need to guess “who” if we know that Chip as tech admin is located in Washington on Historum too (lets hope the glitch will be removed) yet good point why archiving of links matters!) hek how “they” to explain that for “them” democracy is only fable and in same time not to provoke revo causality, what tho would be smooth way for exercising propaganda for citizens to be kept obedient altho on wide scale coz the aim of progress is wasted mindboggling amount of resources and time but which coz resting on wrong science are giving eventual results through invivo trial&error what as result brings dismissal of bioethics and ecothics while when the same will become too obvious to be ignored instead wrong side effects to be addressed even greater wrong experimenting is introduced or everything is buried by potent distractions that will occupy the mainstream media and defocus the attention of the public not rarely done by lusts bribery or fear in the last case most effective coz quickly people are locked through subconscious experience for what in context of psyop good simplified explanation can be seen in the next acroparagliding video but as such misused by the propaganda machines in nlp way [2][2][2]

when mentioned 9/11 I’ll try to elaborate that it was the first such huge psyop in the world that is precedent that still is kept as factual terrorist event (yes have logic if we see ea-determinists as western terrorists) that is question whether ever will be acknowledged as inside job [3][3][3] spinned solely coz tightening through Afghanistan and Middle East the anaconda doctrine against Russia [3][3][3] the collateral “they” dont bother about for “them” we are useless eaters worthy only for lab experimenting as hackable animals on the path towards superhumanity!

the assertion in this second 1st footnote has good point that social engineering was ancient practice that now mostly is poured in form of movies [1] particular example would be Contagion which was almost forced for h1n1 pandemic [2][2]-[2][2]

I'll take the liberty to assume it was possible (as spoiler read it after the last footnotes of the post)

hm who knows looks like even then we were prepared for the hackable animals meme [3][3] but probably the agitprop coordination wasnt on its level!? the problem then probably was that in context of Agenda21 “they” were surprised maybe as elites with the crash so tried to pack all in one spin but when was obvious that would not come to pass stepped back, the only difference is that now the order is opposite i.e. first plandemix then manufactured economic collapse, this time one would say “they” had all the cards in hand but again “their” determinism was confronted by surprises like dr. Robert Malone and all the alarming scientists also the censorship but above all the stupid health passport coercion, still the previous pandemic it could be as accidental lab leakage altho there are too many coincidences that open room for speculations, and if so like projection then we know how is the culprit behind the sars’cov’2 plandemix altho China was effectively framed between the two pandemics to take the blame coz the legal push by dr.f sponsoring of corona viruses in the wuhan lab [4][5][6][6][6] these footnotes imply eventual set up was secured how the research shifted from usA in China while is same time opportunity for military games to be seen as pivot, what points to framing by deePState euroatlantic determinists who misused whatever and whoever can be misused, thus per’se usA as plutocracy cant be blamed or [7][7] and if such projection is not case then the blame would end up to presidents eg. that if JFK is fit to be Constant Gardener [8][8] then DT was sprinter of the current ww-xyz [9][9] despite all prewarpspeedin inertia [9] but all truly independent to end up as villains hm impossible from many aspects tho remove the truly and everything is possible!


aside the e-realm, nowadays prime propaganda tool are movies&tv or/and music&radio, while the same earlier was dominant like theater and books, graffiti too [1][1] but probably coz the wide illiteracy more effective was theater as entertainment in which the animated one even more as puppet show [2] surely captivating as subliminal programing coz it could be easily reproduced anywhere … and it did coz such story telling popped up all around the known world and more famous propaganda example would be the ottoman story about the corruption between Karagyoz and Hajivat [3] so popular that in different place of the empire was dubbed by different names [3][3][3] what in effect became bumper for social folk tales i.e. that very same puppet show that foremost was delight for the aristocracy provoked narrative hype for the commoners …

in contrast to the simple proverbial theater it could be compared the classical one whether in antiquity or after renaissance but however cleverly was arranged it could not left such propaganda impact as the puppet theater could, normally short thought provoking tales even nowadays would leave greater impression around the message than any complex animation eg. who remembers what was the main premise behind animatrix shorts as condiment to matrix, while I am sure even for first time if You watch Louis the premise however interpreted will easily pop up around the archived memories in any time [5] what could be said for graffiti too [6][6]

