On Propaganda (as trickery propagation in minds of man)

no need for elaboration … we can only shut the switch!

to those in general pivot books one thing that we need to have in mind in context of philosophy and psychology are Emotions, and think emotional intelligence plays prime role as regards propagandists so as propagated minds! for what there is no need for some special psyop but graphic coaxing that exists since the appearance of the Poster as advertising medium [1][1][1] > “Coaxing power of the propaganda is stuck in its ability to evoking emotion and using the symbols important for the given society, value and myths.” i.e. making useful idiots from the consumers for whatever goal strictly by fine street art! what is prime technique till nowadays not just in advertising but also mainstream media narrative, explicit example is the past sars’cov’2 plandemix and respectively in row the ukrainian crisis and how the public is steered to follow acceptance or in the later case wide russophobia, doable nowadays through soc.nets alone by meme dissemination even through cheap but appealing gifs, some sort of fastest kind of brainwashing for those that are not hooked on tv’s but smartphones! here are eg. mine unintentional interventions as response to the coerced m’rna hype [1][1][1] cheap indeed but think effective for making point if not spreading the word or achieving influence what is even more effective when is backed by articulate ontopic info or alone just by making from the image montages clips which will be accented by audio message in background [1][1][1] even more effective as animated 2d collage or cheap videoart [1][1]’[1][1]

as wartime technique was also widely used as on the foreign so as on the domestic population by placards and leaflets [2][2][2] altho by the ‘expert’ in this last footnote is probably intentionally shared misinformation yeah that usaf never lie coerce falsify narration, simply its the most potent tool that could be used also as demoralization or weakening by appeal to fear mix [2][2][2] altho here we speak for frontline soldiers back in the day when they havent yet seen tv or have way how to loosen on the battle field thus dropped leaflet would produce projection and reaction easily! nowadays eventual simply graphic psyop guess could be generated by a.i. bots intended for manipulation [3][3][3] altho as deepfakes cant be effective on long run as investment coz the presence of emp weapons emf jammers or net censorship that can block infiltration behind enemy lines, yet on the horizon are other futuristic ways for propagation in minds of men thus cant be certain how obsolete can become deepfakes if are directly projected in the brain due to presence of nanobots [3][3][3]

I’ve tried to find at lest snaped cache of propagandaposters_com where many were earlier neatly categorized by country type and date as war propaganda but as I can see summary-url-finder there is robots.txt thus all archived pages are not displayed by archive_org so till someone dont make another global poster propaganda site You’ll need to search them on different places, among them most viewable is the us’congress’library tho dot have tags on the type [4] and here are other probably from there derived examples [4][4][4][4][4][4] here are bolshevik posters which till 1930 produced 250k different prints [5][5][5] and soviet [5][5] plus ccp posters [5][5] while nazi one and the japanese can be now searched on allposters_com [6] there tho here and there that can be picked by accident [7][7] yet far from the bundle earlier on the propagandaposters site, hm probably poke in the eye of uncle’sam’nephews so end up in dump coz indeed had have very wierdo usaf placards! maybe so would hide how ineffective were in Vietnam coz think only effective resistance with own agitprop had have vietnamese [8][8][8]

anyway if in and after ww2 people could be easily manipulated with posters its question whether in ww1 due to wide illiteracy the same approach was effective [9] tho for sure was entertaining for the soldiers and the masses under psyop attack!? the next footnotes are interesting seminars [9][9][9] which only tribute to the inciters of all that madness as agenda [10][10] which exploited even kids [11][11][11]

fast forward in South Africa obviously poster coaxing had have effect!

to all this technical surface of graphic coaxion as medium what is not suggested above is the background behind it i.e. the ideological vibe behind some agitprop campaign ~ which when consumerism is in question is less obvious that is resting on particular ideology ~ but what mids war it can be seen easily if one is aware that when empires are marching surface all the real elitist animosity towards particular enemy mostly as result of the past confrontation but in my opinion per’se coz the mindset (check the last 8th and 9th footnote below) eg. of the euroatlantic elites which is shaped not just by darwinism but the alchemic neopaganism as root of the western philosophy [1][1] which brought ideals as heaven’on’earth in form of new’atlantis [2][2][2][3] and superhumanity in form of eugenics [3][3] what by all means suggests exceptionalism and monoculturalism what in effect brings despise towards all different ethnicums as barrier towards “their” goal and as consequence elitistic animosity that in times of conquest is projected to the enslaved masses needed as cannon fodder from xenophoby even till level of misanthropy depending how huge conditioning is needed, what can be seen easily by the negative propaganda poured in times of continental wars, so geopolitical clash not just by earthly interests but ideological one too [4][4] i.e. we all should be if we are not aware that euroatlantic elites since the enlightenment era rush to impose exceptional monocultural new’world’order [5] now upgraded till transhumanism [5][6] what is done on all levels and not just cultural philosophical material but also spiritual in face of one’love’religion what in essence is nothing else but freemasonic push on Christianity in universalist apostasy [6][6][6]

knowing this as background its indeed easily understandable how so mids the euroatlantic realm popped up such exceptionalism [7][8] and as adjunct to it complex of superiority and projection of inferiority to its obstacles on the way while rushing towards neoplatonic new’atlantis as neopagan euroatlantic utopianism, obstacles as the eastern empires like Russia China India Turkey and Persia, what in times of war propaganda can be seen more clearly eg. the current russophobia or earlier sinephobia for which as nowadays so as earlier the culprit are/were euroatlantic determinists as western elites but sadly that are brainwashing and coercing own ruled masses by own plutocratic pawns in “their” realm of influence … hm some surely will say this is pseudohumanism but I’ll point if the seed was platonic (citizens vs barbarians) then the stem as neoplatonic for granted will be racist!