I don’t really get all the Macedonian nationalism on this board. Maybe you should understand the sub groups in the Balkans better.

think as quick answer the one in the RSE thread should be enough so we would remove any mine possessive outlook of history, think my mindset is above any such typical for nowadays reasoning but its useful to be accented [1] so we could keep here ontopic flow … altho guess is difficult for all tilting in “enlightenment” vibe to grasp what I imply as unbiased, hm when they will become True Orthodox Christians will understand me, till then take Your time and through debate try to grasp how so even in 21st century exist such thing as ethnocide directed towards macedonians, usually we see negation of some territorial claims but to negate culture so would keep down own fears around own past territorial gains that hm is hilarious and probably this is on first hand prime reason behind the still alive macedonian question, yet in my opinion there is aethereal glitch in this still alive 19th century lobotomization of macedonians that as metaphysics cant be elaborated in didactive manner and that not to tilt away the reductionist mindset of humanists which nowadays is dominant trend for scientific research and understanding why or how the spiritual world plays huge role on every event in this one, that simply is adacta topic for “rational” debate so altho somehow mentioned in the RSE post think if we start deconstructing it in this thread we can end up in fictional guessing, hek we cant grasp the earthly physics in right way [2][2][2] what about metaphysics were the causality plays extra role that could be removed Only From Above Through Our Almighty Lord yet knowing that we have Free Will as beings that is done only if we strive to Prayerful Life but are we …

look how mindboggling would be this kind of metaphysical examination and that to bring clarity in case eg. of propaganda as tool in hands of fallen-angels-anathema-to-them what has reflex till nowadays if we have in mind the ideological flow through the past two millennia from akkadians till euroatlanticist (to what also exist counterpart too) [3][3] flow that again brings same destructing causality from the past if we know that through akkadians came the punishment to the world (for me seen as second chance) in form of Great Deluge coz akkadians summoned by fallen spirits tempted whole known world eg. then their magi is said went so far wrong that even children were capable of “woodoo” to put it proverbially ~ anyway if somehow root to ionians are phoenicians and their the akkadians then lets say existed possible causality that since the time of Herodotus is stirred false narrative about greeks as ethnicity i.e. all aegen civilization put in one mold [3][3][3] on which later their nephews would chase greek exceptionalism what as I can grasp is used to conceal the phoenician one so would not be easily catch the akkadian origin (what later lead to reinvention trough roman bump as further concealed) eventually what way later through renaissance lust for neoplatonism opened door for neopaganism as awakening of the ancient occultism and ideals [4][5][6] which in the end through freemasonry was standardized as neopagan religion (probably as in times of akkadians) so per’se the “greek niche” is used not only as disguising link but in same time defocusing one coz eventual antimonotheist agenda is covered by plentiful stories which in fun manner were captivating the middle age commoner mind - an conditioning needed so would be easily peddled to reach the next occult alchemic level what would be “their” neopagan sabeanism [6][6][6] the main problem here for understanding is how fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them were behind such agitprop that altho in plane sight is hidden from the reductionist mind just alone by secularism i.e. not to take in account possibility that behind the scenes are far from our reality agendas! yeah I know methaphisics is hard to be understood in simple day to day causality what about histopolitical one! so from side we can see how that wrong neopagan standardization among other led to the fake ideal of freedom by the construct nation which instead to unify divide and what was spin for overthrowing Christian Monotheism by divide&conquer tactics [7] plus by instigating secularism to bring forgetfulness as inertia for Christians about their true ideals in this life as first phase towards the neopagan goal for neopagan heaven’on’earth! something if it is overlooked as agenda is leveling everything to circumstantial geopolitics but that would be blind understanding exempt from the truth what is really happening as n’w’o inertia [8][8][8]

now if this becomes examined anyhow by the current “empirical” humanism for sure from start would be dismissed as false premise, yeah false reductionism brings false conclusions, but isnt that the idea behind the “enlightened alchemists” while claiming are freeing people from dark age throwing it in such one [9] or while promoting freedom bringing slavery [9] and finally while waving safety securing perdition [9] of mankind!?