still nowadays the same animosity is less exploited in pejorative way as earlier, probably coz the risks of contraeffect if the psyop potentiometer is pushed too much in context of ethics, altho now when the same is suspended in form of removed bioethics coz the bionic&genetic m’rna hype, it could be sensed that these strings are again loosening and by generalization is stirred haterate stew as in earlier times when eg. euroatlantic determinists laid firm mocking depreciation and xenophoby towards asians as yellow menace [9][9][9]-[9][9][9] that should be eradicated as pests normally so “they” would colonize whatever left independent from “their” imperialistic and totalitarian hegemony in romantism upon the known world! somehow myself used similar projection but towards globalist pawns of the euroatlantic determinists [10] so per’se against particular wrongdoing of particular transhumanist elites, while “they” are stearing hatrate on civilization level hek werent “they” standardized the meme clash’of’civilizations thus logical outcome would be propagandized racism when marching towards “their” globalist utopianism! and as could be seen from the last 9th footnote coz that skim are under attack not just ethnicities and races but also religions i.e. arabs as Muslims, what eg. still hasnt reached such level against russians as Orthodox Christians altho we can expect that once when nato will brake up and Eastern Europe depart from euroatlantic influence thus the slavic etnicity to be seen also as compact Orthodox Christianity per’se which now is by huge margin subjugated under papal submission once some eastern european nation is integrated in the euroatlantic cauldron!

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@justawhoaman to be honest this is strawing :smiley: You hijacked the thread with docu that could be used as counterpropaganda but it asks if not for new dedicated subforum at least whole separate thread … my stance tho is that the earth is round [1] but it would be too offtopic to pass widely these digression in this thread, altho this is good point that demystificators should be flatout with extreme spins, but above all this opens another crucial question i.e. why there are no institutional science eforums where all alternative theories will be tackled by debate in public among the very same academicians that are behaving authorities with their standardized knowhow, personally I am more concerned with the mainstreamers particle physics coz for it still are thrown ultra huge amounts of funds energy and thought altho its clear that is bogus [2]

~ back ontopic ~

as could be seen from the last 10th footnote in my previous #23 post where I am using in selfdefense meme even dont want or need to coz The Truth is indeed like Lion so dont need skims to be propagated, yet unconsciously reacted in such “pips” way and probably coz we are enmasse lobotomized by triviality and propaganda through memes that is good example that it can pop up such reflex even someone per’se didnt have such mocking will! in a way that is last defense approach i.e. to survive by whatever means, but this gives good answer why “they” are holding fiercely to propaganda as prime approach i.e. its obvious to “them” that “their” fake science ideals and power is in dead end so “they” have no other way to keep the masses obeyed and calm but to lobotomize all constantly, and now when literacy is wide thing defacto whats left for “them” but to switch even on more evil way of propagation what would be nanobot lobotomy (projecting through braingates) coz stable propagation of “their” fakery of utopianism!

also post earlier my mocking video suggestions as improvisation are far from effective nor the mocking is utmost negative but foremost comedy where I am using local plutocratic broilers as actors on themes that have already passed when those two videos are upped, simply the way I’ve used particular agitprop is just as showcase how can be done, eh if only we were pushed to laugh like that instead to be constantly driven by fear propaganda through the mainstream media, yet coz “their” science says fear is more cheap way for exploiting obedience so fear it is, sometimes even with real horror spins like active ukrainian crisis coz cover up of the failed and deadly provax campaign for borgging down whole world through bionic&genetic m’rna jabs [1][1]

till some respect the plain philosophy behind all this is existentialism as survival of one power center like neopagan luciferian freemasonic abomination that is thriving since its esoterical standardization and ruling establishment mids the enlightenment era i.e. when Monotheism and Royalism were substituted with atheism and republicanism [2][2][2][3] what tho has own causality how and when vatican fell in apostasy in face of the Great Schism but what also has own causality [3][3] all in all its noones fault that we are where we are in context of the current wrong elitism it is as it is but again and again people to swallow “their” fake principles of manipulation that hm is indeed case for observation how even in 21st century is done over huge population mainly through mainstream media but also movies music and video games, almost if there is no space that is not engaged towards “their” utopian goals and to be more ridiculous people love it, normally till the deception is not demystified when in place are rolled more totalitarian means for conditioning manipulation and control what till some extent as skim is already in place and even cant beam by satellites [4] already have backup systems i.e. if not through satellites then through G milimeterwave minds will be trained [5][5]

The Ministry of Truth has been globalized.
Plus, the technocrats have new toys in mind manipulation sciences; both hard, and soft; not to mention electronic entrainment; optic’s entrainment; Skinner[scaler] boxes of all[topological] shapes & sizes; and a blitzkrieg of medias: screens, ink, wifi, radio waves, and cutting-edge communication technologies coming at you from 360 degrees, in never-ending 24/7/365 cycles of nauseating brainwashing repetitions. And, did I mention the chemtrails[what’s in those?]; the GMO foods[what’s in those?]; the pesticides[what’s in those?];
the…; well you get the idea; you get…
the technocratic shaft!

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Geez, propaganda is simply to propagate an idea. The reason an idea is propagated is to gain believers in the idea. Realistically the number of believers props up the idea, especially with those unable to access and/or use the brain’s capacity for critical thinking through faulty education or lack of first hand experience. Most of us are/were subjected to both, hence the effectiveness of propaganda.


Well said, Bill!


@Bahri cant stop be amazed from the chitchat will of many on this forum, if didnt have like button I’ll understand but to waste post so would clap a hand its really mindboggling, yet good example what type of spamming is useful for choking eforums [1] tho this thread is still holding clean! just dont take this personal and further derailing the topic!

@Bill10558 good remark but thats why I’ve suggested in the title trickery, (it will be tackled in another post more broadly) now I’ll summarize its one thing to be used influencing by normal arguments and debate, but evading spinning skimming or using agitprop or psyop techniques so would impose some info is treacherous when enmasse is misused as approach by the system so would cover up its fallacies wrongdoings or fake exceptionalism, not just on such level is not healthy any propagation in minds as is usually case with consumeristic advertising but in social’engineering it became sick obsession to control particular narrative coz easier manipulation towards specific goal (9/11 is most obvious example [1]) or coz securing wrong stability even when the system is cracking! in philosophical terms we witness like that sophisticated oppression by tyrants which act democratic cosmopolitans or worst sharing idyll pink glasses and/or spinning events to suit unconstitutional elitist agendas (great’reset or global’warming coz n’w’o inertia comes to mind) it would be more easily if “they” would at least admit that “they” are driving empire (euroatlantic one) instead acting democrats while defacto are elitist plutocrats, think if sincere even people will accept such reality and will not waste time or need to be molested by “truth-ministry” with “its” truths, simply either You obey or leave, unlike now when false hope continually is promoted that as result is bringing resignation and apathy in the end, what to say than we are witnessing sick till bone approach and rotting side effects!

@Robert_Barricklow if “they” were perfect in “their” skims we would had have seen “their” neopagan heaven’on’earth already, still on the far side its word for wierdo tech and potentials in “their” hands aimed for particular hackable’animal’agenda but that dont means will reach its optimum employment simply coz various risks, altho how is envisioned by some its really frightening if it reach to such extent [2] but dont fear coz “they” cant stole Your Soul altho it is Prophesized in The Bible that it will come time when the living will asking those in the graves to switch sides i.e. probably living zombies or eugenic inc. guinea pigs will become reality [3][3][3] and thats why most useful thing at the moment is to focus on Salvation per’se coz indeed “they’live” among the elites [4][5][6]

Poorly said, Pelagon.

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Typical Brandolino…

@Bahri think I’ve mentioned dont take it personal it was example how in real life is employed particular technique of defocusing derailing debate … btw Blessed Are The Poor …

@thebeaver nice slip of labeling [1] Cheers

indeed nice Thanks coz it became perfect thread not just for theory but showcase too … imagine this kind of skewing on thematic eforums tho cant imagine how huge waste it could be on potential ngo or institutional eforums …

now all posts of Pelister are hidden by default or!? as I see by one strike on the reporting button it is hidden temporary the post while on few permanently, nice way for skewing debate, good tool for the propaganda teams!

in context of propaganda fallacies here are few nice links for exploring … but SadamH spin think is without match [1][2][3] the rest more factual examples and exploring …



I sure hope you’re right about those blessings, could definitely use some of those.

Seeing the name of the last usaf kinetic weapon [1] I wonder why such fascination with dragons all over the recent usaf history [2][2][2] is it word for some unconscious meme or in question is some metaphysical correlation [3][3] and as could be seen from these last footnotes as if the western elitism is captured by esotericism!? another question would be are we conditioned like this to embrace the dark side as normal thing for west or we see elitist superstition eg. that “they” will gain anyhow power if project dragons on “demselves”!? maybe we are witnessing neopagan semiotics regarding the freemasonic myth about “their” phoenix [4][5][6][6][6] (in context of the last 6th footnotes coz improvised examination, so would be more factual I’ll add that the byzantine twoheaded eagle is not anyhow theological tradition [7] nor the Griffin fresco representation has anything with Christian Theology per’se [8])