as annex if we reason with sceptic humanistic view towards spiritual causality we should ask what if that akkadian lineage was intentionally buried by the Angels so would not surface easily again!? but if we now know that surfaced as neopaganism eventually we can say if that was case then is employed wrong spiritual agitprop, yet if we know “who is the father of deception” it is obvious was skim of the fallen-angels-anathema-to-them so through new attempt would bring “their” agenda for superhumanity and heaven’on’earth yet again!

seen like this the most compelling question regards deciphering histopolitical metaphysics is not who brought what through centuries but which ideology strives for heaven’on’earth what by all means is freemasonic enlightenment ideals, and that should be enough as pivot to see the connection to akkadians altho as freemasons “they” are pushing even further in history till the atlantic mythos and thats why we can call them euroatlantic determinists which chase the same fallen ideals!

still I am also trying to remove the genealogical momentum coz its always leads to some other exceptionalism as trap for counting unworthy people communities or ethnicities what by all means as generalization cant bring clarity but wrong accusing inertia coz not all are followers of certain ideology even enslaved by it, thus the I am mostly focusing on the repercussions of particular ideology that is trend, altho we cant be always correct what leads to what and why, as we know what was trap for dismantling Monotheism as nationalism now is obstacle for euroatlantic globalism, in a way Everything Is Our Almighty Lord Providence how we are misusing our free will i.e. it is left to us to see that with our wrong determinism will end up nowhere and like that to come to Repentance coz selfrealization what is case with every Soul respectively is with Communities so as with Ideologies coz Our Almighty Lord is foremost Love and then Law thus we are not judged beforehand but even to our selfjudgement is given chance for Repentance …

hard to explain except to grasp metaphysics even more when we would try to reach its influence on propaganda, but if one is fenced by Grace (even dont aware that through geopolitics or histopolitics is regularly conditioned for accepting someones truth) will reach clarity that we are bound to causality to which is useless to act in anger, so its better to keep calm even when its obvious You shouldnt, almost like DoNothing approach as taoists suggest or toltecs say [1][1] or when You want to act do it with calmness so would keep the focus, hm Bruce Lee comes to mind, imagine You have job with hungry lion 5 feet from You yelling or running will not help but calmness will give You chance to choke him with Your Belt, potentially if have belt at all, probably thats why instead of belt its good to have chains on Your pants if have habit to stroll in savanas … think russians and chinese employ this strategy … still the knowledge that we are all guests on this world on top that life goes on will give You Peace to embrace the inevitable, what it would be feat if You are diving mids geopolitics so would help someone eg. in my case to point to mankind Salvation is goal in Your earthly life so focus upwards and have understanding that some things are as they are not coz someone wants to but coz are tied to particular causality or by Our Almighty Lord Providence … stop chasing heaven’on’earth by any means altho that dont means You dont need to rise or getting better but one should know that not all enthusiasm is healthy, as we are warned by Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ choose the middle path yet extremes became norm in these times and that is leading us in oblivion as individually so as collectively sadly in case of elitist influence till cyborg lobotomy!

now how idealistic was rand corporation when tried to make historical overview of propaganda as manual for “their” future md’s, at least thats how looks this public 3 tome edition [2][2][2] guess in the basement archive have greater psyop depository for different clearance personal! register so would access the book hm thats telling something!