one reprojected assertion about animatrix [1] provokes this post, and altho I superimpose counter narrative as parallel to the OP, stil we cant escape the original one in matrix franchise that by twisting philosophical ideas in one epic mold is trying to blur the lines between certain future homo’sillicone reality and the mankind, predictive programing that is part for a while by different means and coz various goals as scifi conditioning [2][2][2] but in case of matrix and alike plots for bringing deus-ex-macina reality to acceptance by the masses [3] (what as could be seen in this 3rd footnote has also own darwinian causality on what I’ll add that goes even deeper [3][3][3] i.e. is one that arose from the alchemic neopagan tradition for anthropocentric apotheosis [4][4]) stil as artistic media evolved so as the projections were shifting from books to movies among which first would be Metropolis altho more like aversion than programing [5][5] yet we cant escape the trap whether in one or another way some future is propagated in case of metropolis maria as elitist greeting maybe among intellectuals not to rush, eg. similar plot complexity can be seen in matrix too [5] which in its final part is unraveled as positive merger among mankind and machines almost reaching occult level that lacked just more explicit worshiping a.i. chambers that as such are projected by other exploits like futurama [6] or as is pointed in this last video now plainly by big tech influencers like levandowski, as if there is polish transhumanist conspiracy since brzezinskis time and his book about “technetronic era” what later would be artistically stretched to surrealism by wachowski and finally elevated to level of worship by levandowski [6][6][6] still I’ll say they were victims coz their emergence and hijacked maybe later to project what globalists needed where, altho matrix heavily borrowed the concept or maybe paid homage to Mamory Oshii for his opus from ghost’in’shell till Avalon -which interestingly is jap-pol coproduction filmed in Poland [7][7][7] so if go by whatever superstitious logic then its japanese conspiracy that can be chased till shinto spiritism [7][8][7] what again would be wrong “Q” alike mapping, yet one thing is certain that the spirit of enlightenment era through humanism projected path towards superhumanity what with the industrial revolution and scientific exceptionalism evolved in chase for man’machine transhumanism that would bring the athropocentric apotheosis closer to the neopagan euroatlantic elites, eugenics is just one aspect as tool towards it, but its not only one, behaviorists play another role, and finally new’age’utopianis another altho these are heavily influenced by futurists too [9] for which even war is not problem [9] like that reaching momentum for surpassing ethics coz wide superhumanity experimenting, what can be sensed through the mengelian advancement of medicine in ww2, the question is will be the same blueprint used mids ww3 in context of the current homosilicone lusts of transhumanists, or are we already in “their” experimenting mode as already rolled in form of bionic&chimeric m’rna jabs!? and in what movie we are welcomed to see its potential, think the’lawnmower’man indeed is the first one, say it aloud I am not vaxed and I am proud, the rest go after l-gluthation [10] what could be beneficial if alcoholic too [10] so would stay sober as much as possible in these times of dismay for the mankind when acceptance and submission by homosilicone narrative is the most exploited scifi propaganda for a while, aiming to the movie [11] also gaming [11] and normally music public too [11][11][11] at least looks to me like that … futureshock that as trendy elaboration is shared for quite some time [12][12] now waiting to explode! and already is how failed “their” plandemix, but lo and behold “they” surely have plan B C D E etc. skims, just need masses to be enough distracted by “their” spins so would not sense “their” utopian agenda comebacks!

hm (regarding the 3rd and 4th footnotes in the previous post) as causality it looks simple who influenced who among euroatlantic neopagans, but actually as in every particular standardization of their isms is word for overlapping influences by different esoteria altho per’se all rest or better said sprout from one seed what would be euroapean witchcraft which was trying to survive vaticans theocratic ambitions - and actually due to the same theocratic vibe opened itself for infiltration - in my opinion solely coz the popes as theocrats needed to seat on festive tables with kings and elites and like that becoming more and more profane prone! hm most probably like that came to scholastics on western universities what lead later to various heresies and ultimately through it to hidden in plain sight alchemic neopaganism i.e. through its own isms vatican laid ground for shameful reemergence of the occult on small door in western europe [1][1] which when later reached till level of alchemic empiricism tried to suppress it obviously by wrong means eg. like propaganda or inquisition, but what even more fueled opposition and finally brought rise of cults like rosicrucianism what as logic additionally aligns to the north south elitist animosity in medieval europe, after what finally the earlier concealed cults eventually emerged in public form through freemasonry (as standardized northeuropean neopaganism) what would be predominantly syncretism between european esoteria and ashkenazi kabbalism, hm how much european one coz as esoteria was also imported one, simply alchemists while chasing answers for “their” philosophers stone got choked by whatever older esoteria could reach towards that goal eg. that by venetians was splashing in central by maors southwestern and by khazars in north eastern europe, what is more interesting is that even before got its standardized form it was shared by medieval tarot agitprop in form of gaming graphic coaxion [2][2][2] which became so popular that evolved in medieval superstitious divination [3][3][3] - that as such lasts till these days (normal if we know that neopagans still run the republican show) overshadowing maybe even the prime role of tarot as neopagan conditioning of naive Christians how popular became - altho still pointing through minor and major arcana that there is one neopagan knowledge for freemasonic adepts and another for rosicrucian monks [4] if it can be simplified like this coz stil as such is not officialized, hm if ever will be as esoteria based on secret in secret concealed system!

another line of direct globalist influence except by freemasonic line would be enlightened zionists which eschatology is also perceived as reachable through globalism but as paxuniversalis instead paxbritanica skim, and altho evolved from same enlightenment seed [5] and probably stretched till marxist hype (maybe due to european jewish ghetto circumstances) it evolved as practical experiment through bolshevism which recidives could be sensed how reemerged in various packages mids west like internationalism fabianism wilsonianism or the recent eurobolshevism (these last two isms as unofficial federalist inertia - which also were way more rudimentary in their agitprop earlier exploded nowadays) … still my conclusion is that as freemasons and zionists “they” are two sides of same n’w’o inertia even tho with separate eschatology, also both in various times being godfathers of various sectarian branches like theosophy [6] as inspired by rosicrucianism and germanic aryanism [6][6][6] or chabadism inspired by jewish messianism and zionism, so altho it looks that as euroatlantic determinists are compact yet that is far from reality and like neopagan factions and bank’corp elites now mostly tied together by mammonism! plus to be more mindboggling on all this another spin like most independent faction would be jesuit illuminism that probably could be seen as compatible to “them” altho essentially different as catholic Christian one and eventually through neoplatonism maybe somehow close to the deistic freemasonry, some say they even introduced secularism so would fence neopaganism to prevail mids the enlightenment era [7][7][7]-?-[7][7][7][7] if so the same was also bargain for freemasons too coz disguised by secularism were secured from the Christian Masses so would not rebel “their” enlightenment skim while in same time lobotomizing them by neopagan agitprop through education [6][6][6] stil we can just speculate about jesuits how aligns to the enlightenment era coz there was too much shifts infiltrations and hijacks so we can say aha they are neopagan faction too, it would be wrong just by shallow pickpocketing to be drawn conclusion coz simply there is extra fog around all medieval european history [7] so I see them mostly in terms of infiltration among neopagans coz grip and control over the western vaults eg. through jpm [7][7][7] or maybe I am wrong [8]’[8][8][8]’[8] this said it could be seen that I am not after projecting any personal agitprop but trying myself to grasp how far jesuits went in apostasy, and from catholic eschatological perspective they dont fit even in catholic prophecies as last order that will kneel in front of the-fallen-prophet-anathema-to-him [9][9][9] altho even this can be skewed yeah by infiltration!

now why think that this is important overview as mine big picture, coz without it one can easily fell in shallow judgment mode, thinking something is fix when some agenda and agitprop exists, above all how can know who with whom when is siding or is released among the factions, so its useless chasing culprit but recognizing particular agenda eg. like transhumanism or technocracy and by decimating its modern propaganda projections on the masses to be exposed as wrong, what in context of popular culture think that neatly is done by Jay Dyer [10][10][10] altho this is not his only vlog examination thus not sure how big impact has as demystification of the modern neopagan movie and music agitprop, as category further examined in terms of euroatlantic determinists goals [11] and finally to it (for me as more appealing) is his examination for effective opposition by Inchurched Life done through his Orthodox Christian Apologetics [12][13][14] what would be an most useful knowhow in times of wide attack upon Life itself except upon Christianity, attack which is rolled in various operational and propaganda forms from liberal decadence and abortionism through exploitative capitalism and usury till coerced bionic&genetic medicine as transhumanistic revolution, which if want to label it with one etiquette think sounds good as fraudalism how are sold widely and cheaply to Monotheists as space cookie ready to shift them to hm maybe mars if not saturn [15][15][15]


in rush for the sake of more simple explanation think above have crucial gap that can be misinterpreted i.e. it should be noted that all western globalists are marxists recidives chasing one or another form of the paxuniversalis ideal, altho only bolsheviks reach specific standardization as sovietization which think departures from the marxian blueprint even in times of JoeS [1][1] and even more in NikitaH reign when actually got another reinvention that blow the ties with hardliners in the block [1][1] and if something need to be pointed in this context is that zionists indeed kept grip over ussR [2][2][2] tho somehow I see stalinists as pure opposition to zionist conquest coz paxuniversalis skim and think it was own atheist soviet repackaging, but defacto zionist helped ussR to get atomic bomb from usA, through “them” also jews with purpose became only free flow immigrants outside the iron curtain etc. etc., still we cant dismiss the fact that jews as commoners were under pressure by the ziniost elites [3][3] simply for “them” they were as always just resource what is nicely pointed in the teuton’julian’theory [4] elites which obviously were active executives as devoted to the soviet cause what lasted till the first half of '60s even till mindboggling level [5][5] what eventually ended with the soviet antizionist stance [6][6] what so would be cushioned as momentum by attributing it to stalistinst [7][7] altho that is vague coz JoeS wanted to make as much as possible communist allies in Middle East, while after him antizionism surfaced probably coz the finalization of asraely nuclear program with help by usA and like that west securing its influence thus soviets officially turn the page!? (if someone wants to debate on these digressions Please open new ontopic thread)

this clarification of my previous logic is useful to narrow how important issue was propaganda for soviets [8] and seen through zionism as reason (check the quote below) the same gives emphasis to the current utopian internationalist propaganda i.e. coz particular cause by spin confidently are proclaiming as globalists “You will own nothing and be happy”, what we cant grasp is that on that we will be coerced by force if “they” need! surely some will say nah “these” are humane idealists, but for euroatlantic elites what counts are not human rights per’se but the survival of “their” system and position, would “they” remove any obstacles on “their” path normally will not think twice, altho at the moment till “their” current “democractic” plutocracy dont shift to socialist technocracy will act cosmopolitans, altho even till now knew harshly to smack any unobedient broiler in “their” farm eg. earlier JFK then deGaulle after AldoM etc. freethinkers mids the euroatlantic realm, still coz need to keep masses in illusion of democracy were not so rampant with “their” domestic agitprop except in time of greater agenda push like ex-Yu brake up followed by 9/11 and arab colonization by wars or jasmin revolutions also lisbon-eU-federalization after in line every next plandemix now finalized by great’reset’nwo etc. etc. bilderborg blueprints! So will we see greater lobotomization ahead, normal, only difference from soviet times probably would be the way of dissemination of agitprop [9] and how censorship will be applied i.e. by social’credit’system conditioning or push’of’button silencing, maybe both!? when the citizens will be accused as propagandist even coz home brewing, altho even now if question the policies are labeled as conspiracy theorists and if some freethinker anyhow concentrate its voice is silenced by various “softpower” means [10] hm Assange at least know its behind bars but to live free yet to be molested is even more lobotomizing than to rest in cell altho also harsh coz used as derogatory example for all future wonnabe whistlers or whistle sharers what philosophically speaking is absolute republican machiavellianism now cleverly hidden through treason accusations altho its word for exposing the wrong doings of some elites agencies or departments!