The idea of this series originated twenty-five years ago at Stan- ford in the course of a research project on the world revolution of our time. Lasswell and Lerner were then, respectively, senior consultant and research director of this project. Speier was then head of the social science division at RAND; he joined Lasswell and Lerner as coeditor in 1967. Although the editors have since lived through changes of venue, they have not suffered a change of heart.

Our purpose, then as now, has been to fill the great void in our knowledge of the historical contexts from which our present preoccupation with communication and propaganda evolved. The literature in this field is barren save for the unique book en- titled Die Gffentliche Meinung in der Weltgeschichte by Wilhelm Bauer, which proved to be fertile but not seminal— without offspring. This book has never been translated. Published in 1929, it antedated the rise of Nazism and its ‘“‘propaganda state,’’ the subsequent global diffusion of ‘‘psychological warfare’’ in World War II, and the ‘‘cold war’’ that shaped the postwar quartet century. Beyond its isolation in a language no longer lingua franca, Bauer’s book broached a subject that has since grown beyond the reach of a single scholar.


What accounts for the rise of defense intellectuals in the early Cold War? Why did these academics reject university life to accept positions in the foreign policy establishment? Why were so many of German origin? The Night Watchman answers these questions through a contextual biography of the German exile Hans Speier, a foreign policy expert who in the 1940s and 1950s consulted for the State Department and executive branch, and helped found the RAND Corporation, Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and the program in international communication at MIT’s Center for International Studies. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, witnessing ordinary Germans vote enthusiastically for Adolf Hitler engendered a skepticism of democracy in Speier and a cohort of social democratic intellectuals. Once Hitler assumed power in 1933, Speier and his colleagues were forced to flee Central Europe for the United States. In America, a number of these left wing exiles banded together with U.S. progressives to argue that if democracy was to survive as a viable political form in a world beset with “totalitarian” threats, intellectual experts, not ordinary people, must become the shapers of foreign policy. Only intellectuals, Speier and others argued, could ensure that the United States committed its vast resources to the defeat of totalitarianism. [1]

Seems that plan didn’t turn out too well, now did it?

well the us’political’elites got lost in plutocracy that was/is shaped by euroatlantic determinists coz beyond usA agendas, altho some argue that this is result of scientifically wrongly employed elitism [1][1][1] and if HarroldDL was wrong [2] then we can assume that those working for rand (which thinktank had upper hand on advising the foreign policy) laid wrong path forward! but again if we know who truly owns usA as bank’corp catel then we cant make simplistic judgement why something went wrong, simply too much free will pluse extra freemasonic and zionist causality and here we are trying to figure out what will escape from “their” kitchen!

yeah good typo to forget editing coz if “they” are fake cartel then must be some other behind the scenes and yes that are legions-of-fallen-angels-anathema-to-them! so get Inchurched if You are after true resistance [1][1][1] yet for greater motivation alternative history is must read too [2][2][3]

also good notion in context of the last footnotes is the wrong scientificism of the euroatlantic experts what has own darwinist inertia leading to social darwinism and all its vices as result [4][5] eg. like that of HaroldDL [5][5][6][6][6] with only virtue to be argument in defense of the neopagan euroatlantic strive for n’w’o as ultimate totalitarian goal!

amalgamation of this kind of neopagan elitism with eschatology normally will lead to Apocalypse and subsequently Armagedon, the question is is it avoidable what could be narrowed to impossibility knowing how huge grip have now ea-determinists on “their” bionic&genetic revolution thus even anyhow evaporate from the scene “their” vials can resurface from some bunker, so only logical thing for us as Monotheist Mankind is to focus on Salvation as individually so as socially what think is doable even mids all “their” transhumanist traps!

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… otherwise dont see the need someone to troll just so would say You have some issue with the syntax or sense! Anyway for change try read the proposed links to the sources I am using as excuse or acclamation to my points, then politely ask for clarification what cant grasp in my mosaic reasoning, maybe I’ll take the time to put more cohesive answer for collegers …