Although nothing in the Soviet legal code prohibited peaceful assemblies and demonstrations, any Jewish protest could be disbanded and its participants arrested for expressing traitorous and anti-Soviet sentiments. Protesters could then be charged with violating either Articles 64 or 70 of the Soviet Criminal code. An indictment under Article 70 required that the person be found guilty of “agitation or propaganda carried on for the purpose of subverting or weakening the Soviet regime,” and was punishable by incarceration and exile to Siberia. 68 Particularly egregious protesters and those who criticized the Soviet government to the international media were charged under Article 64, and accused of “espionage and rendering aid to enemy states,” a crime punishable by rasstrel (death by firing squad).69 Though Article 64 was reserved primarily for especially dangerous criminals, such as airplane hijackers, some Soviet Jews were convicted and executed for no reason other than their continuous interaction with the international press and their repeated demands for emigration.70

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probably this notion that we are witnessing one neopagan globalist inertia (since the bacons new’atlantis’blueprint as neoplatonic ideal) for many will be too simplified generalization, yet knowing that as the earlier globalist elites so as the current one are seeing us like resources or statistics towards their utopian lusts then defacto they align as continuity, also symbols are traceable logic too, but above all the vibe for chasing superhumanity as companion agenda to the prime one is unavoidable, what is interesting tho both would be far from reachable if it wasnt introduced usury mechanism like indebting which altho was standardized by venetians or even before introduced by templars eventually became teuton’zionist thing finding safe house through beic and city’of’london (as rosicrucianism through freemasonry) on the british island, where also popped up marxism as internationalism and to/on it also various forms like elitist socialist fabianism or anarchism etc. variations that are continually branching till these days, altho as always the elites will have the final word what will finance and as neopagan utopians already laid ground for finalization of “their” n’w’o first through the league’of’nations and after its successor united’colonized’nations, and isnt u.n. implementing all previous social darwinian and eugenic ideas [1][1] but surely will never admit that are after marxism usually using euphemism as equality and brotherhood just as with the spins from the enlightenment era, and only difference is that now western Christianity in face of vatican is removed as obstacle while popped up eastern Orthodox Christianity again in face of Russia that just waits the day to become Tsardom again …

interesting comparison to the concealed rosicrucian-freemasonic new’atlantis n’w’o blueprint could be borrow from the traditional balkan music eg. particular ottoman dances which became trend around the empire after got own stylization in romanticism and further after the emergence of the new balkan states those same dances became almost national possessive pride as authentic one altho defacto are seed from the ottoman vibe [2][2] so its same with the modern marxists (or their earlier fundamentalist lines like bolsheviks or nazis) which surely will never unravel “their” true face but will try again to peddle Christians through the current masks [3][3]

and if by something we can recognize past and present globalism or globalists is exactly by “their” twisting manipulative appearance or behavior, as “their” secrete’in’secrete freemasonic conceivers are is by the fraudulent communication or stamina, name it: selling euphemistically inclusion coz dismantling sovereignty, promising popular democracy but bringing only clannish plutocracy on top assuring us we are all equal, then offering elitist help but extorting commoners submission or even worst making debt slaves, saying intimidation is not “their” game but still brainwashing us with neopagan freemasonic symbols from education till statism now all that upgraded with further dismantling of the Monotheist Tradition by introducing transsexual androgen agenda on top the previous kgbt one, also now coercing us on experimental transhumanist tech without respecting any free will as whatever choice for compromise, etc. etc. spins, and its not question whether this is democracy coz as ism the same is just illusion for keeping the masses calm (while plutocrats peddle bureaucrats and both us as citizens towards “their” utopian n’w’o ideal) but is in plain site exercised totalitarianism covered by mass amount of agitprop which as time goes by as such will be more and more rampant and noticeable even succeed to made cyborgs from all, as if “they” forget that viruses are norm on this world coz our fall ~ altho many among “them” are blind reductionists atheists agnostics deists and alike that dont even bother to examine the Monotheist soteriological and eschatological arguments so would understand such metaphysical explanation for our fallen causality, yet this is also reality check for us as Christians i.e. that dont need to expect that “they” will come “their” senses coz simply heaven’on’earth is undoable thing thus need to focus per’se on Salvation without expecting that “they” as elites will wake up, tho we can and should witness that “they” are pushing Mankind in oblivion but foremost by turning the mirror to “them” so would expose “their” neopagan stamina and normally help “them” through Grace instead rushing for revolutions and chaos, and hm here we are on tin ice coz this is crucial spin for “them” i.e. how Christians through the dominionist heresy and freemasonic constitution in usA to be tempted and provoked to burst for refreshing “the tree of liberty” with extra sacrificial blood of revolutionaries and tyrants, actually spin that in the current ultratech circumstances will bring utopian globalist skim even closer to emergence coz any mass citizens rioting will be instantly “upgraded” with marshal law, hm and arent we seeing constant inciting on such inertia!? So Be Clever Dont Fall For It! think altho Passive Resistance is greater feat still is more effective approach aside that on the same we are reminded by Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ through His Example on The Cross … while we can expect active resistance if we suspend the freemasonic (read luciferian) republican system bringing Blessed By The Church Rulers …


probably this blog thread is exhausted + - any need for more precise elaboration around the digressions like the one in the next passus, but think further posts will not make greater elaboration but just add extra info burden, altho every Member should feel free to correct my fractal logic or share any useful ontopic information …

this possessiveness however appealing for the natives is one huge cloaking of the true roots of particular dance what as consequence becomes hilarious when it will reach special status, tho this is not so case with kasapsko oro and macedonians as is with hasapiko and greeks which made variation to it now known as sirtaki [1][1][1] and as such so popular that has status of national greek dance altho if greeks were aware that its seed is ottoman probably would evade to make brand of it, despite the chance like that to have open Komshi Kapidjik [2] that can breach national barriers and relink the past unity of now divided balkan cultures molded in enligtenment era nationalism! the same logic probably goes for the Zorba myth too [3] or as distant possibility for common ground even through the Pastrmayliya as meat topped pastry [4][4] in case all accept that the historical echoes should be nowadays our common cultural numerator instead denominator as modern nations ~ simply coz we are all so much remixed through the centuries on this pelasgian peninsula that is utmost nationalistically stupid for Orthodox Christians to follow freemasonic (read luciferian) ideal and like that claiming uniqueness exclusivity or exeptionalism in whatever way even ethnocentric one, and the worst is that like this cant understand our own potential as united! tho things can change, but without constant peninsular public debate among intellectuals even we were by force staked in federal europe the enlightened nationalistic vibe will not easily disappear, hm after almost two centuries constant educational propagation of some “truths” its almost unbelievable that the massively propagated narrative of some balkan state will evaporate, tho it could get more normal academician demystification than stil silent acclamation and like that keeping the false luciferian ideals for nation as localized heaven’on’earth for particular aryanistic mindset of some population, not that people are not different, even in same city different hoods have different vibe or in same state cities own specific mood, but to lift such momentum on possessive and xenophobic pedestal at least is unhealthy for Orthodox Christianity and its Christocentric ideal … yet to be even more mindboggling instead as Orthodox to unite, one by one coz western integration in eu&nato are coerced on ecumenism and recognition of vatican as first not among the equals but above them - if we know what the unam sanctam bull means [5] now only with serbian and macedonian Orthodox Church still independent, in the later case we even broke the ethnophiletistic heresy by removing the nationationalistic label from the name and getting first to the true ecclesiological roots for naming The Church after its Archiepiscopal Center i.e. now through Ohrid Archiepiscopy welcoming all on Salvation instead just few, on what we are obligated coz now True Israel in Christianity are all Followers of Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ and not just some!

again, in comparison to the pointed dance genesis as cultural vibe, can be seen the marxist fragmentation as political i.e. all the current euroatlantic factions, altho as neopagan freemasonic enlightenment seed defacto they are one and the same despite the variations, tho what dont means on the horizon is wide space for uniting, but “their” elites are determined to reach it (or better said plaid by the fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them to which “they” kneel) and for which uniting probably “they” need common enemy, what if we observe patiently is constantly brought in “their” manufactured reality whether as climate change and as response co2’economy ~ probably so day after all currently independent states mids the euroatlantic swamp would be coerced quickly on european federalization and right after superstate as usA’usE’merger [6] or like now (coz that skim is paused) done by trickery through braking the european economy due to the boomerang sanctions on Russia and all the rest shocks like cutting out the NS2 pipeline or in attempt the South Stream, for what “those” ea-determinists laid the cards few decades ago, altho if smooth integration was issue earlier for euroatlantic superstate then now will be even more i.e. usA economy will also need to be in crunch so “their” merger would be sold to the masses as only survival solution ahead! hm probably all this was backup plan after evaporated wide ttip integration between the two economies, eventually opened through acta (but who can force usA’bank’corp investors to follow and risk on canadian route to the european economy!?) …

… however more frightening now is what will happen if “their” backup plan collapse, can we project what will be “their” answer to it, will “they” continue as if nothing happened!? but that would mean certain stagflation and if not else pause of the idea for western n’w’o or even more as great’reset’pause for those in “their” sphere of interest (as we know ttip was not only globalist spin towards that goal, but again even the asian annex to it now is also in mud) So will we see now ordo’ab’chao spin on the scene, or we can evade such oblivion what think is doable if as Christians focus in greater Prayerful Feat so we would tie “their” hands through invoking extra Grace upon this world!? luckily the sars’cov’2 fear propaganda didnt scared Believers to abandon The Church, yet will we see further bubbling of the plandemix skim!? or now occupied with “their” ukrainian crisis “they” cant play on two chairs effectively with “their” agitprop machine so could keep the fear narrative steady!? thus maybe we have all extra time to focus on Prayerful Life but are we doing that or waiting the last minute so would act, but when usually is already too late, tho we should and can always hope for Miracles from above, just not to come in form of globalist spin as alien invasion so by spinning common enemy to push all quickly in n’w’o - and this would be probably “their” last problem’solution’skim, but as always “their” agitprop is trial&error (as all “their” neopagan [in error] empiricism) so its better for “them” not to be too selfconfident that can play us all by trickery! and surely we are helping “them” with our ignorance as societies eg. keeping quite indifferent about eugenic abortionism [7] or confused about transhumanistic vaxing [7] as malthusian-darwinian depop agendas! what tho in this respect bugs me is how the current pope is fully embracing this last inertia [7][7][7] what would be indeed heresy if we know that vatican has huge scholastic academia, thus open question remains are jesuits onboard or is word only for “human” mistake in this case, if so what means the Carlo Maria Viganò stance [8][8] when popes infallibility is in question!? from the last footnote found echo of dr. Rima Laibow think worthy for sharing [9][10][10][11]

while mentioning the expensive cia’alien’agitprop pushed through hollywood [1] I see there is space the same proposition to be examined further in this thread, beginning with its alien hype genesis as war agitprop before ww-II i.e. fabians and zionists felt that need to prepare the ground for swaying the public opinion against antisemitist nazis but coz usA wasnt in war nor the ww-II has begun simply it couldnt be employed the usual stereotype projections as is case in wartime but projected menace from alien invasion through cbs adaptation of h.g.wells novel “war of the worlds” …

… I’ll argue that the same even in late 19th century was probably belletristic warning to the establishment that uK should not loosen coz never know what can come next [2][2][2] what sounds maybe awkward but make sense if he was rosicrucian adept thus knew what is boiling among teutons (actually who didnt in the esoteric circles back then) [2] on what smithsonians will say nah he was drowning in the martian canals conspiracy [2] but think that would be too simple for his mindset, while using novel to educate instead to entertain as logic is more plausible if we have in mind the british agitprop evolution [3][3][3] to which earlier predecessors eventually would be the rosicrucian’shakespearean’band [3][3] - and if so then as the techniques so as the experiments evolved greatly till the end of 19th century when h.g.wells signed the novel ~ altho some claim he was ambivalent about the house [3] ~ So if wellington house was standardized agitprop buro for “the crown” (what would be city’of’london) then can be sensed that even earlier existed informal ways for dissemination of fear propaganda through books in what category also fits the h.g.wells martian menace, who also would be one of the leading figures in that standardization [4][4][5] after what as agitprop spin is easily traceable the connection between his alien’fear’novel and its CBS radio adaption (in redaction of “welles” band) through william paley and edward barneys as CBS conceivers [6][6][6]-[6][6][6] and unlike the popular belief that the same instigated panic yet that wasnt actually case [6][6] but as hype was fueled additionally so would provoke interest and like that to be further cemented the alien’invasion’narrative [6] i.e. for “someone” it was important projection in context of the nazi rise and the need in time to be steered the public opinion to align against [6] at least looks like that to me! another interesting point in context would be that right after the orson welles carrier skyrocketed and in same time was always surrounded by globalist prone artists like the oss stooge lewes manford [7] even more interestingly the firsthand link between the true contractor and “wells band” was john houseman [7] creator of the “genuine” usA agitprop service VOA [7]

anyway, as we can see, in the beginning used as propaganda the alien spin had have negative narrative, but that was to change after ww-II … hm probably dulles and freemasons through “their” papercliping turn it on positive page and with greater agenda eg. how the same could serve “them” down the road for playing the public hungry for sensationalism mysteries and other worlds, what if even before ww-I was case after the appearance of radio and tv started to reach level of modern popular myth which in my opinion was recognized by neopagan elites who will employ it coz “their” benefit at least were thinking to do so ~ and this strangely overlaps with metaphysics too i.e. when it became obvious to “them” that such reality exists on astral plane (even more becoming part of it coz “their” neopagan roots) the same started to shift from the earlier fear propaganda in later conditioning for mass acceptance of aliens as important step forward to “their” utopian goals i.e. potentially useful as narrative for n’w’o inertia through global invisible enemy, hm maybe both ~ as once I’ve catch somewhere interesting point that first will pop up “aliens” that will warn us of certain invasion by others, but actually “those” first disclosed would the bad ones, what has logic from christian eschatological point too i.e. first we would see the fallen-prophet-anathema-to-him enthroned in Jerusalem and then after slayed!


indeed after the nazi postwar acclimatization in usA along the roswell hype we are seeing shift in the mainstream alien propaganda, and if we try to follow the later animated and filmed propositions we can come to conclusion that those cartoons and movies which kept the negative image of aliens would be paused or not supported at all, while pop up plenitude like My Favorite Martian, and maybe thats why EdWood got leg coz didnt fit in “that” projection i.e. in my opinion he made true elaboration of “their” post ww-II “good aliens” counterculture spin suggesting vicious “plan 9” [1][1]’[1][1] Respect for staying independent what got him actually broke coz all the ontopic scifi directors were molded to follow producers’money’stick that dictated the good ufo’alien’hype! probably if Ed didnt mixed zombie spin in the story would got shimmering postproduction while like this end up bashed as the worst director ever maybe so the tv exploitation would have lesser impact, still give even to spielborg low e.t. budget and dont need to guess what will come out!

similar negative but epic animated portrait of martians was around the war with marvin which altho appealing drop out of the screen as present just dozen times in few decades [2][2] what a career hm if wasnt for Wile&RoadRunner its question how will end up maybe hated as his marvin producer [2][2] as I am aware after somehow grab the scene alien superheros tho predominantly through comics, and suddenly manistream aliens didnt belong anymore in the horror demonic realm here we can exclude twilight’zone as too mixed with paranormal while startrek was bipolar with greater emphasis on the good aliens, at least I cant remember of some modern popular solely negative projection till '80s when the market probably got so fed up with the scifi scene that even hollywood needed to pass from time to time something bad like the ridley scott alien franchise whi tho also had hickups [3][3] relevant question is did anyhow this brought him epic new deals think not as it would if followed the mainstream narrative for good alien vibe! independence day is also exception from the rule, but year after WillS was upgraded with MIB to cushion the bad echo, dont know tho which production was older!

not that negative projection should be norm, also for sure more cost effective strategy is to have greater audience which with the positive narrative is secured even among kids, but somehow it cant be avoided the mainstream hollywood proposition that aliens are beings with whom we can negotiate and get along, and its really mindboggling whether ea-determinists have some hidden agenda in form of disclosure for which almost the majority of the world population is conditioned that its time to happen for what credit goes indeed to hollywood scifi blockbasters on what think extensive overview can be found in the Jay Dyer esoteric hollywood examination series [4][4] altho must say that till now dont remember I’ve watched any piece of those movie analysis (except the general one with Collins Bros [5]) so cant point to good one in context, but maybe others can contribute …

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